At that time, Ningzhiyuan, the bodhi old zu of Xuehe, chopped him into the giant mouth of the magic prison, and was immediately swallowed by the magic prison, forming a situation of either its death or his death. After that, he fought hard, and the magic prison’s thunder finally died. Although his knife was forced at that time, he still didn’t give up after eating it, but Xin Tong felt that he had really gone too far.

Guilt or regret, whether you should eat or eat Xin Tong, read a few words of death curse from somewhere, and began to cut with a wave of his knife.
spa会所How bold! Rao was expected by Xin Tong, but when the dark green oval object appeared in front of his eyes, he still let him involuntarily shout a low voice.
The magic prison is much bigger than a bath bucket!
This time, Xin Meng’s face is even more bitter than when he sees the brain of the magic prisonsuch a big barrel of bile will drink people to death …
Is the old life so bitter? A guy who has got a bargain and wants to tell others bitterly mumbles a slight shake of his wrist and a knife stroke. Because of his anger, this knife force is a little fierce, and the dark green bile is sprayed all over his face, and there is more bile directly rushing into his mouth to detain him, which makes him shudder.
The bitterness of the bile in the magic prison has reached a legal level, so bitter that Xin Tong almost passed away, but I have to drink it no matter how bitter I can get rid of my scales!
Xin Tong’s face was bitter, and he sighed with a sigh. He cut the gallbladder and sealed it with a knife. Most of it was two inches long, and then he leaned over and opened his mouth a little and began to swallow the bitter bile.
After a cup of hot tea, the gallbladder the size of a bath bucket has gone to less than ten times, but it has risen high. The bile in the magic prison is so bitter that he can’t help shaking.
However, this guy is really hard enough, so he didn’t stop drinking until his belly was bulging like a pregnant woman, so he completely sealed his gallbladder.
Raise your hand to wipe the bile from the corners of your mouth, and he suddenly stayed there before you let goa part of the scales on your arm disappeared!
Xin Tong jumped up with joy and slammed into the hard rock at the top of the cave.
Scrambling to pull out his head from the rock, he was very unhappy that he had turned into an iron skull and raised his right hand to his eyes again to study it carefullyhe was really not dazzled, and there were indeed many black scales that magically disappeared!
Looking at that piece of glittering and translucent jade skin, Xin Meng almost burst into tearsgrandma looks old or human!
Not only his right arm, his chest, lower abdomen, legs, left arm, cheeks … there are many places where the skin is exposed, one by one, mixed with dark scales.
What is there a place where there are scales and there is no place? I’m always full of bile … haha! Xin Tong didn’t understand the strange image at first, but on second thought he knew the reasonthose places without scales had been sprayed by bile before!
I found a way to shed the scales by mistake, and Xin Tong couldn’t help dancing.
When the true qi controlled the gallbladder incision, it carefully and seriously sprayed bile on the body for nearly two hours, and all the scales were removed, and it screamed with joy.
There’s a small part of bile left in the magic prison. It’s a rare thing that can fade away. It’s natural to be reluctant to throw it away. In case the scales come back to life one day, it will have to be dissolved. Carefully pick the gallbladder and try it several times to make sure that there is no dripping place to open the hidden deep finger and it will be put in.
Gong! In the instant of closing Zang Yuan’s finger, a divine thought suddenly fell from Zang Yuan’s finger into Xin Tongshi Haixin’s same stupor, and then he slapped his forehead, and his third eyelid was so painful that his eyes almost wanted to cry.
By this time, his memory had almost recovered, and as soon as he thought about it, he remembered who it was.

The first volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter II Scaling ()
The first volume Slash the soul thunder Chapter II Scaling ()
Why do you always forget the Jade Eagle and Europe in Zangyuan Banzhi? I don’t know how long it will take for the Jade Eagle and Lengyubing to be released from the hidden deep BanZhi again.
Patriarch … As soon as LengYuBing appeared, she was very excited to give a light shout for one or two times. A graceful turning point in her red eyes descended on Xin Tong. Patriarch was so happy that Europe was never able to see the patriarch again … ah … Hugging Xin Tong’s neck LengYuBing gave a light shout again.
Xin Mengren may have forgotten that he was naked because he was eager to release Yu Ying and Leng Yubing, and Leng Yubing may have been so excited that he ignored or didn’t notice that Xin Tong was hanging on his chest like that.
In his twenties, Xin Da Tong Chicken is hardworking and getting worse. Not long ago, he ate several supplements. Since he was sober, the base has not been soft and cold, and he has just softened it and stood up like an angry dragon.
Leng Yubing is a yellow flower without personnel, but she also knows what it is to top her belly with a hot, hot, hard stick. She is so soft and ashamed that she even blushes with her crystal clear ears, almost because she can think of pushing Xin Tong away.
Xin Tong was very embarrassed at the beginning, and then he thought that it was not the first time that he was naked in front of Lengyubing, and he also knew that Lengyubing and Wenyurou were romantic men. He arranged for the double major to get along for so long, and at least Lengyubing had accepted him … Such a thought of embarrassment made him lose his mind.
Europe, let me hold you for a while. The thickskinned bold guy hugged Lengyubing tightly in her ear and whispered, I don’t know how long I haven’t seen you miss me.
