My handsome thousand men team lost one hundred men.

A total of 660 people
The number of people who lost more than one tenth of the number of people who participated in the attack.
In fact, this loss is pitiful, but my heart is still like a knife.
These six or seven hundred people are all old soldiers and horses!
How many people have been under my command since I conquered Han Sui? !
I have tried my best to avoid casualties, but this is still a battlefield.
Think about the Lyu3 bu4 fight, but it was only one round, and our cavalry fell thousands of people!
I’m lucky enough
Send this letter to Mr. Jia Xu quickly, let him consider it and send it to Taiwei Zhang Wen to come back quickly. I handed the battle report to Zulie Zhao Cheng, and he and Sun Wen became my relatives without me. In addition, let him send Zhang Ji to me. I need special treatment for the wounded soldiers.
Nuo Zulie bowed their heads and withdrew from the room.
According to the general’s investigation, there are no thieves and soldiers in the whole State of Qi. Yu entered the room and reported that county officials have also sent people to wait for the general to meet.
Interview? I smiled. You and Yide can meet them for me.
At the end? He zheng will be a humble Beowulf at the end …
Just say I’m injured and I can’t meet people. I’m not interested in meeting these people. Of course, Yun Chang, you should be a little gentler and not scare these officials …
Sir Zhong nodded. So … will it go at the end?
Go I waved.
He bowed back to the hall door and turned away.
Big Brother? Ma Dai Qin came in one after another. You don’t seem very happy?
Nonsense. It’s hard for so many people to die! I held the bar with one hand and motioned them to sit at will.
Qin array sneered, So many enemies still want to die? Have you not grown up yet? !”
Hey, hey, are you too presumptuous? Xiao Dai woke him up to be polite.
Qin Zhen is right. Of course, fighting will kill people. I affirmed Qin Zhen’s point of view
He suddenly flushed I am a military expert
But Qin Zhen, why don’t you shoot a few arrows first? I hold him accountable.
Shoot an arrow? He dismissed we are cavalry, not archers! Although I am the best at riding and shooting kung fu, archery is not refreshing after all!
Put your mother fart! * * Is it a war! I fumed
He was immediately silenced.
It’s true that fighting is to kill people, but what you do with leading the troops and generals is to consider how to kill fewer people besides defeating the enemy! I indoctrinated his idea. We have so few soldiers and horses trained for so long, and if one dies, one will be less. If you can shoot two rounds of arrows and rain first, the enemy will inevitably cause panic, and then you will be much less dead! It can be said that those soldiers behind you were killed by you!
It’s not … I didn’t kill him … He denied it shaking.
It’s true that you are good at kung fu and brave enough to dare to kill the place, and I will let you lead the way in the most. I want to suppress the first, but you can’t win a war just by rushing with blood! You can’t kill all the soldiers except you after a fight! The more I say it, the more severe it becomes.
He shrank his head and dared not speak.
I know you are used to this in your hometown, but since you are with me, you have to learn more effective ways to fight. I restrained my serious look. After that, you can no longer shoot an arrow at me before the short soldiers meet! * * It’s not like you can’t shoot more arrows! If you shoot one more arrow, we will lose one person!
He nodded silently.
You say nothing! I am strongly dissatisfied with his silence.
Yes, yes, I must shoot them twice before I chop them to death! He hurriedly indicated that he understood.
I turned to Xiao Dai Lin Mao warehouse? Is there anything?
I got someone to estimate that the grain is not too much, about 6 thousand stone. Ma Dai held out a pile of bamboo slips. Hey, this is the account record. Do you want to see it?
… I took a look at this pile of things and quickly declined to watch
夜生活Money also has 150,000 coppers, which may have been spent by Xu Rong. Ma Dai shrugged.
What? ! One hundred and fifty thousand dollars? !” I’m angry from embarrassment. It’s not enough to pay for a soldier who died in battle! Dog day Xu Rong! Leave such a broken stall for the old man? !”
Er … Ma Dai hesitated. I remembered that Xu Rongqian was going to attack Qingzhou. Will he transport all the money and food to the east?
I immediately made a decision when my eyes lit up, Qin Zhen!
Qin Zhen shivered and started to be small!
You immediately lead your 1,000 and 500 people to find out if there is anything in the warehouses in Dong ‘anping City. I’m afraid that he has any illegal behavior and told me, You can’t rob the common people of money. Don’t blame me if you dare to rob a penny!
Yes, yes! He escaped from the hall in a panic if he was granted amnesty.
Eldest brother, you … scared him … Xiao Dai looked at his back and said in a low voice.
I nodded with a smile. Qin array’s potential is not bad, but sometimes it’s too disobedient for me to beat him.
Xiao Dai smiled hey and then looked at the case in front of her and said nothing.
What are you laughing at? I turned to ask him.
He smiled at the corner of his mouth. It feels like you are getting more and more like a boss, big brother.
oh? Do you know what the boss is like? I patted my trousers on the clods.
And often? Or break life and death in a word? He touched the bar and replied
That’s the surface. I shook my head. If you have no strength, you will always have a fart if you are angry again!

An hour later, the Qin array sent its own Qiang compatriots to tell the general that there is still a lot of money in the Dongan warehouse, and the general Qin array has sent someone to transport it to Lintong.
Good good! I be in heaven How much food?
Er … many … Qiang people bowed their heads.
Forget the food. It’s still affordable if you can’t take it with you.
How much is that? I am full of hope that he can name a big number.
Well … a lot … The Qiang messenger was sweating.
Well, take a rest … I asked him to go and sigh. I shouldn’t have given high hopes to Qin people. It’s good that they can count …
The younger brother to see? Ma Dai, who has a strong mathematical ability, volunteered himself.
I don’t remember Xiao Dai. Are you good at accounting? I squinted at him.