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Jiang Chi and Gu Zhengshen have been sitting on the sofa and saying, I really should call our Zhou Youwang and let him see this drama with his own eyes.

Why are you still pulling Zhou Youwang? Jiang Chi sat opposite him.
桑拿Gu Zhengshen tut-tut: Someone is fascinated by this little girl and told me that he is going to get a certificate. Do you think he is seriously ill?
Jiang Chi poured a glass of water for his friend and handed it to him. People really can’t say for sure about feelings.
What? I don’t think he is confused by beauty now.
Old Yu brought people to the hospital that day, and I really came to shed the children. As a result, old Yu said that he would keep the children. I asked him if he would keep the adults, and he didn’t directly answer me. Now, as you say, he is going to accept the bill. Jiang Chi took a sip of water and said, If we really get married, we have to prepare money.
Gu Zhengshen frowned. That woman is not simple when she is close to the old one.
Jiang Chixiao, You can see that he doesn’t know?
He has been coaxed by this little girl from Lujia, and I’m afraid I can’t even tell the southeast from the northwest. Gu Zhengshen took the teacup and crossed her long legs. Just now, you saw that little girl didn’t lack a man, two or three … even Lao Zhao’s niece and nephew didn’t let go. Old Yu had to prevent her from sitting on the wall every day.
Jiang Chi put the cup back. We don’t know what happened. We just took a look.
Gu Zheng chuckled, I have seen many young and restless girls in modern society rushing to sell meat when they have the opportunity to know the big boss, but there are still some means for Lujia. Do you believe it or not, she is estimated to have made a conversation with Lao Yu and is eager to explain that the scene we saw just now is a misunderstanding? That is to ask her for directions, and we are blind and wronged her.
I don’t think it’s worth it. Jiang Chi disagreed.
Gu Zhengshen pointed to his friends and said, Then we’ll see if we can ride a donkey and sing.
It’s almost four o’clock in the afternoon after Lu Xishan’s operation.
Expectation East still came over.
Song Qingcheng knew that this was Yutingchuan’s meaning. How did Liu Xishan get hurt? At that time, Lao Zhao outside the villa was unaware of it. Liu Yunxuan and Ge Wenjuan kept silent about it. Song Qingcheng also didn’t want to deliberately’ accidentally’ take Xu Dong for a while to make sure that Song Qingcheng’s side was really okay before he could go back to the company.
Not long after Xu Dong left, Lu Xishan was also pushed out of the operating room by medical staff.
As soon as people were sent to the ward, Liu Yunxuan and Ge Wenjuan’s mother and daughter took a look around the gate of the whole Song Dynasty and asked the doctor a little about the situation. They learned that Lu Xishan was fine and she didn’t stay in the hospital.
Out of the hospital, Song Qingcheng went directly to Shen Che’s residence.
Today is Shen Che’s day off.
Song Qingcheng Shen Che was changing clothes and opened the door for Qingcheng. He put another arm in his sleeve. Just give me a few minutes.
Then he ran back to his room.
Song Qingcheng entered the room. Does that expert really live in Lingping Hotel?
My wife gave me a message. Shen Cheyin came from the room. There shouldn’t be any mistakes. She said she was listening to the head of cardiac surgery in their hospital.
After saying this, he also came out of the room and looked at the house. Are you really going to find it yourself?
Song Qingcheng well looked back at Shen Che OK?
When Shen Che picked up his car keys, he still couldn’t help but start to analyze the success rate. You don’t know how to wait for someone, even if you wait until you say something, it’s another problem. Then he glanced at Song Qingcheng, who walked silently behind him. I want to say that Yu Tingchuan’s face is much bigger. Now Nancheng who sees him is not afraid of three points.
Song city didn’t pick up this and went to the first floor to speak that’s his face, not mine
I can borrow him to deal with my aunt, but I don’t want to rely on him for everything. Too much dependence will form habits. You know, habits are terrible things, just like taking drugs.
In the car, Shen Che heard Song Qingcheng say that and turned to look at her deeply.
Or … Song Qingcheng noticed Shen Che’s gaze and turned his head half jokingly. Do you think it’s shameful to accompany me to ask for help in public?
Section 75
Shen Che rolled his eyes at her and didn’t wake up angrily. Good seat belt!
Lingping Hotel was built in the period of the Republic of China, and has received many important people in the past and now. Many military leaders like to entertain guests here. According to Shen Che’s words, those experts are lofty and love to put on airs and choose Lingping, which may be a high overall constraint.
Today, the professor gave a speech at Nancheng University and returned to the hotel around 9 pm.
Shen Che got the news from his wife and immediately conveyed it to Song Qingcheng.
Wait in the reception area of the hotel lobby for two.
Song city also know that this is holding the fluky psychology.
At about half past ten, Shen Che elbowed Song Qingcheng. That came in, didn’t it?
Song city looked up at the door in a few people.
She took out her mobile phone and compared the photos to recognize one of them as a professor.
Then get over there! Shen Che pulled her up.
In fact, two people were stopped by the assistant around the professor just before they spoke. The professor didn’t look at them and went straight to the stairs. Obviously, he is used to this situation.
Shen Che told the professor’s assistant that the other side frowned and showed impatience. If everyone blocks people like you, promise that our professor is not busy to die, and this time the professor is coming to Nancheng for academic exchange and has no plan to see a doctor!
Looking at the assistant professor leaving Shen Che, he turned to ask Qingcheng, What now?
Obviously, it is also work to ask again.
Forget it Song Qingcheng withdrew his sight Go home first
Just turning to go, Shen Che suddenly grabbed her and whispered, Hey, is that Yu Tingchuan?
The whole Song Dynasty really saw Yutingchuan in the direction of Shen Che’s finger, but he had seen the navy suit earlier. He made no secret of the man’s strong and lean figure. He looked tall and steady. Ten successful people just came out of the escalator and should have dinner here. They were shaking hands and talking with several other older men.
Song city didn’t want to meet with him here pulled pulled Shen Che clothes let’s go
No greeting? Shen Che looked at her eyes puzzled. Since Yu Tingchuan chose a day here, it is better to ask him if he can take a line with the professor.
No matter how Shen Che advised Song Qingcheng to pull him out of the hotel.
Outside the door, Shen Che suddenly said, Are you still so afraid of bringing him trouble when you are getting married?
He may talk about business Song Qingcheng said.
Shen Che didn’t say anything when she insisted. She was going to pick up the car. Song Qingcheng’s mobile phone rang to show that Song Qingcheng didn’t move for a while. Shen Che turned to wonder, Why don’t you answer it?
Song Qingcheng took a few steps with his mobile phone to pick it up. Hello?
Where is it now? Yutingchuan opens the mouth to ask
Song Qingcheng’s teeth bit his lips and finally chose to tell the truth Lingping Hotel is preparing to go home
Return to the door?

Barthelas is a young and impulsive paladin. His parents were slaughtered by orcs in the Second World War. After he joined the army and was trained, the war was over. He lost the opportunity for his parents to take revenge in person, so he hated the orcs and he definitely wanted to kill them quickly.

