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After posing, the Taoist priest replied, You are an army general.

Liu Ren gave me a look. An army?
Yes, the white hair laughed. You think too much, and you are still the master.
Ha ha Liu Ren scratched his head for two quick.
Can you calculate it for your master? Tuoba Ye suddenly asked.
桑拿会所All eyes immediately gathered on me and became hot in an instant.
Fate in ten years? I have a slight quiver.
I really want to know.
Ten years later, did I break free from the shackles of the Han Dynasty?
Can I build my own power on this day after ten years?
Will I become the overlord of this land in ten years?
I clenched my fists tightly but I trembled more and more.
Taoist decisively shook his head can’t
What? !” Everyone has different opinions.
I hung half my heart and suddenly fell. … is it bad? I immediately associate the past with another extreme.
No, he denied me, and explained according to speculation that the future of your master is not suitable for discussion in public because there are some differences among ordinary people.
Tuoba Ye and others all nodded and said white.
I insisted that being here is my closest brother Ma Chao, but you said it’s ok.
White hair looked at my eyes and nodded slowly promise
The onlookers are sitting upright.
The master is most different from ordinary people in his soul. His eyes are still on my face. In Taoist terms, it is the two souls.
Although he has said it once before, I still can’t help but tremble two souls?
Yes, he nodded slightly. Or … it was once two souls, but now … it has been integrated.
I can’t help but believe that Ma Chaoyuan’s soul has already been swallowed up by meor merged with me.
To be honest … I don’t understand! Qin array some embarrassed scratched his cheek.
That is to say, the master is possessed by ghosts and gods. White hair changed its explanation method.
Everyone was surprised.
No wonder … Zulie recalled, At that time, when Lu Bu was seriously injured, Master Ma Liangzhou was in a coma for more than a year …
Then I was in a coma on and off for several times … Sun Wen, an old man around me, echoed.
The Taoist priest nodded. That’s probably integration.
Mom! Qin array suddenly burst a swearing sentence.
why? I gave a yangba.
He ignored me and asked the Taoist directly, Do you think I have any ghosts?
The Taoist priest carefully observed for three seconds and shook his head and said, You are normal.
No wonder I don’t feel quite right! Qin array vaguely angry a master and I don’t phase to the later master almost three to five recruit can put me down! There are ghosts!
I shrugged my shoulders. It’s my natural thing. Don’t talk about other reasons.
I also think that the master is a ghost! Pang Gan is on the opposite side of me at this moment. Master’s martial arts were mediocre five or six years ago, and suddenly changed a lot overnight. If Han Sui defeated the first knife in the northwest with three shots in our city, if it was said that it was the master’s business … hey hey, his smile made me very unhappy. I really don’t believe it.
I gave him a white look. Well, I admit that I am possessed by some ghost, but … what’s this about my future?
If it weren’t for the master of the two souls, this life would be only forty years old, said the Taoist priest with his fingers pinched.
In my impression, Ma Chao did live to be 47 years old.
What about now? I have to worry about this problem.
He let go of his finger and slowly replied, At the earliest … you will meet with a lifeanddeath disaster before the age of 23 …
3 Demon Road is bursting with popularity
I can’t believe my ears. What did you say? !”
Damn it! Qin array stare big eyes ghost will die? !”
White hair gave him a deep look and explained slowly, This is just a possibility.
I rubbed my hair. Make it clear.
To tell the truth, the master’s life is extremely rare, said the Taoist priest. Although being original is not deep, people have not measured their lives for more than a hundred times, but they dare not say anything about it for 500 years, but they have not missed it for ten years, but today they always fail to observe the master.
You don’t have to worry about anything. Just tell the truth. I made a verbal promise to him. Even if you figure it out, my soul will die in the west.
Well, he nodded. Simply speaking, being original is not the master’s life.
My face seemed to tremble with amazement. You mean … you can’t tell my fortune?

Fresh? I patted his thick shoulders. What’s the matter?

