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There is a husband who is so demanding.

Lu you was lying in a hospital bed, and now her hand drops have been taken.
She leaned against the soft pillow and looked at Lin Mo-chen holding chicken soup for her.
He let the domestic servant stay up, which is to mend her body.
"Drink a bowl of chicken soup before eating." Lin Mochen took the warm chicken soup and the temperature was just right.
Lu sorrow stretched out his hand to pick up the bowl of Lin Mo Chen, but said, "I’ll feed you."
"I haven’t hurt myself to the point where I can’t even hold the bowl," Lu You insisted. "Don’t coddle me too much and don’t make me too dependent on you. If I leave you later, I’m afraid I can’t do anything."
"Why not spoil my daughter-in-law?" Lin Mochen gave her the spoon and looked at her carefully. "I just want you to rely on me and never leave me. Even if you leave, I will not be used to it. Of course, we will never be separated for a generation. Don’t be paranoid."
Lu You chuckled, "I don’t want to be separated from you, and I want to live with you seriously."
"Then listen to me, drink the soup, eat some chicken and eat some vegetable porridge." Lin Mochen reached out and pinched her face gently.
Lu sorrow was obedient to drink soup, and she was not effeminate, so she let herself gulp and let him worry less.
She drank the chicken soup until it was bare. She smiled at Lin Mo-chen with a bowl, like begging for praise, and her eyebrows curved like a crescent moon on the horizon, which was particularly beautiful.
Lin Mochen put a piece of chicken leg meat in her bowl "capable to continue"
"The chicken leg is so big, why don’t I share some with you?" Lu Youyi said, "I just drank such a big bowl of chicken soup and then ate this chicken leg. I definitely can’t drink vegetable porridge. This is because I didn’t get enough vegetarian nutrition."
"Give me the leftovers first," said Lin Mochen naturally.
"Are you sure?" Lu youwen
"Sure" Lin Mochen gave her a positive look.
Lu sorrow while eating chicken leg meat looked at Lin Mo Chen, and he also looked at his eyes as soft as Chunyang intently.
She is like a spring breeze, and his eyes are trying to eat the food prepared by his heart.
Lu you has already felt full after eating half of it. "Well, I can’t eat any more vegetable porridge to help digestion."
Lin Mo Chen handed the vegetable porridge to Lu You and also took the bowl with half a drumstick left in her hand.
夜生活He grabbed one end of the bone with a bowl of fingers and prepared to eat the chicken leg left by her.
Lu sorrow swallowed a throat "you don’t eat"
"Can’t wave" Lin Mochen said such a thing to let Lu worry about Zheng.
Lin Mo-chen didn’t mind that it was her leftovers, and she bowed her head and ate bone meat. He hung his eyelashes for a long time and looked better than a girl. His eyelash eyes drew a little shadow, but his handsome and profound face didn’t show any disgust.
He’s Lin Mochen! Lin’s grandson!
This style of painting just makes Lu worry that her heart is a quiver and a warmth.
Lin Mo-chen grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth, but he ate all kinds of nutritious meals, all of which were customized by a private chef at home. She was sure that the word "save" was never used in his dictionary when he was growing up. When he said "Don’t wave" and acted on it, she actually lost her language ability.
He touched her so much.
At this time, he is no longer the top man in the pyramid before him or her.
He took off his body, put away his pride and walked into her ordinary world, willing to be an ordinary man and live a simple life with her.
She was really hit hard, and the whole heart was wrapped in something, which was both painful and moving.
Lu sorrow eyes unconsciously moist again holding vegetable porridge but I don’t know how to swallow.
Lin Mo-chen has finished eating chicken legs. He put a bowl and pulled a piece of paper towel to gently wipe the tip of his lip gracefully. "What are you doing? You see, I have finished eating, and you haven’t moved yet? "
Lu sorrow put the vegetable porridge on the bedside counter for a while, and the whole person threw himself into Lin Mo-chen’s arms. His hands tightened his waist and he hugged him tightly.
At the same time, she buried her face in his arms and breathed his body.
With her eyes closed, tears came out of the corner of her eyes and wet his shirt.
Lin Mo-chen was bewildered by her actions.
Section 17
He reached out and hugged her in his broad palm. She caressed her thin back. "What’s the matter with you?"
"Thank you, husband." Lu You, this should be the first time from the heart that I no longer feel uncomfortable. I asked Lin Mochen’s husband to integrate all her moving gratitude into these four words. "Thank you for hurting me so much. Thank you for not abandoning me. Thank you!"
She doesn’t know what else she can say to thank him. Only these two simple words also contain her thousands of words and deep affection.
"Fool, we are husband and wife, saying that Xie is not too alienated. I don’t like to listen to this." Lin Mo Chen is still a gentle smile and hangs absolute beauty’s face
Lu you’s husband’s soft and affectionate voice made Lin Mo-chen’s heart and lake move with joy, and the waves were full of joy.
I’ve never been a happy person. I’ve written everything at this moment.
In front of her, it is not the man who wears a mask and keeps his mind hidden, but shows his true side. It is also the most relaxing time for him to hide nothing in front of her.
Lu You looked up slightly from his arms, and his eyes met carefully and tried "So … what do you like to listen to?"
"I want to hear sweet words and the truest confession in your heart." Lin Mochen pointed her finger at her left chest.
Sweet talk? Confess?
Lu sorrow puzzled blinked his eyes, and his long feather cilia trembled like butterfly wings.
"I don’t believe that you haven’t heard sweet words and confessions." Lu You flattened his lip. "You will certainly be able to write those sweet words when you are growing up."
"Never heard of" Lin Mo Chen shook his head seriously and denied it.
"How is it possible! Deception! " Do you believe it or not?
She would rather believe that sows can grow trees than that Lin Mo has never been confessed since she was a child.
Is this completely illogical?
"True" Lin Mochen once again denied that "I turned and walked away before they said it"
He refused to listen to the confession, especially those women who came to him voluntarily and felt no one at all, which really bored him, except Lu You.
"Tang poetry" Lu worried about this person who has stopped being an obstacle to their feelings since amnesia
"I think she is my sister, of course, when she speaks, I think she likes her brother without any affection between men and women." Lin Mo-chen thinks so unilaterally, but not in Tang poetry.
"She doesn’t think so." Lu sorrow was not fooled by him.
"No matter what she thinks, that’s what I think." Lin Mo-chen insists on her own idea. "Besides, the Tang poetry is not the same as before, so let’s not let bygones be bygones. Let’s talk about it. I’m sincere if you say thank you."
"I don’t say" Lu sorrow pursed pink lips don’t open the face.
Lin Mo-chen took her face and bowed her head and approached them. Their noses were all going to get together, breathing each other easily and winding together. It was very ambiguous to get along like this, which made people feel flustered and their hearts beat faster.
"Don’t talk, then I’ll let you pay for it." Lin Mochen hooked his lips and corners with a touch of evil.
"What do you mean? I can now be wounded and sick without torturing you like this! " Lu sorrow protested.
"That’s what it means." Lin Mo-chen changed her hand and held her chin, then pressed her lips with his thin lips.
I haven’t tasted her beauty for a long time. Once I touch her soft and sweet, it will burn like a star single spark can start a prairie fire.