Song waits on the palace to change clothes, said Xin Tian lazily by the bed.

Ok, Gu Ge replied crisply, then tidied up her sweet clothes and took out a how about this one from the closet.
Little darling, it’s a great loss not to marry you home as a wife. It’s really my heart that you are so virtuous. Xin Tian squinted at her and just swallowed saliva there.
Virtue glanced at her and Gu Ge threw her clothes. Get up quickly.
Right looking at Gu Ge Xin Tian suddenly stopped her.
What’s the matter? Gu Ge turned to look at her. I’ve prepared everything for you to wash. Do you want to take a bath first in the bathroom?
How did I come back just now? Xin Tian asked. She remembered that she fainted when she was going out.
Of course, I got you back and looked at you like you didn’t have much meat. Do you know that you are really heavy? Gu Ge rolled her eyes. How come I haven’t seen you these days and turned myself into Daiyu’s sister.
Blindness and poverty are a little low blood sugar recently, so I feel dizzy if I don’t have a good rest. I patted my chest. I’m a female Han Daiyu’s sister. What is weak?
Do you wait on your family to get up? Gu Ge asked.
Poof laughed sweetly. You are poor, dead girl, but the palace likes your tone.
Looking at her, Gu Ge lazily nested in the wimp sofa. What are you going to do after the sweet girl?
I don’t know, Xin Tian shook his head. Anyway, with you, I will eat and die. I told you not to say that I don’t care, okay?
Do you want to be so overbearing? I’m not interested in you. Gu Ge left the pie mouth.
I’m not interested in you, and I don’t have any tendency to be a lily. You can keep your virginity with me. Sweet talk has changed your clothes neatly. But to be honest, I really have an idea. I just don’t have enough money on hand. Let’s wait and see. Now my first priority is to eat, drink and be a happy pig.
Stupid people can solve problems with money. Do you still call it a problem? Tell your sister how much you lack and you will become a shareholder. Gu Ge said very heroically.
It’s a businessman who values profit. Do you want to look at my little money? Then I will really despise you. Xin Tian stared at her.
All right, I know that you are moneyobsessed, so it’s okay to invest conditionally, right? Gu Ge looked at her again angry and funny, but this girl loves money, but it hasn’t changed much.
That’s more like waiting for my horse to come out. Then Xin Tian walked quickly into the bathroom.
Sitting on the sofa, Gu Ge slowly closed her eyes. She didn’t feel a little bit of depression from her present sweet body. What kind of painful experience is it? Maybe you will know it only after you have experienced it.
After a simple wash, Xin Tian went out from the bathroom and walked up to her, which conveniently reminded her that what did Niu take me to eat today?
Let’s eat whatever you like followed her strength to get up.
Then let’s walk and think about it. When we walked to the door, Xin Tian suddenly stopped to look at her. I met someone when my little dream was abroad.
Well, what’s the matter? Gu Ge turned to look at her unexpectedly, and her sweet face saw two floating blushes. Yao, this is the longing for love.
You’re the one who’s longing for love. I’ll ignore you like this again. She squeezed her arm and said sweetly.
Well, you go ahead, I’m all ears. Li Qing cleared his throat and Gu Ge said seriously.
He is very kind to me, Xin Tian wrote in his novel.
What? Gu Ge looked at her unblinkingly, and then she saw the shy expression in her sweet face.
I opened my mouth and suddenly I didn’t know what to say. I don’t hate him
Better than Yi Qi Gu Ge did not have Jiang Wei but became Xin Tian’s boyfriend in college.
Are you kidding me? I saw Xin Tian’s eyes in an instant. Yi Qi is a scum, okay? At that time, I must have seen him with gum in my eyes. Yi Qi Xin Tian felt that it was the most colorful stroke in his tragic life.
Looking at her, Gu Ge didn’t talk for a long time. Sweet didn’t forget that Yi Qi is more disgusting than Yi Qi, but she just forgot Jiang Weihe and those two children. What kind of pain will make her subconsciously choose to forget to protect herself?
Hey, what’s the matter with you? Why do you suddenly remember Yi Qi? You shouldn’t be connected with that scum, should you? Xin Tian grabbed her expression and asked seriously.
What do you think? I ignored him a hundred years ago. You don’t like people. I’m also indispensable, right? Gu Ge smiled.
spa会所  title=That’s more like it. Xin dessert nodded.
Sweet girl, tell me the truth. Do you like the person you just said? Looking at her, Gu Ge asked seriously.
I don’t know, Xin Tian shook his head. I want to feel comfortable with him.
Then can you tell me his name?
Jiang Wei
Recommend a good friend, Jing Sawen, with a black belly and a charming slave princess.
She was on vacation at the seaside in high flyers, a modern medical university, when she was suddenly photographed by a big wave. In ancient times, she fell from the sky in a bikini and fell into the bath bucket of Prince Wei Guorong.
He is a famous Wei Guorong, Simomo, a handsome man with a big hand, but he is the head of the nine gods.
He was seriously injured in a war, and he was ill all day.
In order to give birth to her, the Rong Wangfu disguised as a man became a servant and was responsible for serving the weak Rong Wang
Over time, he gradually discovered the clue. That night, he severely tore up all her disguises, including her disguised as a man.
Who said he was weak and a blackbellied faker?
Chapter one hundred and eleven The best way to shut up
When I heard the name Jiang Wei coming from Xin Tian’s mouth, Gu Ge was shocked and sighed involuntarily.
What’s the matter? Do you know him? Looking at Gu Ge’s reaction, it was sweet and one leng.
Oh, Shao Qian, a friend has seen it several times, Gu Ge said.
Really? Let’s talk about how people look. Are you married or not? Is it a bachelor level? Xin Tian asked a series of questions.
Sweet girl, you seem to be very concerned about him. Gu Ge casually said.
Know yourself and know yourself. You know me. Once you find the target, you will take the initiative to attack. You must not let the duck fly, Xin Tian said.
You like him Gu Ge asked again.
Anyway, I don’t hate foreign countries. During this period, he often helped me and was very kind to me. His lips were slightly raised and he smiled faintly, and then he took her arm. Let’s go and tell me about him.
Gu Ge and Xin Tian accidentally met Xu Wei in the restaurant while eating, and there was good news around him.
You go first, and I’ll call you later. Xu Hui said lightly with a twist of his head.
You frowned and the good news didn’t say anything, but turned and walked away.
Lip angle slightly raised Xu Hui smiled Miss Gu, long time no see.
Yes, long time no see Gu Ge said lightly.
If Miss Gu doesn’t mind, can I sit down and have dinner with two beautiful ladies? Xu Wei looked like a gentleman at this moment.
I mind very much. As soon as Gu Ge finished speaking, he saw Xin Tian suddenly raise his head and keep his eyes on them. Finally, his face showed an intriguing expression, and his feet gently kicked his legs at the bottom of the table.
Looked up and saw her one eye Gu Ge didn’t speak.
Miss Gu, if you say that, it will hurt my heart too much. If you see that I didn’t eat this day, just give me a face. Xu Wei said pathetically.
If Mr. Xu is willing, I think many people are willing to accompany you to eat this meal, or you should call the young lady back to our side again. Sorry, my friend and I have something to talk about, said my aunt lukewarm.
I won’t interrupt dinner without my guarantee, Xu Wei vowed.
Private topics are not suitable for outsiders to listen to. Gu Ge’s voice is still very calm, but Xin Tian knows that she has been angry, and because she is even more worried about Gu Ge’s call to Mr. Xu, who can actually provoke Gu Ge to be angry, it happened that people’s attitude is still extremely gentle and modest at this moment.