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&nb Alonso suddenly pressed in the middle of the frontcourt, forcing Schweinsteigeros to defend. Alonso sent a threat straight before the double team formed! to be continued

[The first volume sword unsheathed has become a front 141 red dynasty! ]
Ram has been doing defensive work in the back line, but he still can absolutely contain Qin Xiong
But fortunately, he didn’t let Qin Xiong blow up!
Qin Xiongshao didn’t directly tear the defense line from the left side of the frontcourt.
However, when Alonso sent a straight ball, Qin Xiong suddenly moved to the middle of the penalty area.
High vigilance Ram immediately chased Qin Xiong away.
Ram put a shovel to intercept the football when it rolled in.
But Qin Xiong is still one step ahead of him!
Qin Xiong took the lead in touching the ball and crossing it gently!
The football rolled to the middle at the same time, Gerard.
Ram tackles the ball to block Qin Xiong’s line. If Qin Xiong gives Suarez the ball, he will lose it, but Qin Xiong is a cross!
Qin Xiong immediately ran forward after the ball was thrown.
Contento went to force Steven Gerrard, the captain of the Red Army, to give the ball to Qin Xiong in the running position.
In the first quarter, Moshe Chuk came to the front of Qin Xiong, but Qin Xiong missed the ball with his foot when the football rolled over!
Ji Moshe Chuk looked along the rolling direction of football, only to see that football has a second meeting point!
Pull out of the left position of the restricted area line. Suarez tilted the ball in front of boateng behind Seji Moshe Chuk!
约茶Ji Moshe Chuk realized that Qin Xiong’s running position was obliquely inserted behind him!
This wave of offensive is actually a real murder after Liverpool’s field brewing!
First of all, the width of the attack on the wing is continuously played on the right to reduce the threat value of Qin Xiong and let Bayern Munich’s defense line relax its vigilance.
At the same time, the middle of the frontcourt does not put pressure on the other side.
Alonso’s sudden forward thrust caused Bayern Munich’s defensive line to panic, and then Qin Xiong cut into the middle and Gerard Suarez formed a smallscale positional battle to cooperate with the opponent.
Turn from the side to the middle!
Liverpool’s battlefield routine can be described as wily, which makes the opponent absolutely unexpected.
Qin Xiong rushed into the penalty area. As soon as Suarez’s ball reached his foot and formed a single knife, he saw Neuer rush out.
Qin Xiong continued to dial the ball forward. When Neuer was three meters apart, Qin Xiong continuously and quickly stepped on the bicycle and moved left and right. When they were more than one meter away, Qin Xiong shook his body toward the line. It seemed that he wanted to dribble the ball to the line and break through Neuer. He immediately threw himself down to block the line.
But just as Neuer’s center of gravity was dumping, he saw Qin Xiong’s swinging body suddenly change direction and pluck the ball from the opposite direction!
He stretched out his leg to intercept when he fell down, but his toes were twenty centimeters away from the football, but it was like a world away!
Qin Xionghuang crossed Neuer!
After striding after the football again, Qin Xiong looked at the diagonal door and pushed the ball into the goal!
Allianz Stadium suddenly fell into an atmosphere of ice and fire!
Qin Xiong rushed to the sidelines with wild passion and slipped away!
The face is arrogant and domineering!
The fans of the Red Army fell into madness and shouted Qin Xiong’s name, while the fans of Bayern Munich were like a bolt from the blue.
The team lost the ball first!
Coleman clenched his fists and shook his arms on the sidelines. Liverpool’s strength in positional warfare has reached a great level. Bayern Munich is not an absolute top defense line. Liverpool can break their fortress even if they play against the wind in the away game!
Qin Xiong! Super Qin Xiong! Break the door after swinging past Neuer in the restricted area! His goal was wonderful. It was another classic goal to catch a teammate’s ball, miss the ball and run away in the restricted area.
Qin Xiong scored in six Champions League finals!
This is a record that almost people can surpass!
Because a player can participate in the Champions League finals only a limited number of times, it is a miracle that a player like Qin Xiong can participate in six Champions League finals and the player who plays is already a phoenix feather water chestnut and can score goals in six finals!
However, as Bailey said, a player like Qin Xiong will appear at least 20 years!
Defending champion Liverpool leads Bayern Munich 10 at Allianz Stadium!
After the goal, Liverpool paid more attention to defense. They wanted to kill Bayern Munich’s physical strength and wait patiently to see what Bayern Munich would do next.
The halfcourt game ended quickly and Liverpool walked into the dressing room with a lead.
Compared with the last two Champions League finals, Liverpool played Inter Milan with all their strength, and Barcelona was a superstar decisive battle. Liverpool reached the Champions League final for the third consecutive year.
Overall confrontation plus technical and tactical contest is more critical.

Even if we eat young girls, it is not a’ real young girl’, but it is similar to the illusion of worshipping qi and supplementing the fluid. Simply put, it is a’ virtual taste’.

