Yang Xi nodded clearly, and it’s nothing. He put it in her husband’s hand and followed Yu Yuting’s floor.

Lou Rourou has fallen asleep with his eyes closed, and his face is almost white, tender, innocent and lovely. No, where is the little devil who just cried?
Yu fanfan also lay there drowsy, and his two small hands were afraid to make two small fists and put them on both sides of his head protectively …
The door opened and Yuyuting slowed down and came in, followed by Yang Xi.
"Wife," he gave a wink.
You Xiaoqiao blinked and saw Yang Xi come to the bed. "Come and give me the meat?"
"Well …" You Xiaoqiao was a little uneasy, but he got up slightly and put the child in her mother-in-law’s arms.
See fleshy sucked his mouth but didn’t open his eyes … Three adults also immediately gave a sigh of relief.
Yuyuting pointed to the door, busy, picked up and fell asleep. fanfan followed Yang Xi to the door.
So the two men finally took the two little demons away in tandem.
You Xiaoqiao sat on the bed for a while, then got up and walked into the bathroom.
Just now, I was sweaty and sticky by three children.
Yu Yuting sent the child to the building and immediately turned around without saying a word.
Looking at his impatient appearance Yang Xi … What seems to be suddenly white?
She shook her head so that she could call Yueyue to help change the diapers for the child to sleep.
On the other hand, as soon as Yu Yuting entered the room, she heard the water flowing from the bathroom.
He locked the door and took off his clothes in three, five, two and walked towards the bathroom.
The door opened and then the door left unlocked.
Soon there came someone who couldn’t control the sound "Little Joe … Baby …"
"Oh, why are you … don’t …" You Xiaoqiao resisted.
"Lovely, you can’t feed those three smelly little boys every day. You see your husband is hungry and thin these days …" Yu Yuting continued to be shameless.
"But I’m tired …" You Xiaoqiao said pathetically.
"Just be good and I’ll move."
After this sentence, the water in the guard bathroom disappeared, and then there were suspicious gasps.
After about a few minutes, the door was opened with a "thud" and Yu Yuting ran out naked from the inside.
"Husband, what are you doing?" You Xiaoqiao’s charming soft voice came out of the bathroom with a little doubt.
"Be good and wait for a while, I’ll find a set." Yu Yuting said while opening the drawer.
You Xiaoqiao "…"
After a few minutes, Yu Yuting was sweating profusely. "Why is there no condom in my wife’s house?"
"…" You Xiaoqiao seemed to think for a while and then said, "I seem to have thrown it away after putting it aside for too long."
"Why did you throw it away!" Yu Yuting immediately went on the rampage.
"…" YouXiaoQiao paused for a moment and said "… then don’t do it."
Why not do it?
Very not easy to send the three little demons to the floor tonight … Yu Yuting gritted his teeth and started rummaging through the room.
Ten minutes later, you Xiaoqiao couldn’t stay up, and after the initial strength, he yawned and hurried out of the shower to lie down on the big bed and closed his eyes.
I don’t know how long it took.
"I found it!" Yu Yuting came to the bed with a condom found in the crack of the drawer on the most side of the cabinet, and pressed You Xiaoqiao without saying anything.
"Well," You Xiaoqiao frowned and pushed him. "I told you not to do it. I’m exhausted and want to sleep."
"No, if you don’t do it tonight, you won’t have a chance." Yu Yuting said that she had pushed her pajamas from the surface, and immediately a petite white but particularly hot devil figure appeared.
Yu Yuting’s eyes were glowing red, just like a hungry jackal. When he saw the white and delicious white rabbit, he reached over and touched it, then began to talk, hands and feet and …
"Pa" a back was hit by a force.
"It’s annoying to say no!" You Xiaoqiao angrily waved his limbs and pushed Yu Yuting away and pulled the quilt cover.
How could Yu Yuting let her go?
Uncover the corner, and the whole person just got into it, and then in a short time, the two men were completely twisted into a ball by the quilt cover.
You Xiaoqiao is tired and sleepy, but he doesn’t want to do it. He may be resistant, so he can’t get into it.
Yu Yuting first habitually coaxed her, and then finally put up with it and slapped her ass. "Be honest!"
It’s really hard to sympathize with her with triplets since pregnancy. Yu Yuting can be said to spoil her every day. Everything depends on her. Now it seems that women really can’t spoil her too much, otherwise they will be too pampered and arrogant to look down on him.
"I don’t want it!" You Xiaoqiao still dares to protest.
"Don’t? Believe it or not, I can’t make up your bed? " Yu Yuting’s voice is full of desire and anger.
"Don’t believe it!"
"Yo, I can’t get rid of you, can I?" Yu Yuting’s eyes were red and blazing, and she turned over and was instantly executed.
Two people for almost midnight finally Yu Yuting let go.
品茶论坛Because … if you don’t let go, you won’t protect a set of facts. It’s not enough.
Both of them are tired, but they really don’t have the strength to get up and take a shower. They just sleep until dawn or are awakened by knocking at the door.
"Little Joe got up. No meatballs. Hungry little Joe …" Yang Xiyin kept shouting outside.
You Xiaoqiao gave a painful cry and said, "I know, mom, I’ll go."
It’s finally quiet outside. You Xiaoqiao has to get up after a while.
I swept away and looked at a heartless man lying there with a face of satiety. He was wronged, sad and angry, and one of them couldn’t resist lifting his feet and kicking his ass.