This game has further promoted Qin Xiong’s position in the team. He is no longer a helper role, but a key role like decider

Make teammates not only credible, but also rely on pinning their hopes on him.
Certa players collapsed to the ground.
The huge blow from 2 to 2:3 brought them to the brink of collapse and then associated with their poor performance in La Liga.
Looking forward to the new season, Certa found that the reality is not only beautiful but also cruel, which makes people look at them directly as if they were falling into the dark abyss.
Lotina, the coach, remained in the same place, and he could not accept such a heavy blow.
A Milan didn’t take away 3 points here, Bruges didn’t do it with Ajax!
When Coleman suppressed his excitement and tried to keep his face calm when he shook hands, he always reacted with a slow beat, and Coleman shook hands in a formulaic way and then continued to stare blankly.
Coleman walked into the stadium and finally stopped suppressing his emotions, released his joy and walked to every brother with a big smile. They celebrated the victory together.
Finally, he came to Qin Xiong’s side. Qin Xiong took off his jersey and put it on his shoulder, because the jersey was too dirty and sweaty to wear.
He didn’t realize that this was not the Dutch League!
This is the Champions League.
He’s ashamed of this game. It’s best not to think that the best player must be him!
After the game, several reporters on the sidelines pointed their cameras at him, taking pictures and cameras, wanting to interview and so on.
Koman put his arm around Qin Xiong and praised his performance tirelessly in his ear.
When he walked to the sidelines, Coleman blocked the reporters from interviewing Qin Xiong, but said, I’m sorry, I’m taking him to the postmatch press conference.
Qin Xiong was flattered, especially when he was surrounded by cameras. He felt that he was not used to it.
This gave him the impulse to put on his jersey again, and through the lens, his lean and perfect muscles were shown to the world.
At this moment, the vast number of fans in China, who witnessed the game, were almost all recruited by Qin Xiong, and countless girl fans became Qin Xiong’s hardcore fans.
Qin Xiong’s influence may not soar in Europe, but it has soared in China!
Koman took Qin Xiong into the players’ aisle to attend the postmatch press conference.
This is not only a praise for Qin Xiong, but also a hint to other players in the team.
Qin Xiong’s importance in the team!
Coleman couldn’t help but feel excited and sighed, what a godsend I am!
[Text 122 Mentoring]
Ajax reveled in the visiting team’s locker room at Valledos Stadium.
Can you imagine a group of men in pants skipping around in a narrow place and playing music like swinging on the dance floor of a nightclub?
Qin Xiong went back to the locker room to change into a clean dress, and when he saw his teammates, he seemed to see a group of demons dancing. He quickly took a Tshirt and left.
After leaving the stadium, Qin Xiong seemed to be a different person. He lost the pitch, wild and unrestrained, and lost his aggressive posture. He became quiet, with a soft and faint smile, and Coleman attended the postgame press conference together. After sitting down, he first picked up the table and drank half a bottle of mineral water, and then put the mineral water bottle back in its original place and quietly watched the reporters on the stage.
Most of them are Dutch and Spanish football journalists, and there are few journalists from other European countries and regions.
They first interviewed Coleman’s questionandanswer method.
桑拿会所Coleman naturally answered the reporter’s question.
Although the victory didn’t come until the last minute, I think Ajax deserved it. Throughout the game, we played more actively than Certa, creating opportunities and finishing more shots than our opponents, which means that we are eager to win. * * We hope to go further in the Champions League. I am glad that the players think the same way and have achieved their goals.
who is that b player? Do you still ask? He sat next to me and watched the game. People would never ask such an obvious question.
Koman doesn’t comment on Qin Xiong’s performance with a warning attitude like he did more than a month ago.
After a series of wars, Qin Xiong’s performance has made Koman know fairly well. He is convinced that Qin Xiong’s spiritual temperament is far more mature than other players of the same age.
Maybe he was an orphan since childhood, and the environment for his independent and selfreliant growth is as follows
Koman has made no secret of his love for him, which is to further establish Qin Xiong’s position in the team.
This position, skills and tactics
But let Qin Xiong have words in the locker room.
He should have it because he can burst into energy at the key moment and surpass other teammates.
When the reporters turned the interviewee to Qin Xiong, Qin Xiong sat in a rather formal and serious way to face it.
No European journalist will care where Qin Xiong comes from, and will not laugh at him or deliberately make things difficult for him because he comes from China. That is simply very amateur and stupid.
Or what?
Did anyone ever make things difficult for George Weah?
Will someone look at Litmanen with a colored eye?
Football comes down to strength.
It is unprofessional and absurd to confuse or evaluate a player by external irrelevant factors.
Just like Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany and other football powers, there are still a lot of parallel players who can’t compete on the table.
Is it because they come from a football power that they will be looked up to?
People who judge players in this way can insult football by saying that they don’t know anything about football.