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Suddenly, a familiar sound.

"Shen Yanting? ! How do you this "ChuTing unbelievable looking at the man in front of me.
Shen Yanting smiled at her and then directly took her hand into the room.
The student smiled politely at them, then said a merry Christmas and wished them a happy meal, and then retired.
Chuting looked at this table for dinner, steak, candles and red wine.
"How did you get here?"
Shen Yanting pulled her to the table and sat her down. "I want to accompany you for the holidays."
"There is no need for these festivals to be celebrated by little girls."
Shen Yanting smiled gently, "Say how old you are."
Shen Yanting raised his glass "Merry Christmas"
Chuting looked at him from the heart and always picked up the glass and touched it with him.
Merry Christmas …
If she could think more, this sentence came from that population.
She looked up and drank the red wine in one gulp.
A candlelight dinner Shen Yanting chatted with her from time to time.
Chuting heart always didn’t say much. Shen Yanting is the one who is looking for a topic.
桑拿论坛ChuTing heart side head saw him holding a delicate gift box.
"Christmas present, see if you like it."
Chuting heart took it and opened it. It was a set of jewelry with bracelets, necklaces and rings.
Chuting knows this brand in his heart and knows that it is the latest product launched by this brand and it is very popular.
"Why did you send me this? It’s so expensive that I can’t accept it." She will close the box.
"My heart, this is for you. If you don’t want it, you can do whatever you want, but it’s impossible to give it back to me."
"Then thank you, and thank you for the delicious dinner."
Shen Yanting looked at her and her face didn’t smile. He knew she missed that man.
"It’s very busy outside. Why don’t we go out for a walk?"
"No, I’m tired and I’m not in the mood. Thank you, Shen Yanting, for today’s dinner. I like it very much."
Shen Yanting’s eyes slipped a touch of lost color. "I wish you liked it. Since you are tired, go to bed early."
Although Shen Yanting really wants to stay with her all the time, she also knows that some things are urgent.
He waited for her for so long, and so on.
After Shen Yanting went out, Chuting lost his big bed.
I want to sleep, but I just can’t sleep. I look at the man in the photo album with my mobile phone.
He is so dazzling that even if she is so proud, people can’t help being attracted to him.
It turned out that she was, but the woman around him didn’t expect God to play such a big joke on her!
"Ah …"
She tossed and turned her bed and couldn’t sleep!
The bar …
Chu Tingxin is not a person who likes to come to bars for fun, but she can’t sleep, and she is upset, so she just comes to see the bar on Christmas Eve.
Because the atmosphere in the bar is stronger at Christmas, it is a pleasure for men and women to play.
Chuting sat at the bar and drank some wine.
Looking at the middle of the dance floor, the men and women twisted their bodies, and she went over there.
She also danced to the music.
Chuting has a good heart and a good figure, and it is graceful to dance.
Many men’s eyes looked at her side because she was immersed in music and dance and didn’t pay attention.
Suddenly, a man leaned over to her and stretched out his hand to hug her
Chuting heart although a little drunk, but not to recognize people, she hurriedly escape.