Therefore, he strongly suggested that Leo send troops to search for orcs, but he was always hesitant. Leo refused his suggestion
A few days later, Fuding sneaked back to the place where he met the orcs aloneIthrig was also very confident that he had saved a human being and was not afraid of being bitten by others and not moving.
Anyway, after indepth communication, the two men immediately put aside their prejudices and became a pair of crossracial good friends. This reclusive orc will certainly not threaten Fireplace Valley and other people. After careful consideration, Leo, as a paladin and Lord, promised to allow him to continue to live in seclusion here without harming human beings.
After returning home, Fuding once again rejected Bathelas’ search for orcs. Bathelas was very dissatisfied with his position. The hatred for orcs in his heart made him think of another waytattling!
He went to Stansom to find the commanderinchief of the Order of the Silver Hand, and the head of Leo Fording, Sidan Dasohan, reported to him that there were orcs in the fireplace valley.
桑拿会所Just during this period, the young orc Sarcheng tribal chief set off the liberation movement of the orcs and attacked the kingdom of Lordaeron with his troops. He spent a lot of manpower and material resources to build the orc shelter, so Dassault attached great importance to the information brought by Basselas and personally took a regiment of soldiers to the fireplace valley.
Confronted with the company and good brother, the paladin Fudingfa lied and had to take them to the orc. Eitreg was wounded in the foot in the battle with Leo before, and Eitreg was caught on the spot. He looked at him angrily and promised him not to disturb him a few days ago, but now the human knight is treacherous.
At this moment, Leo watched Yitzhak being mistreated by soldiers and Bartholomew in the cage, and saw Yitzhak’s anger and questioning eyes, which made him feel more guilty and uneasy. The knight’s honor drove him to take away the soldiers’ whipping and disperse the guards who besieged Yitzhak, and demanded that Dassault Han release this reclusive old orc who was harmful to mankind!
Dassault looked at his friend Fuding in disbelief. He lost his mind and was kicked to the ground. Basselas took the opportunity to shout, He is a traitor to the Alliance! He should be with this beast!
Leo’s words failed to impress Dassault. He was accused of treason by Dassault for harboring orcs and attacking alliance soldiers, and was also imprisoned together …
Day in Stansom Hall of Justice, he will face the fate of being triedthe orc Yitzhak is not even qualified to be tried. They decided to hang him the day after tomorrow, not it. In the eyes of human beings, orc = beast.
It’s getting late. Jiang Weihan exchanged the gold coin of Demassia in Anduohar for the equivalent of Lordaeron gold coin and silver coin. The owner of the shop likes his hand very much. This kind of exquisite gold coin with abundant gold content is engraved with a golden eagle with a sword shield on the back. It’s the emblem of Demassia, which is as exquisite as art.
In a hurry, Jiang Weihan ate something at first light the next morning, so he rode a Griffin and flew to Stansom in the distance.
On this day, hundreds of citizens gathered in the grand square outside the Justice Hall. They saw that a gallows had been set up in the square. How exciting it was to see an orc hanged with their own eyes! In the courtroom, that’s for big shots. Lord Leo Fording will be tried in there today. It is said that he is accused of treason and harboring orcs? It’s incredible that he led his soldiers to kill orcs before, but how could countless people take refuge in orcs? Most people think that this is a despicable person. He slandered this old paladin with a sense of honor, and the trial court will naturally clear Fudingge.
At this moment, Jiang Weihan has been sitting next to him in the courtroom. A man and a woman are all dressed as wizards and talking in a low voice. Of course, now he is also dressed as a wizard, wearing a wizard robe and carrying a time rod.
In the middle of the courtroom, the Lordaeron League flag is hung, and next to it are small ones representing the seven kingdoms of the League.
Leo Fuding has been taken to the hall and sat in a large oak chair. Right in front of him is the presiding judge’s seat, while behind the presiding judge, there are four thronelike chairs in an arc shape, which are the seats for jury members.
I heard that there are four big shots coming to serve as jury members today. Jiang Weihan has some expectations because all highlevel trials in Lordaeron need to be presided over by four supreme commanders of the League.
Then a paladin came out and announced loudly, Lordaeron guardians, we are gathered here today to judge one of us for Lord Leo Fording. Now!
As the first juror entered the hall, there was a sudden silence.
The fourth chapter I protest!
I salute the Kurras Navy for Daelin Proudmoore! The slender navy will stand tall and sit on the far right throne. He is wearing a commander’s head, a gorgeous blue navy hat and a gold medal to mark his rank as commander of the Union Navy.
Daelin Proudmoore was king Kurras and the greatest hero in World War IIhe and his navy made great contributions and sacrifices against orcs.
At this time, Jiang Weihan heard the redhaired mage next to him say to the female mage, Your father looks refreshed!
Jiang Weihan carefully glanced at the sorceress next door, covered most of her face with a blue robe hood, showing a stiff nose, plump lips and a few strands of blonde hair.
Then there is no doubt that this sorceress is jaina proudmoore, daughter of Navy Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and proud brother of antonidas.
Jiang Weihan guessed the identity of the redhaired mage next to him by the way. He should be Ronin!
Then the paladin said, Salute to antonidas, the teacher of Dalaran, the magical holy land!
Although the teacher is white in hair and beard, he seems to be in high spirits and wise and kind.
The last two admission identities are equally good. One is the founder of the Silver Hand and Archbishop Alonso Fao. This old man is now in the twilight years and needs attendants to help him walk. He is deeply loved by the people in Lordaeron, and Leo Fuding is his brother. When Leo is facing treason, he needs to see if he has really deviated from the Holy Light.
Following the archbishop, the young king Arthas finally entered the court. He has been a member of the Knights of the Silver Hand for four years, and he is the sole heir of the kingdom of Lordaeron. Of course, he is qualified to represent the kingdom as a member of the jury.
After the jury was seated, the paladin motioned for everyone to stand up to welcome the arrival of the presiding judge. In the eyes of everyone, Wu Seer Lightbringer walked to the gorgeous trial stage. His serious eyes swept across the audience and motioned for everyone to sit down.
When Jiang Weihan was stared at by his eyes, he felt the willies in his heart. It felt like seeing Ursol, a bear demigod, for the first time in an emerald dreamalthough the other party had a soul left, he still dared not move.
Of course, Wu Seer doesn’t make people feel as dangerous as a beast, but it looks dignified and solemn.
This paladin deserves to be called great. He is the chief paladin and the greatest warrior recognized by the League. He is the noblest and wisest member of the paladin, and has a comparable understanding of the light.
It is most justified for him to act as the presiding judge
Then the messenger of light filled the hall with magnetic sound.
Paladin Lord Fuding Wu Seer said, You are accused of betraying the Alliance and violating the direct orders of the superior. You should realize that this is a serious accusation. The highranking commanders gathered here will judge you according to the law of light. What is your defense to the accusation?
As stated in the accusation, I am guilty/I accept all punishment for my negligence, Leo said.
Hundreds of angry voices flooded the hall, and many onlookers were obviously convinced that the accusation was exaggerated or simply fabricated. Everyone was shocked that Huriau confessed so frankly.
Then Saidan Dasohan, commander of the Order of the Silver Hand, testified in court to support his charges against Leo. However, Leo’s good brother didn’t mean to kill Leo, but hoped that he would wake up and realize that it was wrong for him to stand on the human side.
It’s a pity that things have come to this.
Then Basselas jumped out and witnesses testified Dassault’s testimony. The ambitious deputy didn’t have Dassault’s sympathy, but threw dirty water at Leo.
However, this kind of rhetoric that tarnished the reputation of the company did not win the favor of Wu Seer Pavilion as he imagined, but it disgusted the other party
Wu Seer stared at him sternly at that time, and Bathurst shouted at him, You should learn to control your words and deeds, young paladin. I have known him for many years. We have saved each other’s lives and the winner’s posture in front of the enemy many times. Even I can’t remember what he did. His reputation can’t be defiled by such a small thing as you! We have heard your testimony, so you can retire.
Bathurst hurried back to his seat and blushed. He felt like a clown, as if hundreds of eyes were staring at him and laughing at him.
The trial went very fast because Fuding was too cooperative.
Wu Seer asked quietly, Do you still need to defend yourself, Paladin Lord Fuding?
Leo stood up and saluted the commanders. Gentlemen, I know this reason sounds ridiculous, but the orc saved my life and returned me as a paladin, promising to protect him. His name is Etrigo, and he is the most honorable opponent I have ever faced. You must understand that if I carry out the orders, I will betray the honor of a paladin. If I do this, I will accept all the punishments you think fit.
After hearing Leo’s defense, Wu Seer strode to the jury. After a short argument, they kept gesturing. After a while, the jurors seemed to agree with him. Wu Seer returned to the trial bench with a triumphant look.
Paladin Lord Fuding, he said, The court knows that you have served Lordaeron for many years and helped defend her allies. Everyone knows that you are brave and good at fighting. For example, it is a worrying crime to ignore their false honor in the alliance of enemies. While granting Amnesty to the orcs, you risked your life in the fireplace valley for personal pursuit, but considering that you have been loyal to the alliance for many years, the court will forgive you and ask you to lift your oath with the orcs and swear allegiance to the alliance again.
In Wu Seer’s speech, the meaning of doubt is that he is very protective of Fuding and wants to bow his head and be soft, so everything is easy to say. This is why he has just argued with the jury about the results, and he is also an old friend who most wants to see the results. He believes that their teacher is too old, and Alonso Faogue does not want his brother to carry the name of treason.
Arden, the captain of Leo’s loyal guard, pleaded in a low voice, Please, my Lord promise them and forget it (the orc).
Dassohan also whispered, Let’s put all this nonsense behind us, Leo, my good brother!
Paladin Lord Fuding, what’s your answer? Wu Seer asked him suspiciously, sensing Leo’s hesitation.
Jiang Weihan looked at Fuding, who was struggling, and all the people in the courtroom. Everyone in the audience wanted Fuding to forget his promise to the orcs, except for Barthelas.
However, these people all experienced the same thing as Fuding, and they didn’t have such a firm oath to protect nature and understand his choice.
Jiang Weihan sighed softly. He knew that Fuding would make a disappointing choice, but without such belief and persistence, how could he create an enemy paladin leader in the future?
Sophiddin chose to defend his oath.
He heard Arden sobbing behind him and saw his good brother Dassohn slumped in his chair and shook his head in dismay. He heard several people swearing in the hall and called him a traitor. He also saw the disappointed eyes of Wu Seer and the teacher Faogue in front of him, which made him bow his head and speak rightly.
Wu Seer rubbed his eyes wearily to signal everyone to be quiet. He was deeply saddened by what he was going to do.
In that case, Wu Seer said heavily, Leo Fuding will no longer welcome you from the future. You are no longer worthy of living in the gift of light. I will expel you from the group accordingly; You will be deprived of all knighthood decorations and you will be deprived of all personal titles and property; You will be exiled forever, set foot in the alliance, spend the rest of your life with savage creatures, and may the light have mercy on your soul.
Spectators gasped and expelled from the group is already a very severe punishment, which will deprive the paladin of all the power of light. This punishment has been imposed several times since the establishment of the Knights of the Silver Hand. All the paladins are extremely afraid of it.
What’s worse, he was deprived of all honor and property and exiled forever.
Such a severe punishment almost drives the death penalty.
Wu Seer raised his hands and was about to launch a ceremony when suddenly a sound emerged from the spectator stand and interrupted him.
I protest!