Oh, I’m relieved.
Member breathed a sigh of relief.
It’s strange that Natsume is at the door, pointing to the door behind him and saying
Now there’s someone inside.
Who? Listening is an automatic human form?
Want to go in and have a look?
People in front of them looked at each other and finally shook their heads in unison.
es, but I won’t do it. If I am caught peeping, the Princess Hall will kill us. Speaking of it, the Chief Minister just went in.
Ahahaha, it’s just going to the dressing room.
Natsume shook his hand and denied it.
By the way, one of the cannibals came up and took off his skirt. He looked at Natsume and said
Repor reported that the soldiers’ regiment who was in charge of observing seemed to see the trend of the egrets in Himeji City, the flagship of hrr, when we handed over the shift.
Where are you going?
es,hrr direction of elbe river
It seems that the old school has planned to do it from now on?
Natsume hand touching the bar, counting when they arrived at Fort Madre, and when Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade acted here.
At this time, people around you started talking.
es, I heard that Fort Madre might send a group of Han girls to fight.
If the citizens are removed, the number will definitely be insufficient.
es, then hrr oldschool guys are not insulting to dress up as sisters and change to Han?
s, that’s also based on historical reappearance, haha!
yes, but I heard that the Madeborg girls are very good.
True or false?
It seems that the discussion will be endless.
Natsume clapped his hands and said to this group of people
There’s something I need your help.
… chief adult please say
Don’t tell anyone that I’m out, okay?
es, but don’t take advantage of this kind of thing, Hui Yuan’s adult fishing for sister paper. Is the chief adult sure to be a gentleman?
Bullshit! I’m not going to do that!
Hearing Natsume’s words, this group of people immediately retreated, not afraid of Natsume, but …
Can I listen carefully to what I just said?
Hair, was behind hui yuan hold:
Par116 somewhere seeker
Sixguard France’s flagship’ Hunting Hall’ has a street with several wartime restaurants on the left side of its center.
At night, the lights went up outside the restaurant, and many student soldiers came to eat after the shift.
The fighting during the day has passed, and when they got a rest, they didn’t miss this opportunity, but chose to replenish in the restaurant.
Most of the food is brought from China, not buying ingredients. After all, no one is allowed to go and stay privately at present.
品茶论坛Listening to the harmonic noise, I crossed an iron bridge. There are two figures of bridge opening.
Walking on the right, Huiyuan grabbed hairband’s hair, put it away, and changed it into a sixguard French blue bottom. The heavyweight student system was also equipped at the waist, with a can of milk in his left hand.

Liu Zilin listened to Anchen’s words, and her face turned white with fear. Tears could no longer be restrained, and she looked pitiful.