Hey, I know all about it. He blinked. Eldest brother also put his sisterinlaw maid last night …
I think Xiao Dai has never said with a frown, Who told you?
Ma Dai gave a look of this is an obvious thing.
Who else could it be? I swept away to the periphery, and sure enough, Zhao Cheng had run away.
I sighed and shook my head. This is a tolerable thing. Who made your eldest brother born magnificent and determined?
Xiao Dai hey but smile.
桑拿网Jia Mu also got up from the ground and asked in surprise, What does that mean?
I am 12 or 13 years old, so I should have a preliminary understanding of this kind of thing, right?
I heard someone approaching nearby.
Then someone coughed Little Mu?
Elder sister … Wood face a change quickly fart Dian fart to meet elder sister.
Xiao Dai, who is younger than Jia Yu for more than a month, still needs to address her with a pure face. Xiao Daigen is not mature and stable than Jia Yu’s sister.
… feather younger sister early I almost called out with them.
Jia Yu smiled in the morning light. Xiao Mu, you can’t follow the super public school.
Jia Mu nodded honestly, My brother won’t.
Xiao Dai, have you been infected with any bad habits with him for a long time? She is still smiling
Ma Dai hurriedly cleared my mind that Sister Yu, I am just practicing my fists with my eldest brother. I will never participate in activities that are not suitable for young people.
Jia Yu nodded with satisfaction and turned to walk.
I raised an eyebrow, and this girl’s attitude really upset the client.
….. But what can I do?
Jia Xu’s eldest daughter, dare I touch her now?
The answer is obvious.
Elder sister seems to have a problem with you, eldest brother. Jia Mu whispered to me.
Ma Dai agreed that Yu Jiegen regards big brother as a thing!
Isn’t she quite happy to be a bridesmaid when I got married? I touched it. Is Aunt Ba here again? This reason is farfetched, even if my period comes … Why do you despise me so much?
It’s probably because my sister knows that the eldest brother can’t do it there, so she especially looks down on the eldest brother. Jia Mu analyzed it intelligently.
Xiao Dai quickly pulled him aside and the two kids muttered for a while.
I take back that sentence. Jia Mu looked respectful. I have always been very appreciative of my eldest brother.
I waved my hand to show that I didn’t care.
Then I picked up the flying star and glanced behind me.
Ma Dai quickly pulled up Jia Mu’s feet and slammed out of thirty feet away.
Step circle turns to zero stagnation.

I heaved a sigh and threw a heavy gun.
Bang a flips.
Ma Dai accompanied Jia Mu with a sword.
Of course, in terms of strength alone, Xiao Dai, who has been practicing martial arts since childhood, is far better than Jia Mu, who became a monk halfway. I guess Ma Dai can stab Jia Mu with three shots at present …
Jia Mu is armed with a pike or so to resist many flaws.
Small Adai slightly shaking weapons with a pick.
The other pike came out to sell
That’s it, I clap my hands.
Jia Mu wobbly almost a butt sitting on the ground by my hand.
Am I very poor? He looked a little gloomy.
why? I seldom see this small and so negative.
I’ve been practicing for almost two months, but I haven’t got any promotion. He became dejected and despondent.
I couldn’t help laughing.
Ma Dai laughed even more brazenly.
Jia Mu inexplicably looked up at us and said, Laugh, laugh!
Xiao Dai patted him on the shoulder and said, You want to kill me after practicing for two months? Did I study hard and practice hard in the past six or seven years and feed them to dogs? !”
Jia Mu blushed, Then how do I feel that I am still so bad?
I have an insight into the coach and instructor. When I was two months old, I paid special attention to getting you to do more physical exercise, mainly to make a final effort when you were twelve or thirteen years old. You know, once people reach my age, it is very difficult to get quality improvement through exercise.
His eyes are confused.
I sighed, That is to say, if you don’t study hard and practice hard in these two years, you will never make progress in the future.
Of course, I will practice hard. He quickly expressed his determination
You’ve been practicing very hard in the past two months, almost catching up with my eldest brother. I praised him shamelessly. Can’t you feel the changes in your body and bones?

Zhang Tiancheng looked at her and stopped a car by the side of the road, and then drove away without even saying hello!

