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The people of Fengyun Alliance have also come, and many people have occupied the border area of El Palanci. The leader is Iron Man, while in the east, Yi Ping leads the elegant guild to fight against blood and ice fox, while in the south, three top ten guild alliances form a new guild alliance-"Snake Tour"! He is composed of three guilds, namely, the Thief of Heaven, the Stab of Heaven and the Immortal of the Fallen World. The head of the fallen vice-president is a thief and a winner. Of course, my old friend, the messenger of God, is still handsome enough. After three turns, he has added a bit of domineering and looks so energetic in broken mail.

On the other hand, there are a group of free men in the north, and many casual players are focused on it. It is really impossible to see it on three sides. The neat flag is not stupid and will not get involved.
Ten meters in front of the bell tower, the players consciously let it out for the simple reason that an old man is sitting in the middle. He is the bell tower keeper-the bell tower guardian! Anyone who wants to enter the bell tower must get his consent. Of course, some people want to fish in troubled waters, but no one has ever succeeded in coming out of the main entrance of the bell tower, but now there are no players in the bell tower and they have all been driven out.
The bell is getting louder and louder, and the old man has been lowering his head as if he were asleep. Suddenly, the old man chimed and immediately got up, accompanied by the players around him, who almost paid attention to the old man.
The old man looked at the huge alarm clock at the top of the bell tower for a while, then looked up at all the players once and announced, "Players can enter the bell tower, but please arrange the order. The order of entry is southeast and northwest, and then enter the lobby on the next floor." The old man said that he left the bell tower gate. People in front heard the old man’s words and knew that the machine entered in order, and the back also learned that the Oriental Yiping led the elegant guild to enter first. After more than 1,000 people entered, the "snake tour" alliance in the south followed, followed by the third, and then the northern freemen
The first floor of the bell tower is very spacious, but it is impossible for so many people to be informed as soon as they enter, such as how to obtain the qualification of artifact.
The first step to obtain the qualification for obtaining the artifact is to reach the fifth floor. The second step is to obtain the’ qualification certificate’ on the way to the fifth floor. The third step is to get the’ qualification certificate’ on the fourth floor, enter the fifth floor, get the bell tower guardian certification, enter the’ life bedroom’ and enter the final competition to win the artifact!’ In this piece of information, when each player enters the bell tower, he sees that the Oriental Yiping immediately ordered the subordinate to "immediately kill the monster on the second floor!" With the command of an elegant guild player, without saying anything about a straight line, the first floor of the stairs was killed by the elegant guild. There were small demons, clock monsters, rotten demons, evil archers and so on. So many players poured in and soon put out the dark fire and blood repellent. Two people took the lead in charging and blood repellent skills, boxing and dark fire [psycho-shock wave], and the rest of the monsters were killed by the elegant guild when they entered the first floor. The second one came in and was surprised to join the ranks of robbers immediately.
Chapter 11 Conspiracy Hope (2)
There has never been a robbery in fairyland, and it has become very common here. Everyone seems to be desperate for the magic that has just been brushed. Anyway, they can get it all, while players with poor physical attack like wizards and priests have been casting magic directly and directly [snowstorm] [thunderbolt] [cross exorcism attack]. The poor magic just died when they were brushed. The third one came in. The iron man and others looked at the first floor of the clock tower and knew that they could not find anything good to eat. They directly set their targets on the third and fourth floors.
From the time they came in, they found that they woke up regardless of the magical things appearing on the roadside, and quickly recruited the thief and said everything. Only then did they remember that it was no wonder that the first one came in and the elegant guild didn’t see anyone, so they had already left the building. Think about it. How to say that the chances of high-level magical things falling out of the’ qualification certificate’ are always greater than those at the lower level.
Three people immediately put a layer of desperately after the magic people congregational recruit, but it also consumed a lot, and the fourth came in, and the number of free people gradually increased. Three people resolutely ordered the congregation to divide into two parts, leaving one third of the people to block the stairs and not waiting for others to wait for the stairs, but they rushed to the building with two thirds of their hands.