She looked at Anchen and Yunqian Snow and gnashed her teeth. "Anchen, I won’t give up. I will never lose to this ugly duckling." Liu Zilin finished crying and ran back to the house.
☆ Chapter 19 Take measures
Yun Qianxue saw Liu Zilin crying with anger and suddenly felt carefree. She almost forgot that there was another "enemy" around her.
"Is it fun?" The man’s magnetic voice came from her head, and she realized that the man’s hand was still wrapped around her waist.
She turned her head and glared at Anchen, and then she bit her teeth and stepped on his foot.
After stepping on it, I said, "This foot is a repayment, and I lost a big business."
Anchen groaned in pain and looked at Yun Qianxue strangely. Is this woman sick and stepped on him?
Yun Qianxue felt more carefree when she heard his stuffy hum. She felt that it was really worthwhile to come here today. She wanted to walk away smartly in a good mood, but she just turned around and fell into a warm arms.
"Women play I want to go? Not good? " Anchen’s foot still hurts, but his face has returned to normal. At this time, he is looking at Yunqian Snow with Gherardini.
Yun Qianxue almost choked to death by her own saliva. When did she play with him? What did this man say? It’s a ghost. She tried to break his hand, but it was like fixing her waist. Nothing could break it.
She lifted her foot to stomp on him again. Unfortunately, this time Anchen was prescient and famous, so she easily dodged.
An Chen looked at her little face, which was smoking with anger, and suddenly felt in a good mood. He looked at her and smiled. "Women advise you not to step on me again or I will take measures."
Yun Qianxue glared at him. "What other measures do you want to take?"
An Chen picked his eyebrows. "Want to know?"
"I don’t want to" Yun Qianxue angrily tried to break his hand again. It’s a pity that her strength is not as good as her. She pinched him with her nails, but he still wouldn’t let go. He also put his mouth to her ear and said, "You don’t want me to let you know." Then he bent down and hugged her horizontally.
Yun Qianxue screamed with fear, "Oh, what are you doing?" She fell into his arms, and her heartbeat was chaotic.
"Take measures." Anchen’s tone is still so short. Holding her arms and charming body, he is a little reluctant to let go. Well, she smells so good. What shower gel do you know? Ask her another day
After Anchen wandered for a few seconds, the whole person was instantly stupid. What was he thinking?
"You …" Yun Qianxue was so angry that she didn’t know if she had answered the words. She really regretted it now. If I had known that she had killed her, I wouldn’t provoke this man. This man was so outrageous. Is there any wood?
"Baby, you just said that you listened to me." Yun Qianxue hasn’t come yet because he called it goose bumps, but because he almost bit his tongue in the second half of the sentence, what is she doing with this evil drama? This really annoys this big wolf.
"I was wrong. You let me go. I shouldn’t bother you with a beautiful woman. I won’t do it again." Yun Qianxue finally adopted the Huairou policy knowing that it was impossible to play hardball.
Who knows An Chen doesn’t buy it? He stares at her. "You just help me stop the peach blossom when you know it’s too late. But when you see a woman around me, the distance is not more than three meters, you are responsible for helping me get rid of it. Since you like doing it so much, I will let you carry it through to the end."
Yun Qian Xue, this one really wants to faint. In the past, Anchen never let a woman get close to her. She hates women most, but she just made a big taboo. Is it because she provoked Anchen that she will be finished? No, she has to work hard to earn money to support her family.
Yun Qianxue thinks more and more sad. A pretty little face is changing all kinds of colors. An Chen looks at her little face and feels wonderful.
桑拿论坛Yun Qianxue has been immersed in her own sadness. She didn’t know that she had been carried to the parking lot by Anchen, and when she came to her senses, she had been stuffed into the passenger seat of his car by Anchen.
"Where are you taking me?" Yun Qianxue gave him a wary look and was afraid. It is said that Anchen has a bad temper. He won’t take her to a place where people abuse her, will he? Yun Qianxue thought more and more afraid that she looked at him trembling and said, "Let my car go or I will call the police."
Anchen listened to her words and left the parking lot like a flying car. Yunqian Snow was so scared that she quickly grasped the safety belt to stabilize herself and barely let herself not hit the front windshield.
She looked pale with fear and glared bitterly at Anchen Anchen, sneering, "How dare you play me if you are so timid?"
The sentence "I didn’t play with you" was uttered through clenched teeth. If she was given another chance to choose again, she would definitely stay away from this man. Even if she had a grudge, she didn’t want revenge. What’s worse, she didn’t really have much hatred with him when she thought that her car hit his car.
Yun Qianxue regrets it more and more. If there is regret medicine in this world, she will definitely grab one and swallow it.
I don’t know when Anchen’s driving speed has slowed down. He is lazy and tunnel "playing without admitting it"
Yun Qianxue suddenly felt that she couldn’t breathe well. It was impossible to communicate with this man, okay? She just shut up and didn’t say anything. Let her go if she wants to fight or kill. Who calls herself stupid and has nothing to provoke him? When she comes to Yan, she will never tell other kids that she is stupid, otherwise she will lose not only her own face but also her ancestors’ face.
Anchen looked at her strength and her mouth was slightly hooked up. I don’t understand that he actually likes to get along with this woman. I really don’t know what’s wrong with him
After a while, the car slowly stopped at a high-end restaurant. Yun Qianxue glanced at the outside of the car and there was a flash of doubt in his eyes, but Anchen had already stopped.
It’s not white to take a bus in wait for a while. What the hell is he going to do? Should he take her to a sparsely populated place for revenge? Why are you here for dinner?
"Why? Want me to hold your car? " Anchen see cloud thousand snow by car not car impatiently urged.

He stared at master, you don’t like big guns! Give me the knife. Give me the knife …

