Even if we eat young girls, it is not a’ real young girl’, but it is similar to the illusion of worshipping qi and supplementing the fluid. Simply put, it is a’ virtual taste’.

Oh, I’m relieved.
Member breathed a sigh of relief.
It’s strange that Natsume is at the door, pointing to the door behind him and saying
Now there’s someone inside.
Who? Listening is an automatic human form?
Want to go in and have a look?
People in front of them looked at each other and finally shook their heads in unison.
es, but I won’t do it. If I am caught peeping, the Princess Hall will kill us. Speaking of it, the Chief Minister just went in.
Ahahaha, it’s just going to the dressing room.
Natsume shook his hand and denied it.
By the way, one of the cannibals came up and took off his skirt. He looked at Natsume and said
Repor reported that the soldiers’ regiment who was in charge of observing seemed to see the trend of the egrets in Himeji City, the flagship of hrr, when we handed over the shift.
Where are you going?
es,hrr direction of elbe river
It seems that the old school has planned to do it from now on?
Natsume hand touching the bar, counting when they arrived at Fort Madre, and when Queen Jin Roh: The Wolf Brigade acted here.
At this time, people around you started talking.
es, I heard that Fort Madre might send a group of Han girls to fight.
If the citizens are removed, the number will definitely be insufficient.
es, then hrr oldschool guys are not insulting to dress up as sisters and change to Han?
s, that’s also based on historical reappearance, haha!
yes, but I heard that the Madeborg girls are very good.
True or false?
It seems that the discussion will be endless.
Natsume clapped his hands and said to this group of people
There’s something I need your help.
… chief adult please say
Don’t tell anyone that I’m out, okay?
es, but don’t take advantage of this kind of thing, Hui Yuan’s adult fishing for sister paper. Is the chief adult sure to be a gentleman?
Bullshit! I’m not going to do that!
Hearing Natsume’s words, this group of people immediately retreated, not afraid of Natsume, but …
Can I listen carefully to what I just said?
Hair, was behind hui yuan hold:
Par116 somewhere seeker
Sixguard France’s flagship’ Hunting Hall’ has a street with several wartime restaurants on the left side of its center.
At night, the lights went up outside the restaurant, and many student soldiers came to eat after the shift.
The fighting during the day has passed, and when they got a rest, they didn’t miss this opportunity, but chose to replenish in the restaurant.
Most of the food is brought from China, not buying ingredients. After all, no one is allowed to go and stay privately at present.
品茶论坛Listening to the harmonic noise, I crossed an iron bridge. There are two figures of bridge opening.
Walking on the right, Huiyuan grabbed hairband’s hair, put it away, and changed it into a sixguard French blue bottom. The heavyweight student system was also equipped at the waist, with a can of milk in his left hand.