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As soon as I hold the three skills of leader swordsmanship plus [bully] [provocation] (after directly adding skills to shape), I will add body and throw a river boy, and then throw an [angel blessing] and [acceleration] to Ruoshui. Although she doesn’t care about singing speed, at least she has [acceleration] to escape.

[Crazy Strike] I don’t care if I cut the river boy and he picked up the wine gourd. Then I threw it at the river boy and shook it for five times in a row, but it’s not that simple to kill a LV-class monster. When I threw the fishing rod in my hand and hooked the fish hook, I attacked me. When I threw my foot at a [dark barrier], I sang along with it [rocket science] because the river boy belongs to a water monster, and fire and water are just two opposite properties, and I finished if the water is behind. More than a dozen rockets dragged their long tails and rushed at the river boy. "Bang, bang, bang!" A lot of black rotten skin suddenly appeared on the river boy’s body, which really angered the river boy. As soon as he opened his mouth, the river boy’s [water spraying] skills made a water column with a diameter of half a meter lashing out at me. [The dark barrier] can stop close-range physical attacks. It is a defense against long-range attacks such as bows and arrows and magic, so I was rushed by the water column and hit the big tree behind me, and then I saw something that I couldn’t believe.
"Sleeping in my memory, the ancient ghosts are in charge of life, and the eternal gods and I, you believers, use your strength to disappear all obstacles in front of me!"
After listening to this spell sung by Shui, it will get dark the day after tomorrow. This game Reagan is impossible. I stared at this astonished and inexplicable situation with my eyes wide open.
A huge red palm appeared in the sky, and it turned into fly ash as soon as it was pressed toward the place where the river boy lived, and a huge palm print appeared at the place where the river boy lived, which was about five meters deep and neat.
After pressing the palm of your hand, it disappeared in place, and if the water poured, I immediately ran to help her. I really don’t know what to do now. I feel that if she can make magic surprises without singing, I can be frightened now.
Looking at this little girl with her eyes closed, I really don’t know what strange secrets she has, but I’m sure the system will find out after all, I’ve never heard of any magic that can stretch out a red giant hand by playing games, if it’s not a BUG or if it’s water, she has special abilities, otherwise how can it be explained?
Ok, I know that there is a coma in fairyland, because I am the victim. Through my understanding, I know that it is the brain waves that are greatly impacted that will make the game enter a coma. I believe that if Shuiyong sang that spell just now, it would be extraordinary (idiot! I picked up the gourd that the river boy dropped just now. I left the ancient forest quickly and ran to the only hotel in Tianjin. Fortunately, this place in Tianjin is not a good place to train, so there are very few players who are not satisfied with falling in love in reality and come to the game to talk about couples. Like me, I hurried past passers-by with a woman on my back, and no one would notice me.
When I arrived at the hotel, I paid 1RO coins and went into a room. I put Ruoshui on the bed cover and began to think about what happened.
按摩Chapter 11 Love
Chapter 11 Love
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Chapter 11 Love
When I was taking care of Ruoshui, the disease sent a message and told me that he had successfully changed his job. I said I was in Tianjin and he said to come immediately.
Soon Jifa came to Tianjin, and I asked him to change his job. After him, he had two fixed forms: "pervert!"
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It turned out that he was sleeping when he saw the great magic teacher Mei Taiwu Si-Shifu yesterday, but he couldn’t wake up no matter how he was treated. He splashed water, knocked his head, punched and kicked, and it was still the same. Finally, he was as tired as a cow and stopped to rest for a while.
After more than half an hour, Shifu, the great care teacher, woke up naturally, and then she heard his moaning sound. At first glance, she almost laughed. Seeing Shifu bending his legs and standing with one foot out of line, his left hand pressed his head and his right hand touched his body like a monkey show.
With a smile on his face, he helped the poet untie the rope. Only then did he realize that there was another person in the room. After the poet calmed down, he asked, "What are you doing here?"
The disease method adjusted her clothes and coughed twice and said, "My Lord, I’m here to change my job as a sage."
"What is it for me to change my job?"
The disease method stared at the horse on the spot and took out the application. Yes, isn’t this person a great care teacher?
"Aren’t you the great magic teacher, Mataiwusi Shifu?"
"Then look at this application. It says that you have to ask for the sage ring before you can change your job."
"Oh, I remember, but since the game was just opened for a month, there have been people who have come to change jobs. Now no one has come to change jobs. I almost forgot about it. Did you change jobs? Then come with me. "
The disease method followed the poet for a while and came to an even bigger house. The poet said to the disease method, "The sage ring is inside. Find it yourself and go directly to change your job without informing me."
When you listen to the disease, you can go as soon as you get it. Where can you find such an easy thing? Say thank you to Shifu and go into the house. Shifu laughed and went back.
When the disease came into the house, I looked at it. Oh, my God, is this a huge garbage collection place? What I see in my eyes is a mess of things piled up together. I have to find a ring in such a huge amount of things. I feel that I have given it to the poet on the spot. Otherwise, how can I find it like this?
When I wanted to go back and question the poet, I didn’t know that the door was blocked by fangs, so I couldn’t look for it well. I searched all night and finally found the so-called sage ring in a rag. When the fangs were all restored to kittens and puppies outside, I quickly rushed out of the room. It was already past five in the middle of the night.
On the fourth floor, I found the transfer NPC, handed in the application and the sage ring, and heard a "ding-dong" sound. Then the illness was hugged by a snow-white winged angel, and the angel hugged him and turned into a little white light. At this time, the illness heard the notice that "the player’s illness was successful and the sage’s career level was clear!"
Look at yourself. Nothing has changed, but more uniform weapons. I hurried downstairs and went to bed on the capital line, without even looking at the special skills of the sages.
Get up at about noon the next day and come to me online.
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How do I feel about changing my job after listening to the process of changing my job? I wonder what I need to do in metempsychosis. But if there are other people who have changed their careers, I don’t know if they should still do it according to the disease method.
Disease method chatted with me for a while and then left to practice professional level. Of course, before he left, I still didn’t dare to tell him about Ruoshui. Who knows what he would think? I’ll make an agreement with disease method after I know who Ruoshui really is.
I approached the bed and looked at Ruoshui’s peaceful bed. It felt as if I had never seen it before. So I took a closer look and found that Ruoshui’s face seemed to change. I wiped my eyes and looked closely. I really changed my face, and my hair gradually became thinner and longer. When I had a cup of tea, if the water sample turned into another person, I absolutely knew and would not forget people. All the strange things were answered. What if the water didn’t sing? What if the water could destroy the balance of the system? The reason why there was no magic was that if it was water, she came to be an identity. It’s’ Chris’, the culprit that makes me hunted by players in the game, and the source that makes me a master of 99-level disease. Isn’t it the same when I look at her and think of Ruoshui as sticky as when Chris first saw me?
Looking at her, I really don’t know what to do. I feel bittersweet.
"Elegant brother, are you all right?"