There is a husband who is so demanding.

Lu you was lying in a hospital bed, and now her hand drops have been taken.
She leaned against the soft pillow and looked at Lin Mo-chen holding chicken soup for her.
He let the domestic servant stay up, which is to mend her body.
"Drink a bowl of chicken soup before eating." Lin Mochen took the warm chicken soup and the temperature was just right.
Lu sorrow stretched out his hand to pick up the bowl of Lin Mo Chen, but said, "I’ll feed you."
"I haven’t hurt myself to the point where I can’t even hold the bowl," Lu You insisted. "Don’t coddle me too much and don’t make me too dependent on you. If I leave you later, I’m afraid I can’t do anything."
"Why not spoil my daughter-in-law?" Lin Mochen gave her the spoon and looked at her carefully. "I just want you to rely on me and never leave me. Even if you leave, I will not be used to it. Of course, we will never be separated for a generation. Don’t be paranoid."
Lu You chuckled, "I don’t want to be separated from you, and I want to live with you seriously."
"Then listen to me, drink the soup, eat some chicken and eat some vegetable porridge." Lin Mochen reached out and pinched her face gently.
Lu sorrow was obedient to drink soup, and she was not effeminate, so she let herself gulp and let him worry less.
She drank the chicken soup until it was bare. She smiled at Lin Mo-chen with a bowl, like begging for praise, and her eyebrows curved like a crescent moon on the horizon, which was particularly beautiful.
Lin Mochen put a piece of chicken leg meat in her bowl "capable to continue"
"The chicken leg is so big, why don’t I share some with you?" Lu Youyi said, "I just drank such a big bowl of chicken soup and then ate this chicken leg. I definitely can’t drink vegetable porridge. This is because I didn’t get enough vegetarian nutrition."
"Give me the leftovers first," said Lin Mochen naturally.
"Are you sure?" Lu youwen
"Sure" Lin Mochen gave her a positive look.
Lu sorrow while eating chicken leg meat looked at Lin Mo Chen, and he also looked at his eyes as soft as Chunyang intently.
She is like a spring breeze, and his eyes are trying to eat the food prepared by his heart.
Lu you has already felt full after eating half of it. "Well, I can’t eat any more vegetable porridge to help digestion."
Lin Mo Chen handed the vegetable porridge to Lu You and also took the bowl with half a drumstick left in her hand.
夜生活He grabbed one end of the bone with a bowl of fingers and prepared to eat the chicken leg left by her.
Lu sorrow swallowed a throat "you don’t eat"
"Can’t wave" Lin Mochen said such a thing to let Lu worry about Zheng.
Lin Mo-chen didn’t mind that it was her leftovers, and she bowed her head and ate bone meat. He hung his eyelashes for a long time and looked better than a girl. His eyelash eyes drew a little shadow, but his handsome and profound face didn’t show any disgust.
He’s Lin Mochen! Lin’s grandson!
This style of painting just makes Lu worry that her heart is a quiver and a warmth.
Lin Mo-chen grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth, but he ate all kinds of nutritious meals, all of which were customized by a private chef at home. She was sure that the word "save" was never used in his dictionary when he was growing up. When he said "Don’t wave" and acted on it, she actually lost her language ability.
He touched her so much.
At this time, he is no longer the top man in the pyramid before him or her.
He took off his body, put away his pride and walked into her ordinary world, willing to be an ordinary man and live a simple life with her.
She was really hit hard, and the whole heart was wrapped in something, which was both painful and moving.
Lu sorrow eyes unconsciously moist again holding vegetable porridge but I don’t know how to swallow.
Lin Mo-chen has finished eating chicken legs. He put a bowl and pulled a piece of paper towel to gently wipe the tip of his lip gracefully. "What are you doing? You see, I have finished eating, and you haven’t moved yet? "
Lu sorrow put the vegetable porridge on the bedside counter for a while, and the whole person threw himself into Lin Mo-chen’s arms. His hands tightened his waist and he hugged him tightly.
At the same time, she buried her face in his arms and breathed his body.
With her eyes closed, tears came out of the corner of her eyes and wet his shirt.
Lin Mo-chen was bewildered by her actions.
Section 17
He reached out and hugged her in his broad palm. She caressed her thin back. "What’s the matter with you?"
"Thank you, husband." Lu You, this should be the first time from the heart that I no longer feel uncomfortable. I asked Lin Mochen’s husband to integrate all her moving gratitude into these four words. "Thank you for hurting me so much. Thank you for not abandoning me. Thank you!"
She doesn’t know what else she can say to thank him. Only these two simple words also contain her thousands of words and deep affection.
"Fool, we are husband and wife, saying that Xie is not too alienated. I don’t like to listen to this." Lin Mo Chen is still a gentle smile and hangs absolute beauty’s face
Lu you’s husband’s soft and affectionate voice made Lin Mo-chen’s heart and lake move with joy, and the waves were full of joy.
I’ve never been a happy person. I’ve written everything at this moment.
In front of her, it is not the man who wears a mask and keeps his mind hidden, but shows his true side. It is also the most relaxing time for him to hide nothing in front of her.
Lu You looked up slightly from his arms, and his eyes met carefully and tried "So … what do you like to listen to?"
"I want to hear sweet words and the truest confession in your heart." Lin Mochen pointed her finger at her left chest.
Sweet talk? Confess?
Lu sorrow puzzled blinked his eyes, and his long feather cilia trembled like butterfly wings.
"I don’t believe that you haven’t heard sweet words and confessions." Lu You flattened his lip. "You will certainly be able to write those sweet words when you are growing up."
"Never heard of" Lin Mo Chen shook his head seriously and denied it.
"How is it possible! Deception! " Do you believe it or not?
She would rather believe that sows can grow trees than that Lin Mo has never been confessed since she was a child.
Is this completely illogical?
"True" Lin Mochen once again denied that "I turned and walked away before they said it"
He refused to listen to the confession, especially those women who came to him voluntarily and felt no one at all, which really bored him, except Lu You.
"Tang poetry" Lu worried about this person who has stopped being an obstacle to their feelings since amnesia
"I think she is my sister, of course, when she speaks, I think she likes her brother without any affection between men and women." Lin Mo-chen thinks so unilaterally, but not in Tang poetry.
"She doesn’t think so." Lu sorrow was not fooled by him.
"No matter what she thinks, that’s what I think." Lin Mo-chen insists on her own idea. "Besides, the Tang poetry is not the same as before, so let’s not let bygones be bygones. Let’s talk about it. I’m sincere if you say thank you."
"I don’t say" Lu sorrow pursed pink lips don’t open the face.
Lin Mo-chen took her face and bowed her head and approached them. Their noses were all going to get together, breathing each other easily and winding together. It was very ambiguous to get along like this, which made people feel flustered and their hearts beat faster.
"Don’t talk, then I’ll let you pay for it." Lin Mochen hooked his lips and corners with a touch of evil.
"What do you mean? I can now be wounded and sick without torturing you like this! " Lu sorrow protested.
"That’s what it means." Lin Mo-chen changed her hand and held her chin, then pressed her lips with his thin lips.
I haven’t tasted her beauty for a long time. Once I touch her soft and sweet, it will burn like a star single spark can start a prairie fire.

