"Don’t tell me you don’t know how sensitive Qin Chen’s identity is. She is Qin Ran’s sister Yu Enze. You are alone with her. You let me not think much if I do it." long summer shouted at Yu Enze.

Yu Enze naively raised his hands to caress a face and then decided to calmly persuade long summer "long summer, do you know that you are really not calm now? It seems that it is not necessary for the two of us to continue communication tonight. You should go back to the house with me immediately and have a good sleep. When you wake up early, you will figure it out." Yu Enze took long summer’s hand and walked into the house.
"If you let go, I will go by myself." Angry long summer broke free from Yu Enze and held her hand in place.
"Well, then I’ll just watch yourself walk in or I’ll put you in." Jun Yan is cold and indifferent, and Yu Enze’s strong tone is threatening.
Long summer ao however Yu Enze overbearing anger struggled to throw the handbag in his hand at his chest in anger and then went downstairs in a blaze.
Yu Enze didn’t guard against being slammed by long summer’s handbag from the chest to the throat. He couldn’t help but let out a painful rumbling. He held long summer’s handbag and looked at long summer’s stubborn and angry slim figure and shook his head in distress situation.
Back to the room, long summer has made the bed in the bedroom to see Yu Enze come in. She casually threw his pillow to him. "You go to sleep on the first floor."
Yu Enze sat down on the bed with a pillow. "I’m not going to the first floor. I’m going to watch you."
"Open" long summer kicked Yu Enze out of bed, and his face turned red. "Are you going or not?"
"Hello hot pepper, this is also my room, ok?" Yu Enze shouted with a painful ass covering her face.
Long summer simply jerked off to one side and confronted Yu Enze. "I know this is your room, but you are not allowed here tonight." See long summer with her hands akimbo and ask him for the last time, "Will you go to the first floor?"
"Don’t go" Yu Enze held his head high and showed no weakness.
"If you don’t go, I’ll go back to my apartment at once." long summer said that he would push the door open and walk out.
Yu Enze instantaneous dumbfounded rushed to stop long summer had to be soft. "My aunt, alas, you stop that now, okay? You are the queen. You are what the queen says. I will listen to you. Can’t I go to the first floor?" Then I quickly picked up the pillow and reluctantly went to the first floor.
Seeing Yu Enze’s poor doormat appearance, long summer sneaked across her mouth and smiled at her door, and then immediately freed herself like a tall boy jumping into bed. She rolled herself in the quilt and couldn’t help but roll back and forth.
Long summer laughed till his face cramped and his stomach ached at the thought of Yu Enze’s cute image just like a child.
Don’t you dare to give me the image of overbearing president at home? There is no way for heroes to be sad and beautiful since ancient times. I won’t let you admit your mistake. Go to sleep with your pillow, little son. I can’t clean up your tricks and treat you well.
Yu Enze got up from the sofa in the middle of the night and quietly went downstairs only to find that long summer had locked the door and completely broken it. He wanted to sneak into the room to think about it.
Yu Enze sighed in his heart, "This little pepper is really going to be alone in the boudoir."
In the morning, the sun was shining all over the room. Jin Lixia opened the door sleepily. He was about to move forward. How did he feel that his feet were blocking the way? long summer bowed his head and was almost startled. Where did a behemoth come from? It slept at the door.
"god, why are you lying here?" long summer looked intently at this guy who was Yu Enze.
Yu Enze was awakened by the sound of long summer. He sat up absently and rubbed his blurred eyes. Seeing that long summer finally opened the door, he couldn’t help yawning. "long summer, you can open the door. I slept this night and tied the cool floor. It is estimated that my old waist will be broken."
Long summer was angry and funny. "I told you to go to the first floor, didn’t I? Why did you sleep on the second floor?" He said and helped to help Yu Enze massage his waist consciously for fear.
Yu Enze saw that long summer’s mood seemed to be much better, so he stretched himself and began to be glib. "I don’t have the heart to hug my knees as a window to watch the evening rabbits and listen to the chickens. I’ll watch you at the door so that you won’t worry about cutting the western window candle together, but it’s time to talk to evening rain. I’m here. You can open the door at any time and let me in with you."
"You just quote the classics at random." long summer angrily twisted Yu Enze’s arm. "One is Robin Wang’s satire on behalf of Guo’s satirical poem of Lu Zhaolin’s empathy, and the other is Li Shangyin’s confession that I am so miserable in the long-term separation of husband and wife."
"I put my foot in my mouth, okay? I was wrong." Yu Enze looked at long summer and was angry. He hurriedly apologized. "I came to see you locked the door last night and was determined not to let me in. I was very sad. Later, I somehow fell asleep at the door. long summer, don’t be angry, okay?"
