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But his eyes are fed back with another meaning, with a trace of inquiry and a trace of indescribable pain and annoyance.

I heard that Chinese medicine is amazing. You can know how a person eats and lives by taking a pulse, and even what he eats at a meal can be diagnosed.
If Ji Shu is a superb student, he should also be able to diagnose what I experienced yesterday.
Thinking of this, I secretly sighed in my heart and stopped looking at him.
Jishu suddenly interrupted and said to my mother, "Aunt Eleven needs a rest. Let me help her back to her room."
Holding my arm didn’t give me a chance to object.
I’m a little unaccustomed to his touch and took a step back.
He gave me a look and didn’t insist.
My mother laughed. "Go ahead, keep an eye on it for me and make sure she has a good rest."
Maybe it’s because Ji Shu and I were very close when I was a child. Sometimes naps are all in the same bed. Now my mother doesn’t think it’s wrong for Ji Shu to send me back to my room when I am an adult.
Jishu tucked me into the quilt behind the door.
His expression is stiff but gentle.
I sighed again and didn’t speak
The room was exceptionally quiet.
Ji Shu sat in the chair next to him and his eyelids drooped slightly.
After a long time, he whispered, "I specially ran to your school that year in college … but I met you and your boyfriend hugging together …"
I recall the day before the seminar, Ning Qi confessed to me. I thought he was nice and agreed.
Just call JiShu bump into.
After the seminar, Ji Shu didn’t stop and went to the hotel with his tutor. I’ll contact him again. He has already arrived at the airport …
Jishu suddenly held my hand and said, "We missed so many years, and I won’t let you go again this time."
I hung my eyes on his hands.
He has a thin cocoon on his fingertips. He should always leave traces with a scalpel. He has always been a good boy and studied very well … His medical skills must be superb …
I’m thinking like a horse.
"I heard that you and your fiance separated and I kept going back to China … I said that my parents have settled down, and I think it’s time to confess to you … eleven, would you like to come with me?"
I stared at him intently.
If only he had appeared before me three months ago.
Even if he said this to me the day before yesterday, I will seriously consider it.
Unfortunately … It’s late.
I slowly pulled my hand out and told him with a smile, "I’m getting married soon, Susie."
He seems to be shocked that his eyes at the bottom of the lens are shining with incredible light.
I am still smiling, calm and calm.
JiShu suddenly grabbed my wrist "impossible you must be lying to me … is it because of you … you yesterday … but I don’t mind …"
He really saw what I experienced yesterday.
I interrupted him, "I didn’t lie to you. I was with my fiance last night."
Jishu seems to be unable to stand such impact and close his eyes painfully.
I chuckled, "Since we separated in high school and missed the university, it is even more impossible to get together now."
Jishu opened his eyes again, pressed his lips tightly and looked at me without a word.
The pain in that eye was shown to me in vain.
I closed my eyes and said, "Besides, your parents don’t like me."
Ji Shu didn’t do it.
I can’t see the expression on his face because I deliberately avoided it.
In this silent atmosphere, I gradually felt a little unbearable and cruel.
There is no way to go back to the past. We have missed too much.
I smiled and said, "You go, I want to sleep. If you figure it out, we can still be friends and catch up."
Ji Shu got up but didn’t leave immediately, but sank, "Eleven is because we have too many waves, so I won’t let go this time."
I didn’t answer the phone.
But my silence gave him the answer.
He turned and went out.
As soon as I looked at the creaking door, I felt that my chest pain was more serious.
Shi Jishu’s parents like me very much, but maybe it’s because I’m a little stubborn. They don’t want Ji Shu to be with me.
桑拿按摩They like being friends’ daughters, but I don’t want me to be their daughter-in-law
I doubt very much that their family immigrated just to put an end to this possibility.
However, this is all a long time ago, and now Ji Shu and I are far from the elders, and there are more problems.
For example, Ye Xiangyuan …
Ye Xiangyuan and I happened the next day. How can I promise Jishu?
Although it is very likely that Ye Xiangyuan and I will become strangers in the future, I am not going to let Ji Shu become my salvation.
That would make us both miserable.
Recalling just JiShu trying to control the sample, I was upset and simply didn’t want to call South-South under the covers.
Nannan was very excited to hear me and asked me what happened yesterday.
I didn’t say I slept with Ye Xiangyuan and said Xiaoyan wanted to hurt me.
She was scared to death and said, "Let’s see her make a detour later."
I smiled and said, "It’s all right. Ye Xiangyuan saved me … It’s a good thing you helped me hide it from my parents, otherwise they would have to worry."
South-South paused. "Ye Xiangyuan asked me to do this."

This game has further promoted Qin Xiong’s position in the team. He is no longer a helper role, but a key role like decider

Make teammates not only credible, but also rely on pinning their hopes on him.
Certa players collapsed to the ground.
The huge blow from 2 to 2:3 brought them to the brink of collapse and then associated with their poor performance in La Liga.
Looking forward to the new season, Certa found that the reality is not only beautiful but also cruel, which makes people look at them directly as if they were falling into the dark abyss.
Lotina, the coach, remained in the same place, and he could not accept such a heavy blow.
A Milan didn’t take away 3 points here, Bruges didn’t do it with Ajax!
When Coleman suppressed his excitement and tried to keep his face calm when he shook hands, he always reacted with a slow beat, and Coleman shook hands in a formulaic way and then continued to stare blankly.
Coleman walked into the stadium and finally stopped suppressing his emotions, released his joy and walked to every brother with a big smile. They celebrated the victory together.
Finally, he came to Qin Xiong’s side. Qin Xiong took off his jersey and put it on his shoulder, because the jersey was too dirty and sweaty to wear.
He didn’t realize that this was not the Dutch League!
This is the Champions League.
He’s ashamed of this game. It’s best not to think that the best player must be him!
After the game, several reporters on the sidelines pointed their cameras at him, taking pictures and cameras, wanting to interview and so on.
Koman put his arm around Qin Xiong and praised his performance tirelessly in his ear.
When he walked to the sidelines, Coleman blocked the reporters from interviewing Qin Xiong, but said, I’m sorry, I’m taking him to the postmatch press conference.
Qin Xiong was flattered, especially when he was surrounded by cameras. He felt that he was not used to it.
This gave him the impulse to put on his jersey again, and through the lens, his lean and perfect muscles were shown to the world.
At this moment, the vast number of fans in China, who witnessed the game, were almost all recruited by Qin Xiong, and countless girl fans became Qin Xiong’s hardcore fans.
Qin Xiong’s influence may not soar in Europe, but it has soared in China!
Koman took Qin Xiong into the players’ aisle to attend the postmatch press conference.
This is not only a praise for Qin Xiong, but also a hint to other players in the team.
Qin Xiong’s importance in the team!
Coleman couldn’t help but feel excited and sighed, what a godsend I am!
[Text 122 Mentoring]
Ajax reveled in the visiting team’s locker room at Valledos Stadium.
Can you imagine a group of men in pants skipping around in a narrow place and playing music like swinging on the dance floor of a nightclub?
Qin Xiong went back to the locker room to change into a clean dress, and when he saw his teammates, he seemed to see a group of demons dancing. He quickly took a Tshirt and left.
After leaving the stadium, Qin Xiong seemed to be a different person. He lost the pitch, wild and unrestrained, and lost his aggressive posture. He became quiet, with a soft and faint smile, and Coleman attended the postgame press conference together. After sitting down, he first picked up the table and drank half a bottle of mineral water, and then put the mineral water bottle back in its original place and quietly watched the reporters on the stage.
Most of them are Dutch and Spanish football journalists, and there are few journalists from other European countries and regions.
They first interviewed Coleman’s questionandanswer method.
桑拿会所Coleman naturally answered the reporter’s question.
Although the victory didn’t come until the last minute, I think Ajax deserved it. Throughout the game, we played more actively than Certa, creating opportunities and finishing more shots than our opponents, which means that we are eager to win. * * We hope to go further in the Champions League. I am glad that the players think the same way and have achieved their goals.
who is that b player? Do you still ask? He sat next to me and watched the game. People would never ask such an obvious question.
Koman doesn’t comment on Qin Xiong’s performance with a warning attitude like he did more than a month ago.
After a series of wars, Qin Xiong’s performance has made Koman know fairly well. He is convinced that Qin Xiong’s spiritual temperament is far more mature than other players of the same age.
Maybe he was an orphan since childhood, and the environment for his independent and selfreliant growth is as follows
Koman has made no secret of his love for him, which is to further establish Qin Xiong’s position in the team.
This position, skills and tactics
But let Qin Xiong have words in the locker room.
He should have it because he can burst into energy at the key moment and surpass other teammates.
When the reporters turned the interviewee to Qin Xiong, Qin Xiong sat in a rather formal and serious way to face it.
No European journalist will care where Qin Xiong comes from, and will not laugh at him or deliberately make things difficult for him because he comes from China. That is simply very amateur and stupid.
Or what?
Did anyone ever make things difficult for George Weah?
Will someone look at Litmanen with a colored eye?
Football comes down to strength.
It is unprofessional and absurd to confuse or evaluate a player by external irrelevant factors.
Just like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany and other football powers, there are still a lot of parallel players who can’t compete on the table.
Is it because they come from a football power that they will be looked up to?
People who judge players in this way can insult football by saying that they don’t know anything about football.

There is a husband who is so demanding.