Just as I was preparing for the building, I heard a loud voice shouting, "What’s the reason? Why don’t you give it to me?" When I looked back, I saw a man named "It’s too hard to really love you" (rogue three turns). From his good suit, I could see that it was not ordinary people who saw him shouting so hard, and I was afraid that everyone would see that they were going to do it as soon as they saw it, so even if there were more people, it would be impossible to stop so many free people from attacking, so the thief ran to deal with this man.
Speaking of it, it’s too difficult to really love you. Everyone should remember that Biao was a free man, and he was always a loner. My only friend was my elegance, and today he also came to join in the fun. I didn’t expect an alliance person to arrange troops to block the stairs when I came in, so I wanted to make fun of it, but I didn’t expect them to be the first to deal with themselves.
It’s too hard to really love you. At first glance, the bearer turned out to be the president of the top ten clubs. The thief was not surprised but rejoiced. "It’s good to come here to fight today. It’s rare for a big man to come to 300 rounds." Then he rushed over with a strange weapon
The thief head was about to send away this man. When he saw the weapon, he immediately got serious. When he saw it, he didn’t feel straight. The whole weapon gave people the feeling that it was an abstract art with no cutting edge. The only place to attack was that the surface of the weapon was smooth, just like glass. The thief head couldn’t be careless about such a strange weapon. After all, there are more and more weapons in the fairyland, and their functions are getting more and more powerful, just like the thief head’s own weapon’ ground crack’. This is a controllable ground-protruding stabbing weapon to attack others. It is also a symbolic
As soon as the thief’s head comes, the crowd will get out of the way and let the thief’s head face to face with’ It’s too hard to really love you’, regardless of who the thief’s head is. He wants to join in the fun. Before he arrives, he shoots an arrow in one hand. This is a rogue’s professional specialty, which makes archery half weaker than hunters. Although the thief’s head looks at the arrow, it’s fast, but it’s not strong enough. It’s easy to fly the arrow in his hand. When he turns to look at’ It’s too difficult to really This cross assassin is still taller than before, but now it’s not like the thief took out a bottle of purple powder from his arms and threw it to the ground. After it was broken, the bottle of purple powder immediately spread out in the center of the thief’s head. The players around him were not touched by purple powder, but it seems that there was no harm. However, a careful person can tell at a glance that there are actually several piles of purple powder moving in the air, and the thief’s head is cunning and cracked, and his hand presses’ ground crack’ and reads, "Get up!"
Instant seven sharp stab from the flat ground into the piles of purple powder’ It’s too hard to really love you’. It’s so good to hide yourself. The other party is not a mage and a hunter. These professions that can find out the hidden whereabouts should be very safe. I didn’t expect that there should be such a thing. I was at a disadvantage, but after all, players who can act alone like’ It’s too difficult to really love you’ have played a lot in the face of the ultimate BOSS, but they still have a lot of experience in one-on-one combat. Seeing that his figure is looming and the frequency is getting closer and closer, suddenly’ Instantly, like sharp knives, lightsabers collide with the ground thorns from the body, which leads to the direct result that it is too difficult to really love you, and the life value is also reduced by half. However, at first glance, the thief was saved. Except for a little surprise, he immediately launched a second pursuit. At this moment, the thief’s head moved and the thief felt the most alert. He immediately found out that the problem was unconsciously forced by the crowd behind the thief, and at this moment, he was still free. Looking back, the thief head turned out to have gone with the people, but one third of the people left behind were actually held back by a person, and there was a person behind him who looked at himself with a bad face. The thief head knew the disease and a wise man with very little force. Isn’t he in an elegant guild? What’s back here?