He stared at master, you don’t like big guns! Give me the knife. Give me the knife …
Is the gun a knife when fighting in the battlefield? Do you have a problem with selfdefense at ordinary times? I put the knife in the sheath.
夜生活Give it to me, give it to me … He insisted on not letting go.
I kicked him to the ground dreaming!
He rolled over and was unwilling to cheapskate!
I adjusted my clothes. You are poor! A knife must be robbed!
Qin array muttered, I didn’t have a good knife …
Come with me to a place and choose a knife for you! I lost my word and went out first.
Behind him is the Qin array stumbling.
What scissors do you want to pick? The generation of scissors is still very leisurely.
Time is not to get flying stones? Let me see the results. You won’t forget, will you?
That stone? Wang Jian pointed to the middle furnace. It’s not finished yet. Wait five or six days.
I walked around the biggest stove. I can’t believe it. You haven’t melted it for so many days? Go slow! Although I didn’t send you a penny.
Ahem! Lao Wang shouted angrily. I can’t be careful when flying stones cast a lance! Don’t yell, you layman!
I touched my nose to show that you can try the gun when I’m finished …
I want a knife, I want a knife! Qin Zhen woke me up.
Lao Wang casually pointed to the hut and Qin array whistled in.
The house tinkled and was in a mess.
I heard the savage laugh with joy and licentiousness.
Chapter 40 The Return of Ma Dai
This is the library of knives and swords cast by the old lady all her life. Lao Wang proudly said to me with a twisted brown beard. At the age of twenty, the old lady started her own family. Fiona Fang is 500 miles away, except for the old lady who dares to be the first!
I threw a new knife. What do you think of this knife?
This kind of scabbard? Shit! Wow, the old man is dismissive.
Then he wowed again, Who cast this lying trough? Have a fight with the old!
He excitedly rushed over and couldn’t wait to grab my collar. Soandso! Tell me! I fought with him!
I took a step back. According to Li Mu, it was cast by a famous teacher in Hedong. I don’t know which one it is.
Hedong famous teacher? He mused and then breathed a sigh of relief. That must be the Liang family in Pingyang.
Pingyang Liang’s family? Why do you seem to be relaxed instead?
Oh, Pingyang is more than 600 miles away from Chang ‘an, which does not affect my name as the first craftsman in 500 miles. Wang Jian was very pleased.
I was disappointed with his enterprise, so I encouraged him, Can’t Master Wang make a little effort to become the first craftsman in a thousand miles?
He shook his head. We all have our own merits, and we can’t tell the difference in this generation just by craftsmanship.
But and then he laughed. This time, the great power of the public attracted the flying stone Lao Wang, and I am sure that I can cast the first magic weapon of the day over Liang Jia! I am the first craftsman in Sili! He smiled innocently and squatted down to fan the fire.
Because my personal interests are involved, I also hope that he is really the first iron man in the world.
Hey hey savage you hurry up give me out! Just take a knife! I drink heavily
ouch! Qin array roared out of the room and carried two broadswords left and right.

Suddenly, a familiar sound.

"Shen Yanting? ! How do you this "ChuTing unbelievable looking at the man in front of me.
Shen Yanting smiled at her and then directly took her hand into the room.
The student smiled politely at them, then said a merry Christmas and wished them a happy meal, and then retired.
Chuting looked at this table for dinner, steak, candles and red wine.
"How did you get here?"
Shen Yanting pulled her to the table and sat her down. "I want to accompany you for the holidays."
"There is no need for these festivals to be celebrated by little girls."
Shen Yanting smiled gently, "Say how old you are."
Shen Yanting raised his glass "Merry Christmas"
Chuting looked at him from the heart and always picked up the glass and touched it with him.
Merry Christmas …
If she could think more, this sentence came from that population.
She looked up and drank the red wine in one gulp.
A candlelight dinner Shen Yanting chatted with her from time to time.
Chuting heart always didn’t say much. Shen Yanting is the one who is looking for a topic.
桑拿论坛ChuTing heart side head saw him holding a delicate gift box.
"Christmas present, see if you like it."
Chuting heart took it and opened it. It was a set of jewelry with bracelets, necklaces and rings.
Chuting knows this brand in his heart and knows that it is the latest product launched by this brand and it is very popular.
"Why did you send me this? It’s so expensive that I can’t accept it." She will close the box.
"My heart, this is for you. If you don’t want it, you can do whatever you want, but it’s impossible to give it back to me."
"Then thank you, and thank you for the delicious dinner."
Shen Yanting looked at her and her face didn’t smile. He knew she missed that man.
"It’s very busy outside. Why don’t we go out for a walk?"
"No, I’m tired and I’m not in the mood. Thank you, Shen Yanting, for today’s dinner. I like it very much."
Shen Yanting’s eyes slipped a touch of lost color. "I wish you liked it. Since you are tired, go to bed early."
Although Shen Yanting really wants to stay with her all the time, she also knows that some things are urgent.
He waited for her for so long, and so on.
After Shen Yanting went out, Chuting lost his big bed.
I want to sleep, but I just can’t sleep. I look at the man in the photo album with my mobile phone.
He is so dazzling that even if she is so proud, people can’t help being attracted to him.
It turned out that she was, but the woman around him didn’t expect God to play such a big joke on her!
"Ah …"
She tossed and turned her bed and couldn’t sleep!
The bar …
Chu Tingxin is not a person who likes to come to bars for fun, but she can’t sleep, and she is upset, so she just comes to see the bar on Christmas Eve.
Because the atmosphere in the bar is stronger at Christmas, it is a pleasure for men and women to play.
Chuting sat at the bar and drank some wine.
Looking at the middle of the dance floor, the men and women twisted their bodies, and she went over there.
She also danced to the music.
Chuting has a good heart and a good figure, and it is graceful to dance.
Many men’s eyes looked at her side because she was immersed in music and dance and didn’t pay attention.
Suddenly, a man leaned over to her and stretched out his hand to hug her
Chuting heart although a little drunk, but not to recognize people, she hurriedly escape.

In fact, although Lin Yashi avoided it, her royal bag from Y country easily betrayed her!

