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According to Lujia servant’s reaction, Lu Shasha was turned away from Lujia several times. Later, for unknown reasons, Lu Siyuan finally agreed to let her talk alone in his room.

Who knows what was said in the father and daughter’s room, but it is certain that Lu Shasha has entered Liu Siyuan’s room, so she has a great opportunity to poison the motive, which is even more obvious.
If Lu Shasha and the army are not Lujia bloodlines, Lu Siyuan tried his best to force Xia Wanzhen to divorce. If Lu Siyuan died at this time, Lu Shasha and the army would not be driven out of Lujia!
Of course, there are still many loopholes in this, but it is this seemingly naive and vicious wrist that is more in line with Lu Shasha’s IQ and behavior
Lu Shasha has also been to a nursing home to inquire for Xia Xue, and then she left because of how her box of poisonous incense atmosphere was placed in the living room of Xia Xue. Robin is the most suspected when he needs to be interrogated, and the truth will soon come out.
Hearing the case analysis, Xia Xue broke out in a cold sweat. If it wasn’t the right time, she rushed to the hospital to visit the sick Han Xiao and went directly to the military hospital for fear of being infected by Han Xiao. The consequences were really serious.
Even if the air quality is measured once every two days in a nursing home, if it is difficult for her to inhale the poisonous fragrance there at that time, whether she will be okay is still open to question, but the fetus in her womb must be in danger!
I’m so lucky to think of this! Xia Xue held his hand tightly over his abdomen, feeling a little nervous.
Lizhenyu has been with Xia Xue. He knows that she needs his company, comfort and protection at this time. He takes her in his arms and lets her relax. He half-jokingly tunnel "It seems that we both want to thank Han Xiao! If it weren’t for her, things would be really tricky! "
If Xia Xue inhales poisonous fragrance, whether the fetus is affected or not, then whether they choose to keep the child will become the most headache and tangled thing for them.
"God bless! Fortunately, it’s okay! All this is arranged by God! " Xia Xue will cheek by Li Zhenyu chest mumbling tunnel "what what lu sasha to be so vicious! Even if Lu Siyuan is not her biological father, how can she be so cruel when she is brought up as a child? And I broke up with Wu Tianyou a long time ago, and there was no conflict of interest with her. She just bit me and insisted on killing me! And Mr Luo … I really have to understand him … "
Lu Yuanhang has told Li Zhenyu about the pro-appraisal, and Xia Xue also knows that the army and Lu Shasha are not the secret of Liu Siyuan’s own flesh and blood.
"The police have arrested and tried Luo Bin, and the results will soon be available!" Li Zhenyu comforted Xia Xue, but his eyes were cold and his mouth was bloody and violent. This time he would not let go of those little people who dared to hurt Xia Xue and her fetus. He must make them pay the price of blood!
"Haha, Lu Siyuan is dying!" Lu Sasha walked into the intensive care unit with a smirk on her face.
Xia Wanzhen, who was feeding the army porridge, turned her head. On the contrary, she was a little worried. She handed the porridge bowl to the army and turned to Lu Shasha and said, "Don’t be busy being happy yet. Why do I always feel that my eyelids are pounding like there is some ominous sign!"
"Maybe Lu Siyuan is dying!" Sasha Lu is refreshed. She thinks that she is doing it unnoticed. It is perfect. "If he dies, even if Yuanhang Lu pokes me and the army out of the Lujia bloodline, we will still be Lujia heirs! I learned this legal knowledge in college! "
Four-year college is not only about Wu Tianyou, but also about her knowledge and flexibility.
桑拿按摩The army has learned from Xia Wanzhen and Lu Shasha that he and Lu Shasha are not from the Lujia bloodline. Today, he still accepts that the whole person is in a state of ignorance, decadence and wilting. He was once the second young master of Lujia, who was loved by a rich family. This suddenly became a bastard with unknown biological father, so that he could accept it.
Although he has just returned from the ghost gate, he will be greatly weakened because he needs lifelong medicine for kidney transplantation. He is no longer the boy with strong blood. He has become a sick plant and the second half of his life will have to deal with medicine cans, so his spirit has fallen sharply and he has lost his mind. The whole person is in a state of ignorance.