Lu you was lying in a hospital bed, and now her hand drops have been taken.
She leaned against the soft pillow and looked at Lin Mo-chen holding chicken soup for her.
He let the domestic servant stay up, which is to mend her body.
"Drink a bowl of chicken soup before eating." Lin Mochen took the warm chicken soup and the temperature was just right.
Lu sorrow stretched out his hand to pick up the bowl of Lin Mo Chen, but said, "I’ll feed you."
"I haven’t hurt myself to the point where I can’t even hold the bowl," Lu You insisted. "Don’t coddle me too much and don’t make me too dependent on you. If I leave you later, I’m afraid I can’t do anything."
"Why not spoil my daughter-in-law?" Lin Mochen gave her the spoon and looked at her carefully. "I just want you to rely on me and never leave me. Even if you leave, I will not be used to it. Of course, we will never be separated for a generation. Don’t be paranoid."
Lu You chuckled, "I don’t want to be separated from you, and I want to live with you seriously."
"Then listen to me, drink the soup, eat some chicken and eat some vegetable porridge." Lin Mochen reached out and pinched her face gently.
Lu sorrow was obedient to drink soup, and she was not effeminate, so she let herself gulp and let him worry less.
She drank the chicken soup until it was bare. She smiled at Lin Mo-chen with a bowl, like begging for praise, and her eyebrows curved like a crescent moon on the horizon, which was particularly beautiful.
Lin Mochen put a piece of chicken leg meat in her bowl "capable to continue"
"The chicken leg is so big, why don’t I share some with you?" Lu Youyi said, "I just drank such a big bowl of chicken soup and then ate this chicken leg. I definitely can’t drink vegetable porridge. This is because I didn’t get enough vegetarian nutrition."
"Give me the leftovers first," said Lin Mochen naturally.
"Are you sure?" Lu youwen
"Sure" Lin Mochen gave her a positive look.
Lu sorrow while eating chicken leg meat looked at Lin Mo Chen, and he also looked at his eyes as soft as Chunyang intently.
She is like a spring breeze, and his eyes are trying to eat the food prepared by his heart.
Lu you has already felt full after eating half of it. "Well, I can’t eat any more vegetable porridge to help digestion."
Lin Mo Chen handed the vegetable porridge to Lu You and also took the bowl with half a drumstick left in her hand.
夜生活He grabbed one end of the bone with a bowl of fingers and prepared to eat the chicken leg left by her.
Lu sorrow swallowed a throat "you don’t eat"
"Can’t wave" Lin Mochen said such a thing to let Lu worry about Zheng.
Lin Mo-chen didn’t mind that it was her leftovers, and she bowed her head and ate bone meat. He hung his eyelashes for a long time and looked better than a girl. His eyelash eyes drew a little shadow, but his handsome and profound face didn’t show any disgust.
He’s Lin Mochen! Lin’s grandson!
This style of painting just makes Lu worry that her heart is a quiver and a warmth.
Lin Mo-chen grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth, but he ate all kinds of nutritious meals, all of which were customized by a private chef at home. She was sure that the word "save" was never used in his dictionary when he was growing up. When he said "Don’t wave" and acted on it, she actually lost her language ability.
He touched her so much.
At this time, he is no longer the top man in the pyramid before him or her.
He took off his body, put away his pride and walked into her ordinary world, willing to be an ordinary man and live a simple life with her.
She was really hit hard, and the whole heart was wrapped in something, which was both painful and moving.
Lu sorrow eyes unconsciously moist again holding vegetable porridge but I don’t know how to swallow.
Lin Mo-chen has finished eating chicken legs. He put a bowl and pulled a piece of paper towel to gently wipe the tip of his lip gracefully. "What are you doing? You see, I have finished eating, and you haven’t moved yet? "
Lu sorrow put the vegetable porridge on the bedside counter for a while, and the whole person threw himself into Lin Mo-chen’s arms. His hands tightened his waist and he hugged him tightly.
At the same time, she buried her face in his arms and breathed his body.
With her eyes closed, tears came out of the corner of her eyes and wet his shirt.
Lin Mo-chen was bewildered by her actions.
Section 17
He reached out and hugged her in his broad palm. She caressed her thin back. "What’s the matter with you?"
"Thank you, husband." Lu You, this should be the first time from the heart that I no longer feel uncomfortable. I asked Lin Mochen’s husband to integrate all her moving gratitude into these four words. "Thank you for hurting me so much. Thank you for not abandoning me. Thank you!"
She doesn’t know what else she can say to thank him. Only these two simple words also contain her thousands of words and deep affection.
"Fool, we are husband and wife, saying that Xie is not too alienated. I don’t like to listen to this." Lin Mo Chen is still a gentle smile and hangs absolute beauty’s face
Lu you’s husband’s soft and affectionate voice made Lin Mo-chen’s heart and lake move with joy, and the waves were full of joy.
I’ve never been a happy person. I’ve written everything at this moment.
In front of her, it is not the man who wears a mask and keeps his mind hidden, but shows his true side. It is also the most relaxing time for him to hide nothing in front of her.
Lu You looked up slightly from his arms, and his eyes met carefully and tried "So … what do you like to listen to?"
"I want to hear sweet words and the truest confession in your heart." Lin Mochen pointed her finger at her left chest.
Sweet talk? Confess?
Lu sorrow puzzled blinked his eyes, and his long feather cilia trembled like butterfly wings.
"I don’t believe that you haven’t heard sweet words and confessions." Lu You flattened his lip. "You will certainly be able to write those sweet words when you are growing up."
"Never heard of" Lin Mo Chen shook his head seriously and denied it.
"How is it possible! Deception! " Do you believe it or not?
She would rather believe that sows can grow trees than that Lin Mo has never been confessed since she was a child.
Is this completely illogical?
"True" Lin Mochen once again denied that "I turned and walked away before they said it"
He refused to listen to the confession, especially those women who came to him voluntarily and felt no one at all, which really bored him, except Lu You.
"Tang poetry" Lu worried about this person who has stopped being an obstacle to their feelings since amnesia
"I think she is my sister, of course, when she speaks, I think she likes her brother without any affection between men and women." Lin Mo-chen thinks so unilaterally, but not in Tang poetry.
"She doesn’t think so." Lu sorrow was not fooled by him.
"No matter what she thinks, that’s what I think." Lin Mo-chen insists on her own idea. "Besides, the Tang poetry is not the same as before, so let’s not let bygones be bygones. Let’s talk about it. I’m sincere if you say thank you."
"I don’t say" Lu sorrow pursed pink lips don’t open the face.
Lin Mo-chen took her face and bowed her head and approached them. Their noses were all going to get together, breathing each other easily and winding together. It was very ambiguous to get along like this, which made people feel flustered and their hearts beat faster.
"Don’t talk, then I’ll let you pay for it." Lin Mochen hooked his lips and corners with a touch of evil.
"What do you mean? I can now be wounded and sick without torturing you like this! " Lu sorrow protested.
"That’s what it means." Lin Mo-chen changed her hand and held her chin, then pressed her lips with his thin lips.
I haven’t tasted her beauty for a long time. Once I touch her soft and sweet, it will burn like a star single spark can start a prairie fire.

Song waits on the palace to change clothes, said Xin Tian lazily by the bed.