The warm breath seems to go straight from the ear to the heart. Lengyubing’s slender jade neck is coated with a layer of enchanting pink, and her body is getting warmer and softer. If Xin Tong doesn’t hold her tightly enough, she will definitely fall to the ground.
Leng Yubing’s reaction made a certain part of Xin Datong’s chicken so hard that it hurt. It seemed that he couldn’t wait to rub Leng Yubing into his body.
The blazing fire ignited Xin Da Tong Chicken’s breathing in my heart, and it became heavier and heavier. One hand has touched Lengyubing’s chest. If there is no accident, it is estimated that he will probably bid farewell to Tong Chicken’s identity here and now.
It’s a pity that he still has a bloody jade eagle beside him.
As soon as his yu fire burned to the extreme and was about to break out, the Jade Eagle came to him with a sigh of relief: Is the commons the body of a magic prison thunder scorpion?
Some sperm brain guy remembered that there was a jade eagle beside him, like a big basin of cold water, which doused his raging yu firejade eagle was able to transfigure people, although that was a thing of the past, jade eagle still had human wisdomXin Meng people were thickskinned but not thick enough for others to watch and be passionate.
Although that thing is still hot and hot, it’s gone, but it’s gone. I’m not willing to go on, and I wail, When will the career of the old boy chicken end?
The elder is right. That’s the body of Lei Kun in the magic prison. Xin Tong angrily glanced at Jade Eagle, who ruined his good deeds. How did the elder know?
The public commander of the magic prison Lei Mi broke off his first income, and it happened to fall beside the old man. At that time, he felt very much like it. The jade eagle’s wings bounced uneasily for a few moments and then added, The brain of the magic prison Lei Mi is a rare thing for practitioners, especially demon practitioners. The old man once got public help. If you can magic prison Lei Mi’s brain, it can be done. The old man was so greedy that he ate all those brains … Jade Eagle said here that he was never lower than his head. Please punish him!
The senior don’t have to be such a magic prison. I’ll be able to protect the brain. Xin Tong smiled at first. How can I blame the senior if the brain can make the senior become Dan again?
These words came from his sincerity, without any false jade eagle, and silently made him feel a little guilty about the jade eagle because he lost Dan. If the jade eagle can really reshape Dan’s brain and make great progress, it will not only alleviate his guilt, but also greatly increase his strength, which is a good thing for killing two birds with one stone.
Hey? Where is the silence? Just thinking about silence, he remembered that he hadn’t seen it since he woke up. After thinking about it silently and carefully for a long time, he remembered that the sun appeared in silence and fell stiffly into the dust. Grandma’s guy is thickskinned and thickskinned … but can you find that guy who likes to kiss up to the old?
Remember the kindness of the old man, Jade Eagle felt Xin Tong’s sincerity. Can the old man eat some of the flesh and blood in the magic prison?
Yes, of course, Xin Tong gently loosened Lengyubing, whose face was as red as fire in his armsYu Ying said goodbye to Tong Ji again, and the event could wait until after the heart dropped blood. Xin Da Tong Ji sent Lengyubing a gentle smile and looked back at Yu Ying’s way, That demon flesh is so tough that I’ll cut it for my predecessors. He said that he waved his angry thunder knife naked before a brisk walk.
After a while, Li Xintong became a chef specializing in Jade Eagle, and Tian Ji angered Lei Dao to cut the meat of the magic prison into pieces with a width of three or four inches and a length of more than two feet for Jade Eagle to swallow.
After half an hour, I was too full to be full. Jade Eagle stopped Xintong from cutting. Can we stay in this cave for a little longer? Wrong novel network does not skip words.
What? Xin Tong was startled that the elder gave a reason first
This magic prison is a rare treasure for practitioners inside and outside. Well … the old man wants to practice here for a while, and the date will be settled as soon as possible, so I beg you to be public.
Xin Tong pondered for a long time. The reason why we were in a hurry to leave the victory that day was because my father was imprisoned by the old son of Weidi. Since then, many things have happened by mistake. Now I don’t know how many days have passed. I don’t know how my father and mother are now … The younger generation is really worried …
Jade Eagle said, Sixty days have passed since I met the bodhi old zu of the blood river that day.
Sixty days? Xin Tong was surprised and asked in disbelief, Is it 60 days so long? Has it been two months since I met the ancestor of the blood river? The wrong novel network does not jump because it is too frightened, and Xin Tong has been thinking about the jade eagle to communicate with each other, and unexpectedly asked this sentence out of his mouth.
It should be more than 60 days. Leng Yubing said, although she didn’t know that Xin Tong had this question, she still said, I can carry one pill of Bigu Dan with me for three days. I have eaten 22 pills before I come out.
The place where she stands is about thirty or forty feet away from the mouth of the cave. Although the magma temperature is extremely high, it is not very hot here, and she is also a practitioner of the Jin Dan order. It is definitely a practice. Will her jade face always be red?
Leng Yubing’s words made Xin Tong look more anxious and forgot that he was still in a tight spot, so he turned around in the cave.
Don’t be dry. Jade Eagle came to the gods at the right time. The old man once dabbled in physiognomy. Your father and your mother will never die young. You can relax your heart and dare to protect your life. Your mother must be safe and sick at this time!
Xin Tong heard that the jade eagle was a little proud. He had a profound experience. He thought that the jade eagle would rather die than be subdued by him when he hit the rock three times and twiceso strongwilled … Did the demon talk nonsense when he was promoted?