At this time, the army was surprised to hear that Liu Siyuan was dying. "Dad is dying! What happened! "
"You are sick and have a silly brain! Whose father is he? " Lu Sasha spat contemptuously cold hum a way "not to tell you! This vicious old thing froze all your medical care! If I hadn’t sold the jewelry God gave me, you would have turned into a pile of ashes! "
"bah!" Xia Wanzhen hurriedly spit said unlucky "don’t say these unlucky words! What becomes ashes and spits! "
"Spit what!" Lu Sasha is proud and very proud. She feels very clever. "Isn’t it not dead?" All because of me! I saved the army! "
She took all the credit unceremoniously to herself, but Lu Yuanhang tried to offend Lu Siyuan for doing kidney transplant surgery for the army. She said that if she hadn’t handed in medical treatment herself, the army would not be able to perform surgery, let alone continue treatment.
This really brought Xia Wanzhen and the army gratitude and respect. Lu Shasha enjoyed this feeling of being valued very much, and the news that Liu Siyuan was dying brought her more joy and hope than feeling that her horse was about to turn over.
"Mom is always a little worried about what happened to you? Is it reliable? " Xia Wanzhen still feels wrong. She can’t help but wake up. "Lujia can’t be found out by Liu Siyuan’s death …"
"No!" Lu Shasha proudly showed off with a wave of his hand, "I will never be found unnoticed …"
I haven’t finished yet! The door of the intensive care unit was knocked down vigorously and three or four deputy armed policemen came in. Before striding, they flashed their arrest warrants with a bad look.
"Sasha lu you were arrested for two murders! Please go to the police station for review! "
Xia Wanzhen was so scared that she almost fell down. She had just been released from the police station and it didn’t take long for her daughter to be arrested again. If you don’t let her lose heart and soul, "you … you are mistaken! Sasha … How is it possible … How is it possible to be suspected of two murders … "At most, together! She braced herself and asked, "You must be mistaken! Sasha can’t kill anyone! My daughter, I know her! Someone must have deliberately planted her! "
"I didn’t kill anyone!" Lu Sasha also panicked. She did it herself. I didn’t expect to be discovered so soon. She hurriedly grabbed Xia Wanzhen’s arm tightly and brought it into tears. "Mom, help me! You always have the best way! Help me! "
Xia Wanzhen repented. She should have thought that this daughter’s IQ is not high, but how could it be so difficult for her to do things that are covered up by criminals? She should have asked how she got rid of Liu Siyuan instead of taking chances … "Sasha, they said you were suspected of two murders. What’s going on here? You tell mom! I also have a good idea! "
Sasha Lu is also regretful. She should tell Xia Wanzhen everything she has done, so that Xia Wanzhen can help herself analyze and prevent even if there are loopholes. Because she is too confident, the result falls to the present point. "Mom, the Lu family deliberately set me up! I didn’t murder! And … and Xia Xue, she framed me. I didn’t … "
"…" Xia Wanzhen gasped at Lu Shasha with beautiful eyes wide open in disbelief. She had loosened her hand and asked in a trembling voice, "Xia Xue … you … how did you treat Xia Xue … with her hand …"
Lu Sasha was anxious and angry. "Hey, you are clear now! It’s me who’s in trouble! I can’t believe you sympathize with Xia Xue and blame me! I am your own daughter! Now that she has climbed high, she will disown you as a mother Now you have to help me, do you hear me? Help me! "
Xia Wanzhen didn’t seem to hear her now am utterly confused muttered "what did I do evil! God punish me alone! What ….. What torments me like this! First my son was seriously ill, and now my two daughters have become sworn enemies! Xia Xue … Xia Xue is pregnant. If she … She has an accident … "
"Mom, you have to save me! Don’t forget that I saved you from the police station. You must save me this time! " Lu Shasha has been handcuffed and dragged to the door of the ward. She kept turning her head and crying for help to Xia Wanzhen. "Mom, you have to save me!"