It doesn’t take a moment for those divination women to open this matter in the communication tool of Mu’s regimental headquarters!
桑拿会所Lin Ya stepped out of the ladder and quickly went to the parking area.
Coincidentally, there must be a car next to her car next to the parking space
When the car stopped, Tang Ying opened the door and got out of the car.
Three or two steps walked to the front of Lin Ya, raised his hand, took off his face and sunglasses, and looked angrily at Lin Yadao. "It’s a narrow way to go!"
Lin Ya smiled and did not intend to speak.
After listening to Tang Ying, she added, "Miss Lin took that land for twenty-two million dollars!"
Lin Ya tugged at the corner of her mouth and said, "I’m flattered. I still want to thank Miss Tang this time. If it weren’t for Miss Tang, how could she quit so smoothly?"
Tang Ying hates to grind her teeth!
Remembering that paper was shaken by Lin Ya, she felt like a time bomb! I dare not say anything more to this woman. She turned and left!
When Muchuan came over, he saw that the woman’s mouth was smiling.
The man frowned and opened the door and said, "Let’s go."
About twenty minutes later, the driver drove to his destination.
Lin Yayuan planned to wait for the man to go in before getting out of the car.
But that guy came by after he got out of the car, and he opened the door to signal her to come.
Lin Ya’s head is tilted and he doesn’t want to take a reason. He can turn his head and instantly see someone coming at the door of the hotel!
Get out of the car with a grind.
Since it is a celebration dinner, it is inevitable that there will be no drinking at the dinner table, especially for her or the protagonist tonight.
After six drinks in a row, Lin Ya was a little overwhelmed. Drinking is not her strong suit.
She put the foot of the table on Muchuan and hoped that his hero would save the United States.
But this man doesn’t know what’s going on tonight. He’s not a gentleman at all! Leng leng made her drink seven more cups before she started to help her save the scene!
At that time, Lin Ya’s head was already confused, and his stomach was as uncomfortable as a thread.
Section 142
Staggered up. "You eat me first and I’ll wash my hands."
Muchuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled up and went out to hold her at the door.
Lin Ya walked forward with her head down and vain, and bumped into a person in a daze.
Muchuan lifted her eyes and wanted to help her apologize. The man’s eyes touched instantly and somehow felt deja vu!
Then the picture popped up in his mind.
Chyi Yu, Tang Wan and … Liu Yuan! Lin Ya seemed to realize that she had hit someone and tried to lift her heavy head and apologize.
Muchuan’s eyes sank, then his arms tightened and he took the woman to health.
It was rude to leave with the woman in a hurry without saying sorry.
Sanitary Lin Ya threw up there and then went out to wash her face.
Did the cold water touch the skin make her tremble a little or failed to make her conscious of chaos?
Muchuan walked over and grabbed her and asked, "Are you ready?"
Lin Ya struggled to turn around and lean against the sink to raise my hand and rub the eyebrows.

Can it be good? Lan Jingyi can see it straight. Jiang Junyue took apart a dragon and gave his master 790 thousand guns. He actually beat him 90 thousand. This is intentional.

