Master Shan’s face was slapped, and that Shaqi finally changed into a stiff smile at the death threat. I said that you can divorce or marry me again and lose money.

Suddenly, there was a stabbing pain in the soft flesh of the neck, and the red eyes pushed forward again. The fat layer of red blood flowed out of the neck of Master Shan, and he felt a sense of separation and oppression. Master Shan dared not speak, but his eyes stared at the ghost of the disease intensely, and his muscles twisted like steel bars.
I’m sorry for being patriotic. It’s not that I seduce him. It’s that he seduced me first. You know I’m usually very conservative. If he didn’t seduce me, how could I? I’ve been ignored all the time. The old lady suddenly poured dirty water on Master Shan to survive. It was merciless to betray Master Shan’s concubine.
This blind bitch! I don’t blame the other party for smearing myself, but at this time, what are you fooling around with?
Indeed as expected, the curse in Master Shan’s heart isn’t over yet. Those dead fish eyes are like being injected with Se, and the red eyes are as fine as cobwebs and bloodshot, which instantly fill the whole eyeball.
Suddenly, the whole world came to a standstill, and the ghost was suffering from tuberculosis, and his teeth were swollen, and his teeth were clearly visible. He kept pressing the trigger hard and pressed the dexterous machine to drive the gear, and immediately great power came from the bowstring. A muffled bowstring seemed to split the air, and that sharp and short bolt excited her out!
Life and death are a little faster than the sick ghost, and the head is off!
The excessive force of the mountain Lord even heard the bone friction click from the neck bones and muscles!
Shu! A cold bolt passed through the neck of Master Shan, but before Master Shan was glad to have escaped a bullet, the pain suddenly came from his neck.
No matter how fast a person reacts, he can’t escape the close attack of the crossbow even if he evades it early.
yi ~! As slender as a square fountain, after spraying Se fiercely, the bleeding wound on the neck was covered with a big hand. Grandpa tried to think of it, but he felt dizzy. The sticky liquid in his palm flowed along his fingers with a little warmth and a little vitality away from this strong body.
To die? Am I going to die? Master Shan’s heart was in disorder, and his mind flashed like a lantern. The dribs and drabs of his life were interrupted by an unwilling howl. Since childhood, he developed a fierce and savage style, which made Master Shan unwilling to die so cowardly.
桑拿会所  title=Shake your body and hold the mountain master’s eyes steady. The Zhang Cang’s white blood Se face is frozen with deep consternation. Perhaps even the mountain master himself never thought that he actually pulled the crossbow Se and wore the mountain master’s neck to see the soaring Se, and the bleeding column was immediately covered with a big hand. Even the poor and crucial knowledge of the mountain master knew that the mountain master was dead.
At this time, the ghost who flashed through the disease was not even revengeful, and there was not even a trace of joy. The pressure dropped from the sky like a mountain, so that the thin man shook and almost collapsed. At this time, the only thought in his mind was Kill someone! !”
No one can take advantage of the old! !” A low howl like a wild animal woke the sick ghost with selfpity and selfpity accompanied by the neck to breed blood, and the iron fist as big as the sandbag slammed on the pale and swollen face of the sick ghost.
Bang! The collision of iron fist and five senses seemed as if Mars had hit the earth. Barry could see the trembling small tongue through the tunnel.
Hua knocked over the garbage, the sick ghost, his thin body and weak body groaned and looked at Master Shan’s face. He fell to the ground with a smile that never hurts.
In the instant when consciousness is about to fall into eternal darkness, I hear the wind sāo, the bitch screaming and the sick ghost screaming!
No one can take advantage of the old! !” With this mantra, Master Shan’s consciousness completely fell into darkness!
2 assembly monster
When the midnight bell rings, the dead people are particularly depressed.
Lao Wang, who is on duty, is eating peanuts and erasing the foam of cold draft beer at the corner of his mouth. If you don’t come, you won’t come again. You must make Xiao Zhang’s treat sleepy! I yawned a lot, but I had to continue working after a night shift, which made Lao Wang feel a little bad. Lao Wang said that Xiao Zhang had been working here for more than a month, so it was the second time that he was absent from work, which made Lao Wang very dissatisfied.
Whoops ~! A y and n wind blew over Lao Zhang’s tight thin blanket, and his dark face leaned out of the window and looked around for a while to smack his lips and continue to eat and drink.
Rubbed his bordeaux nose, Lao Wang has long been accustomed to this kind of evil sound. For a night watchman who has worked in the morgue for more than ten years, Lao Wang has long been infected with those strange things. Even if there is a fake corpse, Lao Wang can’t even blink an eye.
Huh? Lao Wang scratched his head and threw peanuts into his mouth. This kind of strange smell usually disappears if you don’t pay attention to it for a while. Why is it not only getting bigger and bigger this time, but also the surrounding temperature is slowly decreasing?
Grabbed up the peach wooden sword that had never been used to ward off evil spirits at hand, and Lao Wang quickly pulled out the Buddha’s beads, crosses and other sacred objects to ward off evil spirits from a drawer next to him. Before he left the door of the duty room, he suddenly shook it. It was Lao Wang who was sure that he was not dazzled, and then the door was really shaken. Then, before Lao Wang’s eyes, he suddenly flashed a looming and semitransparent ferocious head and roared and pounced on Lao Wang.
When Lao Wang came and raised his hand, the peach wooden sword was penetrated by this strange head and passed through Lao Wang’s body. The ferocious expression of the head eased slightly and immediately disappeared into the duty room.
Lao Wang held his hand and raised his peach wooden sword, his expression was frightened, his eyes were wide open, and his eyes were slightly white and lifeless like dead fish eyes.