Long summer looked serious and stared at Yu Enze. "Enze, I’m not angry with you for talking just now. Why am I angry with you?" long summer locked Yu Enze’s eyes. "Tell me what you think about Qin Chen."
Chapter 57 What did you say
Silver venetian blind rose slowly, the light flashed through the gap, and the rich darkness was suddenly broken through, and gradually faded away. In an instant, the large workshop was transparent and bright.
Because it is too early for other workers to arrive yet, there is silence in the workshop except long summer.
Long summer alone in front of the French window, her mood is like the noisy city in the distance, which is messy, long and depressing. The words Yu Enze said to her this morning are still circulating in my mind.
"Because of Qin Ran, I can’t be wary of Qin Chen. I naturally know that Qin Chen came to Yu’s motive is not pure. After all, her late sister is eager for revenge, and she will inevitably have a deep-rooted hatred for us.
I will still record Qin Chen, and you agree that I didn’t do it because I felt sorry and sorry for Qin Ran’s death. We tried to make up for the sympathy and regret for Qin Ran by taking care of Qin Chen.
Qin Chen is Qin Ran’s twin sister. She has Qin Ran’s shadow. You can see me more. From this, I feel more guilty about Qin Ran, and then I try my best to take care of Qin Chen.
Qin Chen Yu’s every move I can doubt, guard against and even destroy, but I still say that I have to choose to trust her. She is Qin Chen, not Qin Ran. I believe that she is still different from her sister in her bones.
It’s time for you, me, Qin Ran, and Qin Chen to be so embarrassed. It’s still necessary to ring the bell. I want to let her slowly get out of the shadow of hatred and let those grievances go back to her true self instead of following in Qin Ran’s footsteps.
Long summer, I don’t want to hide anything from you. I hope you don’t doubt my sincerity to you, and don’t be easily disturbed and shaken by outsiders. I have always insisted on and firmly believed in everything before. "
It seems that Yu Enze’s eyes are guaranteed to be phoenix. At the moment, it seems to long summer that he is determined to entangle with Qin Chen. Even if he is bent on saving Qin Chen who has fallen into the abyss of revenge, will Qin Chen really let it go as he wishes?
After ten years of life and death, I don’t think about whether it’s right or wrong for everyone to meet. Now that I think about it, it’s hard to tell whether all beings are right or wrong. How many people can bypass the world of mortals and escape from love and hate?
"Good morning, Sister long summer", the second one who came to class, went over to say hello happily when he saw the window of long summer corridor.
Long summer’s thoughts came to an abrupt end. She withdrew her mind only to find that her face squeezed out a smile and ran into Xiaowa’s dark circles, which suddenly froze.
"Wow, did you come as a night cat last night? Why are your dark circles so heavy?" long summer looked at Wow and was very surprised.
"Sister long summer, don’t lie to me. Oh, can you still see it?" Xiaowa was accidentally seen by long summer, so she quickly took out the concealer powder box from her bag and quickly opened the mirror to confirm that "I have applied a thick concealer powder. How can I still see it?" She said discontentedly in front of the mirror and hurriedly picked up the powder puff to make up the makeup at the dark circles.
"There’s still you here to give me and I’ll help you." long summer saw that Xiaowa always didn’t cover it well, so he simply took the powder puff in Xiaowa’s hand.
Long summer stepped forward close to Xiaowa, and saw that her arm neatly encircled Xiaowa and kept it fixed. The other hand and a half held a puff, and the body was gently silky and cool, and the soft texture of the puff was soft and soft. Carefully pressing, smearing and smoothing her eyes was so gentle and elegant.
There is a faint fragrance of issey iyake floating in the air, which is the smell of long summer’s perfume. The rose is warmly combined with the elegant lotus and meets the tender feelings of water.
Xiaowa and long summer are so close that she can clearly feel long summer’s steady breathing. Looking at long summer’s serious and clear eyes, Xiaowa’s heart began to accelerate inexplicably, and her cheeks flushed slightly.
"Sister long summer, if I were a boy, I think I would like you, too." Xiaowa stared at long summer, who had been helping her with her makeup, and said with some infatuation.
"What do you mean?" long summer took his time and didn’t stop moving.
"I can’t say anything, but I feel that you have a charm that people don’t like." Xiaowa’s words are sincere
Long summer corners of the mouth overflow with a shallow smile "wow, what’s wrong with you today? This mouth is like honey. Don’t you think that birds of a feather flock together?"
Xiaowa’s eyes are bright and full of worship. "Of course I’m white. Sister long summer and I are like-minded. I appreciate Sister long summer and I like Sister long summer very much."