Barthelas is a young and impulsive paladin. His parents were slaughtered by orcs in the Second World War. After he joined the army and was trained, the war was over. He lost the opportunity for his parents to take revenge in person, so he hated the orcs and he definitely wanted to kill them quickly.

Therefore, he strongly suggested that Leo send troops to search for orcs, but he was always hesitant. Leo refused his suggestion
A few days later, Fuding sneaked back to the place where he met the orcs aloneIthrig was also very confident that he had saved a human being and was not afraid of being bitten by others and not moving.
Anyway, after indepth communication, the two men immediately put aside their prejudices and became a pair of crossracial good friends. This reclusive orc will certainly not threaten Fireplace Valley and other people. After careful consideration, Leo, as a paladin and Lord, promised to allow him to continue to live in seclusion here without harming human beings.
After returning home, Fuding once again rejected Bathelas’ search for orcs. Bathelas was very dissatisfied with his position. The hatred for orcs in his heart made him think of another waytattling!
He went to Stansom to find the commanderinchief of the Order of the Silver Hand, and the head of Leo Fording, Sidan Dasohan, reported to him that there were orcs in the fireplace valley.
桑拿会所Just during this period, the young orc Sarcheng tribal chief set off the liberation movement of the orcs and attacked the kingdom of Lordaeron with his troops. He spent a lot of manpower and material resources to build the orc shelter, so Dassault attached great importance to the information brought by Basselas and personally took a regiment of soldiers to the fireplace valley.
Confronted with the company and good brother, the paladin Fudingfa lied and had to take them to the orc. Eitreg was wounded in the foot in the battle with Leo before, and Eitreg was caught on the spot. He looked at him angrily and promised him not to disturb him a few days ago, but now the human knight is treacherous.
At this moment, Leo watched Yitzhak being mistreated by soldiers and Bartholomew in the cage, and saw Yitzhak’s anger and questioning eyes, which made him feel more guilty and uneasy. The knight’s honor drove him to take away the soldiers’ whipping and disperse the guards who besieged Yitzhak, and demanded that Dassault Han release this reclusive old orc who was harmful to mankind!
Dassault looked at his friend Fuding in disbelief. He lost his mind and was kicked to the ground. Basselas took the opportunity to shout, He is a traitor to the Alliance! He should be with this beast!
Leo’s words failed to impress Dassault. He was accused of treason by Dassault for harboring orcs and attacking alliance soldiers, and was also imprisoned together …
Day in Stansom Hall of Justice, he will face the fate of being triedthe orc Yitzhak is not even qualified to be tried. They decided to hang him the day after tomorrow, not it. In the eyes of human beings, orc = beast.
It’s getting late. Jiang Weihan exchanged the gold coin of Demassia in Anduohar for the equivalent of Lordaeron gold coin and silver coin. The owner of the shop likes his hand very much. This kind of exquisite gold coin with abundant gold content is engraved with a golden eagle with a sword shield on the back. It’s the emblem of Demassia, which is as exquisite as art.
In a hurry, Jiang Weihan ate something at first light the next morning, so he rode a Griffin and flew to Stansom in the distance.
On this day, hundreds of citizens gathered in the grand square outside the Justice Hall. They saw that a gallows had been set up in the square. How exciting it was to see an orc hanged with their own eyes! In the courtroom, that’s for big shots. Lord Leo Fording will be tried in there today. It is said that he is accused of treason and harboring orcs? It’s incredible that he led his soldiers to kill orcs before, but how could countless people take refuge in orcs? Most people think that this is a despicable person. He slandered this old paladin with a sense of honor, and the trial court will naturally clear Fudingge.
At this moment, Jiang Weihan has been sitting next to him in the courtroom. A man and a woman are all dressed as wizards and talking in a low voice. Of course, now he is also dressed as a wizard, wearing a wizard robe and carrying a time rod.
In the middle of the courtroom, the Lordaeron League flag is hung, and next to it are small ones representing the seven kingdoms of the League.
