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Zhang Tiancheng looked at her and stopped a car by the side of the road, and then drove away without even saying hello!

The man holds the key tightly and then kicks the wheel with a jerk!
It’s just an old woman in her thirties and forties. What’s the trouble with him?
Qin Xuan called her mother after the car. "Mom asked Xu Yi to find me another suitable candidate."
Xu Ping was slightly surprised at the words. "What’s the matter? Haven’t you been getting along well with Tiancheng recently?"
夜生活"Don’t ask, just do as I say." Zhang Tiancheng is not a good bird at first sight. He is Li Jue’s little brother!
That’s why she can’t be too close to him!
Hanging up, Qin Xuan turned out the Zhang Tiancheng number and decisively joined the blacklist
Lin Ya came out of the office on time at five o’clock in the afternoon.
Just at the office door, I saw the man Muchuan coming.
She watched him approach the man and took the bag in her hand while holding her and saying, "Let’s go."
She felt uncomfortable without the experience of showing love in public.
I struggled, but I didn’t struggle.
Nai sighed and finally gave up the idea.
Anyway, the city knows that they let him.
Liuyan behind them is holding the folder and there is a face of melancholy.
He can marry a wife for anything!
Section 14
As soon as I turned to look at the office, the group of women either just graduated or were in their forties or fifties, and none of them were suitable …
Lin Ya just got on the bus and soon received a message from Allen.
The words broke into the soft voice of the child, "Mommy, I miss you"
Lin Ya corners of the mouth can’t help but raise "Mommy also wants to Allen. Have you been good recently? Did you listen to grandma and dad? "
"I am obedient!" The little guy simply replied and begged in a low voice, "Mommy, when will you come to see me?"
Lin Ya held the words and glanced at the man beside him. "How about waiting for Mommy to have a weekend rest?"
As soon as her words were finished, she came to Allen for joy and joy. "I was so happy to see Mommy on a good weekend! Dad will be very happy … "
The volume of his last sentence was a little high. Mu Chuan listened to the truth.
The man frowned. Lin Yayuguang didn’t see any abnormality in the face when he looked at it.
Allen later said a few words before hanging up.
Lin Ya glanced at him and saw that he didn’t intend to speak, so he didn’t intend to say anything.
When they got home, not only Mrs. Alice Mu came to the living room.
Mrs. Mu was originally sent by the old lady to supervise the two men and urge them to have children as soon as possible. Since Allen returned to Qi, they have become more lonely.
A few people are discussing how to make Lin Ya have a family quickly, which can also be more lively.
After Mrs. Kemu came, she found that the guest was still a foreign girl.
After a few words of communication, I was really strong and gave up.