The man holds the key tightly and then kicks the wheel with a jerk!
It’s just an old woman in her thirties and forties. What’s the trouble with him?
Qin Xuan called her mother after the car. "Mom asked Xu Yi to find me another suitable candidate."
Xu Ping was slightly surprised at the words. "What’s the matter? Haven’t you been getting along well with Tiancheng recently?"
夜生活"Don’t ask, just do as I say." Zhang Tiancheng is not a good bird at first sight. He is Li Jue’s little brother!
That’s why she can’t be too close to him!
Hanging up, Qin Xuan turned out the Zhang Tiancheng number and decisively joined the blacklist
Lin Ya came out of the office on time at five o’clock in the afternoon.
Just at the office door, I saw the man Muchuan coming.
She watched him approach the man and took the bag in her hand while holding her and saying, "Let’s go."
She felt uncomfortable without the experience of showing love in public.
I struggled, but I didn’t struggle.
Nai sighed and finally gave up the idea.
Anyway, the city knows that they let him.
Liuyan behind them is holding the folder and there is a face of melancholy.
He can marry a wife for anything!
Section 14
As soon as I turned to look at the office, the group of women either just graduated or were in their forties or fifties, and none of them were suitable …
Lin Ya just got on the bus and soon received a message from Allen.
The words broke into the soft voice of the child, "Mommy, I miss you"
Lin Ya corners of the mouth can’t help but raise "Mommy also wants to Allen. Have you been good recently? Did you listen to grandma and dad? "
"I am obedient!" The little guy simply replied and begged in a low voice, "Mommy, when will you come to see me?"
Lin Ya held the words and glanced at the man beside him. "How about waiting for Mommy to have a weekend rest?"
As soon as her words were finished, she came to Allen for joy and joy. "I was so happy to see Mommy on a good weekend! Dad will be very happy … "
The volume of his last sentence was a little high. Mu Chuan listened to the truth.
The man frowned. Lin Yayuguang didn’t see any abnormality in the face when he looked at it.
Allen later said a few words before hanging up.
Lin Ya glanced at him and saw that he didn’t intend to speak, so he didn’t intend to say anything.
When they got home, not only Mrs. Alice Mu came to the living room.
Mrs. Mu was originally sent by the old lady to supervise the two men and urge them to have children as soon as possible. Since Allen returned to Qi, they have become more lonely.
A few people are discussing how to make Lin Ya have a family quickly, which can also be more lively.
After Mrs. Kemu came, she found that the guest was still a foreign girl.
After a few words of communication, I was really strong and gave up.

My handsome thousand men team lost one hundred men.

