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This evening, Yang Xun finally returned to the original one. She took Yan Jiaxin and went directly to the stage. Yan Jia Xin accompanied her, and she picked up the phone and said loudly, "Today is the last day of my single life. I decided to sing wildly today. Please give me a hand. Thank you."

Yang Xun’s words are very powerful. Everyone lined up her hands warmly. Two beautiful women like immortals performed on the same stage. It was suspected that everyone became enthusiastic and cheered very loudly.
At the bar, Liu Boyan and I picked up the glass and lit a cigarette, watching them both and listening to them playing their own "exclusive memory".
Beside Liu Boyan, he put out his cigarette and said to me, "Yuan You opened a sweet shop yesterday. I went to his shop and talked with him for a long time. He still seems to be so hesitant that he can’t really put it out and make further efforts."
I nodded my head and my wandering eyes seemed to see a figure with a mask at the door, but I didn’t come in. I immediately went to Yuan You’s gaze desk. Yang Xungen didn’t find that I had left him until I coughed at him. He didn’t look at me with a mask. I said to him, "Come on, say what you want. It’s the last day. Do you still want to be so cowardly?"
Yuan You didn’t speak, but slowly took the mask from his face. His face had another scar, but his other scar was not obvious. He handed the mask to me and said to me, "Give this to her."
With that, Yuan You left here. I don’t know what to say about his cowardice at the moment. I sighed again and shook my head. Then I went back to the bar again and looked at my hand and said, "Is he still like this?"
I put the mask on the stage without saying anything, but watched them play with the cheering crowd. I don’t remember listening to them sing a few love songs. When they came, Yang Xun was helped by Yan Jiaxin, and tears had already wet Yan Jiaxin’s shoulders. Looking at this, Yang Xun hesitated whether to deliver the mask to her.
When I was in this dilemma, Yang Xun had already taken the mask and looked at it for a while, then she threw it to the ground and scolded him as an asshole.
Then she went out toward the door, and we hurriedly chased Yang Xun’s pace. At the door of the bar, her eyes looked around. She should be looking for that bastard figure. Yuan You’s back next to the big pole on the left is so clear. Yang Xun seems to have found the back. He and she are going to step forward to approach, but they immediately took it back and turned to look behind us.
She wiped her tears and said, "I won’t choose to get hurt again. Help me give this thing back to him and say that I hate him and hate him like this."
Stopped a taxi and took it immediately. Yan Jiaxin was afraid that something would happen to Yang Xun, so they took it and left here in a taxi.
It is pleasant to come to this night, but Yang Xun is once again disappointed because of Yuan You’s cowardly behavior.
I think if I were her, I would leave angrily in the car, too
Holding this fake mask, I played with it for a while, and finally I was ready to go to have sex with him, but Yuan You couldn’t see it anymore. I saw Yuan You dragging his heavy body on the left street corner and walking slowly along this road. This time they really went the opposite way.
One left, one right, two people take this road that will never intersect.
Lu Boyan came up to me and said, "Go home. We have done everything we should."
With this fake mask, I went home. Yan Jia Xin didn’t come back. I took out her mobile phone and made a call. After I got through, she told me that she wouldn’t come back tonight. She stayed here with Yang Xun.
I washed my face, then I took off my clothes and lay up in bed. The bed rolled for a long time. Maybe it was the moonlight that made me unable to sleep peacefully. After a rolling upset, I chose to sit up from the bed.
The mask with two small holes beside my bed is so eye-catching. I picked up this mask and tried to take it with me. But as soon as I put my face down, I took it immediately. The smell of covering up all my emotions and hearts immediately appeared around me. I don’t like this smell very much.
I finally fell asleep after I closed the curtains. In my dream, I saw a broken mask. This fake mask was broken.
Ask for distinguished guests, subscriptions, flowers and stamps.
Chapter 20 Tearing up Masks
The next day, the dazzling sunshine directly shone on my face. When I looked up, I saw Yan Jiaxin dressed up beautifully and sitting on the windowsill by the window. Her golden sunshine became a beautiful picture.
She smiled at me and said, "Get up."
Wearing shoes, she put her suit and tie beside my bed and said to me, "Let me take care of it for you. Let’s face it. Today we are going to be groomsmen and bridesmaids."
Yan Jiaxin helped me take care of my tie and clothes, so close to me, and looked down at her in front of me. She smiled at me and patted my chest and said, "Okay, it’s handsome. Let’s go to breakfast, but we have to get to the meeting early."
Looking at the breakfast table, I can imagine that it was made when she sent it for a long time. I picked up a boiled egg and broke the eggshell. I said while eating, "What time did you come back early today? You should be very tired. Look at your face. You didn’t sleep last night."
She nodded and replied, "Well, I chatted with that girl all night yesterday."
"Is she better?"
"Well, I was in a better mood earlier. Stop it and eat quickly."