Several people at the mahjong table were washing mahjong loudly, but the little things in their arms were still sleeping soundly. She was even more sleepy and yawned one after another. Jiang Junyue gave Lan Jingyi a bad look.
"No, I’m just a little sleepy." My legs are a little soft. These are all signs of a cold. She knows, but she doesn’t want Jiang Junyue to worry about herself. He’s busy.
Jiang Junyue stared at her little face for three seconds before returning to the mahjong table. "Let’s sleep with the children." He whispered, but it’s a bit strange to remember her blushing little face in his mind. Did she blush because she was sleepy?
"Big brother, it’s your turn to get the card." Jiang Junjian urged the master to win the big brother’s gun all night. He died playing and chatting.
"Eldest brother, you also give me a gun. Let me open the store. You see, I’ve only been sitting here since now." Jiang Junliang looked up and glanced at Lan Jingyi and Jiang Junyue. "What’s wrong with her? You’ve only been apart for a while and then you want to? Eldest brother, why don’t you leave? You give your position to uncle, and you and your sister-in-law go to be very much in love. "
"Roll" Jiang Junyue ignored Jiang Junliang when he drank low. Zhang Ma just came back and took a locked box and put it in front of the master. When he stopped, everyone stopped. The master took out a key and opened the box. Then he carefully took out a pair of longevity locks from the inside, one gold and one silver, and handed them to Lan Jingyi. "Blue girl, this is for Xiao Qinqin, a small and strong New Year gift. The exorcism gold is for the eldest grandson, and the small and strong silver is for Xiao Qinqin."
"Grandpa …" Lan Jingyi took a look at these two Changmingsuo, which are precious things, or the master wouldn’t have put them in the lock box.
"Let you take it and then say it again. It’s not for you. It’s for my big nephew and niece." Jiang Junjian took it for Lan Jingyi and put it in Xiao Qinqin’s arms. "Come on, sister-in-law, go downstairs quickly, or my brother will be distressed if you don’t go."
桑拿会所Lan Jingyi’s face is getting redder. I really don’t know whether to accept the New Year gift from my master for the children.
Three aunts over there saw the excitement here and leaned in. "Sir, this is Jiang’s parents’ grandson. Hehe, it seems that Jingyi is going to get married these days. Let’s choose a date quickly."
"Dad, I don’t agree." He Ling also flashed over. She recognized her granddaughter and denied her mother.
"This family is still my old man’s master. If you don’t want to, you can move out with your daughter-in-law." The master also doesn’t look at He Ling and Jiang Hanyu. "I haven’t seen you two do any husband and wife models in more than ten years. It’s not white why this matter is so unified. Tell you a reason why you don’t agree?"
Ginger is still a great master’s words. Jiang Hanyu didn’t say anything. He Ling also flattened his mouth. I really don’t know how to connect it. Jiang Junyue didn’t move. It seems that he didn’t hear anything just what his parents said. "Yi Yi, since the master gave it, let’s take the floor for the children to rest." Shen said that grandpa always loved him the most. Even two little things hurt him. He knew that.
"Thank you, sir." Lan Jingyi turned and walked to the floor, and suddenly the same aunt came over and said something to He Ling’s ear.
He Ling immediately "lived" in Lanjingyi Road.
Lan Jingyi had to stop and hear her saying, "Master’s longevity lock can’t be given out casually. You have to wait for Lan Jingyi and LaCrosse to get married before you can give Jiang’s family how many years of ancestral training. Illegitimate children can’t enter the ancestral temple in the future."
"Mom …" Jiang Junyue mahjong "pa" playing table have so eat an inside to pick an outside mother? If He Ling wasn’t his mother, he really wanted to slap her of cutting.
"Yeah, Jiang’s ancestral training clearly thought that Han Ming and I were married when the child was surnamed Jiang." Three aunts also leaned in. It seems that everyone wants to compete for the position of this great-grandson. It’s a pity that their two families don’t live up to expectations and even have no daughter-in-law.
"Master, eldest sister-in-law and younger sister-in-law are right. This ancestral motto is that you old people must abide by the rules, but our three-bedroom daughter-in-law always abides by it. Does the granddaughter-in-law have any special disobedience?"
The bed around the table suddenly became lively. Where can we continue to play mahjong? Everyone gathered around to discuss whether the master should give Xiao Qinqin and Xiao Zhuangzhuang gifts.
It’s so noisy that Lan Jingyi’s head hurts. She really doesn’t care about these foreign objects, but she doesn’t know that the Jiang family has Jiang family rules. The golden lock enjoys a 5% stake in Jiang’s family, which can only be owned by the great-grandson and the silver lock can also be exchanged for a 1% stake in Jiang’s family.
Chapter 176 Women don’t
It’s so noisy that Lan Jingyi’s head hurts. She really doesn’t care about these foreign objects, but she doesn’t know that the Jiang family has Jiang family rules. The golden lock enjoys a 5% stake in Jiang’s family, which can only be owned by the great-grandson and the silver lock can also be exchanged for a 1% stake in Jiang’s family.