Ok, Gu Ge replied crisply, then tidied up her sweet clothes and took out a how about this one from the closet.
Little darling, it’s a great loss not to marry you home as a wife. It’s really my heart that you are so virtuous. Xin Tian squinted at her and just swallowed saliva there.
Virtue glanced at her and Gu Ge threw her clothes. Get up quickly.
Right looking at Gu Ge Xin Tian suddenly stopped her.
What’s the matter? Gu Ge turned to look at her. I’ve prepared everything for you to wash. Do you want to take a bath first in the bathroom?
How did I come back just now? Xin Tian asked. She remembered that she fainted when she was going out.
Of course, I got you back and looked at you like you didn’t have much meat. Do you know that you are really heavy? Gu Ge rolled her eyes. How come I haven’t seen you these days and turned myself into Daiyu’s sister.
Blindness and poverty are a little low blood sugar recently, so I feel dizzy if I don’t have a good rest. I patted my chest. I’m a female Han Daiyu’s sister. What is weak?
Do you wait on your family to get up? Gu Ge asked.
Poof laughed sweetly. You are poor, dead girl, but the palace likes your tone.
Looking at her, Gu Ge lazily nested in the wimp sofa. What are you going to do after the sweet girl?
I don’t know, Xin Tian shook his head. Anyway, with you, I will eat and die. I told you not to say that I don’t care, okay?
Do you want to be so overbearing? I’m not interested in you. Gu Ge left the pie mouth.
I’m not interested in you, and I don’t have any tendency to be a lily. You can keep your virginity with me. Sweet talk has changed your clothes neatly. But to be honest, I really have an idea. I just don’t have enough money on hand. Let’s wait and see. Now my first priority is to eat, drink and be a happy pig.
Stupid people can solve problems with money. Do you still call it a problem? Tell your sister how much you lack and you will become a shareholder. Gu Ge said very heroically.
It’s a businessman who values profit. Do you want to look at my little money? Then I will really despise you. Xin Tian stared at her.
All right, I know that you are moneyobsessed, so it’s okay to invest conditionally, right? Gu Ge looked at her again angry and funny, but this girl loves money, but it hasn’t changed much.
That’s more like waiting for my horse to come out. Then Xin Tian walked quickly into the bathroom.
Sitting on the sofa, Gu Ge slowly closed her eyes. She didn’t feel a little bit of depression from her present sweet body. What kind of painful experience is it? Maybe you will know it only after you have experienced it.
After a simple wash, Xin Tian went out from the bathroom and walked up to her, which conveniently reminded her that what did Niu take me to eat today?
Let’s eat whatever you like followed her strength to get up.
Then let’s walk and think about it. When we walked to the door, Xin Tian suddenly stopped to look at her. I met someone when my little dream was abroad.
Well, what’s the matter? Gu Ge turned to look at her unexpectedly, and her sweet face saw two floating blushes. Yao, this is the longing for love.
You’re the one who’s longing for love. I’ll ignore you like this again. She squeezed her arm and said sweetly.
Well, you go ahead, I’m all ears. Li Qing cleared his throat and Gu Ge said seriously.
He is very kind to me, Xin Tian wrote in his novel.
What? Gu Ge looked at her unblinkingly, and then she saw the shy expression in her sweet face.
I opened my mouth and suddenly I didn’t know what to say. I don’t hate him
Better than Yi Qi Gu Ge did not have Jiang Wei but became Xin Tian’s boyfriend in college.
Are you kidding me? I saw Xin Tian’s eyes in an instant. Yi Qi is a scum, okay? At that time, I must have seen him with gum in my eyes. Yi Qi Xin Tian felt that it was the most colorful stroke in his tragic life.
Looking at her, Gu Ge didn’t talk for a long time. Sweet didn’t forget that Yi Qi is more disgusting than Yi Qi, but she just forgot Jiang Weihe and those two children. What kind of pain will make her subconsciously choose to forget to protect herself?
Hey, what’s the matter with you? Why do you suddenly remember Yi Qi? You shouldn’t be connected with that scum, should you? Xin Tian grabbed her expression and asked seriously.
What do you think? I ignored him a hundred years ago. You don’t like people. I’m also indispensable, right? Gu Ge smiled.
spa会所  title=That’s more like it. Xin dessert nodded.
Sweet girl, tell me the truth. Do you like the person you just said? Looking at her, Gu Ge asked seriously.
I don’t know, Xin Tian shook his head. I want to feel comfortable with him.
Then can you tell me his name?
Jiang Wei
Recommend a good friend, Jing Sawen, with a black belly and a charming slave princess.
She was on vacation at the seaside in high flyers, a modern medical university, when she was suddenly photographed by a big wave. In ancient times, she fell from the sky in a bikini and fell into the bath bucket of Prince Wei Guorong.
He is a famous Wei Guorong, Simomo, a handsome man with a big hand, but he is the head of the nine gods.
He was seriously injured in a war, and he was ill all day.
In order to give birth to her, the Rong Wangfu disguised as a man became a servant and was responsible for serving the weak Rong Wang
Over time, he gradually discovered the clue. That night, he severely tore up all her disguises, including her disguised as a man.
Who said he was weak and a blackbellied faker?
Chapter one hundred and eleven The best way to shut up
When I heard the name Jiang Wei coming from Xin Tian’s mouth, Gu Ge was shocked and sighed involuntarily.
What’s the matter? Do you know him? Looking at Gu Ge’s reaction, it was sweet and one leng.
Oh, Shao Qian, a friend has seen it several times, Gu Ge said.
Really? Let’s talk about how people look. Are you married or not? Is it a bachelor level? Xin Tian asked a series of questions.
Sweet girl, you seem to be very concerned about him. Gu Ge casually said.
Know yourself and know yourself. You know me. Once you find the target, you will take the initiative to attack. You must not let the duck fly, Xin Tian said.
You like him Gu Ge asked again.
Anyway, I don’t hate foreign countries. During this period, he often helped me and was very kind to me. His lips were slightly raised and he smiled faintly, and then he took her arm. Let’s go and tell me about him.
Gu Ge and Xin Tian accidentally met Xu Wei in the restaurant while eating, and there was good news around him.
You go first, and I’ll call you later. Xu Hui said lightly with a twist of his head.
You frowned and the good news didn’t say anything, but turned and walked away.
Lip angle slightly raised Xu Hui smiled Miss Gu, long time no see.
Yes, long time no see Gu Ge said lightly.
If Miss Gu doesn’t mind, can I sit down and have dinner with two beautiful ladies? Xu Wei looked like a gentleman at this moment.
I mind very much. As soon as Gu Ge finished speaking, he saw Xin Tian suddenly raise his head and keep his eyes on them. Finally, his face showed an intriguing expression, and his feet gently kicked his legs at the bottom of the table.
Looked up and saw her one eye Gu Ge didn’t speak.
Miss Gu, if you say that, it will hurt my heart too much. If you see that I didn’t eat this day, just give me a face. Xu Wei said pathetically.
If Mr. Xu is willing, I think many people are willing to accompany you to eat this meal, or you should call the young lady back to our side again. Sorry, my friend and I have something to talk about, said my aunt lukewarm.
I won’t interrupt dinner without my guarantee, Xu Wei vowed.
Private topics are not suitable for outsiders to listen to. Gu Ge’s voice is still very calm, but Xin Tian knows that she has been angry, and because she is even more worried about Gu Ge’s call to Mr. Xu, who can actually provoke Gu Ge to be angry, it happened that people’s attitude is still extremely gentle and modest at this moment.

Liu Zilin listened to Anchen’s words, and her face turned white with fear. Tears could no longer be restrained, and she looked pitiful.

She looked at Anchen and Yunqian Snow and gnashed her teeth. "Anchen, I won’t give up. I will never lose to this ugly duckling." Liu Zilin finished crying and ran back to the house.
☆ Chapter 19 Take measures
Yun Qianxue saw Liu Zilin crying with anger and suddenly felt carefree. She almost forgot that there was another "enemy" around her.
"Is it fun?" The man’s magnetic voice came from her head, and she realized that the man’s hand was still wrapped around her waist.
She turned her head and glared at Anchen, and then she bit her teeth and stepped on his foot.
After stepping on it, I said, "This foot is a repayment, and I lost a big business."
Anchen groaned in pain and looked at Yun Qianxue strangely. Is this woman sick and stepped on him?
Yun Qianxue felt more carefree when she heard his stuffy hum. She felt that it was really worthwhile to come here today. She wanted to walk away smartly in a good mood, but she just turned around and fell into a warm arms.
"Women play I want to go? Not good? " Anchen’s foot still hurts, but his face has returned to normal. At this time, he is looking at Yunqian Snow with Gherardini.
Yun Qianxue almost choked to death by her own saliva. When did she play with him? What did this man say? It’s a ghost. She tried to break his hand, but it was like fixing her waist. Nothing could break it.
She lifted her foot to stomp on him again. Unfortunately, this time Anchen was prescient and famous, so she easily dodged.
An Chen looked at her little face, which was smoking with anger, and suddenly felt in a good mood. He looked at her and smiled. "Women advise you not to step on me again or I will take measures."
Yun Qianxue glared at him. "What other measures do you want to take?"
An Chen picked his eyebrows. "Want to know?"
"I don’t want to" Yun Qianxue angrily tried to break his hand again. It’s a pity that her strength is not as good as her. She pinched him with her nails, but he still wouldn’t let go. He also put his mouth to her ear and said, "You don’t want me to let you know." Then he bent down and hugged her horizontally.
Yun Qianxue screamed with fear, "Oh, what are you doing?" She fell into his arms, and her heartbeat was chaotic.
"Take measures." Anchen’s tone is still so short. Holding her arms and charming body, he is a little reluctant to let go. Well, she smells so good. What shower gel do you know? Ask her another day
After Anchen wandered for a few seconds, the whole person was instantly stupid. What was he thinking?
"You …" Yun Qianxue was so angry that she didn’t know if she had answered the words. She really regretted it now. If I had known that she had killed her, I wouldn’t provoke this man. This man was so outrageous. Is there any wood?
"Baby, you just said that you listened to me." Yun Qianxue hasn’t come yet because he called it goose bumps, but because he almost bit his tongue in the second half of the sentence, what is she doing with this evil drama? This really annoys this big wolf.
"I was wrong. You let me go. I shouldn’t bother you with a beautiful woman. I won’t do it again." Yun Qianxue finally adopted the Huairou policy knowing that it was impossible to play hardball.
Who knows An Chen doesn’t buy it? He stares at her. "You just help me stop the peach blossom when you know it’s too late. But when you see a woman around me, the distance is not more than three meters, you are responsible for helping me get rid of it. Since you like doing it so much, I will let you carry it through to the end."
Yun Qian Xue, this one really wants to faint. In the past, Anchen never let a woman get close to her. She hates women most, but she just made a big taboo. Is it because she provoked Anchen that she will be finished? No, she has to work hard to earn money to support her family.
Yun Qianxue thinks more and more sad. A pretty little face is changing all kinds of colors. An Chen looks at her little face and feels wonderful.
桑拿论坛Yun Qianxue has been immersed in her own sadness. She didn’t know that she had been carried to the parking lot by Anchen, and when she came to her senses, she had been stuffed into the passenger seat of his car by Anchen.
"Where are you taking me?" Yun Qianxue gave him a wary look and was afraid. It is said that Anchen has a bad temper. He won’t take her to a place where people abuse her, will he? Yun Qianxue thought more and more afraid that she looked at him trembling and said, "Let my car go or I will call the police."
Anchen listened to her words and left the parking lot like a flying car. Yunqian Snow was so scared that she quickly grasped the safety belt to stabilize herself and barely let herself not hit the front windshield.
She looked pale with fear and glared bitterly at Anchen Anchen, sneering, "How dare you play me if you are so timid?"
The sentence "I didn’t play with you" was uttered through clenched teeth. If she was given another chance to choose again, she would definitely stay away from this man. Even if she had a grudge, she didn’t want revenge. What’s worse, she didn’t really have much hatred with him when she thought that her car hit his car.
Yun Qianxue regrets it more and more. If there is regret medicine in this world, she will definitely grab one and swallow it.
I don’t know when Anchen’s driving speed has slowed down. He is lazy and tunnel "playing without admitting it"
Yun Qianxue suddenly felt that she couldn’t breathe well. It was impossible to communicate with this man, okay? She just shut up and didn’t say anything. Let her go if she wants to fight or kill. Who calls herself stupid and has nothing to provoke him? When she comes to Yan, she will never tell other kids that she is stupid, otherwise she will lose not only her own face but also her ancestors’ face.
Anchen looked at her strength and her mouth was slightly hooked up. I don’t understand that he actually likes to get along with this woman. I really don’t know what’s wrong with him
After a while, the car slowly stopped at a high-end restaurant. Yun Qianxue glanced at the outside of the car and there was a flash of doubt in his eyes, but Anchen had already stopped.
It’s not white to take a bus in wait for a while. What the hell is he going to do? Should he take her to a sparsely populated place for revenge? Why are you here for dinner?
"Why? Want me to hold your car? " Anchen see cloud thousand snow by car not car impatiently urged.

