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Chapter 6 Substitution Competition

He Lianyin ignored Yu Zhou’s eyes.
Yu Zhou scratched his head.
"Good morning" He Lianyin nodded in the boat, and the sun shone on her hair, reflecting a bright halo. Her mouth was slightly beautiful and dazzling.
Yu Zhou one leng also smiled "Yin classmate I ask you a question"
"Okay, you ask."
"Where is the letter office in our school? I asked my friend to write to me during the semester, but I was too busy to get it. "
He Lianyin thought back to a place to organize the words, "There is a flower bed in the school basketball stand, and you can see a commissary next door to the commissary. By the way, if there is any letter, you can see it on the bulletin board. The front column of the auditorium looks like a bus, and there will be a printed list of recipients. If there is one, you can go to the mail office to receive it."
"Well," Yu Zhou nodded inexplicably. Anyway, there is already a general sign. Just wait and see.
"Even you have a pen pal?" Jiang Chenxi was surprised that this intellectual looks dull and even knows how to make pen pals. What a trend!
"Yes, I tried to communicate with people here when I wanted to transfer here-that classmate was fine and told me everything here. I also think it’s time to meet that classmate and thank her in person."
"Come on," Jiang Chenxi squinted at his tone. "Is it written to write feelings? You’re quite a marketer when you’re young. Where have you been? "
"I really didn’t pass a letter once, but when I replied, it was already transferred here. It is too inconvenient to write a letter. It often takes ten days to receive it once. It will take more than a month for two people to come and go. She is from Hong Kong Island. I think there should be msn. I will ask later. If there is, it will be too convenient to talk directly."
Msn, as its name implies, is a chat tool, which is similar to Tencent qq, but all international balls have accounts to log in to the mailbox. It was established in 1995 four years earlier than qq.
Jiang Chenxi’s face is interesting. "I didn’t think you were quite trendy. How many accounts did you even play with msn?" Go back and add you. "
"Just play is not very well?" Yu Zhou smiled shyly and wrote his account to Jiang Chenxi, and asked several accounts nearby before he said to He Lianyin, "Do you have msn, Yin? Give me your account and I’ll add you. "
“msn?” He Lianyin doesn’t understand "what is that?"
"A chat tool" has been silent. He Lianyin is looking for a topic to join Pakistan. He is so stretched that he can see that his mood is not very beautiful.
"How?" He Lianyin seems very interested in msn.
"The first thing is to apply for an account, and then add people you know or don’t know to the account online, and then you can chat. If there is a network, the message you send will be received by the other party for a few seconds, not only in the world of Hong Kong Island, but also in the Internet and msn," Jiang Chenxi explained
"For example, if you write a letter and click to send it, you can receive it immediately?"
"yes, Xiao Yin’s sister just knows it at a glance."
"Sounds good, but how do I apply for an account?" He Lianyin humbly asks for advice
When it comes to this kind of play, they are still more sophisticated. Jiang Chen is proud of his expression. "The first thing is to have a brain. I remember that Ayin seems to have bought one in his room during the summer vacation. You can ask him to help you apply. Ayin knows that he has applied for an account himself."
"Yes, Yoon’s classmates can study each other if they can’t solve it later." Yu Zhou said smilingly.
"Yes" Jiang Chenxi nodded to He Lianyin and said, "Ah Yin, you will build a discussion group later, and you will not be able to communicate with each other after pulling us all in."
He Lianyin’s face is full of resentment.
Yu Zhou asked Xiao Yin msn account. Xiao Yin didn’t have it. He kept teaching Xiao Yin to apply for an account. Isn’t this an arm turn outward? Help your rival build a bridge of communication?
He Lianyin turned his head and looked at Zhan Ran thoroughly. "Brother, you can help me apply for an account later. It sounds good. By the way, since this is international, should we talk about English or Chinese?"
"Whatever you choose, Chinese and English, we can all understand." Jiang Chenxi expressed great pressure.
He Lianyin was slightly surprised. "You won’t all start in English, will you?"
"That must be. Our four families have been family friends for years. Education is almost the same. Ah Xiao used to get better grades. I didn’t expect to change to Ah Yin now. We were all surprised for a long time. Besides, when my mother saw Ah Yin’s progress, she asked us to go to Ah Yin’s house to write and let us learn from him."
"This is quite good. I think you have a good foundation, but you have fun and studied hard. Your grades should be good."
"No, I don’t. I don’t know them, but I don’t know them. I’d better sleep with my big head. "Jiang Chenxi said that he would lie prone on the table and put on a sleepy look against the desktop.
HeLianYin smile back to talk to poor complexion HeLianYin.
"Elder brother, why don’t you say a word? Isn’t it good when I was studying early? Why are you so quiet and worried now? "
品茶  title="No," he said in a flat tone. "What are girls playing with msn? You’d better stop playing with a bunch of bad people."
"But I want to practice English communication, and you know my English still has weaknesses."
"You can talk to me in English, and then we’ll all talk in English. You can master it after a few more chats."
"Don’t" He Lianyin simply refused her English level, but she hasn’t reached the point where she can communicate freely. If she says something wrong, she will be laughed at. "That’s very awkward. I’d better try chatting on the internet first. Answerno. I can still look it up in the dictionary and try to communicate with you in English."
He Lianyin frown pupil demon evil is obviously not willing to.
"Don’t worry, brain, if there are bad people in your room, you can see them sometimes. Anyway, I’m just learning English. There’s no privacy. You can watch me play if you want."
That’s more like it.
HeLianYin corners of the mouth to wipe a smile "well, I can give you an application, but you can chat in my home situation network"