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I said coldly, "Mo Xun, what are they going to find my mother?"

"Because of me," Wei said lightly.
夜网论坛  title=When he said these three words, the whole atmosphere was bad.
Because he felt that I was with Wei Qingmo for ten days, he wanted to talk to Wei Qingmo, but he had to break away from the agreement between father and daughter and hit his mother.
No2 I’m proud I can’t give you 2 Chapter 34 Mad dog bites people.
I have never really wanted to explore this problem, but now I suddenly understand that many things will not happen unless we don’t think about it.
If i had …
I looked up and leaned against the sofa and said, "If I didn’t want to separate from Mo Xun wholeheartedly, maybe he wouldn’t have made such a moth to Qiao Xue, and they wouldn’t have gone to my mother. All this was the fuse."
Tears flow from the corner of my eyes, and I think more and more sad, more and more sad.
"It’s all because of me"
I’m a little hard to extricate myself. I always want to make excuses for my mistakes and try to lighten my burden.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ _o_m
I can’t make excuses for my mistakes, because my mistakes directly cost me my mother.
Sin is unforgivable!
"Not because of you" reached out with one hand.
I turned my head to look at Wei, and his fingers gently softened my face and wiped my tears.
He said softly, "It’s not because you are soft. Sometimes even if you don’t think so, it doesn’t mean that others won’t think so, and it doesn’t mean that those things won’t happen. There is always a layer between you and Mo Xun, and things will always happen even if there is no me, no you and no such thing."
This is inevitable.
This is inevitable and will happen.
Are you sure?
I shook my head and buried my face in a deep sigh.
Section 141
I don’t know what to think when I talk lightly.
Maybe it’s best not to.
We have finished our milk, and our little eyelids are half covered and half covered, so we are sleepy.
I smiled and raised my hand to touch her face. "It’s so cute. It’s getting cuter and cuter."
"Like you, I will be like you." Wei Qingyi also laughed.
I nunu didn’t answer his words.
Because he won’t do anything during the Chinese New Year, Wei Qingkui personally cooked the food at noon. After eating, he suggested going out for a walk.
I naturally have no objection. I packed my things and went out together.
He drives and I hold mozhu.
All the way to the busy streets of the city, he said while driving carefully, "Mozhu didn’t really buy anything."
I raised my eyebrows to see him wondering, "I …"
These two words have stopped me. He will take care of it. He is bent on having a child.
So I didn’t care about it for so long, and then I had a new moon and Pearl Krabs to take care of me. Although my heart didn’t know what the baby usually wanted.
"Shall we go and buy something for Mozhu?" He laughed
I nodded my head and said "good"
When I got to the pedestrian street, Wei Qingkui called Ada and Pearl Krabs, who were both older and went to the amusement park to play.
Hang up the phone, Wei Qingkui took the ink bamboo and walked into the big shopping mall in front of him and said, "Let’s wait for them first."
This is a luxury shopping mall, and I haven’t been here many times. I came with Qingyang once, but I didn’t buy anything. Wei Qingyi took me to buy a pregnant woman once
The contents are quite expensive.
The second floor of the baby area
The Louwei was so embarrassed that he was familiar with the little mozhu.
My eyes fell on a store and I saw that Wei Qingnian was so big that he was holding a small group of ink bamboo. Suddenly, some people wanted to laugh and felt moved.
That cold face is arrogant and unattainable. President Wei’s holding a child has added some warm colors that make people feel comfortable.
The father’s feeling is very strong, and the accident makes people feel warm!
"Do you want to buy a stroller?" I asked him if he had seen a stroller in the shop.
He followed my eyes and smiled and said "good"
This smile is full of flowers and flowers!
The little girl in the shop immediately blushed and looked at me with envy.
Obviously, the eyes of the two are the same.
That stroller is very high, and it’s just right for me to push it.
The little girl in front of the shopping guide politely said, "This is the most advanced design. The stroller is designed with the concept of comfort, convenience and safety, and the height and bottom can be adjusted at will."
She also demonstrated a
I nodded and raised my eyebrows at Wei. "Did you buy it?"
"Buy" him.
I took my card out of my bag and said "swipe it" to the shopping guide girl.
"Okay, a total of 10,000 yuan. Do you still need to order him?"
"First this" little girl went to swipe her card
I looked back at Wei Qingkui and saw that he had put ink bamboo in his arms and looked at it quite properly.