Why is the disease here? The answer is very simple: reduce the number of people who are qualified to enter the fifth floor, and the thief head is obviously qualified to enter the person. Of course, he will not let go of the mantra in his mouth. Then the incredible thing happened. A dozen rockets attacked the thief head from the left and another ice arrow attacked the thief head from the right. Is the game setting of Wonderland started? What can cast two spells at the same time? However, it’s not white to return to the thief’s head. I don’t want to be like this. be beheaded is waiting for death. More than a dozen thorns are wrapped in a cage, and rockets, ice arrows and arrows are hitting the thorns and splashing all over the sky.
Chapter XII Conspiracy Hope (3)
The iron man took the congregation to the first and second floors and immediately found that there were a lot of monsters waiting for him. He was very surprised that no one in the elegant guild could see where everyone was. If they’re passing through here, why are there so many monsters? Don’t here magic refresh speed so fast? However, since there are so many monsters, it is possible to get one or two’ qualification certificates’, and it is not necessarily necessary to kill the past along the three-story staircase immediately. Because the clock tower is too long, players come here to train, so they are very familiar with the layout of the clock tower, so they can rush all the way.
The iron man said to the’ troubled times’ behind him, "In troubled times, you take a hundred people here to kill magic things. If there are many people, don’t care if there are few people, will you destroy the white?"
"Gone with the world" nodded and said, "No problem, big brother, don’t worry!"
The iron man soon came to the third-floor intersection and was about to step on the stairs. Suddenly, there was a vibration. The iron man almost became unstable, and his eyes almost popped out. What is there a necromancer here? He used to be an elegant guild ally, but he knew very well that the necromancer was terrible. If the necromancer roots were not arranged, he would not be able to kill the guy, and Reagan couldn’t have sunshine coming in this bell tower. This iron man had a headache, but the necromancer didn’t care whether the iron man had a headache or not. As soon as he saw so many players waving their giant swords in his hands, he rushed over without blinking, and a dozen players in the first row of Fengyun Alliance were resurrected. The iron man bit his teeth and said to another confidant, "You must take 500 players with you." After blocking the necromancer and other large army buildings, you lead him to the second floor. "When the wind and waves sound, what will the white iron man do? It’s nothing for demotion, but after death, he can’t enter the bell tower to compete for artifacts."
The violent wind and waves soon selected 500 thick-skinned anti-height death squads, and took a deep look around the necromancer iron man. The necromancer immediately led the big troops to the third floor.
The wind and the waves retreated to the second floor while surrounding the evil spirits. At this moment, they suddenly changed again. There was a huge roar on the side of the group of people. Bart’s wind rushed over to the wind and the waves, which really frightened me. What happened here? At ordinary times, a top BOSS didn’t see it, but now he ran out and looked at Bart’s stalwart figure. He didn’t recognize that they could resist the two top bosses and said to everyone, "Retreat!" When he said this, the wind and waves first fled to the second floor, but when they heard it, they also ran to the second floor without considering the siege.
On the other side, the fallen world rushed to the second floor with two-thirds of the troops, and saw that the congregation of the scattered clouds alliance was destroying the magic. The other side also looked at themselves from time to time, knowing that these people were staying to delay, and sometimes their numerous troops were not afraid to rush through this group of people to the three-story stairs without running a few steps. Suddenly, a group of people saw that they were in a panic, and it seemed that they had encountered something terrible. They didn’t see clearly which group of people, but they heard the ghost crying behind them and looked back at the fallen world in horror. Although I didn’t know what it was, I could see from the
"Brothers’ qualification certificates are there!" After the fall, the lore and the angel of God first crossed the fall and rushed to Bart’s wind. At the sight of the leader, he immediately recognized it as lore, and secretly sent a group message to inform everyone to disperse, just like a frightened bird. After a while, more than 200 people fled in all directions to take the lead in lore and the angel of God rushed to Bart’s wind regardless of these people.
