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"Happy New Year, Mr. Jiang" is striking midnight, which will be the most unforgettable but the last thing she wants to remember in her life. Firecrackers, firecrackers and fireworks are so beautiful, but she doesn’t feel it.

"Thank you" Jiang Junyue walked politely and politely through the small corner door of the community, holding Lan Jingyi in his arms and walking quickly to the front of the apartment.
There is no way to compare the pace with driving, but her car is restless, and he can carry her home like this
It was finally time for Jiang Junyue to breathe a sigh of relief when he walked into the ladder. Lan Jingyi stumbled into the washing ear as soon as he earned it, and heard the water trickling in his hands and the looming shape. Jiang Junyue just pulled out a cigarette and lit it and walked into the dark balcony. He smoked one after another, but when he looked back, the woman was still bathing.
How long does she have to wash it? This washing method will wash the peeling.
I can’t worry anymore. Jiang Junyue put out the cigarette and then quickly walked to the bathroom door and reached for the sliding door. But the door was locked inside Lan Jingyi, and her heart was pulled into a ball. When did she torture herself? She was touched by other men. Although she felt uncomfortable, it was not a big thing. It was the 21st century, was it?
He can pretend that he doesn’t know anything. Why should she care?
"Lan Jingyi, open the door or I’ll burst it open." I don’t worry about it. I don’t worry about it. She has been washing it for too long. Through the mosaic glass, he can’t tell if she is moving water, except water or water. He is flustered
Lan Jing Yili leaned against the edge of the sink. If there was no sink to support her body, she would have fallen down.
After taking a cold bath for more than an hour, the unbearable feeling in her body is fading away quietly, but she is cold, cold, cold and bone marrow.
It was she who dropped the small brush on the floor. I don’t know how many times the small brush has been brushed over her body, but she still feels dirty, as if the mark left by the masked man’s lips and hands has gone deep into her flesh.
The scratches left when the car was lost have long been brushed red and fresh by her small brush. It’s a bit horrible, but she still feels dirty.
Accompanied by cold, it’s pain, pain after brushing, pain after scraping, all of which swept through her, and her will could not be supported any more, and she was going to fall down.
"Yi Yi, you open the door." Jiang Junyue was in a hurry and his body had slammed into a bathroom door. He she fainted inside.
Lan Jingyi tried to move his body and clumsily turned the tap, then said softly, "I don’t want to see you when you go out."
"Yi Yi is over. It’s okay. We’re going home." Where is Jiang Junyue willing to go? He doesn’t trust her.
"I told you to get out. Do you hear me? I won’t get out of the bathroom until you leave." She growled hoarsely, and people were on the verge of collapse.
"Well, I’ll go out now. You come out and go to bed and sleep, and everything will be fine when you wake up." He said softly, and then he really stepped back step by step. How can he make her accept herself instead of resisting it?
When the door opened, Jiang Junyue went out and didn’t want her to stay in the bathroom. She was bruised and washed by water for so long, and she must have been soaked and swollen, but he couldn’t help her.
Lan Jingyi made up her mind to stumble to the bathroom door after hearing the sound of the door opening, and carefully opened the door from the crack of the door to make sure that the man was really out of time, and then she slowly staggered out.
She went into the bedroom and wrapped herself in a pajamas, but when she looked at the big bed in front of her, she couldn’t lie down. She felt that her body was still dirty, and she didn’t want to dye it. She and Jiang Junyue had sex for the first time.
Staggered into the living room, Lan Jingyi directly locked the door, not because she didn’t want to see him, but because she didn’t dare to see Jiang Junyue.
Sitting curled up on the carpet and leaning against the cold wall, Lan Jingyi closed her eyes like a ghost and rested in the corner of the living room.
The sound of firecrackers sounded vaguely in my ears for the New Year, but she really had a hard New Year.
Jiang Junyue worried and stayed outside the door. He really didn’t want to scare her. Just wait a little longer.
I waited and walked over to open the door, and the password was pressed correctly, but he couldn’t open the door. Lan Jingyi locked it inside.
Is that why you don’t want to see him?
Mo, his eyes stopped at the door of the next room and his hand hit his head. He forgot that he had the door code of the small apartment.
Gently press the password door "click" and Jiang Junyue opened. This just picked up the car outside the community and the whereabouts of those people. Jiang Han communicated once again.
Just hang up and rang immediately. Jiang Junyue looked down and saw that it was Cheng Qingyang’s number. He picked up the light way, "I’ll handle it myself after I’ve found it. I don’t need your intervention." Thinking about everything that might happen in Lan Jingyi’s body, Jiang Junyue didn’t want outsiders to know that she had been unbearable and didn’t want to leave a shadow in her back, and she was not allowed to know about it.
"The bigger the Chinese New Year, are you sure you can mobilize people? I’m just idle to panic. Even if you give them something to do, otherwise they’ll be idle to have long hair. "Cheng Qingyang pleaded with him about Jiang Junyue, and he didn’t want to give up, but he had to manage it to the end.
"If I say no, how many times have I said it? Call me Jiang Junyue." "Pa" Hang up directly and say one more word to Cheng Qingyang. He is tired of it.
Lan Jingyi was sitting on the carpet in a daze, but the unbearable feeling in her body has been weakened by cold water, but now there are clusters of flames in her blood, and she doesn’t know what to do.
The firecrackers outside have changed from enthusiastic to intermittent, and everyone who keeps watch for the birthday has quietly gone to sleep, but she is no longer sleepy. At this time, I really want to have someone to accompany me, Qin Qin and Zhuang Zhuang, or that man, but she is so afraid to see Jiang Junyue.
Ear suddenly sounded a "click" sound, although slight, but still let her capture the consciousness. Looking up at the past, she froze and her mouth became an O-shaped "tilting you … you …" She first looked at Jiang Junyue and then swept to the small door behind him. All the time, the shoe rack was placed in that position, but now the shoe rack was pushed away, and a hole of more than one meter behind the original position of the shoe rack appeared in front of her eyes, and Jiang Junyue just bent over and got into it from that mouth.
It seems that Jiang Junyue didn’t think of Lan Jingyi’s living room. When he opened the secret door, he had observed it in advance, but the position where Lan Jingyi was sitting could not be seen from the position he observed. It was a dead corner because he missed her.
桑拿After all, he didn’t want her to know that he came in from here when she locked the door, but now it’s obvious that the secret can’t be hidden. The tall figure slowly walked towards Lan Jingyi, and Lan Jingyi obviously forgot to stop him from approaching because of surprise, but he was shocked and looked at him. "It turned out … it turned out to be like this."