A total of 660 people
The number of people who lost more than one tenth of the number of people who participated in the attack.
In fact, this loss is pitiful, but my heart is still like a knife.
These six or seven hundred people are all old soldiers and horses!
How many people have been under my command since I conquered Han Sui? !
I have tried my best to avoid casualties, but this is still a battlefield.
Think about the Lyu3 bu4 fight, but it was only one round, and our cavalry fell thousands of people!
I’m lucky enough
Send this letter to Mr. Jia Xu quickly, let him consider it and send it to Taiwei Zhang Wen to come back quickly. I handed the battle report to Zulie Zhao Cheng, and he and Sun Wen became my relatives without me. In addition, let him send Zhang Ji to me. I need special treatment for the wounded soldiers.
Nuo Zulie bowed their heads and withdrew from the room.
According to the general’s investigation, there are no thieves and soldiers in the whole State of Qi. Yu entered the room and reported that county officials have also sent people to wait for the general to meet.
Interview? I smiled. You and Yide can meet them for me.
At the end? He zheng will be a humble Beowulf at the end …
Just say I’m injured and I can’t meet people. I’m not interested in meeting these people. Of course, Yun Chang, you should be a little gentler and not scare these officials …
Sir Zhong nodded. So … will it go at the end?
Go I waved.
He bowed back to the hall door and turned away.
Big Brother? Ma Dai Qin came in one after another. You don’t seem very happy?
Nonsense. It’s hard for so many people to die! I held the bar with one hand and motioned them to sit at will.
Qin array sneered, So many enemies still want to die? Have you not grown up yet? !”
Hey, hey, are you too presumptuous? Xiao Dai woke him up to be polite.
Qin Zhen is right. Of course, fighting will kill people. I affirmed Qin Zhen’s point of view
He suddenly flushed I am a military expert
But Qin Zhen, why don’t you shoot a few arrows first? I hold him accountable.
Shoot an arrow? He dismissed we are cavalry, not archers! Although I am the best at riding and shooting kung fu, archery is not refreshing after all!
Put your mother fart! * * Is it a war! I fumed
He was immediately silenced.
It’s true that fighting is to kill people, but what you do with leading the troops and generals is to consider how to kill fewer people besides defeating the enemy! I indoctrinated his idea. We have so few soldiers and horses trained for so long, and if one dies, one will be less. If you can shoot two rounds of arrows and rain first, the enemy will inevitably cause panic, and then you will be much less dead! It can be said that those soldiers behind you were killed by you!
It’s not … I didn’t kill him … He denied it shaking.
It’s true that you are good at kung fu and brave enough to dare to kill the place, and I will let you lead the way in the most. I want to suppress the first, but you can’t win a war just by rushing with blood! You can’t kill all the soldiers except you after a fight! The more I say it, the more severe it becomes.
He shrank his head and dared not speak.
I know you are used to this in your hometown, but since you are with me, you have to learn more effective ways to fight. I restrained my serious look. After that, you can no longer shoot an arrow at me before the short soldiers meet! * * It’s not like you can’t shoot more arrows! If you shoot one more arrow, we will lose one person!
He nodded silently.
You say nothing! I am strongly dissatisfied with his silence.
Yes, yes, I must shoot them twice before I chop them to death! He hurriedly indicated that he understood.
I turned to Xiao Dai Lin Mao warehouse? Is there anything?
I got someone to estimate that the grain is not too much, about 6 thousand stone. Ma Dai held out a pile of bamboo slips. Hey, this is the account record. Do you want to see it?
… I took a look at this pile of things and quickly declined to watch
夜生活Money also has 150,000 coppers, which may have been spent by Xu Rong. Ma Dai shrugged.
What? ! One hundred and fifty thousand dollars? !” I’m angry from embarrassment. It’s not enough to pay for a soldier who died in battle! Dog day Xu Rong! Leave such a broken stall for the old man? !”
Er … Ma Dai hesitated. I remembered that Xu Rongqian was going to attack Qingzhou. Will he transport all the money and food to the east?
I immediately made a decision when my eyes lit up, Qin Zhen!
Qin Zhen shivered and started to be small!
You immediately lead your 1,000 and 500 people to find out if there is anything in the warehouses in Dong ‘anping City. I’m afraid that he has any illegal behavior and told me, You can’t rob the common people of money. Don’t blame me if you dare to rob a penny!
Yes, yes! He escaped from the hall in a panic if he was granted amnesty.
Eldest brother, you … scared him … Xiao Dai looked at his back and said in a low voice.
I nodded with a smile. Qin array’s potential is not bad, but sometimes it’s too disobedient for me to beat him.
Xiao Dai smiled hey and then looked at the case in front of her and said nothing.
What are you laughing at? I turned to ask him.
He smiled at the corner of his mouth. It feels like you are getting more and more like a boss, big brother.
oh? Do you know what the boss is like? I patted my trousers on the clods.
And often? Or break life and death in a word? He touched the bar and replied
That’s the surface. I shook my head. If you have no strength, you will always have a fart if you are angry again!

An hour later, the Qin array sent its own Qiang compatriots to tell the general that there is still a lot of money in the Dongan warehouse, and the general Qin array has sent someone to transport it to Lintong.
Good good! I be in heaven How much food?
Er … many … Qiang people bowed their heads.
Forget the food. It’s still affordable if you can’t take it with you.
How much is that? I am full of hope that he can name a big number.
Well … a lot … The Qiang messenger was sweating.
Well, take a rest … I asked him to go and sigh. I shouldn’t have given high hopes to Qin people. It’s good that they can count …
The younger brother to see? Ma Dai, who has a strong mathematical ability, volunteered himself.
I don’t remember Xiao Dai. Are you good at accounting? I squinted at him.

I bit my lip tightly.

