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I couldn’t help laughing. "This is a good thing."

He has been transferred back to the imperial city, and the troops are not too far from home. Although it is impossible to go home every day, it is normal for him to sit in a high position and be busy at a young age.
I don’t know, but I always feel that he doesn’t seem very happy.
Is there something else to restore this matter?
But before I could ask, Gu Changyu came and asked to see me.
We stopped talking.
Actually, I’m a little surprised that my sister-in-law is in charge of everything at home now, and I’m in charge of eating and sleeping, and she and her sister-in-law have a good relationship, and they have a lot in common. She should talk to her sister-in-law if she has something to do.
I don’t know what she saw me for.
夜生活Ye Xiangyuan and I saw her in a rose suit with a white scarf outside, which made her skin very white.
She was talking to her sister-in-law, and when she saw us, she waved with a smile.
That looks pretty and charming.
I secretly lamented that she was indeed a natural beauty.
It turns out that she brought a lot of tonics.
She took my hand and smiled. "All these herbs have been checked. The doctor said that there is no pair for the kitchen to cook medicinal food for you, which is very good for children."
I looked at some medicinal materials that I have never even heard of. They must be precious, so I thanked her.
Gu Changyu gave a smile to see Ye Xiangyuan. "Ayuan really envies you and your timing."
Sister-in-law said aside, "You and Asun are young, too. You should have one while you can."
Gu Changyu smiled sweetly. "Well, Asun and I decided to have a baby."
I inadvertently swept Ye Xiangyuan, but I saw a flash of sadness in his eyes.
I’m a little dazed.
But his mood flashed by, and I suspected that I was wrong.
Gu Changyu has laughingly held my sister-in-law’s hand and started to talk about children. She said that she wanted to have a daughter, and she wanted to buy a lot of princess skirts for her daughter. She wanted to decorate them in pink and wear wedding dresses …
I envy looking at her.
She is really like an ignorant princess who doesn’t smell like fireworks. She thinks about things every day, about what to eat today and which brand of clothes and bags to buy.
I am also held by my parents. Although I am not as rich as this, I have never suffered anything, but compared with her, I am really like a local girl.
Gu Changyu stayed up late.
Lu Xun came to pick her up after dinner.
He and Ye Xiang stayed in the distant room for a long time.
I felt a little tired, so I went upstairs to rest. Sister-in-law talked with Gu Changyu.
Wait until eleven o’clock in the middle of the night when Ye Xiangyuan returns to her room.
I secretly observed him and felt that he was not in a particularly good mood.
Although his emotions have never been revealed, I somehow managed to spy out some after getting along with him for more than a year.
I thought about it and asked him, "What can I do for you?"
Ye Xiangyuan sat down beside me and said, "I’m going to Africa before I go to the army."
I looked at him in surprise.
He said, "We have been looking for our uncle for several days, but he has disappeared like a pin. Asun and I both think that besides Grandpa, there are other forces to help him. I have to go there myself."
It seems more and more confusing that I wrinkle my eyebrows.
Chapter 195 Fire Boiling Oil
Ye Xiangyuan sighed deeply. "Uncle, my dad and eldest brother all lost their lives because they were too soft-hearted and too upright … knowing that it was a trap, but the country needed it … eldest brother knew that someone had pushed him out, but he was in an emergency … It’s a pity that he was hiding it from me. If I heard the wind, I wouldn’t let him go to venture …"
I looked at him silently.
His face is full of memories. He must have recalled the past.
Brother, they are all really good people, and I can’t help but respect them.
Actually, I also thought that Dad and Uncle Ye would forget it. They are the older generation with high consciousness.
Section 12
And eldest brother, I am a white man in my heart. When he was in his teens, he could keep himself and Ye Xiangyuan, and he taught Ye Xiangyuan so well, and he was able to suppress the foothold … How could such a figure be calculated?
Now I understand that big brother and Ye Dad are both heroes with great hearts, and he is willing to die.
This makes people feel sorry and admire more.
No wonder eldest sister-in-law is obsessed with him.
Nowadays, there are many women who remarry after the husband dies in this society, but the eldest sister-in-law insists on guarding this family and Xiao Jin.
It shows the charm of big brother.
I can’t help squeezing Ye Xiangyuan’s hand and saying, "Then let’s take revenge on our eldest brother."
Ye Xiangyuan said, "I can’t let them sacrifice their country for nothing. If the enemy finally sits in a high position, I will also face to see them."
His eyes are slightly narrowed, and there is perseverance and arrogance in them.
I’m a little scared at this moment when he releases his aura, but I know very well that he must have such courage to keep himself, his sister-in-law and Xiao Jin, including all my followers.
He soothingly touched my face and narrowed his eyes. "I suspect that my uncle didn’t do it, and someone else muddied the water."
I suddenly thought that he and his sister-in-law had said that there were big fish behind the Li family …
Is it right to be formal with those people?
I can’t help worrying.
But I tried to calm myself down when I thought about Ye Xiangyuan.
I am especially glad that he is strong enough, otherwise, how can he fight against those people?
Ye Xiangyuan said, "I don’t know if Grandpa has connected with those people in those days. Is he adding fuel to the flames? I wouldn’t be surprised if it is finally confirmed that he has participated. It is normal for him to be partial to help Teng Jun a long time ago."
A few words are disheartened.
At this moment, although he is still called Grandpa Ye Li, I can hear that there is indifference in his tone, and Ye Li is definitely no longer regarded as a relative.
His face was cold, too
I couldn’t help throwing myself into his arms and hugging his waist tightly. "No, even if he really did something I’m sorry about uncle, you can avenge uncle and them. Besides, he is now locked up and Teng Jun is dead. He wants to protect Ye Sanye, and he will definitely lose it …"
Speaking of which, I became more and more sick of Ye Li.
He will add difficulties to Ye Xiangyuan when he dies. I really want to see what his heart is doing.
In fact, although I comforted Ye Xiangyuan, I thought that Ye Li might really be in collusion with those forces. He personally sent his uncle and them out … This kind of cruelty to his own flesh and blood … It makes me feel creepy to think about it.