After breakfast, the two of us drove to Yang Xun’s wedding venue. As soon as we entered, we saw Yang Xun and Gu Zhengfan welcoming these guests at the door. They were holding pots with all kinds of cigarettes in their hands.
The more I saw the two of them at the moment, the more I felt sorry for Yang Xun. Yang Xun came to the two of us, and we both gave each other a hug and said, "Cousin Lei Haoge, thank you for coming to my wedding. Thank you."
Reaching out and hugging us, Yang Xun exudes a little regret in her words. Even though she has done everything to marry Gu Zhengfan, she still can’t let go of her heart, thinking that we can give her a comfort hug.
Yan Jiaxin said to her, "Don’t cry. Girl promised me last night not to cry. Today you will be the most beautiful bride."
Gu Zhengfan came up to us and politely gave me a cigarette. Today, the two of us didn’t look at each other with annoying eyes. He still said with emotion, "Welcome to my wedding. Although you don’t like me and I’m not interested in you, I still welcome you."
He took out a cigarette from his body and handed it to me. I took it and said "hmm" to him.
I followed Yan Jiaxin into the venue and sat down at the seat where Liu Baiyan and Mei Yi sat. Yan Jiaxin sat next to Mei Yi and chatted. I sat next to Liu Baiyan and Liu Baiyan said to me, "Did you call Yuan You? Why hasn’t he come yet? Isn’t he really going to see Yang Xun for the last time?"
I took out my mobile phone and immediately called Yuan You, but the words didn’t get through for a long time. I looked at my watch again. It was more than one hour before the wedding started. At this moment, I was very upset and sighed. When I was about to take out a cigarette, the mask suddenly fell off. I picked up this mask and suddenly I made a decision.
I said to Lu Boyan, "I’ll bring him here. I don’t want him to regret it so much."
"Well, hurry up."
"If I dare not be the best man then, you can go for me."
Liu Baiyan made an ok gesture to me, and I walked towards the door. As soon as I walked to the door, I didn’t see Jixuan coming for a long time. He didn’t seem to want to talk to me too much, and I didn’t want to talk to him in the past.
However, when a man walked in front of me, a familiar feeling suddenly appeared in my mind. Tang Tian Jixuan and I walked past with a smile. When I was about to step forward, Tang Tian looked back at me, and then turned my head to look at Tang Tian’s back. I remembered that day, Yan Jiaxin and I were talking and laughing by the steaming river. It was him.
A stare blankly, and then I immediately came to my senses and ran outside to stop a taxi and take a taxi. I kept talking about Yuan You, but the words were always in a state of machine.
It’s been an hour since the wedding started. I don’t have much time to look for Yuan You. I can go to the sweet shop to gamble. When I came to the sweet shop, I gave the driver my car and horse and ran away.
I walked into the shop again and saw Yuan You sitting in a chair with a bag on his back. There was still that red invitation in front of him. He was smoking a cigarette with a sad expression. I don’t know how many cigarette butts there were in the ashtray. I quickly stepped forward to grab his cigarette and pulled him up and said, "Stop smoking and come with me."
He opened my hand directly and then tore off the invitation in front of me. He said firmly to me, "I won’t go because I don’t want to be ridiculed."
Seeing Yuan You at the moment, I finally punched him again. "You are such a fucking asshole."
Yuan You was punched by me and said with pain, "Why do you hit me? What qualifications do you have to hit me?"
"I’m not qualified for it, but I just don’t like it. You’re always escaping like a pussy to face yourself. You’re too weak to even go to see her for the last time and give her the last blessing, and you’re a fucking asshole."
Then I hit Yuan You again, and Yuan You immediately got up from the ground. We had a real fight. Yes, I just wanted to punch him and wake him up and tell him Yang Xun’s suffering and injuries these days.
I don’t know how long it took us two to stop fighting in the sweet shop. When our fists were about to hit each other’s faces, the mask I put in my pocket fell out. That one in the mask was very cracked and attracted all our eyes. Neither of us hit it again.
喝茶约茶He slowly released his fist and squatted down trembling to grab the mask. I hurriedly grabbed it and tore it up in front of him again, but then threw it at each other. The torn mask fell on the floor full of glass fragments. I stepped on my eyes and said to him angrily, "Now that I have torn up your mask, I want you to really recognize yourself and what you should do. Yuan You, I want you to tell me honestly."
Yuan You cried and banged on the floor with his hands, regardless of how the broken glass would tie his hands. He shouted while banging and finally said his heart, "I like her. I really like her. I want to see her."
Chapter 21 Don’t marry him
Yuan You’s grief-stricken cry at this time made me even whiter. His mind squatted down and I patted him on the shoulder and said softly, "Come with me. If you want to see her, go and see her. Don’t let her down and don’t regret it yourself. Some people will be fine once they miss it. Some people will not break if they have to."
Yuan You finally wiped away the tears on his face. He nodded at me and the two of us headed for the wedding hotel.
He kept whispering "faster, faster" in his bullet train.