Master Shan’s face was slapped, and that Shaqi finally changed into a stiff smile at the death threat. I said that you can divorce or marry me again and lose money.

Suddenly, there was a stabbing pain in the soft flesh of the neck, and the red eyes pushed forward again. The fat layer of red blood flowed out of the neck of Master Shan, and he felt a sense of separation and oppression. Master Shan dared not speak, but his eyes stared at the ghost of the disease intensely, and his muscles twisted like steel bars.
I’m sorry for being patriotic. It’s not that I seduce him. It’s that he seduced me first. You know I’m usually very conservative. If he didn’t seduce me, how could I? I’ve been ignored all the time. The old lady suddenly poured dirty water on Master Shan to survive. It was merciless to betray Master Shan’s concubine.
This blind bitch! I don’t blame the other party for smearing myself, but at this time, what are you fooling around with?
Indeed as expected, the curse in Master Shan’s heart isn’t over yet. Those dead fish eyes are like being injected with Se, and the red eyes are as fine as cobwebs and bloodshot, which instantly fill the whole eyeball.
Suddenly, the whole world came to a standstill, and the ghost was suffering from tuberculosis, and his teeth were swollen, and his teeth were clearly visible. He kept pressing the trigger hard and pressed the dexterous machine to drive the gear, and immediately great power came from the bowstring. A muffled bowstring seemed to split the air, and that sharp and short bolt excited her out!
Life and death are a little faster than the sick ghost, and the head is off!
The excessive force of the mountain Lord even heard the bone friction click from the neck bones and muscles!
Shu! A cold bolt passed through the neck of Master Shan, but before Master Shan was glad to have escaped a bullet, the pain suddenly came from his neck.
No matter how fast a person reacts, he can’t escape the close attack of the crossbow even if he evades it early.
yi ~! As slender as a square fountain, after spraying Se fiercely, the bleeding wound on the neck was covered with a big hand. Grandpa tried to think of it, but he felt dizzy. The sticky liquid in his palm flowed along his fingers with a little warmth and a little vitality away from this strong body.
To die? Am I going to die? Master Shan’s heart was in disorder, and his mind flashed like a lantern. The dribs and drabs of his life were interrupted by an unwilling howl. Since childhood, he developed a fierce and savage style, which made Master Shan unwilling to die so cowardly.
桑拿会所  title=Shake your body and hold the mountain master’s eyes steady. The Zhang Cang’s white blood Se face is frozen with deep consternation. Perhaps even the mountain master himself never thought that he actually pulled the crossbow Se and wore the mountain master’s neck to see the soaring Se, and the bleeding column was immediately covered with a big hand. Even the poor and crucial knowledge of the mountain master knew that the mountain master was dead.
At this time, the ghost who flashed through the disease was not even revengeful, and there was not even a trace of joy. The pressure dropped from the sky like a mountain, so that the thin man shook and almost collapsed. At this time, the only thought in his mind was Kill someone! !”
No one can take advantage of the old! !” A low howl like a wild animal woke the sick ghost with selfpity and selfpity accompanied by the neck to breed blood, and the iron fist as big as the sandbag slammed on the pale and swollen face of the sick ghost.
Bang! The collision of iron fist and five senses seemed as if Mars had hit the earth. Barry could see the trembling small tongue through the tunnel.
Hua knocked over the garbage, the sick ghost, his thin body and weak body groaned and looked at Master Shan’s face. He fell to the ground with a smile that never hurts.
In the instant when consciousness is about to fall into eternal darkness, I hear the wind sāo, the bitch screaming and the sick ghost screaming!
No one can take advantage of the old! !” With this mantra, Master Shan’s consciousness completely fell into darkness!
2 assembly monster
When the midnight bell rings, the dead people are particularly depressed.
Lao Wang, who is on duty, is eating peanuts and erasing the foam of cold draft beer at the corner of his mouth. If you don’t come, you won’t come again. You must make Xiao Zhang’s treat sleepy! I yawned a lot, but I had to continue working after a night shift, which made Lao Wang feel a little bad. Lao Wang said that Xiao Zhang had been working here for more than a month, so it was the second time that he was absent from work, which made Lao Wang very dissatisfied.
Whoops ~! A y and n wind blew over Lao Zhang’s tight thin blanket, and his dark face leaned out of the window and looked around for a while to smack his lips and continue to eat and drink.
Rubbed his bordeaux nose, Lao Wang has long been accustomed to this kind of evil sound. For a night watchman who has worked in the morgue for more than ten years, Lao Wang has long been infected with those strange things. Even if there is a fake corpse, Lao Wang can’t even blink an eye.
Huh? Lao Wang scratched his head and threw peanuts into his mouth. This kind of strange smell usually disappears if you don’t pay attention to it for a while. Why is it not only getting bigger and bigger this time, but also the surrounding temperature is slowly decreasing?
Grabbed up the peach wooden sword that had never been used to ward off evil spirits at hand, and Lao Wang quickly pulled out the Buddha’s beads, crosses and other sacred objects to ward off evil spirits from a drawer next to him. Before he left the door of the duty room, he suddenly shook it. It was Lao Wang who was sure that he was not dazzled, and then the door was really shaken. Then, before Lao Wang’s eyes, he suddenly flashed a looming and semitransparent ferocious head and roared and pounced on Lao Wang.
When Lao Wang came and raised his hand, the peach wooden sword was penetrated by this strange head and passed through Lao Wang’s body. The ferocious expression of the head eased slightly and immediately disappeared into the duty room.
Lao Wang held his hand and raised his peach wooden sword, his expression was frightened, his eyes were wide open, and his eyes were slightly white and lifeless like dead fish eyes.
A gust of Y and N wind blew over a young man with a medium height, Y and N depressed and grim face, pushed the door in a burst of creaking and looked a little at Lao Wang’s dead face. He looked at the monitoring and duty room and saw that there was nothing wrong. This was the only way to leave.
Walking into the morgue, the young people kept violently lifting all the freezers and carefully examining them.
When a tall corpse with everted neck and limbs appeared in front of him, the young man remained expressionless, and there was a flash of joy in his eyes.
Good material! !” Young people’s voices are different from their appearance, as if they were mixed with iron sand and hoarse and low for a long time.
The slender pale fingers rubbed the muscles and bones on the tall body, which was very in line with the requirements of the youth and even slightly exceeded it.
Young people who found this satisfactory body stopped looking for it. In situ, their lips closed, and the black fog rolled endlessly. Slowly, the black fog gathered around them. At the end of the youth mantra, they rushed to jump into the tall body.
The body was convulsed, and then it was quiet. With a burst of teeth shaking, the tall body slowly sat up, stiff, white and lifeless.
The grim young man ordered the tall corpse to move stiffly, and his body seemed to be very dissatisfied with this zombie. The grim young man frowned for a while and shook his head slightly, then looked around at the corpse.
Pondering for a long time, the grim young man reluctantly lit a new skill on the digital screen in front of him. After that, the young man sighed slightly and waved his arm again. But this time, it was not a black fog, but a strange thick green fog. The fog rolled and condensed from time to time, reflecting a ferocious face, whining and struggling, but it could not shake the youth at all.
Wait until the green Se fog condenses into a crystal nucleus that is almost as big as a nail, and the young man fingers and clamps some cold crystal nuclei in his hand.
Look at the crystal nucleus slowly for a while. The grim young man pressed the crystal nucleus that had been condensed into the tall body. The crystal nucleus touched the tall body and quickly disappeared on the surface of the body like running water.
The body didn’t respond at all, but the joint gave a slight crunchy sound. Soon, the body moved like a normal person, and the baby hobbled slowly to the coldfaced youth.
It was not until then that the young man discovered that the corpse was two heads taller than himself, as tall and strong as the Great Tower.
Satisfied with the nod, the young man reached the first command and immediately the tall corpse took action.
Dragging bodies that are mutilated or ferocious violently out of the freezer, the hard bodies fall to the ground and make a bang sound, which is particularly loud in the silent morgue, because the youth of the sound insulation design institute here are not worried at all, even though the tall corpse is tossed around.
Slowly, a hill composed of corpses appeared in front of the young people, as if to determine something. The tall corpse stared at the duty room with white eyes for a while, and then walked in through the clumsy door and dragged Lao Wang’s dead dog wrapped in sacred objects.
When there are no bodies around, the tall corpse dines
A thin scarlet crack slowly appeared in the strong chest, and this crack slowly expanded. As the crack expanded, the black and brown Se coagulated and dirty blood slowly flowed out.
When the crack expands to the size of a man’s head, it is so fierce that it reveals the uneven, pale and sharp teeth inside. I feel that it is still not tall enough. The corpse’s arms are hard enough to pull the blood hole in the chest. As soon as it expands to the belly button, the whole chest is exposed to the air.
Then he leaned over and pulled out a petite female body from ShiShan and forced it into his chest.
After the body entered the body of the corpse, his pale body twisted and crawled, and his muscles rose and fell. After repeated several times, his body slowly recovered to calm down.
In this way, the tall corpse swallowed more than forty bodies before stopping moving. At this time, the tall corpse can no longer call people.
The tall corpse with three heads and six arms really did it.
On the whole, this tall corpse is still in human form, but it is just that its arms are a little bigger and its facial features are distorted.
The person who came to this corpse was tall and fierce, and after devouring more than 40 bodies, it was full of terrifying momentum.
Height is 2.5 meters, weight is nearly 3 meters, visual inspection is about half a ton, body width is also close to 2 meters, and the head is twisted and squeezed together like blowing air. One eye is as big as a sea bowl, and the other eye is completely covered with thick flesh, and the base is half blind.
No nose, two dark holes, a thick white air vent from time to time, a few drops of thick green Se mucus dripping from time to time, pungent and strongly corrosive.
The head is big and fat, and the body is certainly not slim.
3 soul piercing
Pale blood se and slightly swollen skin ferocious like a tree root, the veins stood out across every part of the body.
The bust has four arms, one standing in the chest, thin and slender, swaying like an ornament, and the other on the right rib. This arm is much stronger, more powerful and dark. It is estimated that it should be a strong man before his death.
The belly seems to be full of fat and fat, and the veins stand out like a spider’s web.
It may be because this tall corpse had his right hand strengthened before his life.
The whole right arm is full of an adult’s size, and the muscles are thick and ferocious, and the muscles are covered with scales. Compared with the right arm, the muscles are distributed beyond the human category. Look at the ferocious horror.
The whole body seems to be leaning to the right, and the right leg is also thick and lumpy, and the big muscles are layered on top of each other. The right arm complements each other.
Compared with the left, it’s outrageous.
The left arm is like a stunted baby, shrinking and thin, which is even more unbearable than the decorative arm on the chest. The left leg is composed of two thin thighs twisted and knotted together, and it is not surprising that this monster limps when walking.
After devouring the monster, the green Se drooled in front of the grim young man, but the grim young man glanced at the monster and left his eyes on the display screen.
When the digital monster information appeared in front of us, the youjīng man with a cold face finally gave me a smile and nodded with satisfaction, especially the word j and ng English behind the monster name.

Yang Xi nodded clearly, and it’s nothing. He put it in her husband’s hand and followed Yu Yuting’s floor.