The angel of God took out a pair of purple-black boxing blades with two hands, and the purple-black blade of the forearm flashed a little strangely, while the killer took out two knives, one with two fingers as slender as bamboo branches, and the other with just the opposite, more than half a meter long and wide, with spikes of different lengths protruding from the broadsword body.
Looking at getting closer to Bart, the angel of Fengshen first rushed straight at the past at a flash speed [throwing at the speed of sound], but now the ability of the angel of God makes this move remarkable. Of course, hundreds of blade fronts are all over Bart’s wind, and the huge figure of Bart’s wind has been abruptly beaten back three steps, and several small holes have appeared, and several hairs have fallen everywhere. This Bart’s wind has angered all the people at the scene with a roar and vibration. Only then do they know that this guy is not simple and immediately turns around and asks behind him’ Renxian Renxian was the vice president before the fall of the world, and he was known for his wisdom. Usually, he didn’t take part in the fight behind him. When he saw the fall of the world, he asked people to come and see the Bart style carefully. Suddenly, he had a brainwave and opened his mouth and said, "It’s broken. This is the top BOSS Bart style, and we have caused a terrible thing."
When the world was called "broken", it was impossible to get out. The lore and the messenger of God were on the front line. "Brothers gather in a lore array!" Immediately, more than 3,000 players rushed out of it, and everyone had a tacit understanding. They stood around the Bart wind and made a small pile for every seven people. Among them, the occupation was also very particular. The martial arts master, the super-magic teacher, the Temple Cross Army God Officer and the two small piles were configured in this way. See the Crusaders of the Temple make [sacrifice] to the knight Lord, and the two God Officers make [Bless the Virgin] to the small group (the damage is halved). [Banxie Array] and a series of auxiliary magic, while the super-care master continuously prepared for [magic increase], resulting in a small attack tower (realized skills) with half a person in front of the creator team of [magic strike], while the martial arts master desperately prepared for [Asura Bahuang Boxing].
More than 3,000 people were divided into more than 400 teams. During the preparation, another 100 players were killed by Bart Wind. Every time Bart Wind beat his chest, a circle of players were killed by Sanda. Bart Wind paced around 10 meters, and players were unstable. Bart Wind called [thundering] and caused a group of people to be seriously injured. If the former generations and others had never seen the so-called top BOSS, it would be a long experience now.
Chapter 13 Conspiracy Hope (4)
The fallen world held up his staff and shouted, "attack! Kill the messenger of God and stand back! " When the two men heard this, they immediately put a boulder in their hearts and a small team stepped out from Bart’s attack range. At this time, the two men finished the spirit when they were just in the tower, and the medicine was almost like pouring water. There were not many bottles left when they quit.
The winner came to the fallen world and said, "That’s amazing. What is this thing?" Looking at a battle novel, the fallen world said, "Bart wind!"
"well! ? What? " The lore and the messenger of God were surprised and stunned. Only then did they sigh, "No wonder it’s so powerful!"
The formation has started to turn. The two-man squad that just received the lore has been destroyed. However, this is still because of the rescue. Every team behind it is like a shield. Bart Wind hits the knight lords in front like a meat wall, and a team is set up in all directions around Bart Wind. The team behind it directly throws the remote skill magic at Bart Wind. Bart Wind is not a necromancer, but it will still hurt him. It is clear to everyone in the skill department that Bart Wind’s health value has been decreasing, and so have others.
Just when Bart’s wind was dead, there was a sudden riot on the periphery of the formation. Looking down the direction, people were making a mess. What happened? They all have such an idea in their hearts.
The angel of God first took a few three-turn full-level players over to check it out and took a closer look. He found a swordsmen chopping the angel of God in the crowd and said angrily, "Who are you?" If it’s not our guild, leave and don’t mess up. "Who knows that the man hacked the players in the team regardless of the words of the messenger of God or went his own way, and specifically hacked the priests, super magic tutors, knight lords and the crusaders. No matter how the formation of the team was immediately disrupted, the messenger of God looked at each other’s roots and no longer said anything, so he wanted to kill this man first.
