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Certa fans sighed, and Luo Bao was annoyed, but Lu Wenbin had already appeared before the ball landed.

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The ball passed through the crowd and flew directly into the goal.
Too close, too fast and blocked by the crowd, goalkeeper Alvarez reacted that he couldn’t come when he saw the ball.
Real Madrid finally made up the shot by Lu Wenbin to equalize the score. The two sides entered the halftime with a score of 22.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
Certa, who led twice and was equalized twice, finally lost confidence. The players probably thought that they could not win Real Madrid no matter how hard they fought.
A little bit unlucky. Certa shot three times in the range of the door frame at halftime and failed to score.
In the end, Real Madrid scored a goal by Lu Wenbin and Marcelo at half-time and won 42 away games.
Although this score and the away goal can’t be said that there is no suspense in the second round, the chances of Certa’s comeback are also very low
After all, the second leg is held at the Bernabeu, the home of Real Madrid, and Real Madrid still has the advantage of total score and away goal, which can be turned over by Certa. It is simply unimaginable.
After playing the King’s Cup, Real Madrid away to Valladolid in the 15th round of La Liga on December 1st.
Although we are two games away from tying A Milan’s unbeaten record of five Serie A games, Mourinho dare not send the main force to this league.
On the one hand, it is only three days before a game, and on the other hand, it is three days before a World Club Cup competition.
It’s an away game, and the World Club Cup is going to fly to Asia Day, and it’s necessary to jet lag and lure the six-time champion to confuse Mourinho. Obviously, he has to protect the team’s World Club Cup fighting capacity.
Therefore, Mourinho almost sent substitutes in this league, with casillas and Lu Wenbin as the regular main players to start.
It’s more difficult for Real Madrid to play this game when the substitute team is away.
After the first 14 rounds, Valladolid ranked seventh in the middle reaches, and the strength of the team was not very weak.
桑拿按摩In the 21st minute, Lu Wenbin made a quick counterattack in the away game against Real Madrid. After hitting the wall with Kaka, he took the ball to the opponent’s half-court, and then passed a central defender’s long-range shot through the forbidden zone line through his own personal skills.
Lu Wenbin scored the first goal of Real Madrid and took a 1-0 lead away from home.
But instead of waiting for the second goal, Real Madrid waited for the other team’s goal.
In the fourth minute, Real Madrid’s goal was broken by the opponent. Valladolid put the ball into the forbidden area through a wonderful cooperation, and their striker Gralow scored a goal to equalize the score.
The two sides entered the locker room with 11 points.
After a 15-minute break, the two sides exchanged sides and fought again.
In the 63rd minute of the half-time, Valladolid also helped Real Madrid to make a strange mistake in the backcourt. Oscar broke the ball in their front waist and directly hit back.
Valladolid overtook the score
This Real Madrid is in a hurry.
Although he wants to win six championships, Mourinho doesn’t want to give up the unbeaten record of five major leagues in close proximity.
In the 6th minute, Mourinho changed Ronaldinho and Alonso one after another to strengthen the attack.
Finally, in the second minute, Real Madrid was assisted by Alonso to find Higuain and scored a goal to equalize the score.
This is the last goal of the game.
The two sides tied 22 in 9 minutes, and Real Madrid finally kept its unbeaten record in La Liga, extending to 57 games, only one game away from A Milan, and Lu Wenbin’s continuous scoring record in La Liga also expanded to 12 games.
Chapter 617 Advance into the World Club Cup Final
After playing the Valladolid League, Real Madrid quickly boarded a plane and flew to the Champions League in Japan to prepare for the 2012 World Club Cup.
The World Club Cup is the first tournament sponsored by FIFA and attended by top teams from six continents for 25 years.
The World Club Cup is the highest-level tournament champion at the world club level and can be called the world champion.
Of course, the gold content is worse than the Champions League. It is more than just a warm-up match.
The predecessor of the World Club Cup was the Toyota Cup in 1991, and then the Intercontinental Cup began in 1996.
Because of the inconvenient transportation and the low importance of the Intercontinental Cup at that time, many teams were reluctant to go back and forth to play the Intercontinental Cup, which affected their teams’ normal competition or preparation, resulting in the interruption of many events and failed to hold successfully.
However, with the development of modern football and convenient transportation, everyone has begun to pay attention to a championship.
After all, it’s good to have one more title.
Especially this year, Real Madrid will win the World Club Cup, which will make it the sixth champion of the year in 2012. This is a unprecedented super grand slam in world football, and we must pay attention to it.
Therefore, the plane to Japan is not only the Real Madrid team and coaches, team doctors, workers and florentino and other club executives.
In fact, this year’s World Club Cup has already started because there are still teams that need to play qualifiers, quarter-finals and so on.
There are seven teams participating in the 2012 World Club Cup, namely, Real Madrid, the champion of the 211212 Champions League, Corinti An, the champion of the 212 AFC Champions League, Ulsan Hyundai, the champion of the 2012 African Champions League, Al Ahli, the champion of the 211212 Central American Caribbean Champions League, Monterey, the champion of the 211212 Oceania Champions League, and Hiroshima, the champion of the 2012 J League.
Because the football level in Europe and South America is too high and the number of teams is not enough, Real Madrid and Corinti Ann directly entered the semi-finals
The remaining five teams, Hiroshima Three Arrows, played the qualifying match with Auckland City first. On December 6, Hiroshima Three Arrows won the home court advantage and beat Auckland City to enter the quarter-finals. Auckland City became the seventh place in the World Club Cup.
On December 9th, two quarterfinals were held by Hiroshima Three Arrows vs Al Ahli, Ulsan Hyundai vs Monterrey.
The final result of the competition was that Hiroshima lost to the African champion Al Ahli Ulsan Hyundai 13 and lost to the Central and North American champion Monterrey.
The elimination of two Asian teams proves the low level of Asian football from the side.
Al Ahli and Monterrey entered the semi-finals and will play semi-finals with Real Madrid and Corinti Ann.
The former Ulsan Hyundai and Hiroshima Sanjian first competed for five or six places.
Finally, Hiroshima Three Arrows 32 Lectra Ulsan Hyundai won the fifth place and Ulsan Hyundai won the sixth place in the World Club Cup.
Then there is the semi-final, and the European champion and South American champion with the highest football level have appeared one after another.
The first is the South American champion Corinti Ann competition.
On December 12th, Toyota Stadium Corinti An beat African champion Al Ahli 1 to advance to the final.
Then it’s Real Madrid’s turn to play. Their opponent is Monterey, the champion of Central and North America.
At 19:3 pm local time on December 13th, Japan, the second semi-final match of Real Madrid vs Monterrey 2012 World Club Cup officially started at Yokohama International Arena.
Although it was a semi-final opponent and an unknown team from Central and North America, the game was broadcast by dozens of countries.