"Sasha!" Xia Wanzhen rushed to hold Lu Shasha but was fended off by a policeman.
"Please don’t interfere with our execution!" The police pushed Xia Wanzhen away until Lu Shasha was dragged out of the ward and they left together.
The army struggled to get out of the hospital bed but slumped on the floor.
"JunJun how do you get into bed! Go to bed quickly! " Xia Wanzhen was busy helping her son to shed tears. "Now you don’t want anything to go wrong. What should your mother do?"
The army looked sad and said, "What if Sasha is arrested?"! If she really poisoned dad … she will be sentenced to death! "
The murder of Liu Siyuan is different from Xia Wanzhen’s attempted murder of Zhang Peng. Lu Jia will not spare Lu Shasha. She is dead!
"What should I do? What should I do! " All the IQs of Xia Wanzhen’s Six Gods have flown to the claw land! In a hurry, she couldn’t think of a way at all.
The army also calm down next to wake up, "Xia Xue is dead? If she is not dead, you can ask her for help. After all, you gave birth to her. Can’t you ask her to help you once? "
A word woke the dreamer Xia Wanzhen with a clap of his hands and said, "Yes! And Xia Xue! I hope nothing will happen to Xia Xue! I’ll go out and ask around! Look at her! "
When Sasha Lu was taken into the police station, she saw Robin. Her heart thumped. It turned out that Robin was caught before her! A round of the water eyes has decided not to recognise!
"Miss Lu, you asked Luo Bin to hand it over to Miss Xia. The incense box contains highly toxic volatile substances suspected of intentional murder. Please truthfully explain the motive of the crime!" An interrogator seriously said
Lu Sasha has long been ready to deny, desperate not to recognise the stacks of grievances. "No! I never hurt anyone! I asked Mr. Luo to give the fragrance to Sister Xia Xue, but it’s not poisonous! Why should I poison! If it’s really poisonous, it’s Robin! " Fine fine jade refers to poking Robin and framing him without hesitation.
Robin was surprised to see Sasha Lu busy pleaded, "Miss Lu, please don’t be a dirty lie! I have a grudge against Miss Xia. Why should I poison her? "
"How should I know!" Lu Sasha turned supercilious look and said, "Maybe when did she offend you? Or is it because she sees that you are handsome and your private courtship is not successful? "
"…" Indeed as expected very strong thinking ability Luo Bin at that time the language.
Interrogators can’t see the past and knocked on the table to wake up. "Miss Lu, according to our police, you and Xia Xue used to be rivals in love. They were very cold. When you went to a nursing home to send fragrance to Miss Xia Xue, she wouldn’t allow you to go in and shut you out! That’s why you asked Mr. Luo Bin to hand over the gift, and you repeatedly told him not to tell Miss Xia to let her smell the fragrance for a few more days before telling her! These details fully say that you are the most suspected of poisoning! "
Section 163
It turns out that Luo Bin said everything! Lu Sasha felt very bad, but her heart was lucky enough to decide not to admit that she was crying out "You can think as you like!" I didn’t hurt anyone anyway! I wanted to give Sister Xia Xue a gift, but she refused to appreciate it. She told Robin not to tell her first for fear that she would throw it away! That’s it! I won’t admit it if you insist on accusing me of killing people! "
See lu sasha killed don’t let go of a few interrogators seem to also have no way they exchanged a look and turned to a question "tell me about your room to your father Mr Liu Siyuan also put a poisonous fragrance atmosphere things …"
"I wronged! There is no shadow at all! " Where is Lu Shasha willing to admit that her hands are decent? The fan cries out louder. "This must be someone’s false flattery! Seeing that my father was dying, he framed me and tried to embezzle my father’s inheritance! For example, my uncle’s family has long looked at our mother and three children, and they want to seize our family property by taking this opportunity to frame them up! If you want me to say that my uncle’s family is the key suspect, you should also check them! "
A little dazed by Lu Shasha’s powerful reasoning, an interrogator woke up and said, "But your fingerprints are on the incense box!"