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The enemy is better under the eyelids.

Li Yuyan struggled fiercely as if to argue with me.
I thought about it and said to her, "Ayuan, he can’t like you. I advise you to do well because you want to open up a little. If you want to live, don’t continue to die."
桑拿会所Almost killed by her rival in love, my goodwill is limited to this. If she continues to be so arrogant and vicious in the future, I don’t think anyone can save her, even Mrs. Li.
I still sent a message to Gu Changning to tell him about it when Li Yuyan was taken.
Gu Changning back to the three words [know].
He didn’t want to interrogate Li Yuyan, and it’s not surprising that I smoked Li Yuyan. Either he had found out that Li’s family was suspicious or he didn’t believe Li Yuyan as much as I did.
I prefer to believe that he knows more than I do.
In this way, even if he doesn’t tell me the truth, I am willing to ask him and tracing the cause to save Ye Xiangyuan.
Although it’s too bad to wait for news every day.
Because I lost contact with Lu Xun, I gradually became anxious. Zhou Luan and her friends came to check on me every day, and Nan Nan was with me, but I was still uneasy.
Just when I was about to bear it, I received a message from Ye Xiangyuan.
I was brushing Weibo on the bed.
After Li Qingqing came, the post was dropped, but it was not deleted, and the wind direction in Weibo has changed a lot. Some people still believe that Xiaoyan was suppressed by you, while others believe that she did Ye Sanye Xiaosan.
Because there is no actual evidence for the two statements, everyone will see a burst of excitement in the clouds and fog, and I will gradually calm down in Weibo, leaving hundreds of thousands of abuse and curses.
I sometimes flip through these messages when chatting, warning myself that the world is good or bad, familiar or unfamiliar may hurt you, and only when I become strong can I be indestructible.
I almost fell out of bed when I received his message.
He sent five words [I’m fine, don’t cry]
I read word by word, and the whole person was dull.
Two minutes later, he sent another short message.
I looked at it several times and finally determined it was him.
That short passage is a secret that we agreed to have.
My eyes are burning and tears are swishing.
I’m afraid that many geniuses will come back to life when I hear from him.
He then sent another one, "Grandpa has returned to China, so you can go there at ten o’clock in the afternoon."
I can’t help but stay.
Has grandpa returned to China? How come there is no news at all?
And I’ve never seen his old man’s house rush forward like this without Ye Xiangyuan’s company … I’m nervous as soon as I get there.
After thinking about it, I tried to send him a message and asked him [can I tell my eldest sister-in-law about my grandfather? 】
Ye Xiangyuan came back quickly [but]
Section 1
So I immediately went to my sister-in-law’s room.
Sister-in-law is also very busy at this time. Many aristocratic ladies come to inquire about the situation. Perhaps the news of Ye Xiangyuan’s accident has been sent out. Many people have set up a high platform to watch the fun, and there are also many stone people. Sister-in-law has to discuss things with Ye Wen while receiving them.
Good is a false alarm, or sister-in-law will be busy.
I couldn’t wait to tell my sister-in-law about Ye Xiangyuan’s safety.
Sister-in-law is getting ready to sleep, and she is also very happy after listening.
I paused and told her grandpa was coming.