I bit my lip tightly.

He pinched my waist and asked me to turn over on him.
Turns out to be such a posture …
I am so ashamed and angry that I don’t even know where to put my hands and feet.
It happened that he was still pressing "Baby, call me"
I hold his neck and bury my head in his chest, so I can cry and call him.
He was satisfied.
So I went crazy all night
Woke up the next day, the sun has covered the whole room.
He has a strong arm around my waist, and his unique breath surrounds me, so I feel particularly stable and quiet.
I looked at his handsome face, his long eyelids, his straight nose …
This man is really good-looking
I couldn’t help kissing him and pouting slightly.
He was awake when he didn’t know it. He buckled the back of my head and aggravated the kiss.
After everything subsided, I lay down on his chest and whispered, "Let’s go home later. Teng Jun and Ye Sanye estimate that there will be more trouble. I’m a little worried about eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin."
Although I enjoy spending time alone with him, I know that we have more important things to do.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my hair "good"
We returned to Qinyuan after breakfast.
In the villa, there is a sister-in-law playing with Xiaojin in the garden quietly.
I’m a little surprised. It’s not quite what I imagined. I also hope you will find fault.
Sister-in-law laughed. "I guess I’ve moved reinforcements."
It turns out that Teng Jun has gone back to her mother’s house. Ye Sanye seems to have gone to Li’s house, while Ye Li seems to have gone out to see some old cadres.
I hesitated. "Let them do this …"
It’s hard to win this situation. If they turn over, Ye Xiangyuan will be busy again.
Sister-in-law smiled. "The more you don’t toss, the more they can."
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression is even more dull.
Sure enough, they are more determined than me.
Knowing that they must be ready to deal with it, I will also rest assured to accompany Xiao Jin to continue playing.
Ye Li and others didn’t come back until dinner.
Does Ye Li pay attention to a harmonious place or get everyone together at dinner as usual?
Whether it is an elder or not, everyone will accompany him to play.
It’s the dining table. I actually saw Li Yuyan.
Teng Jun smiled and said, "I’ve always wanted a granddaughter, Yuyuan, to accompany me … You should treat her well when she will stay at home for a while."
I really admire him for wanting to kill Ye Xiangyuan yesterday, but he has recovered today and can still talk to Ye Xiangyuan in such an intimate tone.
It happened that Li Yuyan also shyly looked at Ye Xiangyuan timidly and said, "Ah Yuan is in trouble after that."
I "…"
Li Yuyan is worse than Teng Jun. She and Ye Xiangyuan have already torn their faces, but they can still gather together again and again.
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression is not summer-planting.
Sister-in-law silently gave Xiaojin food, but she didn’t hear it.
Ye Li coughed, "You can live here as your home after the rain and smoke."
Li Yuyan thanked Jiao Jiao.
品茶论坛I frowned.
Know that Li Yuyan likes Ye Xiangyuan, know that Ye Xiangyuan doesn’t deal with the Li family, and Ye Li has to agree that Li Yuyan will live in?
Although it is likely that Teng Jun is blowing the pillow breeze, won’t Ye Li judge?
Li Yu smoke this meal is very quiet didn’t come up with a moth.
I always think that she planned something when she pointed a gun at my heart and looked at her now as a good girl.
This makes me more alert.
Ye Li called Ye Xiangyuan to the room after dinner.
Sister-in-law told me to go back to my room together and deliberately left Li Yuyan alone in the living room.
I didn’t expect Li Yu smoke to follow.
When Sister-in-law entered the bedroom, she quickly blocked the door and asked, "Sister-in-law, can I talk to you?"
After that, he gave me a deliberate look, which meant to let me walk away in a friendly way.
Of course I can’t leave. I’m afraid she’ll shoot my sister-in-law again
Sister-in-law said coldly, "I have nothing to say with you."
Li Yuyan was choked with cold eyes, but she quickly regained her smile. "I’m here to apologize …"
Sister-in-law swept her sarcastically. "Do you Li people think you are the smartest in the world and treat others as fools?"
Li Yu smoke mouth smile a little bit.
Sister-in-law sneered, "How did my husband die? Ask your father. Even if you didn’t give me a shot, we would be sworn enemies."
Li Yu smoke estimation is not clear about a generation of grievances smell speech Zheng big eyes.
Sister-in-law sneered, "Go away, don’t shake it in front of my eyes. I’ll just shoot someone like you. After all, I was mentally ill."
Li Yu smoke stupefied looking at her suddenly sobbed to cry.
I was wondering why she suddenly cried and saw Ye Xiangyuan appear at the door.
Before I could react, Li Yuyan sobbed and ran to him and asked jiao, "Is it true what Aunt Ayuan said?"
Ye Xiangyuan took a step back and avoided her hand.
Then he bypassed her and walked up to me, grabbed my shoulder and said, "Let’s go and let Sister-in-law have a good rest."
I am busy saying good night to my sister-in-law and going out with him.
Li Yuyan tearfully chased "Ah Yuan …"

I couldn’t help laughing. "This is a good thing."

He has been transferred back to the imperial city, and the troops are not too far from home. Although it is impossible to go home every day, it is normal for him to sit in a high position and be busy at a young age.
I don’t know, but I always feel that he doesn’t seem very happy.
Is there something else to restore this matter?
But before I could ask, Gu Changyu came and asked to see me.
We stopped talking.
Actually, I’m a little surprised that my sister-in-law is in charge of everything at home now, and I’m in charge of eating and sleeping, and she and her sister-in-law have a good relationship, and they have a lot in common. She should talk to her sister-in-law if she has something to do.
I don’t know what she saw me for.
夜生活Ye Xiangyuan and I saw her in a rose suit with a white scarf outside, which made her skin very white.
She was talking to her sister-in-law, and when she saw us, she waved with a smile.
That looks pretty and charming.
I secretly lamented that she was indeed a natural beauty.
It turns out that she brought a lot of tonics.
She took my hand and smiled. "All these herbs have been checked. The doctor said that there is no pair for the kitchen to cook medicinal food for you, which is very good for children."
I looked at some medicinal materials that I have never even heard of. They must be precious, so I thanked her.
Gu Changyu gave a smile to see Ye Xiangyuan. "Ayuan really envies you and your timing."
Sister-in-law said aside, "You and Asun are young, too. You should have one while you can."
Gu Changyu smiled sweetly. "Well, Asun and I decided to have a baby."
I inadvertently swept Ye Xiangyuan, but I saw a flash of sadness in his eyes.
I’m a little dazed.
But his mood flashed by, and I suspected that I was wrong.
Gu Changyu has laughingly held my sister-in-law’s hand and started to talk about children. She said that she wanted to have a daughter, and she wanted to buy a lot of princess skirts for her daughter. She wanted to decorate them in pink and wear wedding dresses …
I envy looking at her.
She is really like an ignorant princess who doesn’t smell like fireworks. She thinks about things every day, about what to eat today and which brand of clothes and bags to buy.
I am also held by my parents. Although I am not as rich as this, I have never suffered anything, but compared with her, I am really like a local girl.
Gu Changyu stayed up late.
Lu Xun came to pick her up after dinner.
He and Ye Xiang stayed in the distant room for a long time.
I felt a little tired, so I went upstairs to rest. Sister-in-law talked with Gu Changyu.
Wait until eleven o’clock in the middle of the night when Ye Xiangyuan returns to her room.
I secretly observed him and felt that he was not in a particularly good mood.
Although his emotions have never been revealed, I somehow managed to spy out some after getting along with him for more than a year.
I thought about it and asked him, "What can I do for you?"
Ye Xiangyuan sat down beside me and said, "I’m going to Africa before I go to the army."
I looked at him in surprise.
He said, "We have been looking for our uncle for several days, but he has disappeared like a pin. Asun and I both think that besides Grandpa, there are other forces to help him. I have to go there myself."
It seems more and more confusing that I wrinkle my eyebrows.
Chapter 195 Fire Boiling Oil
Ye Xiangyuan sighed deeply. "Uncle, my dad and eldest brother all lost their lives because they were too soft-hearted and too upright … knowing that it was a trap, but the country needed it … eldest brother knew that someone had pushed him out, but he was in an emergency … It’s a pity that he was hiding it from me. If I heard the wind, I wouldn’t let him go to venture …"
I looked at him silently.
His face is full of memories. He must have recalled the past.
Brother, they are all really good people, and I can’t help but respect them.
Actually, I also thought that Dad and Uncle Ye would forget it. They are the older generation with high consciousness.
Section 12
And eldest brother, I am a white man in my heart. When he was in his teens, he could keep himself and Ye Xiangyuan, and he taught Ye Xiangyuan so well, and he was able to suppress the foothold … How could such a figure be calculated?
Now I understand that big brother and Ye Dad are both heroes with great hearts, and he is willing to die.
This makes people feel sorry and admire more.
No wonder eldest sister-in-law is obsessed with him.
Nowadays, there are many women who remarry after the husband dies in this society, but the eldest sister-in-law insists on guarding this family and Xiao Jin.
It shows the charm of big brother.
I can’t help squeezing Ye Xiangyuan’s hand and saying, "Then let’s take revenge on our eldest brother."
Ye Xiangyuan said, "I can’t let them sacrifice their country for nothing. If the enemy finally sits in a high position, I will also face to see them."
His eyes are slightly narrowed, and there is perseverance and arrogance in them.
I’m a little scared at this moment when he releases his aura, but I know very well that he must have such courage to keep himself, his sister-in-law and Xiao Jin, including all my followers.
He soothingly touched my face and narrowed his eyes. "I suspect that my uncle didn’t do it, and someone else muddied the water."
I suddenly thought that he and his sister-in-law had said that there were big fish behind the Li family …
Is it right to be formal with those people?
I can’t help worrying.
But I tried to calm myself down when I thought about Ye Xiangyuan.
I am especially glad that he is strong enough, otherwise, how can he fight against those people?
Ye Xiangyuan said, "I don’t know if Grandpa has connected with those people in those days. Is he adding fuel to the flames? I wouldn’t be surprised if it is finally confirmed that he has participated. It is normal for him to be partial to help Teng Jun a long time ago."
A few words are disheartened.
At this moment, although he is still called Grandpa Ye Li, I can hear that there is indifference in his tone, and Ye Li is definitely no longer regarded as a relative.
His face was cold, too
I couldn’t help throwing myself into his arms and hugging his waist tightly. "No, even if he really did something I’m sorry about uncle, you can avenge uncle and them. Besides, he is now locked up and Teng Jun is dead. He wants to protect Ye Sanye, and he will definitely lose it …"
Speaking of which, I became more and more sick of Ye Li.
He will add difficulties to Ye Xiangyuan when he dies. I really want to see what his heart is doing.
In fact, although I comforted Ye Xiangyuan, I thought that Ye Li might really be in collusion with those forces. He personally sent his uncle and them out … This kind of cruelty to his own flesh and blood … It makes me feel creepy to think about it.