He pinched my waist and asked me to turn over on him.
Turns out to be such a posture …
I am so ashamed and angry that I don’t even know where to put my hands and feet.
It happened that he was still pressing "Baby, call me"
I hold his neck and bury my head in his chest, so I can cry and call him.
He was satisfied.
So I went crazy all night
Woke up the next day, the sun has covered the whole room.
He has a strong arm around my waist, and his unique breath surrounds me, so I feel particularly stable and quiet.
I looked at his handsome face, his long eyelids, his straight nose …
This man is really good-looking
I couldn’t help kissing him and pouting slightly.
He was awake when he didn’t know it. He buckled the back of my head and aggravated the kiss.
After everything subsided, I lay down on his chest and whispered, "Let’s go home later. Teng Jun and Ye Sanye estimate that there will be more trouble. I’m a little worried about eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin."
Although I enjoy spending time alone with him, I know that we have more important things to do.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my hair "good"
We returned to Qinyuan after breakfast.
In the villa, there is a sister-in-law playing with Xiaojin in the garden quietly.
I’m a little surprised. It’s not quite what I imagined. I also hope you will find fault.
Sister-in-law laughed. "I guess I’ve moved reinforcements."
It turns out that Teng Jun has gone back to her mother’s house. Ye Sanye seems to have gone to Li’s house, while Ye Li seems to have gone out to see some old cadres.
I hesitated. "Let them do this …"
It’s hard to win this situation. If they turn over, Ye Xiangyuan will be busy again.
Sister-in-law smiled. "The more you don’t toss, the more they can."
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression is even more dull.
Sure enough, they are more determined than me.
Knowing that they must be ready to deal with it, I will also rest assured to accompany Xiao Jin to continue playing.
Ye Li and others didn’t come back until dinner.
Does Ye Li pay attention to a harmonious place or get everyone together at dinner as usual?
Whether it is an elder or not, everyone will accompany him to play.
It’s the dining table. I actually saw Li Yuyan.
Teng Jun smiled and said, "I’ve always wanted a granddaughter, Yuyuan, to accompany me … You should treat her well when she will stay at home for a while."
I really admire him for wanting to kill Ye Xiangyuan yesterday, but he has recovered today and can still talk to Ye Xiangyuan in such an intimate tone.
It happened that Li Yuyan also shyly looked at Ye Xiangyuan timidly and said, "Ah Yuan is in trouble after that."
I "…"
Li Yuyan is worse than Teng Jun. She and Ye Xiangyuan have already torn their faces, but they can still gather together again and again.
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression is not summer-planting.
Sister-in-law silently gave Xiaojin food, but she didn’t hear it.
Ye Li coughed, "You can live here as your home after the rain and smoke."
Li Yuyan thanked Jiao Jiao.
品茶论坛I frowned.
Know that Li Yuyan likes Ye Xiangyuan, know that Ye Xiangyuan doesn’t deal with the Li family, and Ye Li has to agree that Li Yuyan will live in?
Although it is likely that Teng Jun is blowing the pillow breeze, won’t Ye Li judge?
Li Yu smoke this meal is very quiet didn’t come up with a moth.
I always think that she planned something when she pointed a gun at my heart and looked at her now as a good girl.
This makes me more alert.
Ye Li called Ye Xiangyuan to the room after dinner.
Sister-in-law told me to go back to my room together and deliberately left Li Yuyan alone in the living room.
I didn’t expect Li Yu smoke to follow.
When Sister-in-law entered the bedroom, she quickly blocked the door and asked, "Sister-in-law, can I talk to you?"
After that, he gave me a deliberate look, which meant to let me walk away in a friendly way.
Of course I can’t leave. I’m afraid she’ll shoot my sister-in-law again
Sister-in-law said coldly, "I have nothing to say with you."
Li Yuyan was choked with cold eyes, but she quickly regained her smile. "I’m here to apologize …"
Sister-in-law swept her sarcastically. "Do you Li people think you are the smartest in the world and treat others as fools?"
Li Yu smoke mouth smile a little bit.
Sister-in-law sneered, "How did my husband die? Ask your father. Even if you didn’t give me a shot, we would be sworn enemies."
Li Yu smoke estimation is not clear about a generation of grievances smell speech Zheng big eyes.
Sister-in-law sneered, "Go away, don’t shake it in front of my eyes. I’ll just shoot someone like you. After all, I was mentally ill."
Li Yu smoke stupefied looking at her suddenly sobbed to cry.
I was wondering why she suddenly cried and saw Ye Xiangyuan appear at the door.
Before I could react, Li Yuyan sobbed and ran to him and asked jiao, "Is it true what Aunt Ayuan said?"
Ye Xiangyuan took a step back and avoided her hand.
Then he bypassed her and walked up to me, grabbed my shoulder and said, "Let’s go and let Sister-in-law have a good rest."
I am busy saying good night to my sister-in-law and going out with him.
Li Yuyan tearfully chased "Ah Yuan …"

I didn’t move my eyes and still stuck to the door.

