After the game, the press conference was held because the core of the two teams were China people. After the game, the atmosphere was good and there was no angry words. Even if it was full of depression and humiliation, it was rare to compliment Yao.

Now that they have planned to join the China team, it is not stupid to be ashamed of Ji Guo. Of course, they should try their best to do well with their future teammates.
Yao also praised the twins in front of reporters for showing that both of them have more potential than themselves in the future.
In general, this conference was harmonious, which made China people look at it and Americans look at it disgusting!
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Chapter one hundred and six Rookie of the Month
On November 27th, the Clippers beat the Rockets at home and finished all the games in November.
A Clippers game will be held on December 1st when the team got a valuable threeday break.
On the whole, the Clippers had a relatively easy schedule in November, and they also scored 5 wins and 5 losses, ranking ninth in the West with the Nuggets again.
Clippers fans think it’s a coincidence that the Clippers will challenge Denver Nuggets again on the road on December 1, which is the first war.
Before the game, on November 3, the nba announced the ownership of various awards at the end of the month.
The first is the player of the month award in the East and West, which has nothing to do with the two brothers. They are not qualified to participate in this award competition. Last month, the best players were all capable of competing for mvp stars.
In November, the best winner of the Eastern Conference was the little emperor of lebron james, who averaged 35 points, 1 rebound and 75 assists per game in November. Although the Cavaliers won 6 losses, they were not as good as the Clippers, but the gorilla played an outstanding role in the past.
The best winner in the Western Conference was Peter Pan of Kobe Bryant, who averaged 311 points, 61 rebounds and 55 assists in November. The Lakers’ record was also not good. In November, they scored 7 wins and 6 losses, ranking first in the Western Conference after the Clippers.
Next, it’s the turn of the two brothers. Clippers fans and China fans pay the most attention to the rookie of the month award in the East and West.
Chinese fans are very sorry because the twins are on the same team and in the west, which makes them inevitably have a rookie of the month award even if they play well. Of course, the supersonic one is even more depressed. There is not much difference between Tiedu’s data and the twins, but the team’s record is really shit. Unless Durant gets Jordan’s or Iverson’s rookie data, he is doomed to this award.
The rookie of the month in the East was awarded to the center of the al horford Hawks, who averaged 1 point, 9 rebounds and 16 assists in November. The Hawks also ranked first in the East with 6 wins and losses.
It is very difficult for the league to belong to the best rookie of the Western Conference because both twins have performed well enough. It is a great pity for the other to award this award!
It is said that david stern personally made the decision later. Since they are twins and on the same team, they simply tied for the award.
This decision has been unanimously recognized by the league department. It is not the first time that they have played this kind of juxtaposition trick, especially in such an important award as mvp. The league has also tried to win two players at the same time
The twin brothers also won the Best Rookie of the West Month, which is also a big news in the United States. As their performance in the regular season became better and better, their fame also rose. Now paparazzi have been following them all day.
Ji Guoqiu averaged 12 points, 12 rebounds, 45 assists, 29 blocked shots and 2 turnovers in November, shooting 54.9% from the field and 4% from the free throw.
Ji Guoshi averaged 166 points, 9 rebounds, 27 assists, 23 blocked shots and 3 turnovers in November. His shooting percentage was 4%, his shooting percentage from threepointers was 42.4% and his shooting percentage from free throws was 95%.
I don’t know if I don’t see it. I’m shocked!
When the data of the two brothers were in front of us, it immediately shocked the whole league!
You know, they are both on the same team and the data will be diverted, but they still get two pairs of data per game, which is a great thing.
Espn specially wrote a report on the data of the two brothers’ field. The final conclusion is that the two brothers are the fourth highest line combination in the league’s offensive and defensive efficiency.
Today, the United States also introduced the benefits of the twin line as the title in detail. The two men’s attacks were still second. Their defense made the Clippers lose points in the paint area in November, second only to Orlando Magic, Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs. The Clippers’ paint area was the fourth most difficult line in the league in November and tied with Denver Nuggets’ defense.
It is not surprising that the Clippers have the top five defensive positions in the league and can achieve their current record.
If they have a stronger offensive ability and a smaller point guard short board, they will be a real playoff team.
Now Clippers fans have completely forgotten the poor old captain elton brand. At this time, even if the captain returns from injury, it is not easy for old Deng Liwei to arrange for his two brothers to have a very good chemical reaction with the team. Brand really has no place to intervene.
In fact, quite a few fans know that it is absolutely impossible to achieve the current record according to the strength of the Clippers this season.