Seeing the sudden silence, long summer Yu Enze gradually reduced the speed and stopped at the roadside with a parking space. He looked at long summer. "long summer, I know you are sad because of Shen Bailu, but none of us want things to come to this. After all, each of us tried our best, didn’t we?

What you have to do now is to spend the last time of your life with Shen Bailu. Do your best to help her do whatever she wants you to do, and don’t let her leave with regrets. "
"I know, but I’m still sad. I can’t bear to part with the Millennium. She is still so young." long summer’s eyes are wet and red, and she went on.
Yu Enze put long summer in his arms and comforted her. "long summer is stronger. Don’t you forget Shen Bailu’s wish? You have to help her do one more thing, so you must not be discouraged and be strong."
"Yes," Yu Enze’s words instantly awakened long summer, who quickly wiped her face with tears and forced her to smile. "I can’t patronize the sad tears. I must cheer up. There is still a very important thing waiting for me to help her finish the theory. For example, I must help her realize her last wish."
The next day, long summer flew to W City and came to Liu Yuefan’s home.
When Liu Yuefan opened the door and saw that long summer was coming, Qing Jun’s face suddenly appeared with a happy color "long summer, why are you here? Come into the house quickly."
"Liu Yuefan, are you really so rude to Shen Bailu?" long summer didn’t sit down and looked at Liu Yuefan with blame.
The smile on his face gradually dissipated. Liu Yuefan went to the window with some panic. He didn’t dare to look at long summer. "long summer, I don’t know what you said."
Long summer angrily rushed to the opposite of Liu Yuefan. She locked his eyes. "Liu Yuefan, are you still pretending? I can’t believe you don’t watch the news every day and don’t know anything about the Millennium. Are you so indifferent?"
"I broke up with her a long time ago. We don’t have it anymore." Liu Yuefan replied indifferently.
"But after all, you were in love with the Millennium. If you are still a man and still have some tenderness, you should go and see her."
Long summer became excited as she spoke. She gripped Liu Yuefan’s arm and shook him constantly. "Do you know that the person she wants to see most now is you? She still loves you deeply. Do you really have the heart to let her leave with regret? Do you have the heart?"
Liu Yuefan’s heart ached. Why Shen Bailu is still obsessed with him? He once left her cruelly. He doesn’t deserve to be so deeply loved by her. Forcing himself to be cruel and not visit Shen Bailu is to completely break her mind. Even if she hates him, he doesn’t want her to continue to love him.
"I don’t deserve the Millennium. It’s really not worth it." Liu Yuefan suddenly became hoarse and his eyes were hot and sour
"Liu Yuefan, you listen to me." long summer lifted Liu Yuefan and asked him to look into her eyes. "Now it’s not a question of whether you are worth it. Now the most important thing is to make the Millennium happy and let her have no regrets.
If you still know that Liu Yuefan, please take out your sincere white dew and accompany her in the last time like a man and take good care of her. "
Chapter 44 Is she really thinking too much?
Shen Bailu’s condition is getting worse and worse, and she is as thin as a log. Even talking is becoming more and more difficult. Now Shen Bailu has managed to go out in the sun again, and she can lie in a hospital bed every day and rely on various infusions to barely maintain her dying life.
Long summer Bai Shen Bai Lou will hold on until now but has been waiting for that person to come to her.
Now Liu Yuefan still hasn’t appeared.
There is cold rain floating in the gray sky outside the window, as if Shen Bailu was lonely and lonely at the moment.
"long summer, I don’t think I can see Yuefan. I can’t hold on any longer." The weak Shen Bailu sound is as light as anger. long summer had to lie on her lips to hear her clearly.
Long summer endured heartache and tears, and her hands couldn’t help trembling. She carefully stroked Shen Bailu’s thin face. "The Bailu Liu Yuefan will definitely come and believe that I will insist on it again. He will definitely come."
"long summer, don’t encourage me any more." Shen Bailu looked at long summer and smiled with relief. "Thank you for all I’ve done, but I’ve tried my best. I can’t wait for Yuefan to come."
"Daughter insists on believing that long summer Liu Yuefan will definitely come." Aside, Shen Zhiyuan repressed the pain in her heart and encouraged Shen Bailu not to give up her last wish.
Shen Bailu struggled to raise her hand to hold Shen Zhiyuan’s hand. Shen Zhiyuan quickly held her daughter’s palm and then leaned over and put her ear on her lips to listen to what her daughter said to him.
"Dad, I’m really glad that you can fly to new york to see me. At the last moment of my life, I can have my father to accompany me. The only regret is that I haven’t come to accompany you to honor you. I’m sorry, Dad."
"My good daughter, stop talking. Dad has never blamed you for being a father and not letting you enjoy fatherly love. Dad is wrong." Shen Zhiyuan has choked up.
品茶论坛  title=The scene in front of her also made long summer feel sad. Tears came like a flood. She held her mouth tightly and tried to restrain herself from crying out of control.
Shen Bailu still smiled and comforted his father and long summer with a strong smile. "Everyone agreed not to cry, but to smile and watch me leave without crying."
At this moment, the door of the ward suddenly opened a bright light, and suddenly the heavy but rapid footsteps came in. With the long-lost and familiar voice, it gradually approached "I am the Millennium."
Regret Liu Yuefan looked at Shen Bailu, who was lying in the hospital bed and dying. He knelt down and held her cold and skinny hand and put it on his tear-stained cheek. "I’m sorry for being late, Bailu."
Finally, I waited for someone I deeply loved. Shen Bailu smiled regretfully. "Don’t be sad. I can see you for the last time, and I will die with my eyes closed." I saw tears in her eyes, and she was sincere and pleading. "You can’t kiss me again."
Sobbing, Liu Yuefan slowly leaned over to Shen Bailu, who was full of expectation, and gradually approached his lips. He kept shaking hot tears and burning his sad and painful face over and over again. He closed his eyes and slowly kissed her pale and cold lips.
A drop of crystal tears slipped from the corner of my eye, and Shen Bailu fell asleep forever with a satisfied smile.
After attending Shen Bailu’s funeral, long summer returned to Y City, and her mood fell to the bottom because Shen Bailu left.
"long summer, if you want to open some," long summer Yu Enze was very worried when she saw that she was sitting on the sofa and looked blue at night.
"Sometimes I really doubt the authenticity of people’s lives." Because I have seen what happened to Shen Bailu with my own eyes, long summer was filled with emotion. "Someone, you saw A talking and laughing at you yesterday, but today A left you forever, just like Shen Bailu."
Long summer Naidi gave a wry smile. "People’s lives are so fragile that if there is no, there will be no"
Yeah, people’s lives are too fragile. If you say no, you won’t have it.
Yu Enze heart is not a pain.
Long summer’s words reminded him once again of his beloved mother and his aunt, who are all beautiful, elegant and excellent women. But one night, her mother was killed by a disease, and her aunt was brutally killed by a murderer. This sudden loss of intimacy has been rooted in her heart and will never dissipate. A gentle touch will still make him breathe with pain.
"Enze, I’m sorry. Did I remind you of something unhappy?" long summer saw that Yu Enze suddenly became silent and realized that what he had just said should have poked him where it hurts.
Yu Enze stared at long summer and asked her, "long summer, don’t you forget that you once spoke to me? You told me to believe that you are still alive, so A is alive, and we living people should live a good life."
Long summer bowed his head and stopped talking.
People are like this, they often have a lot of reasons when persuading others, but when they encounter similar situations, they are stuck in the middle and stagnate.
Yu Enze put long summer in his arms. "I know you are very reluctant to part with Shen Bailu. After all, you had such a pleasant and tacit time. You regard her as your best friend.
Things have happened, and we can accept the established facts calmly, blindly sinking into the pain, unable to extricate ourselves from the past, hurting ourselves and those who are still worried. Your life must continue without bravely raising your head and striding forward. "
"Enzeshi, I’m not drowning in the pain of Shen Bailu’s departure. I am." long summer hugged Yu Enze, and she wanted to continue talking, but suddenly she was speechless.
"It is to become afraid of losing, right?" Yu Enze Bai long summer’s real heart.
Once faced with the death of his mother and aunt, he never felt at a loss. The fear of losing a strong fear threatened his broken heart all the time. Fortunately, long summer and Ouyang later accompanied him to encourage him to gradually get out of the shadows. Now long summer is as troubled as he used to be because of his friend Shen Bailu’s death.
"When Shen Bailu left, I saw that my life was vulnerable, and I began to become timid." long summer got up and looked at Yu Enze. Her eyes were slightly wet. "I am afraid that I will gradually lose important people around me. I am afraid that I am not so strong to face so many where will you go. I am afraid that I will not be able to bear the pain of losing my dear ones."
In the soft halo, Yu Enze lovingly stroked long summer’s beautiful face. He gave her a firm look back. "long summer, don’t be afraid that people will always experience all kinds of things in their lives. It is precisely because of these nine times out of ten that we grow up rapidly. You must remember that people will always be stronger than they think."
"Really?" long summer asked Yu Enze uncertainly.
"True" Yu Enze answered long summer with certainty
The mood has become cheerful. Many long summer snuggled into Yu Enze’s arms. "Enze, can I ask you a question?"
"What’s the problem"
"Here" long summer’s reddish cheek sticks to Yu Enze’s broad chest. Her slender finger points to Yu Enze’s heart position. "Will it be very tired?"
"What do you say?" Yu Enze held long summer’s hand in a gentle tone.
Long summer touched Yu Enze’s heart. "Because it bears too many worries, you have yourself, I have Ouyang and those. We all don’t know that all the worries are loaded with this small and strong heart, which is better than you alone."
Yu Enze long summer dropped a deep kiss on his forehead, followed by his gentle lifting. Xia Bafeng’s eyes were full of spoil. "Before I met you, my heart was dissatisfied. After I met you, my heart was full of those joys and sorrows caused by you, which just filled this once lonely heart. I didn’t feel tired, but I felt very satisfied."
Long summer hugged Yu Enze. How she wished, she could always freeze it. There was no quarrel and no disturbance. Two people grew old peacefully and warmly. She wanted to rub him into her soul and let him go with her, so she would never be afraid of losing him again.
She always feels a sense of threat oppressing her.
Is it because of Qin Ran’s call that day?
"Su Lixia, you, you drive me away and you win, right?"
"I tell you that Su Lixia Yu Enze is me."
"You can’t take him away from me. I’ll never let go."
Long summer’s ear suddenly sounded Qin Ran’s shrill and provocative voice, and her arrogant gesture seemed to shake before long summer’s eyes at the moment.