Actually, Gu Changyu has long since disappeared, and I am very nervous. Although I pretend to be nothing, I have already set off waves in my heart.
I think he’s coming to talk to me.
Then should I preemptively tell him that I intend to refuse his proposal?
Ye Xiangyuan there didn’t ring.
I stole a glance, and he left his seat and went to the French window before I knew it.
The afterglow of the setting sun shone on his tall figure through the leaves and windows, and it seemed that there was a layer of light flashing all over him.
I was stunned.
He turned to look at me silently.
I resigned myself to walk over there.
I didn’t see the scene outside the floor-to-ceiling window until I got closer. From the inside, I could see the whole scenery in the backyard, and the guard pavilion at the backyard gate.
But the same situation in the room may also be exposed …
I can’t help but wonder, "You should be able to see inside from outside …"
Will this upset you?
Section 5
Ye Xiang Yuan Dao "can’t be bulletproof without glass"
I know that Ye Jia’s protection must be as strong as a city wall, so it is the same reason to go out with bodyguards with him. After all, Ann is the most important thing.
But there are many restrictions in this way.
As an outsider, he looks at flowers and flowers and is full of danger everywhere …
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly looked at me and whispered, "Are you scared?"
I didn’t speak.
He smiled. "Do you want to tell me now that you have thought about it for so many days or decided to give up with me?"
I hesitated to nod. "You can find someone else …"
He looked at me fixedly.
I said, "The first time I met Xiaoyan, she was a fool. She held your hand and talked and laughed with you …"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and shook his head. "You know it’s a detour … I do have someone I like, but it’s definitely not Xiaoyan and I won’t find her as a shield … I can’t tell you who I like for the time being … but it’s impossible for me and her. You don’t have to worry."
I didn’t expect him to be so frank. I even started, and he just said it and froze.
He added, "On that day … after the accident didn’t happen, we’ll be a fake couple and not interfere with each other."
I wry smile.
How is it possible to pretend nothing happened?
He was my first man …
What’s more, he’s so outstanding in his war determination. If I can resist his charm …
That’s why I’m afraid and hesitant.
I was silent and he added, "If you like, I will be nice to you in the future and we will get along slowly."
I suddenly opened my eyes.
He leaned over and stared at me with a low voice and bewitched, "Is it good for you alone?"
I almost drowned in his gentle eyes.
This man is so cunning that he seems to give me a choice of facts, all of which are based on my marriage with him.
I protested with a wry smile, "I haven’t promised yet."
He hooked up the corners of his mouth. "You let you go for so many days to give you a chance to regret?"
I can’t help mumbling "What a bully …"
桑拿网  title=He chuckled, "Well, you have to get used to it."
I "…"
He gently lifted me, "Xiaoyan, have you heard those words? Even if she colluded with my uncle, she couldn’t touch confidential things … but my uncle and I did have some grievances …"
Chapter 55 This is the agreement
I waited quietly for him to say.
Ye Xiangyuan turned the conversation and said with a smile, "Don’t be afraid that I will send someone to protect you from the waves."
I pout.
Didn’t Xiaoyan almost kill me?
He said he would stall Xiaoyan, but she kept coming after me.
So this is one of the reasons why I don’t want to get involved with him.
Although he is dazzling and powerful enough, it is too dangerous to be his wife.
I deliberately said, "This is just the beginning. I have suffered so much. How can I trust you?"
He smiled, "There will be more trouble later."
I didn’t stop glaring at him, and he really dared to scare me.
His smile was even deeper. "I will arrange for my uncles and aunts to live abroad. Anyway, they are always abroad. They like to go to Africa and do good deeds, and I will support them."
It turned out that he had already planned, and it was really foresight.
I didn’t speak.
He looked down at me. "I need you. I hope you can deal with those troubles with me."
I looked him in the eye silently.

The enemy is better under the eyelids.