Lou Rourou has fallen asleep with his eyes closed, and his face is almost white, tender, innocent and lovely. No, where is the little devil who just cried?
Yu fanfan also lay there drowsy, and his two small hands were afraid to make two small fists and put them on both sides of his head protectively …
The door opened and Yuyuting slowed down and came in, followed by Yang Xi.
"Wife," he gave a wink.
You Xiaoqiao blinked and saw Yang Xi come to the bed. "Come and give me the meat?"
"Well …" You Xiaoqiao was a little uneasy, but he got up slightly and put the child in her mother-in-law’s arms.
See fleshy sucked his mouth but didn’t open his eyes … Three adults also immediately gave a sigh of relief.
Yuyuting pointed to the door, busy, picked up and fell asleep. fanfan followed Yang Xi to the door.
So the two men finally took the two little demons away in tandem.
You Xiaoqiao sat on the bed for a while, then got up and walked into the bathroom.
Just now, I was sweaty and sticky by three children.
Yu Yuting sent the child to the building and immediately turned around without saying a word.
Looking at his impatient appearance Yang Xi … What seems to be suddenly white?
She shook her head so that she could call Yueyue to help change the diapers for the child to sleep.
On the other hand, as soon as Yu Yuting entered the room, she heard the water flowing from the bathroom.
He locked the door and took off his clothes in three, five, two and walked towards the bathroom.
The door opened and then the door left unlocked.
Soon there came someone who couldn’t control the sound "Little Joe … Baby …"
"Oh, why are you … don’t …" You Xiaoqiao resisted.
"Lovely, you can’t feed those three smelly little boys every day. You see your husband is hungry and thin these days …" Yu Yuting continued to be shameless.
"But I’m tired …" You Xiaoqiao said pathetically.
"Just be good and I’ll move."
After this sentence, the water in the guard bathroom disappeared, and then there were suspicious gasps.
After about a few minutes, the door was opened with a "thud" and Yu Yuting ran out naked from the inside.
"Husband, what are you doing?" You Xiaoqiao’s charming soft voice came out of the bathroom with a little doubt.
"Be good and wait for a while, I’ll find a set." Yu Yuting said while opening the drawer.
You Xiaoqiao "…"
After a few minutes, Yu Yuting was sweating profusely. "Why is there no condom in my wife’s house?"
"…" You Xiaoqiao seemed to think for a while and then said, "I seem to have thrown it away after putting it aside for too long."
"Why did you throw it away!" Yu Yuting immediately went on the rampage.
"…" YouXiaoQiao paused for a moment and said "… then don’t do it."
Why not do it?
Very not easy to send the three little demons to the floor tonight … Yu Yuting gritted his teeth and started rummaging through the room.
Ten minutes later, you Xiaoqiao couldn’t stay up, and after the initial strength, he yawned and hurried out of the shower to lie down on the big bed and closed his eyes.
I don’t know how long it took.
"I found it!" Yu Yuting came to the bed with a condom found in the crack of the drawer on the most side of the cabinet, and pressed You Xiaoqiao without saying anything.
"Well," You Xiaoqiao frowned and pushed him. "I told you not to do it. I’m exhausted and want to sleep."
"No, if you don’t do it tonight, you won’t have a chance." Yu Yuting said that she had pushed her pajamas from the surface, and immediately a petite white but particularly hot devil figure appeared.
Yu Yuting’s eyes were glowing red, just like a hungry jackal. When he saw the white and delicious white rabbit, he reached over and touched it, then began to talk, hands and feet and …
"Pa" a back was hit by a force.
"It’s annoying to say no!" You Xiaoqiao angrily waved his limbs and pushed Yu Yuting away and pulled the quilt cover.
How could Yu Yuting let her go?
Uncover the corner, and the whole person just got into it, and then in a short time, the two men were completely twisted into a ball by the quilt cover.
You Xiaoqiao is tired and sleepy, but he doesn’t want to do it. He may be resistant, so he can’t get into it.
Yu Yuting first habitually coaxed her, and then finally put up with it and slapped her ass. "Be honest!"
It’s really hard to sympathize with her with triplets since pregnancy. Yu Yuting can be said to spoil her every day. Everything depends on her. Now it seems that women really can’t spoil her too much, otherwise they will be too pampered and arrogant to look down on him.
"I don’t want it!" You Xiaoqiao still dares to protest.
"Don’t? Believe it or not, I can’t make up your bed? " Yu Yuting’s voice is full of desire and anger.
"Don’t believe it!"
"Yo, I can’t get rid of you, can I?" Yu Yuting’s eyes were red and blazing, and she turned over and was instantly executed.
Two people for almost midnight finally Yu Yuting let go.
品茶论坛Because … if you don’t let go, you won’t protect a set of facts. It’s not enough.
Both of them are tired, but they really don’t have the strength to get up and take a shower. They just sleep until dawn or are awakened by knocking at the door.
"Little Joe got up. No meatballs. Hungry little Joe …" Yang Xiyin kept shouting outside.
You Xiaoqiao gave a painful cry and said, "I know, mom, I’ll go."
It’s finally quiet outside. You Xiaoqiao has to get up after a while.
I swept away and looked at a heartless man lying there with a face of satiety. He was wronged, sad and angry, and one of them couldn’t resist lifting his feet and kicking his ass.

Certa fans sighed, and Luo Bao was annoyed, but Lu Wenbin had already appeared before the ball landed.

Segmented reading 294
The ball passed through the crowd and flew directly into the goal.
Too close, too fast and blocked by the crowd, goalkeeper Alvarez reacted that he couldn’t come when he saw the ball.
Real Madrid finally made up the shot by Lu Wenbin to equalize the score. The two sides entered the halftime with a score of 22.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
Certa, who led twice and was equalized twice, finally lost confidence. The players probably thought that they could not win Real Madrid no matter how hard they fought.
A little bit unlucky. Certa shot three times in the range of the door frame at halftime and failed to score.
In the end, Real Madrid scored a goal by Lu Wenbin and Marcelo at half-time and won 42 away games.
Although this score and the away goal can’t be said that there is no suspense in the second round, the chances of Certa’s comeback are also very low
After all, the second leg is held at the Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid, and Real Madrid still has the advantage of total score and away goal, which can be turned over by Certa. It is simply unimaginable.