In fact, although Lin Yashi avoided it, her royal bag from Y country easily betrayed her!

It doesn’t take a moment for those divination women to open this matter in the communication tool of Mu’s regimental headquarters!
桑拿会所Lin Ya stepped out of the ladder and quickly went to the parking area.
Coincidentally, there must be a car next to her car next to the parking space
When the car stopped, Tang Ying opened the door and got out of the car.
Three or two steps walked to the front of Lin Ya, raised his hand, took off his face and sunglasses, and looked angrily at Lin Yadao. "It’s a narrow way to go!"
Lin Ya smiled and did not intend to speak.
After listening to Tang Ying, she added, "Miss Lin took that land for twenty-two million dollars!"
Lin Ya tugged at the corner of her mouth and said, "I’m flattered. I still want to thank Miss Tang this time. If it weren’t for Miss Tang, how could she quit so smoothly?"
Tang Ying hates to grind her teeth!
Remembering that paper was shaken by Lin Ya, she felt like a time bomb! I dare not say anything more to this woman. She turned and left!
When Muchuan came over, he saw that the woman’s mouth was smiling.
The man frowned and opened the door and said, "Let’s go."
About twenty minutes later, the driver drove to his destination.
Lin Yayuan planned to wait for the man to go in before getting out of the car.
But that guy came by after he got out of the car, and he opened the door to signal her to come.
Lin Ya’s head is tilted and he doesn’t want to take a reason. He can turn his head and instantly see someone coming at the door of the hotel!
Get out of the car with a grind.
Since it is a celebration dinner, it is inevitable that there will be no drinking at the dinner table, especially for her or the protagonist tonight.
After six drinks in a row, Lin Ya was a little overwhelmed. Drinking is not her strong suit.
She put the foot of the table on Muchuan and hoped that his hero would save the United States.
But this man doesn’t know what’s going on tonight. He’s not a gentleman at all! Leng leng made her drink seven more cups before she started to help her save the scene!
At that time, Lin Ya’s head was already confused, and his stomach was as uncomfortable as a thread.
Section 142
Staggered up. "You eat me first and I’ll wash my hands."
Muchuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled up and went out to hold her at the door.
Lin Ya walked forward with her head down and vain, and bumped into a person in a daze.
Muchuan lifted her eyes and wanted to help her apologize. The man’s eyes touched instantly and somehow felt deja vu!
Then the picture popped up in his mind.
Chyi Yu, Tang Wan and … Liu Yuan! Lin Ya seemed to realize that she had hit someone and tried to lift her heavy head and apologize.
Muchuan’s eyes sank, then his arms tightened and he took the woman to health.
It was rude to leave with the woman in a hurry without saying sorry.
Sanitary Lin Ya threw up there and then went out to wash her face.
Did the cold water touch the skin make her tremble a little or failed to make her conscious of chaos?
Muchuan walked over and grabbed her and asked, "Are you ready?"
Lin Ya struggled to turn around and lean against the sink to raise my hand and rub the eyebrows.

"…" Song city heard YuJingYin footsteps could not help but pause.

She looked out indeed as expected YuTingChuan there.
At that time, I was utterly confused again.
The whole Song Dynasty clutched the fingers with an umbrella handle, and a little later, I heard Yu Tingchuan’s voice "The water in the lane has seeped away."
This is for Yujing.
His tone is calm.
Voice down YuTingChuan has walked to the gate first.
Song Qingcheng sent people to the corner of Tongzi Lane. Yutingchuan opened a black cayenne. It should be a car arranged by Hengyuan branch here. She didn’t look back until the cayenne was far away, then turned around and walked slowly back to the courtyard with an umbrella.
Meng Haomu has left.
Grandma washed the dishes and saw Song Qingcheng take an umbrella. Guess it was Yujing’s uncle who left.
The old lady didn’t ask her anything and just said, "I came to think about returning the apple tomorrow, but now I think I can keep it. Meng Hao’s mother invited us to her house for dinner on her late birthday. I have promised you to come back early after class."
Song Qingcheng recognized grandma’s meaning, which should be that Yu Tingchuan appeared to make grandma change her mind again.
This time, Song Qingcheng didn’t say anything about refusing.
The next day was not sunny, but it was still drizzling.
After the whole song dynasty got up, I didn’t know what the weather was like, but it was a little easier.
After breakfast, I took an umbrella and went out to work.
It’s not easy to go that way because of the continuous rain and the heavy rain yesterday. Now it’s even more muddy to prevent accidents. The traffic police have put a warning sign there.
Song Qingcheng looked at his booties visually, but he really couldn’t walk past, so he could turn back and go around by bus.
Before she reached the bus stop, a champagne car stopped next to her.
Hear the horn Song Qingcheng turned to look.
The co-pilot window drops. Xu Dong is holding the steering wheel in the car and looking at the whole Song Dynasty. He smiled. "Fortunately, I didn’t admit my mistake, otherwise it would be embarrassing. I’ll give you a ride."
"Going to class" Song Qingcheng asked him, "How can assistant Xu come out in rainy days?"
"I’m going to the branch."
Xu Dong said as he leaned over and opened the passenger door. "Come on, I’m not in a hurry to take you to work first."
Song Qingcheng didn’t reject the umbrella car.
When she reported out of work, Xu Dong leng leng and smiled, "That’s a coincidence. Manager Yu met a guest yesterday afternoon and asked about a coffee shop nearby."
Said the Xu Dong also said the name asked song city know not to know.
Song Qingcheng’s heartbeat is stagnant, and the coastal coffee shop is on the second floor opposite Xue Min’s shop.
That coffee shop is very affordable, not because those businessmen are willing to go to high-end places.
All afternoon, the whole Song Dynasty was thinking about Xu Dong talking-
"that’s where general manager Yu chose. I caught a glimpse of selena’s memo."
Even Xue Min saw that she was in a daze and just wanted to ask what was going on. A little brother in a cap came in with a bunch of red roses and looked around the store and asked, "Who is Miss Song?"
☆, Chapter 174 to my love court Sichuan gift.
Xue Min saw the big bunch of red roses slightly stunned and then elbowed Song Qingcheng. "Miss Song called you."
Song Qingcheng hasn’t passed yet. The little brother of the flower shop has come in. "Miss Song, please sign for it."
Xue Min immediately handed me a pen.
Looking at the delicate and charming red roses, Song Qingcheng was also instantly surprised. Maybe because she received flowers for the first time in more than 20 years, she signed a single letter and held a large bouquet of roses in her hand. The roses were wrapped in apricot hand-rubbed paper to make the whole bunch of flowers look elegant and solemn.
"This flower is still fresh with water drops."
桑拿按摩The flower shop brother put the bill back in his pocket and just heard Xue Min say with a smile, "This flower was delivered early and can be kept at home for a long time."
Song Qingcheng looked up and asked him, "Have you seen the flower buyer?"
"It was a gentleman," the florist recalled. "It looked very stylish. I chose flowers, paid for them, said a few words to the boss and left. I should have something to deal with. I didn’t see things clearly at that time."
Xue Min joked that "it seems to be a successful person in society."
Then she went to look at the bunch of roses and counted them. "What do you mean by just 56 roses?"
By this time, the florist brother had already left.
Song Qingcheng stared at those blooming roses with flowers in his hand, even Xue Min’s words were ignored.
"Do you want to find a bottle to insert the flowers?" Asked the salesman in the store
Her mood was aroused because of a bunch of flowers.
Most people in life may not receive a rose all their lives, not because they can’t afford it, but because they think this kind of flower can be seen and not too extravagant for ordinary working-class people.
Brother left the flower shop and suddenly turned back with a delicate card in his hand.
"Sorry, I just dropped my car."
Xue Min helped to take the card.
There are a few words in the card
Song Qingcheng has just guessed who sent the flowers. Seeing the signature in the right corner of the card, the speculation in my heart is confirmed, and the ideological trend is surging and I don’t know if I am at home.
"What did you write?" Xue Min leaned in.
Then read the card word "to my love-from Tingchuan …"
Xue Min was taken aback because he knew who Yu Tingchuan was and the word’ my love’ was so shocking and disgusting that he couldn’t help saying, "Did this flower come from Nancheng?"
Next to the salesman holding a mobile phone, he smiled, "Fifty-six roses I searched online means my love."
Song Qingcheng recognized that the card was written by Yutingchuan people.