Li Yuyan struggled fiercely as if to argue with me.
I thought about it and said to her, "Ayuan, he can’t like you. I advise you to do well because you want to open up a little. If you want to live, don’t continue to die."
桑拿会所Almost killed by her rival in love, my goodwill is limited to this. If she continues to be so arrogant and vicious in the future, I don’t think anyone can save her, even Mrs. Li.
I still sent a message to Gu Changning to tell him about it when Li Yuyan was taken.
Gu Changning back to the three words [know].
He didn’t want to interrogate Li Yuyan, and it’s not surprising that I smoked Li Yuyan. Either he had found out that Li’s family was suspicious or he didn’t believe Li Yuyan as much as I did.
I prefer to believe that he knows more than I do.
In this way, even if he doesn’t tell me the truth, I am willing to ask him and tracing the cause to save Ye Xiangyuan.
Although it’s too bad to wait for news every day.
Because I lost contact with Lu Xun, I gradually became anxious. Zhou Luan and her friends came to check on me every day, and Nan Nan was with me, but I was still uneasy.
Just when I was about to bear it, I received a message from Ye Xiangyuan.
I was brushing Weibo on the bed.
After Li Qingqing came, the post was dropped, but it was not deleted, and the wind direction in Weibo has changed a lot. Some people still believe that Xiaoyan was suppressed by you, while others believe that she did Ye Sanye Xiaosan.
Because there is no actual evidence for the two statements, everyone will see a burst of excitement in the clouds and fog, and I will gradually calm down in Weibo, leaving hundreds of thousands of abuse and curses.
I sometimes flip through these messages when chatting, warning myself that the world is good or bad, familiar or unfamiliar may hurt you, and only when I become strong can I be indestructible.
I almost fell out of bed when I received his message.
He sent five words [I’m fine, don’t cry]
I read word by word, and the whole person was dull.
Two minutes later, he sent another short message.
I looked at it several times and finally determined it was him.
That short passage is a secret that we agreed to have.
My eyes are burning and tears are swishing.
I’m afraid that many geniuses will come back to life when I hear from him.
He then sent another one, "Grandpa has returned to China, so you can go there at ten o’clock in the afternoon."
I can’t help but stay.
Has grandpa returned to China? How come there is no news at all?
And I’ve never seen his old man’s house rush forward like this without Ye Xiangyuan’s company … I’m nervous as soon as I get there.
After thinking about it, I tried to send him a message and asked him [can I tell my eldest sister-in-law about my grandfather? 】
Ye Xiangyuan came back quickly [but]
Section 1
So I immediately went to my sister-in-law’s room.
Sister-in-law is also very busy at this time. Many aristocratic ladies come to inquire about the situation. Perhaps the news of Ye Xiangyuan’s accident has been sent out. Many people have set up a high platform to watch the fun, and there are also many stone people. Sister-in-law has to discuss things with Ye Wen while receiving them.
Good is a false alarm, or sister-in-law will be busy.
I couldn’t wait to tell my sister-in-law about Ye Xiangyuan’s safety.
Sister-in-law is getting ready to sleep, and she is also very happy after listening.
I paused and told her grandpa was coming.

I promised Zhutian that I would go back to the island before letting me go.