After playing the King’s Cup, Real Madrid away to Valladolid in the 15th round of La Liga on December 1st.
Although we are two games away from tying A Milan’s unbeaten record of five Serie A games, Mourinho dare not send the main force to this league.
On the one hand, it is only three days before a game, and on the other hand, it is three days before a World Club Cup competition.
It’s an away game, and the World Club Cup is going to fly to Asia Day, and it’s necessary to jet lag and lure the six-time champion to confuse Mourinho. Obviously, he has to protect the team’s World Club Cup fighting capacity.
Therefore, Mourinho almost sent substitutes in this league, with casillas and Lu Wenbin as the regular main players to start.
It’s more difficult for Real Madrid to play this game when the substitute team is away.
After the first 14 rounds, Valladolid ranked seventh in the middle reaches, and the strength of the team was not very weak.
桑拿按摩In the 21st minute, Lu Wenbin made a quick counterattack in the away game against Real Madrid. After hitting the wall with Kaka, he took the ball to the opponent’s half-court, and then passed a central defender’s long-range shot through the forbidden zone line through his own personal skills.
Lu Wenbin scored the first goal of Real Madrid and took a 1-0 lead away from home.
But instead of waiting for the second goal, Real Madrid waited for the other team’s goal.
In the fourth minute, Real Madrid’s goal was broken by the opponent. Valladolid put the ball into the forbidden area through a wonderful cooperation, and their striker Gralow scored a goal to equalize the score.
The two sides entered the locker room with 11 points.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
In the 63rd minute of the half-time, Valladolid also helped Real Madrid to make a strange mistake in the backcourt. Oscar broke the ball in their front waist and directly hit back.
Valladolid overtook the score
This Real Madrid is in a hurry.
Although he wants to win six championships, Mourinho doesn’t want to give up the unbeaten record of five major leagues in close proximity.
In the 6th minute, Mourinho changed Ronaldinho and Alonso one after another to strengthen the attack.
Finally, in the second minute, Real Madrid was assisted by Alonso to find Higuain and scored a goal to equalize the score.
This is the last goal of the game.
The two sides tied 22 in 9 minutes, and Real Madrid finally kept its unbeaten record in La Liga, extending to 57 games, only one game away from A Milan, and Lu Wenbin’s continuous scoring record in La Liga also expanded to 12 games.
Chapter 617 Advance into the World Club Cup Final
After playing the Valladolid League, Real Madrid quickly boarded a plane and flew to the Champions League in Japan to prepare for the 2012 World Club Cup.
The World Club Cup is the first tournament sponsored by FIFA and attended by top teams from six continents for 25 years.
The World Club Cup is the highest-level tournament champion at the world club level and can be called the world champion.
Of course, the gold content is worse than the Champions League. It is more than just a warm-up match.
The predecessor of the World Club Cup was the Toyota Cup in 1991, and then the Intercontinental Cup began in 1996.
Because of the inconvenient transportation and the low importance of the Intercontinental Cup at that time, many teams were reluctant to go back and forth to play the Intercontinental Cup, which affected their teams’ normal competition or preparation, resulting in the interruption of many events and failed to hold successfully.
However, with the development of modern football and convenient transportation, everyone has begun to pay attention to a championship.
After all, it’s good to have one more title.
Especially this year, Real Madrid will win the World Club Cup, which will make it the sixth champion of the year in 2012. This is a unprecedented super grand slam in world football, and we must pay attention to it.
Therefore, the plane to Japan is not only the Real Madrid team and coaches, team doctors, workers and florentino and other club executives.
In fact, this year’s World Club Cup has already started because there are still teams that need to play qualifiers, quarter-finals and so on.
There are seven teams participating in the 2012 World Club Cup, namely, Real Madrid, the champion of the 211212 Champions League, Corinti An, the champion of the 212 AFC Champions League, Ulsan Hyundai, the champion of the 2012 African Champions League, Al Ahli, the champion of the 211212 Central American Caribbean Champions League, Monterey, the champion of the 211212 Oceania Champions League, and Hiroshima, the champion of the 2012 J League.
Because the football level in Europe and South America is too high and the number of teams is not enough, Real Madrid and Corinti Ann directly entered the semi-finals
The remaining five teams, Hiroshima Three Arrows, played the qualifying match with Auckland City first. On December 6, Hiroshima Three Arrows won the home court advantage and beat Auckland City to enter the quarter-finals. Auckland City became the seventh place in the World Club Cup.
On December 9th, two quarterfinals were held by Hiroshima Three Arrows vs Al Ahli, Ulsan Hyundai vs Monterrey.
The final result of the competition was that Hiroshima lost to the African champion Al Ahli Ulsan Hyundai 13 and lost to the Central and North American champion Monterrey.
The elimination of two Asian teams proves the low level of Asian football from the side.
Al Ahli and Monterrey entered the semi-finals and will play semi-finals with Real Madrid and Corinti Ann.
The former Ulsan Hyundai and Hiroshima Sanjian first competed for five or six places.
Finally, Hiroshima Three Arrows 32 Lectra Ulsan Hyundai won the fifth place and Ulsan Hyundai won the sixth place in the World Club Cup.
Then there is the semi-final, and the European champion and South American champion with the highest football level have appeared one after another.
The first is the South American champion Corinti Ann competition.
On December 12th, Toyota Stadium Corinti An beat African champion Al Ahli 1 to advance to the final.
Then it’s Real Madrid’s turn to play. Their opponent is Monterey, the champion of Central and North America.
At 19:3 pm local time on December 13th, Japan, the second semi-final match of Real Madrid vs Monterrey 2012 World Club Cup officially started at Yokohama International Arena.
Although it was a semi-final opponent and an unknown team from Central and North America, the game was broadcast by dozens of countries.

