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But like it or not, she and he are over and have been friends ever since.

Counting Liu Wentao is not even her friend.
"Really?" Surprise man is more than a little childish. Lan Jingyi wonders if she reacts like Lu Wentao every time Jiang Junyue surprises her.
"Be there or be square at 10: 00 p.m." After the routine, Lan Jingyi hung up without hesitation. He was divorced when he got divorced, but he never thought that she was going to be confused with him now.
what is love
Love can make people let go
Love can make people happy and do it.
She’s not great. She’s reluctant.
Reluctant to let that man be at risk because of her.
She doesn’t know who wants her to leave Jiang Junyue so badly. In her lifetime, she will find that person like a mother looking for her father. Is it when she is reunited with him and the children?
But at that time, was she and he old and he had his own family?
Lan Jingyi suddenly shed tears. At that time, everything was too late.
But at the moment, she still looks forward to that day.
____ _w_w_w____ ___o_m
There is hope when important people are alive.
Hands to the lower abdomen, baby, give your mother strength, give your mother strength.
It turned out that she was so timid that she didn’t want to bear all that, but she had to bear all that.
Love can make people happy and hurt.
She is in pain.
She is in pain.
From early morning to sunset, she was tired, sitting alone in a garden and looking at the fountain in front of her. It was beautiful, and the water was cold and refreshing. But tonight was a romantic city that would make her make a painful choice all her life.
It’s getting dark, and the water in the fountain keeps rising and falling, and it’s so beautiful every time.
She picked up a handful of water and washed her face to sober herself up. She can’t mess with the lives of all her relatives.
Looking up at the man whose sky is still blue in the dark, he is flying towards the city at the moment.
She really wants to meet him at the airport. She really wants to jump into his arms and tell her how much she misses him.
No, she can’t cry. She can be strong.
Lan Jingyi finally got up and walked back to the hotel with firm steps step by step, or when she came, the scenery was flashing and nothing was real, as if the dreamy feeling made her wish that her life was just a dream. The reality was too cruel.
At 9: 15, Lan Jingyi returned to the hotel. She had a bath, long hair and wet back, but she was too lazy to dry it. She just stared with her hands on her knees, but every picture in her eyes did not enter her eyes.
He wants a plane.
He is coming.
When the pointer points to ten o’clock bit by bit, her heart becomes more and more tense.
Will he find out he lives here?
Or did he call himself at ten o’clock and ask?
So because of this, it is possible that her hands are more white than her knuckles.
At ten o’clock, she was quiet.
It’s the door, but it’s no longer quiet. The door is ringing. Liu Wentao came on time.
Lan Jingyi jumped out of bed and walked barefoot to that door. For hundreds of nights, she expected landing Wentao to open the door every night, expecting him to treat her as his wife.
But no.
Being sober is better than never touching her once.
Hate is really a murderous knife.
She won’t hate
She will live well because living is hope.
Hand gently turned the knocker door to open the man dressed in a black suit. There, I have to say that he is still as beautiful and handsome as when she first saw him. "Yi Yi …" The Adam’s apple surged Liu Wentao’s burning eyes fell, and the blue scene was a little blurred.
"Yi Yi …" The hoarse voice couldn’t help whispering that it was revenge to marry her, but she was just a chess piece in his revenge game, but it was really separated. Now what he got every day and every night is bone erosion, and his hands are tightly clenched into fists. Liu Wentao regrets that he didn’t really get her before. So does she dress like this with a different hint tonight?
That coolness has aroused all the male hormones in his body and is getting stronger and stronger.
Lan Jingyi is still in front of the door. He has a head taller than the petite one, but there she has an air of arrogance, which makes it difficult for her to move easily even in suspenders and pajamas.
Lan Jingyi has a sideways face and a faint smile. "Come in."
Liu Wentao’s eyes once again swept through Lan Jingyi’s body. She asked him to come. He knew there must be a reason, but even if she gave him a knife mountain, he would take care of it.
It’s an ordinary small hotel, but the room looks clean. When he passed her, he sniffed her and said, "Want to remarry?"
"Upset" Lan Jingyi is really upset at the moment. She doesn’t want to end it with Jiang Junyue and keep him away from herself.
"Oh, come on, it will be easier if you say it." Liu Wentao sat down on the sofa with her long legs overlapping. Lan Jingyi has got up and made coffee. She has been lying there quietly. Jiang Junyue hasn’t called. He has already arrived from the airport at this time, right?
Strong coffee is fragrant, nose is fragrant, and people are intoxicating. Lan Jingyi put two cups of coffee on the tray, and one cup of yellow sugar is original. When she took the leisurely approach to the sofa, the pajamas were blown in by the window, and the wind blew gently to reveal a piece of her white calf. Liu Wentao’s Adam’s apple surged. When he first saw her, he knew that she was beautiful. In his eyes, her beauty was restrained, but at the moment, she was wantonly publicized, with a special charm. She walked towards him step by step, making him reluctant to blink and looked at her.
What is the loss of knowledge?
I don’t know what that bone-eating thirst tastes like until I lose it.
Lan Jingyi gracefully sat opposite him with the finger of "Here’s a cup of sugar and a cup of original flavor for you to choose" and then calmly sat in the same place. Even if she faced him in pajamas, she could still be so calm, which seemed to hook him and torture him.
"Original taste" Liu Wentao picked up the cup of coffee and took a sip of it. The bitter taste was just like his heart at the moment.
"Aren’t you afraid of me?" Lan Jingyi picked up another cup of coffee and took a sip of "I always like to put yellow sugar"
"You don’t like it? I haven’t added sugar to my coffee for a long time. Lan Jingyi wants to drink. "His eyes fell on the small bar behind her. It was a hotel wine, all of which were French famous wines, red wines and whiskies.
"Red wine?"
So Lan Jingyi took a bottle of red wine and two goblets. It seems that neither of them wants to have a drink. She asked him to come tonight to sip slowly.
喝茶约茶Taking a sip of wine, Lu Wentao gently shook the goblet in his hand, feeling that there was a stream of heat in his heart. He closed his eyes and then opened them. "How many years have we known each other?"
"Two years," she said without thinking.