The helicopter drove all the way back to a private apron on the big island, and the plane and Karen went back to the Xavi Hotel together because they were worried and didn’t talk.
I’ll call Fang Miaomiao when I get back to my room. She promised me to find someone to test dna for me. I wonder if she has arranged it.
At this time, the country is not afraid to disturb her during the daytime. She told me that she had asked a friend to turn around and found an expert in this field.
Section 29
When I got the address, I stopped a taxi and went to Hawaii. It was too late to take the liberty of asking for help at this time, but I was too impatient to care so much.
The car came to a private residence in the suburbs and opened the door. It was a young man with long hair, white skin, high nose and sunken eyes. It was a typical European.
The young man’s long hair curled freely over his shoulders and looked at me with sleepy eyes. It seemed that he had expected my purpose and extended his hand to me.
Fang Miaomiao gave me a photo in my mobile phone and confirmed that he was the one I was looking for. I didn’t talk nonsense and just took out the paper bag from my wallet and handed it to him.
The young man took it, opened it, looked at it, nodded to me and said, "I’ll get the result every day." Then he went into the house by himself, without talking nonsense to me or inviting me into the house.
Well, maybe scientists have more personality in all kinds!
I touch my nose and go back to the hotel to wash up and lie in bed, looking forward to the result of the day.
Thinking about tossing and turning, I fell asleep at dawn and woke up at 11 o’clock at noon.
Get up, wash up, dress up briefly, eat lunch and rush to the suburbs. Do you know the result or not?
No4: Fortunately, I still love you. Chapter 90 Should I make a plan to pursue my husband?
I didn’t expect to knock on the door when I arrived at the youth, so the youth proudly handed me a report and slammed the door again.
Looking at the striking similarity of a4 paper in my hand of 999%, I feel my heart will stop.
Walking in a trance, sitting on a stone bench by the street park, I don’t know how to feel happy, confused, excited and sad
But more is glad to cry with joy!
He’s alive! He’s right where I can reach! He is also far away! How can we bring our hearts together again?
In the afternoon, the mottling in the cracks in the shade of the sun sprinkled on my face and dazzled my eyes!
A lengthened Lincoln pulled up and the roadside door opened. A man in a black tailored high-end suit was tall, with a straight back and flying into his temples. His eyebrows were as deep as a pool, and his eyes were as sharp as an owl’s eagle. His nose was high and his thin lips were tightly sipping.
The man got out of the car and got out of the car with a pink princess dress. The little girl came out and ran to the park bench as soon as she landed.
"Mommy, what are you doing?"
Seeing the little girl running towards me, I hurriedly put a4 paper into my bag.
Reached out and held my baby daughter in my arms, brushed her ear hair and said to her, "Mommy wants something. Why are you back?" Didn’t Mommy promise to come to you? "
"Mommy, I missed you. I didn’t go back after seeing you for so long. I was worried that you would ask Dad to bring me to you." Bamboo hugged me and said coquetry.
I patted her on the back and comforted her, "Mommy was just about to find you, and you came …"
Looking up, I saw a man leaning against the car with a cigarette between his fingers, occasionally taking a puff of smoke and spewing warm sunshine on his body like a layer of golden light and shadow! Like a dream!
This man is really perfect! Attractive as a god! He is the man I have been thinking about for years, that is, my daughter Wei Mozhu’s father Wei Qingkui.
Good thing he’s alive!
Do you remember us? I’ll make him remember us again!
Maybe my eyes are too burning. The man looks up at me. Maybe my expression shows his face. The man’s eyebrows are tight and his eyes are changing. "MengMeng, I have sent you to take good care of her …"
"Is Daddy leaving?" Smell speech bamboo broke free from my arms and looked nervously at the tall figure in front of me.
I gathered my mind and said nothing. The man crouched down and leaned over to him. The man said gently, "Daddy has to go back and deal with some business. You have a good time with your mommy, huh?"
Bamboo nodded cleverly and said, "Good daddy, but daddy, when can I see you again?"
The man hugged the bamboo and was very fond of it. "If MengMeng is obedient, if you get there early, Daddy will accompany you to have breakfast."
Bamboo smell speech happily stretched out his little hand and thumb to the man’s face and smiled out of the dimple. "Yeah, daddy pulls a hook …"
The man gave me a puzzled look with a frown and turned to the bamboo and held out his little finger "Hook!" "
"It’s a deal to pull the hook and seal it!"
"Good deal!"
Looking at the man leaving the bamboo nest by car and returning to my arms, he looked at me curiously and said, "Mommy, are you worried?"
Hold the bamboo to the thigh and sit with a smile on my lips. "Mommy figured it out, baby, don’t you like michel platini very much? Mommy turns him into your real daddy, okay? "
Bamboo clapped his hands and said, "Yeah, yeah! Has mommy finally decided to chase daddy? "
I nodded. "Well, Mommy decided to take the initiative to chase him to be my baby daughter’s daddy …" Let him be your daddy again!
The couple said a few intimate words, and a white Aston Martin drove out of the road. A driver trotted up to us and said, "Miss Mo?"
See I nodded and he continued, "the boss told Miss Mo and Miss MengMeng where to go to play? I am responsible for picking up and dropping off Miss Mo. Where do you want to go now? "
"Who is your boss?" Although I already have a guess in my heart, I still ask for an exit.
"It is Mr. Wei"
Get the driver’s affirmation. Bamboo applauds, "I knew daddy was the best …"
It’s already noon, and it’s not easy to arrange where we want to go again. Just let the driver take us to the cinema to see a movie.
spa会所I beat about the bush and asked the driver for information about Wei Qingkui. The driver didn’t say much when he knew it. His boss was the chairman of Washington Yisheng Langton Group and CEO Yisheng Langton was involved in many industries, such as investing in real estate, hotels and industries.
I didn’t expect him to build such a huge business empire in a foreign country in less than three years. His ability is getting stronger and stronger!
The driver also said that it was rare for Wei to show up with a date, and Karen was often followed by him. There was also gossip that they were different!
I heard what he meant by unusual, not because he thought they were gay.
Section 299
But I know that Wei Qingqing is really a man. When I heard the news from the driver, I was secretly pleased that he had not been close to women for so many years. Is there me?
When the cinema saw the new children’s movie, it was time for dinner. I found a cat-themed restaurant near Bamboo and ordered a special children’s set meal and an adult set meal.