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It was at noon that she saw him with Lome Wei and the little things, and she decided to leave.

Chapter 9 Hug your arms
It seems that all the fragments in my mind can be smoothly connected at the moment. I took the car and rushed to catch the taxi. I called Jiang Han while chasing it. "I don’t care what you do, I will cancel the flight to Frankfurt five days later and buy all the remaining tickets to Frankfurt on the sixth and seventh days. No one is allowed to be stranded."
"Jiang Zong, what are you …" Jiang Han didn’t understand what he was going to do. Jiang Junyue was simply a disguised charter flight, and it was also a two-day wave of money.
"talkative" Jiang Junyue growled and immediately cut off the Bluetooth front glass window and saw the car that had been chasing the taxi tail number. Two cars drove in tandem to the Case Hotel.
Jiang Junyue opened a secret compartment in the car and pulled out a thin steel wire to unlock it. It seems that he hasn’t practiced this kung fu for a long time.
Yeah, I’m rusty on practice tonight.
The night sets off a scene in the field of vision. Everything is like a dream. Lan Jingyi sat quietly in front of the hotel window and fell asleep from childhood. She sat in this position for more than two hours, motionless as a statue.
It seems that she is thinking something, and it seems that she is thinking nothing.
Jiang Junyue’s tall figure also stood quietly in front of the window. From his direction, you can clearly see the woman’s every move diagonally opposite.
But it happened that she didn’t do anything. She just sat there with a clear figure. It was a long time before he could see her face slightly in the darkness of his field of vision.
She has lost a lot of weight. It seems that she is not doing well without him these days.
Lit a cigarette and smoke filled Zhongjiang LaCrosse once again lost in thought. What happened to her for more than a year?
It seems that he is particularly eager to know the truth.
But Lome Wei has not been investigated clearly. Everything has to be the same.
He won’t allow any more mistakes this time.
Suddenly Lan Jingyi got up in the opposite window and ran towards the room with running movement, and soon disappeared, leaving darkness in his sight.
Just Jiang Junyue, when she was asleep and wanted to take action, the light suddenly turned on in the opposite room. Lan Jingyi came to the window with her child in her arms and pulled the curtain. Everything Jiang Junyue saw was going through that curtain.
Looks like the baby woke up. She fed the baby water.
Section 54
Just thinking about that scene and imagining a small mouth holding her milk tightly at the moment, Jiang Junyue will never be calm again.
The physiological energy required him to turn around and rush into the room to wash his hands, strip off his clothes, and pour cold water on the tap for a long time before calming down the desire in his body. When he came out again, the light in the opposite room had been turned off, and there was no such figure in the window. She slept.
Jiang Junyue even smoked two cigarettes before he took out the thin steel wire but didn’t walk through the door. Instead, he opened the window of his room and jumped out lightly. After stepping on the narrow concrete long edges and moving quickly on his toes for more than ten seconds, Jiang Junyue stopped Lan Jingyi’s window and inserted the thin steel wire into the window lock. He gently hooked it and listened to "click". A low-pitched window opened Jiang Junyue neatly and jumped into the window.
A smell of milk came and lured him to the bed quickly. The mother and daughter were sleeping quietly. The little thing was leaning against Lan Jingyi’s chest. It looked so cute like a kitten. Well, it seemed cuter than the one in his small apartment.
He sniffed deeply at the bed, one big and one small, and suddenly his little face fell gently with one hand. The blowing bomb could break the skin, which made him afraid to be heavy. He gently stroked the little face like a feather, remembering the appearance of the little face when he smiled at himself outside the airport, and when she called "Dad, Dad …", the small sample root was exactly the same as his little ancestor.
Are they twins?
When I thought of this possibility for a moment, Jiang Jun was shocked. If the son was born in Lan Jingyi, she couldn’t have given birth to two in such a short time.
God, how did he think of this now?
How much did this woman hide from him? It’s hard to live alone to think of those days when she drank too much every day because of her remarriage.
Jiang Junyue finally looked away from the girl’s little face and fell on Lan Jingyi’s face.
She slept soundly, as if she had cried before falling asleep, and the faint tears made her look a little haggard.
Well, he cried after such a little injustice. What about him?
Don’t you have to cry many times?
Lan Jingyi is all her. If she hadn’t remarried, she really got Liu Wentao’s certificate. He wouldn’t believe her with Liu Wentao, but now that she’s back, she hasn’t lived in Liu Wentao’s house.
More and more doubts are rising, and Jiang Jun’s head is getting more and more painful.
Thinking of that drinking day, he bent over and gently picked up the little thing in her arms that was still asleep, so he would let her abuse him and let her know what regret is in this world.
The little thing is still held by his mother. She doesn’t cry or make trouble. She continues to sleep soundly.
Jiang Junyue’s pace is light and steady. This time, he chose to take the door. After all, he has a little thing in his arms and he doesn’t want to take risks.
But Jiang Junyue took a step and was stopped by mumbling behind him. "Don’t go …"
Jiang Junyue was shocked and didn’t dare to move. Did she wake up?
Lan Jingyi felt that she was dreaming. She seemed to dream of Jiang Junyue. It must be him. The unique cologne mixed with male hormones once fascinated her so much that she felt it as soon as it was close to herself. But what did she smell and feel as if it had drifted elsewhere?
So Lan Jingyi’s consciousness whispers
"Don’t go …" She also called him.
Jiang Junyue looked down at the little thing in her arms. This child is definitely Lan Jingyi’s flesh and blood. He picked up the child. If she wakes up, she can’t be unresponsive. There is a possibility that she is talking in her sleep.
The idea together Jiang Junyue immediately turned around.
Sure enough, the woman in the bed gently closed her eyes and waved her hand in the middle, mumbling his nickname "Don’t go …"
The hand looks so desperate to catch him that he can’t help but feel distressed.
She is even dreaming of his name, so it is so clear at this moment who is in her heart.
Look at the little thing in his arms. He suddenly gave up and made her sad again. He gently put the little thing back to her, but it was such a move. He waved his little hand but grabbed his arm. The little hand trembled slightly and moved away. He quickly touched his big hand and gently held it. "I know it’s you. Don’t go."
桑拿会所The sound was so soft and full of enthusiasm and longing, which led Jiang Junyue to sit beside her involuntarily, and also made him smell stronger and stronger, and she snorted so truly "leaning …"
Jiang Junyue lay down on her side slowly along the strength of that hand.
So a feminine smell swept through his male body.