Leo Fuding has been taken to the hall and sat in a large oak chair. Right in front of him is the presiding judge’s seat, while behind the presiding judge, there are four thronelike chairs in an arc shape, which are the seats for jury members.
I heard that there are four big shots coming to serve as jury members today. Jiang Weihan has some expectations because all highlevel trials in Lordaeron need to be presided over by four supreme commanders of the League.
Then a paladin came out and announced loudly, Lordaeron guardians, we are gathered here today to judge one of us for Lord Leo Fording. Now!
As the first juror entered the hall, there was a sudden silence.
The fourth chapter I protest!
I salute the Kurras Navy for Daelin Proudmoore! The slender navy will stand tall and sit on the far right throne. He is wearing a commander’s head, a gorgeous blue navy hat and a gold medal to mark his rank as commander of the Union Navy.
Daelin Proudmoore was king Kurras and the greatest hero in World War IIhe and his navy made great contributions and sacrifices against orcs.
At this time, Jiang Weihan heard the redhaired mage next to him say to the female mage, Your father looks refreshed!
Jiang Weihan carefully glanced at the sorceress next door, covered most of her face with a blue robe hood, showing a stiff nose, plump lips and a few strands of blonde hair.
Then there is no doubt that this sorceress is jaina proudmoore, daughter of Navy Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and proud brother of antonidas.
Jiang Weihan guessed the identity of the redhaired mage next to him by the way. He should be Ronin!
Then the paladin said, Salute to antonidas, the teacher of Dalaran, the magical holy land!
Although the teacher is white in hair and beard, he seems to be in high spirits and wise and kind.
The last two admission identities are equally good. One is the founder of the Silver Hand and Archbishop Alonso Fao. This old man is now in the twilight years and needs attendants to help him walk. He is deeply loved by the people in Lordaeron, and Leo Fuding is his brother. When Leo is facing treason, he needs to see if he has really deviated from the Holy Light.
Following the archbishop, the young king Arthas finally entered the court. He has been a member of the Knights of the Silver Hand for four years, and he is the sole heir of the kingdom of Lordaeron. Of course, he is qualified to represent the kingdom as a member of the jury.
After the jury was seated, the paladin motioned for everyone to stand up to welcome the arrival of the presiding judge. In the eyes of everyone, Wu Seer Lightbringer walked to the gorgeous trial stage. His serious eyes swept across the audience and motioned for everyone to sit down.
When Jiang Weihan was stared at by his eyes, he felt the willies in his heart. It felt like seeing Ursol, a bear demigod, for the first time in an emerald dreamalthough the other party had a soul left, he still dared not move.
Of course, Wu Seer doesn’t make people feel as dangerous as a beast, but it looks dignified and solemn.
This paladin deserves to be called great. He is the chief paladin and the greatest warrior recognized by the League. He is the noblest and wisest member of the paladin, and has a comparable understanding of the light.
It is most justified for him to act as the presiding judge
Then the messenger of light filled the hall with magnetic sound.
Paladin Lord Fuding Wu Seer said, You are accused of betraying the Alliance and violating the direct orders of the superior. You should realize that this is a serious accusation. The highranking commanders gathered here will judge you according to the law of light. What is your defense to the accusation?
As stated in the accusation, I am guilty/I accept all punishment for my negligence, Leo said.
Hundreds of angry voices flooded the hall, and many onlookers were obviously convinced that the accusation was exaggerated or simply fabricated. Everyone was shocked that Huriau confessed so frankly.
Then Saidan Dasohan, commander of the Order of the Silver Hand, testified in court to support his charges against Leo. However, Leo’s good brother didn’t mean to kill Leo, but hoped that he would wake up and realize that it was wrong for him to stand on the human side.
It’s a pity that things have come to this.
Then Basselas jumped out and witnesses testified Dassault’s testimony. The ambitious deputy didn’t have Dassault’s sympathy, but threw dirty water at Leo.