I believe everyone knows who this man is. How can the necromancer be so easily killed? At the sight of someone coming over and smiling coldly, the ordinary big sword gave off a chill and was the first to bear the brunt. However, when he was alert, he was already late, and he was frozen and could not move. The necromancer gave off a series of gloomy smiles. It sounded as if the nine deep and remote demons sounded and the necromancer swept away. Several teams of players around him were frozen into popsicles, and several people immediately went to the resurrection point.
Behind the fallen world and the lore is to see clearly. This shows that when someone comes to find fault and wants to act, the fairy behind stopped them. "If you are not mistaken, it is the top BOSS necromancer! It seems that we are really not ordinary people. "
The face of death and lore is unbelievable. "Oh, my God, what kind of luck did we hit?"
桑拿论坛※※※※※※※※※※※※ The Iron Man is excited about the third floor, and what he saw is different from the previous one. Now the third floor is full of all kinds of strange plants, but it is clear that these plants are monsters, such as man-eating flowers, vines, banyan monsters, etc. There are countless plant monsters, but these immobile monsters pose no threat to the roots of Iron Man and others. Hundreds of super magic instructors [angels bless] are spreading magic [snowstorm] [meteorite attack] [thunderous strike] against these plant monsters. They should be in front of themselves, but why didn’t they see anyone passing by at all? As if he were that first person to come.
In a short time, a four-story road was cleared, but now I have not got the’ qualification certificate’, so the iron man is not going to get the’ qualification certificate’ on this floor where there is no danger. At this time, the man behind me came and saw that this man was brought by strong winds and waves. He quickly asked, "How is the face?"
The bearer respectfully replied, "President, we have successfully led Bartholomew and the Necromancer to the world. They are besieging Bartholomew and the Necromancer. I believe not yet."
The iron man said happily, "Well, we have plenty of necromancers now, which is not so easy to deal with. We know that the only fear of necromancers is sunshine, but where is the sunshine in this sealed bell tower? Hehe, it seems that they have a headache in the world." The iron man turned to his confidant and said, "You immediately take some people to the fourth floor to see if you find a top BOSS, then lead him to the corner … Do you understand?"
"It’s the president!" With that, the man opened the fourth floor of the road with two hundred players.
At this time, a player rushed over to report that "the president found that BOSS was a type we had never seen before, and it looked like an oak tree. Many of our brothers were killed by him."
"oh? Maybe if we want something, just come to him and let’s go and have a look. "
The iron man came to the BOSS with his hands. Looking around, it really looked like an oak tree. The branches and leaves were very lush, but the attack was oak trees all over Fiona Fang. Dozens of meters of roots were often killed with one blow, even knight lords and holy crusaders. I believe this is the BOSS stunt.
The Iron Man observed for a while and said, "Divide 200 super magic teachers who specialize in fire magic, and bring another 400 Temple Crusaders and 200 God officials super magic teachers [pillars of fire]. Fill this Fiona Fang area with pillars of fire. The Temple Crusaders are ready to make [lay down their lives to attack] go!"
The dispatched people were ready soon, and sure enough, as the iron man expected, the pillar of fire oppressed the roots of the oak tree and never dared to show the ground casually again. At this time, the Temple Crusaders had surrounded the oak tree and the Temple Crusaders, the Oracle, made up their health points.
Iron Man made more than a dozen Temple Crusaders in the front row pounce on the oak tree, emitting pure life light. This is to attack the Temple Crusaders with their own life value. The skill of [attacking for one’s life] kept flashing, and the oak tree was beaten to the left and right, with branches and leaves flying all over the sky.
Looking at the oak tree that has been completely pinned down, the iron man ordered to the people around him, "Prepare a hundred martial arts masters [Asura overlord boxing] to greet him."
