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In fact, although Lin Yashi avoided it, her royal bag from Y country easily betrayed her!

It doesn’t take a moment for those divination women to open this matter in the communication tool of Mu’s regimental headquarters!
桑拿会所Lin Ya stepped out of the ladder and quickly went to the parking area.
Coincidentally, there must be a car next to her car next to the parking space
When the car stopped, Tang Ying opened the door and got out of the car.
Three or two steps walked to the front of Lin Ya, raised his hand, took off his face and sunglasses, and looked angrily at Lin Yadao. "It’s a narrow way to go!"
Lin Ya smiled and did not intend to speak.
After listening to Tang Ying, she added, "Miss Lin took that land for twenty-two million dollars!"
Lin Ya tugged at the corner of her mouth and said, "I’m flattered. I still want to thank Miss Tang this time. If it weren’t for Miss Tang, how could she quit so smoothly?"
Tang Ying hates to grind her teeth!
Remembering that paper was shaken by Lin Ya, she felt like a time bomb! I dare not say anything more to this woman. She turned and left!
When Muchuan came over, he saw that the woman’s mouth was smiling.
The man frowned and opened the door and said, "Let’s go."
About twenty minutes later, the driver drove to his destination.
Lin Yayuan planned to wait for the man to go in before getting out of the car.
But that guy came by after he got out of the car, and he opened the door to signal her to come.
Lin Ya’s head is tilted and he doesn’t want to take a reason. He can turn his head and instantly see someone coming at the door of the hotel!
Get out of the car with a grind.
Since it is a celebration dinner, it is inevitable that there will be no drinking at the dinner table, especially for her or the protagonist tonight.
After six drinks in a row, Lin Ya was a little overwhelmed. Drinking is not her strong suit.
She put the foot of the table on Muchuan and hoped that his hero would save the United States.
But this man doesn’t know what’s going on tonight. He’s not a gentleman at all! Leng leng made her drink seven more cups before she started to help her save the scene!
At that time, Lin Ya’s head was already confused, and his stomach was as uncomfortable as a thread.
Section 142
Staggered up. "You eat me first and I’ll wash my hands."
Muchuan eyebrows slightly wrinkled up and went out to hold her at the door.
Lin Ya walked forward with her head down and vain, and bumped into a person in a daze.
Muchuan lifted her eyes and wanted to help her apologize. The man’s eyes touched instantly and somehow felt deja vu!
Then the picture popped up in his mind.
Chyi Yu, Tang Wan and … Liu Yuan! Lin Ya seemed to realize that she had hit someone and tried to lift her heavy head and apologize.
Muchuan’s eyes sank, then his arms tightened and he took the woman to health.
It was rude to leave with the woman in a hurry without saying sorry.
Sanitary Lin Ya threw up there and then went out to wash her face.
Did the cold water touch the skin make her tremble a little or failed to make her conscious of chaos?
Muchuan walked over and grabbed her and asked, "Are you ready?"
Lin Ya struggled to turn around and lean against the sink to raise my hand and rub the eyebrows.