A gust of Y and N wind blew over a young man with a medium height, Y and N depressed and grim face, pushed the door in a burst of creaking and looked a little at Lao Wang’s dead face. He looked at the monitoring and duty room and saw that there was nothing wrong. This was the only way to leave.
Walking into the morgue, the young people kept violently lifting all the freezers and carefully examining them.
When a tall corpse with everted neck and limbs appeared in front of him, the young man remained expressionless, and there was a flash of joy in his eyes.
Good material! !” Young people’s voices are different from their appearance, as if they were mixed with iron sand and hoarse and low for a long time.
The slender pale fingers rubbed the muscles and bones on the tall body, which was very in line with the requirements of the youth and even slightly exceeded it.
Young people who found this satisfactory body stopped looking for it. In situ, their lips closed, and the black fog rolled endlessly. Slowly, the black fog gathered around them. At the end of the youth mantra, they rushed to jump into the tall body.
The body was convulsed, and then it was quiet. With a burst of teeth shaking, the tall body slowly sat up, stiff, white and lifeless.
The grim young man ordered the tall corpse to move stiffly, and his body seemed to be very dissatisfied with this zombie. The grim young man frowned for a while and shook his head slightly, then looked around at the corpse.
Pondering for a long time, the grim young man reluctantly lit a new skill on the digital screen in front of him. After that, the young man sighed slightly and waved his arm again. But this time, it was not a black fog, but a strange thick green fog. The fog rolled and condensed from time to time, reflecting a ferocious face, whining and struggling, but it could not shake the youth at all.
Wait until the green Se fog condenses into a crystal nucleus that is almost as big as a nail, and the young man fingers and clamps some cold crystal nuclei in his hand.
Look at the crystal nucleus slowly for a while. The grim young man pressed the crystal nucleus that had been condensed into the tall body. The crystal nucleus touched the tall body and quickly disappeared on the surface of the body like running water.
The body didn’t respond at all, but the joint gave a slight crunchy sound. Soon, the body moved like a normal person, and the baby hobbled slowly to the coldfaced youth.
It was not until then that the young man discovered that the corpse was two heads taller than himself, as tall and strong as the Great Tower.
Satisfied with the nod, the young man reached the first command and immediately the tall corpse took action.
Dragging bodies that are mutilated or ferocious violently out of the freezer, the hard bodies fall to the ground and make a bang sound, which is particularly loud in the silent morgue, because the youth of the sound insulation design institute here are not worried at all, even though the tall corpse is tossed around.
Slowly, a hill composed of corpses appeared in front of the young people, as if to determine something. The tall corpse stared at the duty room with white eyes for a while, and then walked in through the clumsy door and dragged Lao Wang’s dead dog wrapped in sacred objects.
When there are no bodies around, the tall corpse dines
A thin scarlet crack slowly appeared in the strong chest, and this crack slowly expanded. As the crack expanded, the black and brown Se coagulated and dirty blood slowly flowed out.
When the crack expands to the size of a man’s head, it is so fierce that it reveals the uneven, pale and sharp teeth inside. I feel that it is still not tall enough. The corpse’s arms are hard enough to pull the blood hole in the chest. As soon as it expands to the belly button, the whole chest is exposed to the air.
Then he leaned over and pulled out a petite female body from ShiShan and forced it into his chest.
After the body entered the body of the corpse, his pale body twisted and crawled, and his muscles rose and fell. After repeated several times, his body slowly recovered to calm down.
In this way, the tall corpse swallowed more than forty bodies before stopping moving. At this time, the tall corpse can no longer call people.
The tall corpse with three heads and six arms really did it.
On the whole, this tall corpse is still in human form, but it is just that its arms are a little bigger and its facial features are distorted.
The person who came to this corpse was tall and fierce, and after devouring more than 40 bodies, it was full of terrifying momentum.
Height is 2.5 meters, weight is nearly 3 meters, visual inspection is about half a ton, body width is also close to 2 meters, and the head is twisted and squeezed together like blowing air. One eye is as big as a sea bowl, and the other eye is completely covered with thick flesh, and the base is half blind.
No nose, two dark holes, a thick white air vent from time to time, a few drops of thick green Se mucus dripping from time to time, pungent and strongly corrosive.
The head is big and fat, and the body is certainly not slim.
3 soul piercing
Pale blood se and slightly swollen skin ferocious like a tree root, the veins stood out across every part of the body.
The bust has four arms, one standing in the chest, thin and slender, swaying like an ornament, and the other on the right rib. This arm is much stronger, more powerful and dark. It is estimated that it should be a strong man before his death.
The belly seems to be full of fat and fat, and the veins stand out like a spider’s web.
It may be because this tall corpse had his right hand strengthened before his life.
The whole right arm is full of an adult’s size, and the muscles are thick and ferocious, and the muscles are covered with scales. Compared with the right arm, the muscles are distributed beyond the human category. Look at the ferocious horror.
The whole body seems to be leaning to the right, and the right leg is also thick and lumpy, and the big muscles are layered on top of each other. The right arm complements each other.
Compared with the left, it’s outrageous.
The left arm is like a stunted baby, shrinking and thin, which is even more unbearable than the decorative arm on the chest. The left leg is composed of two thin thighs twisted and knotted together, and it is not surprising that this monster limps when walking.
After devouring the monster, the green Se drooled in front of the grim young man, but the grim young man glanced at the monster and left his eyes on the display screen.
When the digital monster information appeared in front of us, the youjīng man with a cold face finally gave me a smile and nodded with satisfaction, especially the word j and ng English behind the monster name.