As soon as I hold the three skills of leader swordsmanship plus [bully] [provocation] (after directly adding skills to shape), I will add body and throw a river boy, and then throw an [angel blessing] and [acceleration] to Ruoshui. Although she doesn’t care about singing speed, at least she has [acceleration] to escape.

[Crazy Strike] I don’t care if I cut the river boy and he picked up the wine gourd. Then I threw it at the river boy and shook it for five times in a row, but it’s not that simple to kill a LV-class monster. When I threw the fishing rod in my hand and hooked the fish hook, I attacked me. When I threw my foot at a [dark barrier], I sang along with it [rocket science] because the river boy belongs to a water monster, and fire and water are just two opposite properties, and I finished if the water is behind. More than a dozen rockets dragged their long tails and rushed at the river boy. "Bang, bang, bang!" A lot of black rotten skin suddenly appeared on the river boy’s body, which really angered the river boy. As soon as he opened his mouth, the river boy’s [water spraying] skills made a water column with a diameter of half a meter lashing out at me. [The dark barrier] can stop close-range physical attacks. It is a defense against long-range attacks such as bows and arrows and magic, so I was rushed by the water column and hit the big tree behind me, and then I saw something that I couldn’t believe.
"Sleeping in my memory, the ancient ghosts are in charge of life, and the eternal gods and I, you believers, use your strength to disappear all obstacles in front of me!"
After listening to this spell sung by Shui, it will get dark the day after tomorrow. This game Reagan is impossible. I stared at this astonished and inexplicable situation with my eyes wide open.
A huge red palm appeared in the sky, and it turned into fly ash as soon as it was pressed toward the place where the river boy lived, and a huge palm print appeared at the place where the river boy lived, which was about five meters deep and neat.
After pressing the palm of your hand, it disappeared in place, and if the water poured, I immediately ran to help her. I really don’t know what to do now. I feel that if she can make magic surprises without singing, I can be frightened now.
Looking at this little girl with her eyes closed, I really don’t know what strange secrets she has, but I’m sure the system will find out after all, I’ve never heard of any magic that can stretch out a red giant hand by playing games, if it’s not a BUG or if it’s water, she has special abilities, otherwise how can it be explained?
Ok, I know that there is a coma in fairyland, because I am the victim. Through my understanding, I know that it is the brain waves that are greatly impacted that will make the game enter a coma. I believe that if Shuiyong sang that spell just now, it would be extraordinary (idiot! I picked up the gourd that the river boy dropped just now. I left the ancient forest quickly and ran to the only hotel in Tianjin. Fortunately, this place in Tianjin is not a good place to train, so there are very few players who are not satisfied with falling in love in reality and come to the game to talk about couples. Like me, I hurried past passers-by with a woman on my back, and no one would notice me.
When I arrived at the hotel, I paid 1RO coins and went into a room. I put Ruoshui on the bed cover and began to think about what happened.
按摩Chapter 11 Love
Chapter 11 Love
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Chapter 11 Love
When I was taking care of Ruoshui, the disease sent a message and told me that he had successfully changed his job. I said I was in Tianjin and he said to come immediately.
Soon Jifa came to Tianjin, and I asked him to change his job. After him, he had two fixed forms: "pervert!"
☆        ☆        ☆
It turned out that he was sleeping when he saw the great magic teacher Mei Taiwu Si-Shifu yesterday, but he couldn’t wake up no matter how he was treated. He splashed water, knocked his head, punched and kicked, and it was still the same. Finally, he was as tired as a cow and stopped to rest for a while.
After more than half an hour, Shifu, the great care teacher, woke up naturally, and then she heard his moaning sound. At first glance, she almost laughed. Seeing Shifu bending his legs and standing with one foot out of line, his left hand pressed his head and his right hand touched his body like a monkey show.
With a smile on his face, he helped the poet untie the rope. Only then did he realize that there was another person in the room. After the poet calmed down, he asked, "What are you doing here?"
The disease method adjusted her clothes and coughed twice and said, "My Lord, I’m here to change my job as a sage."
"What is it for me to change my job?"
The disease method stared at the horse on the spot and took out the application. Yes, isn’t this person a great care teacher?
"Aren’t you the great magic teacher, Mataiwusi Shifu?"
"Then look at this application. It says that you have to ask for the sage ring before you can change your job."
"Oh, I remember, but since the game was just opened for a month, there have been people who have come to change jobs. Now no one has come to change jobs. I almost forgot about it. Did you change jobs? Then come with me. "
The disease method followed the poet for a while and came to an even bigger house. The poet said to the disease method, "The sage ring is inside. Find it yourself and go directly to change your job without informing me."
When you listen to the disease, you can go as soon as you get it. Where can you find such an easy thing? Say thank you to Shifu and go into the house. Shifu laughed and went back.
When the disease came into the house, I looked at it. Oh, my God, is this a huge garbage collection place? What I see in my eyes is a mess of things piled up together. I have to find a ring in such a huge amount of things. I feel that I have given it to the poet on the spot. Otherwise, how can I find it like this?
When I wanted to go back and question the poet, I didn’t know that the door was blocked by fangs, so I couldn’t look for it well. I searched all night and finally found the so-called sage ring in a rag. When the fangs were all restored to kittens and puppies outside, I quickly rushed out of the room. It was already past five in the middle of the night.
On the fourth floor, I found the transfer NPC, handed in the application and the sage ring, and heard a "ding-dong" sound. Then the illness was hugged by a snow-white winged angel, and the angel hugged him and turned into a little white light. At this time, the illness heard the notice that "the player’s illness was successful and the sage’s career level was clear!"
Look at yourself. Nothing has changed, but more uniform weapons. I hurried downstairs and went to bed on the capital line, without even looking at the special skills of the sages.
Get up at about noon the next day and come to me online.
☆        ☆        ☆
How do I feel about changing my job after listening to the process of changing my job? I wonder what I need to do in metempsychosis. But if there are other people who have changed their careers, I don’t know if they should still do it according to the disease method.
Disease method chatted with me for a while and then left to practice professional level. Of course, before he left, I still didn’t dare to tell him about Ruoshui. Who knows what he would think? I’ll make an agreement with disease method after I know who Ruoshui really is.
I approached the bed and looked at Ruoshui’s peaceful bed. It felt as if I had never seen it before. So I took a closer look and found that Ruoshui’s face seemed to change. I wiped my eyes and looked closely. I really changed my face, and my hair gradually became thinner and longer. When I had a cup of tea, if the water sample turned into another person, I absolutely knew and would not forget people. All the strange things were answered. What if the water didn’t sing? What if the water could destroy the balance of the system? The reason why there was no magic was that if it was water, she came to be an identity. It’s’ Chris’, the culprit that makes me hunted by players in the game, and the source that makes me a master of 99-level disease. Isn’t it the same when I look at her and think of Ruoshui as sticky as when Chris first saw me?
Looking at her, I really don’t know what to do. I feel bittersweet.
"Elegant brother, are you all right?"

But like it or not, she and he are over and have been friends ever since.