Chapter 6 Substitution Competition

He Lianyin ignored Yu Zhou’s eyes.
Yu Zhou scratched his head.
"Good morning" He Lianyin nodded in the boat, and the sun shone on her hair, reflecting a bright halo. Her mouth was slightly beautiful and dazzling.
Yu Zhou one leng also smiled "Yin classmate I ask you a question"
"Okay, you ask."
"Where is the letter office in our school? I asked my friend to write to me during the semester, but I was too busy to get it. "
He Lianyin thought back to a place to organize the words, "There is a flower bed in the school basketball stand, and you can see a commissary next door to the commissary. By the way, if there is any letter, you can see it on the bulletin board. The front column of the auditorium looks like a bus, and there will be a printed list of recipients. If there is one, you can go to the mail office to receive it."
"Well," Yu Zhou nodded inexplicably. Anyway, there is already a general sign. Just wait and see.
"Even you have a pen pal?" Jiang Chenxi was surprised that this intellectual looks dull and even knows how to make pen pals. What a trend!
"Yes, I tried to communicate with people here when I wanted to transfer here-that classmate was fine and told me everything here. I also think it’s time to meet that classmate and thank her in person."
"Come on," Jiang Chenxi squinted at his tone. "Is it written to write feelings? You’re quite a marketer when you’re young. Where have you been? "
"I really didn’t pass a letter once, but when I replied, it was already transferred here. It is too inconvenient to write a letter. It often takes ten days to receive it once. It will take more than a month for two people to come and go. She is from Hong Kong Island. I think there should be msn. I will ask later. If there is, it will be too convenient to talk directly."
Msn, as its name implies, is a chat tool, which is similar to Tencent qq, but all international balls have accounts to log in to the mailbox. It was established in 1995 four years earlier than qq.
Jiang Chenxi’s face is interesting. "I didn’t think you were quite trendy. How many accounts did you even play with msn?" Go back and add you. "
"Just play is not very well?" Yu Zhou smiled shyly and wrote his account to Jiang Chenxi, and asked several accounts nearby before he said to He Lianyin, "Do you have msn, Yin? Give me your account and I’ll add you. "
“msn?” He Lianyin doesn’t understand "what is that?"
"A chat tool" has been silent. He Lianyin is looking for a topic to join Pakistan. He is so stretched that he can see that his mood is not very beautiful.
"How?" He Lianyin seems very interested in msn.
"The first thing is to apply for an account, and then add people you know or don’t know to the account online, and then you can chat. If there is a network, the message you send will be received by the other party for a few seconds, not only in the world of Hong Kong Island, but also in the Internet and msn," Jiang Chenxi explained
"For example, if you write a letter and click to send it, you can receive it immediately?"
"yes, Xiao Yin’s sister just knows it at a glance."
"Sounds good, but how do I apply for an account?" He Lianyin humbly asks for advice
When it comes to this kind of play, they are still more sophisticated. Jiang Chen is proud of his expression. "The first thing is to have a brain. I remember that Ayin seems to have bought one in his room during the summer vacation. You can ask him to help you apply. Ayin knows that he has applied for an account himself."
"Yes, Yoon’s classmates can study each other if they can’t solve it later." Yu Zhou said smilingly.
"Yes" Jiang Chenxi nodded to He Lianyin and said, "Ah Yin, you will build a discussion group later, and you will not be able to communicate with each other after pulling us all in."
He Lianyin’s face is full of resentment.
Yu Zhou asked Xiao Yin msn account. Xiao Yin didn’t have it. He kept teaching Xiao Yin to apply for an account. Isn’t this an arm turn outward? Help your rival build a bridge of communication?
He Lianyin turned his head and looked at Zhan Ran thoroughly. "Brother, you can help me apply for an account later. It sounds good. By the way, since this is international, should we talk about English or Chinese?"
"Whatever you choose, Chinese and English, we can all understand." Jiang Chenxi expressed great pressure.
He Lianyin was slightly surprised. "You won’t all start in English, will you?"
"That must be. Our four families have been family friends for years. Education is almost the same. Ah Xiao used to get better grades. I didn’t expect to change to Ah Yin now. We were all surprised for a long time. Besides, when my mother saw Ah Yin’s progress, she asked us to go to Ah Yin’s house to write and let us learn from him."
"This is quite good. I think you have a good foundation, but you have fun and studied hard. Your grades should be good."
"No, I don’t. I don’t know them, but I don’t know them. I’d better sleep with my big head. "Jiang Chenxi said that he would lie prone on the table and put on a sleepy look against the desktop.
HeLianYin smile back to talk to poor complexion HeLianYin.
"Elder brother, why don’t you say a word? Isn’t it good when I was studying early? Why are you so quiet and worried now? "
品茶  title="No," he said in a flat tone. "What are girls playing with msn? You’d better stop playing with a bunch of bad people."
"But I want to practice English communication, and you know my English still has weaknesses."
"You can talk to me in English, and then we’ll all talk in English. You can master it after a few more chats."
"Don’t" He Lianyin simply refused her English level, but she hasn’t reached the point where she can communicate freely. If she says something wrong, she will be laughed at. "That’s very awkward. I’d better try chatting on the internet first. Answerno. I can still look it up in the dictionary and try to communicate with you in English."
He Lianyin frown pupil demon evil is obviously not willing to.
"Don’t worry, brain, if there are bad people in your room, you can see them sometimes. Anyway, I’m just learning English. There’s no privacy. You can watch me play if you want."
That’s more like it.
HeLianYin corners of the mouth to wipe a smile "well, I can give you an application, but you can chat in my home situation network"