The martial arts master fell into a disadvantage after an oak tree, and soon he was unwilling to fall down. At this time, he went to the oak tree and searched it carefully, and then smiled happily because he had found the’ qualification certificate’ he wanted!
Chapter 14 Conspiracy Hope (5)
As soon as the free players on the first floor came in, they were infected by the fierce fighting atmosphere on the first floor. They were chasing monsters everywhere. Looking around, there was a scuffle between people and monsters. Every time a monster was brushed out, less than three or four players jumped in. Players naturally joined in this environment. After more than ten minutes, the players outside entered the first floor of the bell tower. At this time, the ratio of players to monsters was ten to one, and it was impossible for thieves and others to stop the thieves on the second floor. It was even more difficult to be cured and’ really love you’.
The more the thief hits the head, the more anxious he is. At present, the two assassins are as desperate as Saburo, while the wise man draws a sneak attack, which makes the thief in a hurry and looks at the stairs on the first and second floors. A group of cross assassins come out of nowhere. They are all good at sneak attack and will kill their own hands. Mages, waiters and hunters have been assassinated, leaving swordsmen and businessmen, but they will not last long.
The thief shouted at the disease, "You are a member of the elegant guild. Why did you sneak up on me?"
Disease method looked at the dark fire and said to the thief’s head, "This question … I don’t know what. Bye!" Say that finish disease method called a dark fire to leave on the other side of a layer.
It’s too hard to really love you’ When one’s helper is gone, it’s better to secretly measure one’s ability than that of the thief. The thief looked at these two people and didn’t fight. It’s impossible to stop one layer of players and horses with the rest from the second floor to almost the second floor. It seems that the stairs are crowded with people. Take a closer look at these people. What’s going on? The thief immediately sent a message to ask the fallen world and got an answer from the fallen world. The thief was also surprised. How did Bart Wind and the Necromancer get here?
At this time, the fallen world and the immortals are discussing how to eliminate the necromancer and Bart wind. Now it is not a problem for the necromancer to harass Bart wind. The immortals analyzed, "From what we know, we know that the necromancer is afraid of sunshine and there can be no sunshine here, but we have a skill that can emit strong light, but we may have to sacrifice many gods."
The killer asked, "What skills will shine brightly?"
Fairy swept it again, and everyone found that no one spoke before saying, "The special skill of God Officer [Holy Light] has no attack power and will send out a white light attack. The only advantage is that you don’t need to sing about the necromancer and fear the sun. It may be because the necromancer’s attribute is secret, and the magic things usually have light attribute attack methods to cause damage to us. My plan is that a large number of God Officers will draw the necromancer away from the third floor directly, and it is impossible to come back to the necromancer’s building with Bart wind."
After listening to the fallen world, he praised a "good method". At this moment, Renxian went on to say, "The only disadvantage of this is that our attack formation may continue because of the loss of many gods, and the elegant guild and Fengyun Alliance in front of us have already won the third floor, and the subsequent combat power may not be enough for the fallen world president. What do you say?"
The fallen world turned to look at being desperately around the necromancer and Bart’s wind and measured his teeth and said, "Just do it."
At this time, the lore suddenly said, "Actually, can we just go directly if a small number of decoy squads of the official gods prevent the necromancer from distracting him?"
"Well, do that, fairy. You go to separate and complete the team of God Officials. We will immediately prepare the building and listen to the thief’s head. Free players will come soon. After we go, the team of God Officials will lead these two top BOSS to the intersection."
When they finished, they took immediate action. One hundred teams of God officials soon organized and fell into the world, and others eagerly watched the God officials make [sacred light] on the necromancer. Indeed, the necromancer was attacked by [sacred light] and immediately angered and attacked the God officials’ teams. At this moment, thirty formation teams immediately surrounded the Necromancer and fell into the world, and others separated twenty formation teams and trapped Bart Feng, who immediately took the congregation to the third floor.