Counting Liu Wentao is not even her friend.
"Really?" Surprise man is more than a little childish. Lan Jingyi wonders if she reacts like Lu Wentao every time Jiang Junyue surprises her.
"Be there or be square at 10: 00 p.m." After the routine, Lan Jingyi hung up without hesitation. He was divorced when he got divorced, but he never thought that she was going to be confused with him now.
what is love
Love can make people let go
Love can make people happy and do it.
She’s not great. She’s reluctant.
Reluctant to let that man be at risk because of her.
She doesn’t know who wants her to leave Jiang Junyue so badly. In her lifetime, she will find that person like a mother looking for her father. Is it when she is reunited with him and the children?
But at that time, was she and he old and he had his own family?
Lan Jingyi suddenly shed tears. At that time, everything was too late.
But at the moment, she still looks forward to that day.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
There is hope when important people are alive.
Hands to the lower abdomen, baby, give your mother strength, give your mother strength.
It turned out that she was so timid that she didn’t want to bear all that, but she had to bear all that.
Love can make people happy and hurt.
She is in pain.
She is in pain.
From early morning to sunset, she was tired, sitting alone in a garden and looking at the fountain in front of her. It was beautiful, and the water was cold and refreshing. But tonight was a romantic city that would make her make a painful choice all her life.
It’s getting dark, and the water in the fountain keeps rising and falling, and it’s so beautiful every time.
She picked up a handful of water and washed her face to sober herself up. She can’t mess with the lives of all her relatives.
Looking up at the man whose sky is still blue in the dark, he is flying towards the city at the moment.
She really wants to meet him at the airport. She really wants to jump into his arms and tell her how much she misses him.
No, she can’t cry. She can be strong.
Lan Jingyi finally got up and walked back to the hotel with firm steps step by step, or when she came, the scenery was flashing and nothing was real, as if the dreamy feeling made her wish that her life was just a dream. The reality was too cruel.
At 9: 15, Lan Jingyi returned to the hotel. She had a bath, long hair and wet back, but she was too lazy to dry it. She just stared with her hands on her knees, but every picture in her eyes did not enter her eyes.
He wants a plane.
He is coming.
When the pointer points to ten o’clock bit by bit, her heart becomes more and more tense.
Will he find out he lives here?
Or did he call himself at ten o’clock and ask?
So because of this, it is possible that her hands are more white than her knuckles.
At ten o’clock, she was quiet.
It’s the door, but it’s no longer quiet. The door is ringing. Liu Wentao came on time.
Lan Jingyi jumped out of bed and walked barefoot to that door. For hundreds of nights, she expected landing Wentao to open the door every night, expecting him to treat her as his wife.
But no.
Being sober is better than never touching her once.
Hate is really a murderous knife.
She won’t hate
She will live well because living is hope.
Hand gently turned the knocker door to open the man dressed in a black suit. There, I have to say that he is still as beautiful and handsome as when she first saw him. "Yi Yi …" The Adam’s apple surged Liu Wentao’s burning eyes fell, and the blue scene was a little blurred.
"Yi Yi …" The hoarse voice couldn’t help whispering that it was revenge to marry her, but she was just a chess piece in his revenge game, but it was really separated. Now what he got every day and every night is bone erosion, and his hands are tightly clenched into fists. Liu Wentao regrets that he didn’t really get her before. So does she dress like this with a different hint tonight?
That coolness has aroused all the male hormones in his body and is getting stronger and stronger.
Lan Jingyi is still in front of the door. He has a head taller than the petite one, but there she has an air of arrogance, which makes it difficult for her to move easily even in suspenders and pajamas.
Lan Jingyi has a sideways face and a faint smile. "Come in."
Liu Wentao’s eyes once again swept through Lan Jingyi’s body. She asked him to come. He knew there must be a reason, but even if she gave him a knife mountain, he would take care of it.
It’s an ordinary small hotel, but the room looks clean. When he passed her, he sniffed her and said, "Want to remarry?"
"Upset" Lan Jingyi is really upset at the moment. She doesn’t want to end it with Jiang Junyue and keep him away from herself.
"Oh, come on, it will be easier if you say it." Liu Wentao sat down on the sofa with her long legs overlapping. Lan Jingyi has got up and made coffee. She has been lying there quietly. Jiang Junyue hasn’t called. He has already arrived from the airport at this time, right?
Strong coffee is fragrant, nose is fragrant, and people are intoxicating. Lan Jingyi put two cups of coffee on the tray, and one cup of yellow sugar is original. When she took the leisurely approach to the sofa, the pajamas were blown in by the window, and the wind blew gently to reveal a piece of her white calf. Liu Wentao’s Adam’s apple surged. When he first saw her, he knew that she was beautiful. In his eyes, her beauty was restrained, but at the moment, she was wantonly publicized, with a special charm. She walked towards him step by step, making him reluctant to blink and looked at her.
What is the loss of knowledge?
I don’t know what that bone-eating thirst tastes like until I lose it.
Lan Jingyi gracefully sat opposite him with the finger of "Here’s a cup of sugar and a cup of original flavor for you to choose" and then calmly sat in the same place. Even if she faced him in pajamas, she could still be so calm, which seemed to hook him and torture him.
"Original taste" Liu Wentao picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip of it. The bitter taste was just like his heart at the moment.
"Aren’t you afraid of me?" Lan Jingyi picked up another cup of coffee and took a sip of "I always like to put yellow sugar"
"You don’t like it? I haven’t added sugar to my coffee for a long time. Lan Jingyi wants to drink. "His eyes fell on the small bar behind her. It was a hotel wine, all of which were French famous wines, red wines and whiskies.
"Red wine?"
So Lan Jingyi took a bottle of red wine and two goblets. It seems that neither of them wants to have a drink. She asked him to come tonight to sip slowly.
喝茶约茶Taking a sip of wine, Lu Wentao gently shook the goblet in his hand, feeling that there was a stream of heat in his heart. He closed his eyes and then opened them. "How many years have we known each other?"
"Two years," she said without thinking.


Out of the car directly stopped a face of a taxi and immediately headed for the residential area where Yang Xun lived.
We stopped at Cheyangxun Community, and we were just about to go in when we saw Yuan You coming back with food.
Yuan You was surprised that we appeared. He said, "Lei Hao Yan Jiaxin, why are you here?" He looked at Xiaoyu from our body and asked, "Is this the light rain?"
I replied to Yuan You, "Yes, Yang Xun’s family?"
"Let’s go home, I’ll take you there." Say that finish, Yuan You will lead the way and take us into the community.
Chapter 52 Give them a home
Open the door, Yuan You walks in, opens the shoe cabinet, takes out the slippers, and then shouts to the inside, "Xiao Xun Lei Hao and Yan Jiaxin are coming."
Say that finish Yuan You turned to look at us and said, "Come in."
We changed our shoes and went in. Just after we changed them, we heard Yang Xun’s voice, "Cousin Lei Haoge, why are you here?"
"Xiao Yu shouted aunt" Yan Jiaxin came in with Xiao Yu.
Yang Xun’s face changed from surprise to surprise. She picked up Xiaoyu and smiled. "I told you why you are here. You brought your children to see me. Xiaoyu, how old are you this year?"
"Aunt, I am 4 years old this year." Xiaoyu stretched out her finger and made a 4-move.
Yuan You went to Yang Xun and said to her, "I’m going to cook."
With that, he went in with a bag. Yang Xun took us to the sofa and sat down. Their room is not very big, so it is enough for two people.
Yang Xun and Xiao Yu said a few words and then focused on us and asked, "Cousin Lei Haoge, how long did you two start to choose to accept each other?"
I just wanted to say something, and Yang Xun immediately replied, "It must be recently."
Yan Jiaxin and I smiled. At this time, Yuan You took the fruit from the kitchen and put it on the table. "Just bought it today and try it quickly."
Xiaoyu picked up a peach and bit it "Uncle, this peach is so sweet"
Being called an uncle by Xiaoyu Yuan You seems to be in full bloom. He bent down and asked Xiaoyu, "What do you want to eat? Uncle guarantees you that you like it."
桑拿会所Xiaoyu thought, "I want to eat sweet and sour tenderloin."
Yuan You patted his chest and said, "No problem, wait for my uncle to do it for you now."
With that, Yuan You stood up and walked in with a big smile on his face. Yang Xun smiled and said, "Look at him."
Yan Jiaxin suddenly said to Yang Xun, "How long are you going to have children?"
Yang Xun one leng and then made a move to Yan Jiaxin. Yan Jiaxin moved his body in the past and Yang Xun attached Yan Jiaxin’s ear to whisper.
Yan Jiaxin’s expression was first frightened and then secretly pleased. She took Yang Xun’s hand and congratulated him. "Congratulations, girl."
"Shh" Yang Xun made a small move at us.
Xiaoyu pointed to Yang Xun’s belly with a peach in one hand and said, "Aunt, do you have a baby?"
"No" Yang Xun waved a hand at Xiao Yu.
"But I just heard you and mom say that you have a baby for one month."
Yang Xun was embarrassed by Xiao Yu’s words, and the horse replied to her, "Xiao Yu’s aunt is having a baby, but you have to promise her not to say anything about this."
Xiao Yu nodded at Yang Xun and asked, "Aunt, is that baby a boy or a girl?"
"Whether it is a boy or a girl, it will be Xiaoyu’s younger brother and sister. Can Xiaoyu’s sister take good care of them at that time?"
"Xiaoyu knows that I will take good care of them."
Yang Xun touched Xiao Yu’s head. "Xiao Yu is really good." Then she kissed Xiao Yu’s forehead.
After dinner, Yang Xun accompanied our city and began to wander around. I don’t remember how long it has been since I was able to walk around the road without any troubles like this.
Because of the light rain, uncle Yuan You was excited all night. He put the light rain on his neck and then took her road, laughing and shouting.

Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure!

Someone inspired the ban!
What a strong breath, purer and stronger than the breath on these fragments!
Breath so gathered, it must be a real treasure! ….. Go!
Great changes, immediately attracted the attention of all. In a flash, the figure emerged, and all the people who felt this scene in the ancient small world, with a tight heart, immediately manipulated the force of space and swept away to the blue light beam like lightning.
There are other treasures!
In the distance, Fang Yun’s heart jumped, mixed in the crowd, and swept away like lightning towards the valley.
Fang Yun is not familiar with this small ancient world. However, this does not mean that others are unfamiliar. There are so many strong men in North China, and there are always people who can inspire the real secrets of this ancient small world.
That’s why Fang Yun didn’t leave immediately.
ah! Among the blue beams, several figures rushed fast, but they were thrown faster. When flying out of the blue light beam, it was already cracked into several pieces, and blood splashed.
Someone triggered the ban! Fang Yun heart movement. He glanced at his eyes and found that many people in the crowd showed fear on their faces when they saw this scene.
Suddenly stopped.
Go in! Fang Yun mind thoughts fly, at the foot of it is not to stay. He has seen that so many people have just entered. Only twenty people were cut out. Obviously, only these twenty people were unlucky, and the others went in smoothly.
This is a question of probability, and the spell is means and fate!
Hey! The light flashed and Fang Yun immediately swept into the green light …

Chapter 669 Suppression for ever
Just entering the green light, I heard a loud buzz, and a simple bronze sword with 18 handles, dragging a long blue sword light, was suspended in the void. Head on is a piece of sword light, intricately mixed, beheaded.
On the eighteen bronze swords, the energy is not so powerful. But the cohesion of that energy is purer than that of the strong in the star realm. Even the so-called indestructible foreign star iron can be easily cut into mud.