Don’t say it’s not just a game against the Rockets. They would never win if they changed to the season clippers.
There are also games against Pistons, Hornets and Cavaliers. They all rely on the line to play well to beat their opponents. Without these four games, they are not much different from the Sonics.
Brian, the Jewish agent of the two brothers, has lived a very good life these days. As the performance of the two brothers is getting better and better, he has been smashed in the past, but all the agile and cunning Jews have hid Brian one by one. Now, the two brothers don’t tell him what to do, and all the endorsement contracts have been pushed away for the time being. The Jews now openly put on an attitude of waiting for a price.
Brian can see that he’s lucky. These two guests really have superstar potential like Duncan and Gatt. Now if you sign the endorsement contract too early, you will be in the same predicament as Wade. Jews don’t want to be impatient and suffer big losses.
The endorsement of nba ordinary players and star players can be described as a world of difference, and the gap is by no means a small number. Once you sign a fouror fiveyear contract prematurely, you will lose half your career.
Bonzi wells, the Rockets, was greedy without knowing it!
Brian is different. He knows that he needs to endure for a while, and the temperature will be almost the same. At this time, it should not be too long. According to the development speed of the two brothers, if he wants to win the rookie of the month again, those giant enterprises should not sit still.
Now Nike and Adidas have actually made moves. The former quoted the packaging price of the two brothers at 40,000 US dollars each for six years, and the latter was more sincere at 50,000 US dollars each for seven years.
This price is full of power for 90% of the rookie, but Brian is not satisfied with it. The performance of a model before the supersonic speed is not as good as that of the two men. They already got a Nike contract of $60,000 for seven years before the regular season in kevin durant. No matter how cheap the two brothers are, they can’t be worse than Durant’s contract, can they?
The two of them are the biggest market for Chinese to have the ball behind them, and the position of the stadium is even more difficult, and the linemen have performed better.
Even if this is a package price, two people can’t be lower than Durant!
The cunning Jews don’t want the two brothers to sign in the same company and can’t put their eggs in one basket. Foreigners also know this truth. If the two brothers sign in Nike and Adidas respectively, it will be more convenient for them to negotiate terms with the two companies.
In addition to training, Ji Guoqiu showed superb brainrepairing skills at his neighbor Emma Roberts’s home during these three days. At the same time, he also knew that Emma Roberts had recently moved to Aaron College for the convenience of arranging trips. Little Radish no longer went to school to study, but hired a female teacher to study at home.
It seems that Emma Roberts is going to formally develop national hatred in Hollywood, and he is not very happy about it. He doesn’t like the little girl to be an actress.
For what? The panda warrior is embarrassed to think about this question for the time being
Christine invited him to see Ji Guoqiu on the 29th, knowing that Twilight was interested in him, but fearing that Christine was nicknamed cheating girl, Ji Guoqiu was not going to find such a girlfriend. He didn’t want to be cuckolded when he went out to play ball with his front foot, and whoever liked to fuck the panda warrior said that he couldn’t stand it.
Eldest brother, anyway, you don’t have a girlfriend. Since Twilight Girl is interested in you, you should try to associate first. Maybe people are influenced by you? Besides, do you know if there are cheap zhan wang eggs?
In a blink of an eye, on December 1st, the Clippers had already taken a plane to Denver, and Ji Guo was humiliated. These two days were very nourishing. Calculate that he kissed the little singer’s mouth and pulled his hand, just rolled sheets …
Ji Guoqiu is not as leisurely as he is. Yesterday, he made an excuse to get rid of Christine’s date. Ji Guoqiu was talking telepathically with Ji Guoqiu at that time. When he saw Ji Guoqiu, he refused his sister’s initiative to date. He expressed his extreme contempt for this kind of delivery, which didn’t take advantage of the guy. He was not a person!
Some girls are chasing after me and pretending to be garlic. They want me to say that you deserve to be single for a generation!
Mom, why don’t you focus on this game? It will be even harder if we don’t take the Nuggets to the away game at home.
Ji Guoqiu crow mouth unfortunately said that in the game that night, Mrs. Kenyon Martin talked about the teenager’s madness, left fist and right fist, and caught Ji Guoqiu’s shame and gave him a fat beating!
The old champion completely blew a relay at home tonight and almost gave Fox a riding buckle.
Fortunately, the two brothers have telepathy, and this big killer is an emergency. The humiliation of the country has not been as shameful as that of my wife!
However, Ji Guo’s shame that Kenyon Martin was in the wind throughout the game still made him feel very embarrassed as the rookie of the month.
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