Lan Jingyi picked up the golden lock and silver lock in her arms from childhood and quickly went to the front of the master to put the golden lock and silver lock back into the box. "The master’s two aunts and three aunts are right. When I get married with LaCrosse, the children’s family name is Jiang, and you won’t be late. I’m sure I’ll accept it then." It’s bad and unlucky that she doesn’t want a family to quarrel over this golden lock and silver lock during the New Year.
The master’s face turned cold immediately, and he pushed his hand to set the mahjong, then got up and went to his first floor to "see the New Year"
"Grandpa …" Jiang Junyue got up and chased the master in the past. Lan Jingyi saw him pull up the master’s sleeve. I don’t know what he said. The master quickly turned angry and smiled, and then he patted Jiang Junyue on the shoulder. "LaCrosse is right. Then I’ll add haha to play mahjong. I’ll win you a few more." I went back to the mahjong table and sat on the sofa far away and never dared to say anything more.
Lan Jingyi yawned with her baby in her arms, one after another, and the more she walked, the hotter she felt. But it’s not so hot in this weather and this season, even with warm air on, is it?
"JingYi are you uncomfortable? If the child brings it to me, when she flushes milk powder, one is rushing, and the other is rushing for you to rest. Mom brought it alone. "Lanqing looked at her daughter lovingly and seemed very uncomfortable.
"Mom, if you take me first, you may have caught a cold. I’m afraid to dye it for the children." When talking, Lan Jingyi felt that his legs and feet were all soft, and the whole body seemed to be different from his own. If you really caught a cold, it would be more than good to take the children to dye them.
Put the child in the mother’s room, and put the two little things side by side. How cute is it? But she can’t look at it any more. She quickly turned back to her room. She is her own mother. If the children are really dyed, she will feel distressed.
When she entered the room, she fell into bed and pressed the light with her hand. She didn’t even take off her clothes. She didn’t have the strength or the slightest strength.
It seems that the wine is coming, and everything is spinning in the dark, so that she lies there with her eyes closed and doesn’t want to move.
It’s New Year’s Eve. At this time, she will make dumplings with her mother and stay up until the early hours of the morning. It’s a birthday celebration, but she really can’t keep it tonight. She just wants to sleep.
I fell asleep in a daze
She is hot with her hands at the neckline.
It’s hot, and it feels strange.
Shouldn’t a cold and fever be a cold feeling?
She feels so strange.
I really want Jiang Junyue to be around and take her temperature, but he’s with his master. It’s really bad for Jiang’s family to reunite during the New Year. Just ask him to take his temperature when he comes back. Why is she so hot?
Section 11
Finally, my hand labored to untie the buckle, and I threw my clothes off onto the carpet. It was cool again. I got up and dressed, and Lan Jingyi’s face turned red.
One hand suddenly fell on her body, and the hand seemed to drop her body temperature like a piece of ice. Is it Jiang Junyue? "Tilt … Tilt …" Half dark, she seemed to smell Jiang Junyue’s unique man flavor.
She was suddenly lighter, and she was picked up and leaned into that generous embrace. Is Jiang Junyue going to take her to his room?
She wants to think, but her brain is white and hot.
Her body seems to fall again with the man holding her. There is a soft wind in the air, and her body is wrapped more tightly by the man. It seems that she has fallen to the ground. She heard the footsteps and ran in a direction she didn’t know. It was just a moment that Lan Jingyi felt lighter and then she fell down on the soft pad. "Drive"
This is what I heard in a trance.
So the car left.
The small light in the car is not very bright, but it can make her squint and see someone in the car.
It was a man. He leaned over her and bit her neck with one mouth. Lan Jingyi returned to some eyes in a rational trance. The man was not Jiang Junyue. He was not "leaning … you are not leaning …" She wanted to struggle to break the man’s mouth. When the man’s mouth touched her body, she felt sick.
But she has no strength and she still feels strange.
On the one hand, I hate this man’s touch, but on the other hand, I seem to be extremely eager for Lan Jingyi to go crazy.
"Pour … pour …" She called the man’s name in confusion. What happened to her?
"Gee, it’s really a stunner born with a beautiful embryo. Haha, this is a great bargain." I don’t know when the body man wears a mask to expose his eyes, nose and mouth, and she smiles at Lan Jingyi, who can’t wait to swallow her up.
There are few cars and people on the streets, and every family is reunited with neon lights flashing and the world is beautiful, but the world in Lanjingyi is ugly.
The man’s head fell, and Lan Jingyi heard the camera’s "click click" sound and the flash, which obviously told her that someone was taking pictures, maybe not just taking pictures, but she couldn’t see who was doing that to herself.
Her consciousness is getting more and more chaotic, and tears can’t help but roll down. She thinks she is going to die. On the one hand, she wants to resist, but on the other hand, she wants it so badly. Why is there such a contradiction in this world?
"Ange has a situation." Suddenly there was an urgent sound in his ear, which led the man in Lan Jingyi to straighten up immediately. "What’s the situation?"
"There’s a car … there’s a car coming." The trembling voice is slightly afraid. "What about Ange? If the little boy knows that it’s you and me, I’m afraid Cheng Ge will not let us go. "