However, this kind of rhetoric that tarnished the reputation of the company did not win the favor of Wu Seer Pavilion as he imagined, but it disgusted the other party
Wu Seer stared at him sternly at that time, and Bathurst shouted at him, You should learn to control your words and deeds, young paladin. I have known him for many years. We have saved each other’s lives and the winner’s posture in front of the enemy many times. Even I can’t remember what he did. His reputation can’t be defiled by such a small thing as you! We have heard your testimony, so you can retire.
Bathurst hurried back to his seat and blushed. He felt like a clown, as if hundreds of eyes were staring at him and laughing at him.
The trial went very fast because Fuding was too cooperative.
Wu Seer asked quietly, Do you still need to defend yourself, Paladin Lord Fuding?
Leo stood up and saluted the commanders. Gentlemen, I know this reason sounds ridiculous, but the orc saved my life and returned me as a paladin, promising to protect him. His name is Etrigo, and he is the most honorable opponent I have ever faced. You must understand that if I carry out the orders, I will betray the honor of a paladin. If I do this, I will accept all the punishments you think fit.
After hearing Leo’s defense, Wu Seer strode to the jury. After a short argument, they kept gesturing. After a while, the jurors seemed to agree with him. Wu Seer returned to the trial bench with a triumphant look.
Paladin Lord Fuding, he said, The court knows that you have served Lordaeron for many years and helped defend her allies. Everyone knows that you are brave and good at fighting. For example, it is a worrying crime to ignore their false honor in the alliance of enemies. While granting Amnesty to the orcs, you risked your life in the fireplace valley for personal pursuit, but considering that you have been loyal to the alliance for many years, the court will forgive you and ask you to lift your oath with the orcs and swear allegiance to the alliance again.
In Wu Seer’s speech, the meaning of doubt is that he is very protective of Fuding and wants to bow his head and be soft, so everything is easy to say. This is why he has just argued with the jury about the results, and he is also an old friend who most wants to see the results. He believes that their teacher is too old, and Alonso Faogue does not want his brother to carry the name of treason.
Arden, the captain of Leo’s loyal guard, pleaded in a low voice, Please, my Lord promise them and forget it (the orc).
Dassohan also whispered, Let’s put all this nonsense behind us, Leo, my good brother!
Paladin Lord Fuding, what’s your answer? Wu Seer asked him suspiciously, sensing Leo’s hesitation.
Jiang Weihan looked at Fuding, who was struggling, and all the people in the courtroom. Everyone in the audience wanted Fuding to forget his promise to the orcs, except for Barthelas.
However, these people all experienced the same thing as Fuding, and they didn’t have such a firm oath to protect nature and understand his choice.
Jiang Weihan sighed softly. He knew that Fuding would make a disappointing choice, but without such belief and persistence, how could he create an enemy paladin leader in the future?
Sophiddin chose to defend his oath.
He heard Arden sobbing behind him and saw his good brother Dassohn slumped in his chair and shook his head in dismay. He heard several people swearing in the hall and called him a traitor. He also saw the disappointed eyes of Wu Seer and the teacher Faogue in front of him, which made him bow his head and speak rightly.
Wu Seer rubbed his eyes wearily to signal everyone to be quiet. He was deeply saddened by what he was going to do.
In that case, Wu Seer said heavily, Leo Fuding will no longer welcome you from the future. You are no longer worthy of living in the gift of light. I will expel you from the group accordingly; You will be deprived of all knighthood decorations and you will be deprived of all personal titles and property; You will be exiled forever, set foot in the alliance, spend the rest of your life with savage creatures, and may the light have mercy on your soul.
Spectators gasped and expelled from the group is already a very severe punishment, which will deprive the paladin of all the power of light. This punishment has been imposed several times since the establishment of the Knights of the Silver Hand. All the paladins are extremely afraid of it.
What’s worse, he was deprived of all honor and property and exiled forever.
Such a severe punishment almost drives the death penalty.
Wu Seer raised his hands and was about to launch a ceremony when suddenly a sound emerged from the spectator stand and interrupted him.
I protest!