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She whispered, "Your father has contacted several friends. They are still in a position abroad all the year round and should be able to help."

I don’t know what my father’s friends really do, but since my mother said so, it must be reliable.
Then we all fell silent.
The main thing is that I dare not say more. It is inconvenient for Pan Dong to keep the door all the time.
What’s more, Ye Xiangyuan is back now, and he must have people staring at me.
The atmosphere was a little heavy at the moment.
My mother changed the subject and said, "The child hasn’t been named yet. Your father means to let you or Ayuan take it."
I really haven’t thought about this. From waking up to now, all I think about is how to leave Ye Xiangyuan.
I can’t help but hesitate a little. "Then I’ll ask him first."
According to Ye Xiangyuan’s personality, you should name your baby.
I don’t mind anyway.
My mother didn’t say anything, and she must have the same idea as me.
After I ate something, I closed my eyes and had a rest because I was a little tired.
I also wanted to talk to my mother about Mrs. Li, but I thought that after this period, we would never have any more friends with Mrs. Li, so I didn’t get up.
Then I fell asleep in a daze.
When I woke up, I saw Nan Nan sitting on the bed, holding my hand and smiling at me.
I can’t help but bend my mouth.
品茶论坛She hesitated. "I’ve seen Brother Lu."
I stared at her as soon as I got there.
Her eyelids drooped lightly. "He looks good. I heard that Miss Gu has gone back to Lujia …"
I was immediately stuck.
Gu Changyu actually went to Lujia?
Why didn’t she go back to her family and Lu Xun was willing to take her back?
Isn’t it true that Lu Xun doesn’t know that she and Ye Xiangyuan are together …
Actually, I don’t understand Lu Xun. He should be a decisive man, but Gu Changyu has been doing this all the time.
Maybe that’s how feelings know to let go, but they can’t escape.
I was silent for a moment and held hands with Nannan. "Now the situation is so complicated, will you stop thinking about him and stay out of it?"
With Gu Changyu, Ye Xiangyuan and Lu Xun, they can’t love others anymore.
What’s more, the situation in the imperial city is so tense and the Li family is aggressive, which is even more unsuitable for Lu Xun.
I don’t want South and South to sink in again after I get out of the misery.
Chapter 29 What do you want to apologize to me for?
South-South backhand clenched I didn’t speak.
I’m a little anxious. If she can’t let Lu Xun go at this time, I think Lu Xun will not accept it, and she may be disgusted.
I was about to persuade her again, but she smiled and said, "I don’t care."
I looked at her face, and she did look calm, so she shouldn’t do anything irrational.
But I still added, "You promise me."
She always keeps her word, and I won’t change if she promises.
South-South smiled and squeezed my hand and said, "I promise you, I have things to do when school starts soon."
It’s also going to the Lantern Festival soon, and the school will have classes after the festival.
I was relieved to get her assurance, but it may be difficult for me and her to meet again after thinking about it. At least I can sever the case with her before Ye Xiangyuan gives up bothering me, and my mood will be depressed in an instant.
I’m a little hesitant to tell Nannan about leaving.
South-South gently hugged me and said, "You should take good care of yourself. If you have anything to talk to me, I will come as soon as possible."
My nose is sour and I hug her tightly.
But in the end, I didn’t tell her anything
I didn’t tell her, including the video.
If I know that Gu Changyu and Ye Xiangyuan are rolling together, I am afraid that South-South will be unable to help but feel bad about Lu Xun.
Now that I’ve decided to leave, I’m bound to involve her.
I hold her hand tightly. Judo "You should be good in the future, and it is best to find someone who loves you and live happily."
Nannan is a very simple girl with a simple, gentle and understanding mind. I believe someone will really love her and spoil her.
She laughed at me. "I’m just going back to school, not where will you go. Don’t be so serious."
My heart turned sour but with a smile, "I’m not afraid of you … I’m afraid you can’t figure it out …"
Nannan touched my hair and smiled slightly "I won’t"
I, uh, said "I believe you"
After that, we didn’t talk again. I quietly looked at Nannan to keep her in mind.
If I never get a chance to meet again, I will always remember that this is my best friend.