But like it or not, she and he are over and have been friends ever since.

Counting Liu Wentao is not even her friend.
"Really?" Surprise man is more than a little childish. Lan Jingyi wonders if she reacts like Lu Wentao every time Jiang Junyue surprises her.
"Be there or be square at 10: 00 p.m." After the routine, Lan Jingyi hung up without hesitation. He was divorced when he got divorced, but he never thought that she was going to be confused with him now.
what is love
Love can make people let go
Love can make people happy and do it.
She’s not great. She’s reluctant.
Reluctant to let that man be at risk because of her.
She doesn’t know who wants her to leave Jiang Junyue so badly. In her lifetime, she will find that person like a mother looking for her father. Is it when she is reunited with him and the children?
But at that time, was she and he old and he had his own family?
Lan Jingyi suddenly shed tears. At that time, everything was too late.
But at the moment, she still looks forward to that day.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
There is hope when important people are alive.
Hands to the lower abdomen, baby, give your mother strength, give your mother strength.
It turned out that she was so timid that she didn’t want to bear all that, but she had to bear all that.
Love can make people happy and hurt.
She is in pain.
She is in pain.
From early morning to sunset, she was tired, sitting alone in a garden and looking at the fountain in front of her. It was beautiful, and the water was cold and refreshing. But tonight was a romantic city that would make her make a painful choice all her life.
It’s getting dark, and the water in the fountain keeps rising and falling, and it’s so beautiful every time.
She picked up a handful of water and washed her face to sober herself up. She can’t mess with the lives of all her relatives.
Looking up at the man whose sky is still blue in the dark, he is flying towards the city at the moment.
She really wants to meet him at the airport. She really wants to jump into his arms and tell her how much she misses him.
No, she can’t cry. She can be strong.
Lan Jingyi finally got up and walked back to the hotel with firm steps step by step, or when she came, the scenery was flashing and nothing was real, as if the dreamy feeling made her wish that her life was just a dream. The reality was too cruel.
At 9: 15, Lan Jingyi returned to the hotel. She had a bath, long hair and wet back, but she was too lazy to dry it. She just stared with her hands on her knees, but every picture in her eyes did not enter her eyes.
He wants a plane.
He is coming.
When the pointer points to ten o’clock bit by bit, her heart becomes more and more tense.
Will he find out he lives here?
Or did he call himself at ten o’clock and ask?
So because of this, it is possible that her hands are more white than her knuckles.
At ten o’clock, she was quiet.
It’s the door, but it’s no longer quiet. The door is ringing. Liu Wentao came on time.
Lan Jingyi jumped out of bed and walked barefoot to that door. For hundreds of nights, she expected landing Wentao to open the door every night, expecting him to treat her as his wife.
But no.
Being sober is better than never touching her once.
Hate is really a murderous knife.
She won’t hate
She will live well because living is hope.
Hand gently turned the knocker door to open the man dressed in a black suit. There, I have to say that he is still as beautiful and handsome as when she first saw him. "Yi Yi …" The Adam’s apple surged Liu Wentao’s burning eyes fell, and the blue scene was a little blurred.
"Yi Yi …" The hoarse voice couldn’t help whispering that it was revenge to marry her, but she was just a chess piece in his revenge game, but it was really separated. Now what he got every day and every night is bone erosion, and his hands are tightly clenched into fists. Liu Wentao regrets that he didn’t really get her before. So does she dress like this with a different hint tonight?
That coolness has aroused all the male hormones in his body and is getting stronger and stronger.
Lan Jingyi is still in front of the door. He has a head taller than the petite one, but there she has an air of arrogance, which makes it difficult for her to move easily even in suspenders and pajamas.
Lan Jingyi has a sideways face and a faint smile. "Come in."
Liu Wentao’s eyes once again swept through Lan Jingyi’s body. She asked him to come. He knew there must be a reason, but even if she gave him a knife mountain, he would take care of it.
It’s an ordinary small hotel, but the room looks clean. When he passed her, he sniffed her and said, "Want to remarry?"
"Upset" Lan Jingyi is really upset at the moment. She doesn’t want to end it with Jiang Junyue and keep him away from herself.
"Oh, come on, it will be easier if you say it." Liu Wentao sat down on the sofa with her long legs overlapping. Lan Jingyi has got up and made coffee. She has been lying there quietly. Jiang Junyue hasn’t called. He has already arrived from the airport at this time, right?
Strong coffee is fragrant, nose is fragrant, and people are intoxicating. Lan Jingyi put two cups of coffee on the tray, and one cup of yellow sugar is original. When she took the leisurely approach to the sofa, the pajamas were blown in by the window, and the wind blew gently to reveal a piece of her white calf. Liu Wentao’s Adam’s apple surged. When he first saw her, he knew that she was beautiful. In his eyes, her beauty was restrained, but at the moment, she was wantonly publicized, with a special charm. She walked towards him step by step, making him reluctant to blink and looked at her.
What is the loss of knowledge?
I don’t know what that bone-eating thirst tastes like until I lose it.
Lan Jingyi gracefully sat opposite him with the finger of "Here’s a cup of sugar and a cup of original flavor for you to choose" and then calmly sat in the same place. Even if she faced him in pajamas, she could still be so calm, which seemed to hook him and torture him.
"Original taste" Liu Wentao picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip of it. The bitter taste was just like his heart at the moment.
"Aren’t you afraid of me?" Lan Jingyi picked up another cup of coffee and took a sip of "I always like to put yellow sugar"
"You don’t like it? I haven’t added sugar to my coffee for a long time. Lan Jingyi wants to drink. "His eyes fell on the small bar behind her. It was a hotel wine, all of which were French famous wines, red wines and whiskies.
"Red wine?"
So Lan Jingyi took a bottle of red wine and two goblets. It seems that neither of them wants to have a drink. She asked him to come tonight to sip slowly.
喝茶约茶Taking a sip of wine, Lu Wentao gently shook the goblet in his hand, feeling that there was a stream of heat in his heart. He closed his eyes and then opened them. "How many years have we known each other?"
"Two years," she said without thinking.