He stared at master, you don’t like big guns! Give me the knife. Give me the knife …

He stared at master, you don’t like big guns! Give me the knife. Give me the knife …
Is the gun a knife when fighting in the battlefield? Do you have a problem with selfdefense at ordinary times? I put the knife in the sheath.
夜生活Give it to me, give it to me … He insisted on not letting go.
I kicked him to the ground dreaming!
He rolled over and was unwilling to cheapskate!
I adjusted my clothes. You are poor! A knife must be robbed!
Qin array muttered, I didn’t have a good knife …
Come with me to a place and choose a knife for you! I lost my word and went out first.
Behind him is the Qin array stumbling.
What scissors do you want to pick? The generation of scissors is still very leisurely.
Time is not to get flying stones? Let me see the results. You won’t forget, will you?
That stone? Wang Jian pointed to the middle furnace. It’s not finished yet. Wait five or six days.
I walked around the biggest stove. I can’t believe it. You haven’t melted it for so many days? Go slow! Although I didn’t send you a penny.
Ahem! Lao Wang shouted angrily. I can’t be careful when flying stones cast a lance! Don’t yell, you layman!
I touched my nose to show that you can try the gun when I’m finished …
I want a knife, I want a knife! Qin Zhen woke me up.
Lao Wang casually pointed to the hut and Qin array whistled in.
The house tinkled and was in a mess.
I heard the savage laugh with joy and licentiousness.
Chapter 40 The Return of Ma Dai
This is the library of knives and swords cast by the old lady all her life. Lao Wang proudly said to me with a twisted brown beard. At the age of twenty, the old lady started her own family. Fiona Fang is 500 miles away, except for the old lady who dares to be the first!
I threw a new knife. What do you think of this knife?
This kind of scabbard? Shit! Wow, the old man is dismissive.
Then he wowed again, Who cast this lying trough? Have a fight with the old!
He excitedly rushed over and couldn’t wait to grab my collar. Soandso! Tell me! I fought with him!
I took a step back. According to Li Mu, it was cast by a famous teacher in Hedong. I don’t know which one it is.
Hedong famous teacher? He mused and then breathed a sigh of relief. That must be the Liang family in Pingyang.
Pingyang Liang’s family? Why do you seem to be relaxed instead?
Oh, Pingyang is more than 600 miles away from Chang ‘an, which does not affect my name as the first craftsman in 500 miles. Wang Jian was very pleased.
I was disappointed with his enterprise, so I encouraged him, Can’t Master Wang make a little effort to become the first craftsman in a thousand miles?
He shook his head. We all have our own merits, and we can’t tell the difference in this generation just by craftsmanship.
But and then he laughed. This time, the great power of the public attracted the flying stone Lao Wang, and I am sure that I can cast the first magic weapon of the day over Liang Jia! I am the first craftsman in Sili! He smiled innocently and squatted down to fan the fire.
Because my personal interests are involved, I also hope that he is really the first iron man in the world.
Hey hey savage you hurry up give me out! Just take a knife! I drink heavily
ouch! Qin array roared out of the room and carried two broadswords left and right.