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But his eyes are fed back with another meaning, with a trace of inquiry and a trace of indescribable pain and annoyance.

I heard that Chinese medicine is amazing. You can know how a person eats and lives by taking a pulse, and even what he eats at a meal can be diagnosed.
If Ji Shu is a superb student, he should also be able to diagnose what I experienced yesterday.
Thinking of this, I secretly sighed in my heart and stopped looking at him.
Jishu suddenly interrupted and said to my mother, "Aunt Eleven needs a rest. Let me help her back to her room."
Holding my arm didn’t give me a chance to object.
I’m a little unaccustomed to his touch and took a step back.
He gave me a look and didn’t insist.
My mother laughed. "Go ahead, keep an eye on it for me and make sure she has a good rest."
Maybe it’s because Ji Shu and I were very close when I was a child. Sometimes naps are all in the same bed. Now my mother doesn’t think it’s wrong for Ji Shu to send me back to my room when I am an adult.
Jishu tucked me into the quilt behind the door.
His expression is stiff but gentle.
I sighed again and didn’t speak
The room was exceptionally quiet.
Ji Shu sat in the chair next to him and his eyelids drooped slightly.
After a long time, he whispered, "I specially ran to your school that year in college … but I met you and your boyfriend hugging together …"
I recall the day before the seminar, Ning Qi confessed to me. I thought he was nice and agreed.
Just call JiShu bump into.
After the seminar, Ji Shu didn’t stop and went to the hotel with his tutor. I’ll contact him again. He has already arrived at the airport …
Jishu suddenly held my hand and said, "We missed so many years, and I won’t let you go again this time."
I hung my eyes on his hands.
He has a thin cocoon on his fingertips. He should always leave traces with a scalpel. He has always been a good boy and studied very well … His medical skills must be superb …
I’m thinking like a horse.
"I heard that you and your fiance separated and I kept going back to China … I said that my parents have settled down, and I think it’s time to confess to you … eleven, would you like to come with me?"
I stared at him intently.
If only he had appeared before me three months ago.
Even if he said this to me the day before yesterday, I will seriously consider it.
Unfortunately … It’s late.
I slowly pulled my hand out and told him with a smile, "I’m getting married soon, Susie."
He seems to be shocked that his eyes at the bottom of the lens are shining with incredible light.
I am still smiling, calm and calm.
JiShu suddenly grabbed my wrist "impossible you must be lying to me … is it because of you … you yesterday … but I don’t mind …"
He really saw what I experienced yesterday.
I interrupted him, "I didn’t lie to you. I was with my fiance last night."
Jishu seems to be unable to stand such impact and close his eyes painfully.
I chuckled, "Since we separated in high school and missed the university, it is even more impossible to get together now."
Jishu opened his eyes again, pressed his lips tightly and looked at me without a word.
The pain in that eye was shown to me in vain.
I closed my eyes and said, "Besides, your parents don’t like me."
Ji Shu didn’t do it.
I can’t see the expression on his face because I deliberately avoided it.
In this silent atmosphere, I gradually felt a little unbearable and cruel.
There is no way to go back to the past. We have missed too much.
I smiled and said, "You go, I want to sleep. If you figure it out, we can still be friends and catch up."
Ji Shu got up but didn’t leave immediately, but sank, "Eleven is because we have too many waves, so I won’t let go this time."
I didn’t answer the phone.
But my silence gave him the answer.
He turned and went out.
As soon as I looked at the creaking door, I felt that my chest pain was more serious.
Shi Jishu’s parents like me very much, but maybe it’s because I’m a little stubborn. They don’t want Ji Shu to be with me.
桑拿按摩They like being friends’ daughters, but I don’t want me to be their daughter-in-law
I doubt very much that their family immigrated just to put an end to this possibility.
However, this is all a long time ago, and now Ji Shu and I are far from the elders, and there are more problems.
For example, Ye Xiangyuan …
Ye Xiangyuan and I happened the next day. How can I promise Jishu?
Although it is very likely that Ye Xiangyuan and I will become strangers in the future, I am not going to let Ji Shu become my salvation.
That would make us both miserable.
Recalling just JiShu trying to control the sample, I was upset and simply didn’t want to call South-South under the covers.
Nannan was very excited to hear me and asked me what happened yesterday.
I didn’t say I slept with Ye Xiangyuan and said Xiaoyan wanted to hurt me.
She was scared to death and said, "Let’s see her make a detour later."
I smiled and said, "It’s all right. Ye Xiangyuan saved me … It’s a good thing you helped me hide it from my parents, otherwise they would have to worry."
South-South paused. "Ye Xiangyuan asked me to do this."