It was at noon that she saw him with Lome Wei and the little things, and she decided to leave.

Chapter 9 Hug your arms
It seems that all the fragments in my mind can be smoothly connected at the moment. I took the car and rushed to catch the taxi. I called Jiang Han while chasing it. "I don’t care what you do, I will cancel the flight to Frankfurt five days later and buy all the remaining tickets to Frankfurt on the sixth and seventh days. No one is allowed to be stranded."
"Jiang Zong, what are you …" Jiang Han didn’t understand what he was going to do. Jiang Junyue was simply a disguised charter flight, and it was also a two-day wave of money.
"talkative" Jiang Junyue growled and immediately cut off the Bluetooth front glass window and saw the car that had been chasing the taxi tail number. Two cars drove in tandem to the Case Hotel.
Jiang Junyue opened a secret compartment in the car and pulled out a thin steel wire to unlock it. It seems that he hasn’t practiced this kung fu for a long time.
Yeah, I’m rusty on practice tonight.
The night sets off a scene in the field of vision. Everything is like a dream. Lan Jingyi sat quietly in front of the hotel window and fell asleep from childhood. She sat in this position for more than two hours, motionless as a statue.
It seems that she is thinking something, and it seems that she is thinking nothing.
Jiang Junyue’s tall figure also stood quietly in front of the window. From his direction, you can clearly see the woman’s every move diagonally opposite.
But it happened that she didn’t do anything. She just sat there with a clear figure. It was a long time before he could see her face slightly in the darkness of his field of vision.
She has lost a lot of weight. It seems that she is not doing well without him these days.
Lit a cigarette and smoke filled Zhongjiang LaCrosse once again lost in thought. What happened to her for more than a year?
It seems that he is particularly eager to know the truth.
But Lome Wei has not been investigated clearly. Everything has to be the same.
He won’t allow any more mistakes this time.
Suddenly Lan Jingyi got up in the opposite window and ran towards the room with running movement, and soon disappeared, leaving darkness in his sight.
Just Jiang Junyue, when she was asleep and wanted to take action, the light suddenly turned on in the opposite room. Lan Jingyi came to the window with her child in her arms and pulled the curtain. Everything Jiang Junyue saw was going through that curtain.
Looks like the baby woke up. She fed the baby water.
Section 54
Just thinking about that scene and imagining a small mouth holding her milk tightly at the moment, Jiang Junyue will never be calm again.
The physiological energy required him to turn around and rush into the room to wash his hands, strip off his clothes, and pour cold water on the tap for a long time before calming down the desire in his body. When he came out again, the light in the opposite room had been turned off, and there was no such figure in the window. She slept.
Jiang Junyue even smoked two cigarettes before he took out the thin steel wire but didn’t walk through the door. Instead, he opened the window of his room and jumped out lightly. After stepping on the narrow concrete long edges and moving quickly on his toes for more than ten seconds, Jiang Junyue stopped Lan Jingyi’s window and inserted the thin steel wire into the window lock. He gently hooked it and listened to "click". A low-pitched window opened Jiang Junyue neatly and jumped into the window.
A smell of milk came and lured him to the bed quickly. The mother and daughter were sleeping quietly. The little thing was leaning against Lan Jingyi’s chest. It looked so cute like a kitten. Well, it seemed cuter than the one in his small apartment.
He sniffed deeply at the bed, one big and one small, and suddenly his little face fell gently with one hand. The blowing bomb could break the skin, which made him afraid to be heavy. He gently stroked the little face like a feather, remembering the appearance of the little face when he smiled at himself outside the airport, and when she called "Dad, Dad …", the small sample root was exactly the same as his little ancestor.
Are they twins?
When I thought of this possibility for a moment, Jiang Jun was shocked. If the son was born in Lan Jingyi, she couldn’t have given birth to two in such a short time.
God, how did he think of this now?
How much did this woman hide from him? It’s hard to live alone to think of those days when she drank too much every day because of her remarriage.
Jiang Junyue finally looked away from the girl’s little face and fell on Lan Jingyi’s face.
She slept soundly, as if she had cried before falling asleep, and the faint tears made her look a little haggard.
Well, he cried after such a little injustice. What about him?
Don’t you have to cry many times?
Lan Jingyi is all her. If she hadn’t remarried, she really got Liu Wentao’s certificate. He wouldn’t believe her with Liu Wentao, but now that she’s back, she hasn’t lived in Liu Wentao’s house.
More and more doubts are rising, and Jiang Jun’s head is getting more and more painful.
Thinking of that drinking day, he bent over and gently picked up the little thing in her arms that was still asleep, so he would let her abuse him and let her know what regret is in this world.
The little thing is still held by his mother. She doesn’t cry or make trouble. She continues to sleep soundly.
Jiang Junyue’s pace is light and steady. This time, he chose to take the door. After all, he has a little thing in his arms and he doesn’t want to take risks.
But Jiang Junyue took a step and was stopped by mumbling behind him. "Don’t go …"
Jiang Junyue was shocked and didn’t dare to move. Did she wake up?
Lan Jingyi felt that she was dreaming. She seemed to dream of Jiang Junyue. It must be him. The unique cologne mixed with male hormones once fascinated her so much that she felt it as soon as it was close to herself. But what did she smell and feel as if it had drifted elsewhere?
So Lan Jingyi’s consciousness whispers
"Don’t go …" She also called him.
Jiang Junyue looked down at the little thing in her arms. This child is definitely Lan Jingyi’s flesh and blood. He picked up the child. If she wakes up, she can’t be unresponsive. There is a possibility that she is talking in her sleep.
The idea together Jiang Junyue immediately turned around.
Sure enough, the woman in the bed gently closed her eyes and waved her hand in the middle, mumbling his nickname "Don’t go …"
The hand looks so desperate to catch him that he can’t help but feel distressed.
She is even dreaming of his name, so it is so clear at this moment who is in her heart.
Look at the little thing in his arms. He suddenly gave up and made her sad again. He gently put the little thing back to her, but it was such a move. He waved his little hand but grabbed his arm. The little hand trembled slightly and moved away. He quickly touched his big hand and gently held it. "I know it’s you. Don’t go."
桑拿会所The sound was so soft and full of enthusiasm and longing, which led Jiang Junyue to sit beside her involuntarily, and also made him smell stronger and stronger, and she snorted so truly "leaning …"
Jiang Junyue lay down on her side slowly along the strength of that hand.
So a feminine smell swept through his male body.

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!