I bit my lip tightly.

He pinched my waist and asked me to turn over on him.
Turns out to be such a posture …
I am so ashamed and angry that I don’t even know where to put my hands and feet.
It happened that he was still pressing "Baby, call me"
I hold his neck and bury my head in his chest, so I can cry and call him.
He was satisfied.
So I went crazy all night
Woke up the next day, the sun has covered the whole room.
He has a strong arm around my waist, and his unique breath surrounds me, so I feel particularly stable and quiet.
I looked at his handsome face, his long eyelids, his straight nose …
This man is really good-looking
I couldn’t help kissing him and pouting slightly.
He was awake when he didn’t know it. He buckled the back of my head and aggravated the kiss.
After everything subsided, I lay down on his chest and whispered, "Let’s go home later. Teng Jun and Ye Sanye estimate that there will be more trouble. I’m a little worried about eldest sister-in-law and Xiao Jin."
Although I enjoy spending time alone with him, I know that we have more important things to do.
Ye Xiangyuan touched my hair "good"
We returned to Qinyuan after breakfast.
In the villa, there is a sister-in-law playing with Xiaojin in the garden quietly.
I’m a little surprised. It’s not quite what I imagined. I also hope you will find fault.
Sister-in-law laughed. "I guess I’ve moved reinforcements."
It turns out that Teng Jun has gone back to her mother’s house. Ye Sanye seems to have gone to Li’s house, while Ye Li seems to have gone out to see some old cadres.
I hesitated. "Let them do this …"
It’s hard to win this situation. If they turn over, Ye Xiangyuan will be busy again.
Sister-in-law smiled. "The more you don’t toss, the more they can."
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression is even more dull.
Sure enough, they are more determined than me.
Knowing that they must be ready to deal with it, I will also rest assured to accompany Xiao Jin to continue playing.
Ye Li and others didn’t come back until dinner.
Does Ye Li pay attention to a harmonious place or get everyone together at dinner as usual?
Whether it is an elder or not, everyone will accompany him to play.
It’s the dining table. I actually saw Li Yuyan.
Teng Jun smiled and said, "I’ve always wanted a granddaughter, Yuyuan, to accompany me … You should treat her well when she will stay at home for a while."
I really admire him for wanting to kill Ye Xiangyuan yesterday, but he has recovered today and can still talk to Ye Xiangyuan in such an intimate tone.
It happened that Li Yuyan also shyly looked at Ye Xiangyuan timidly and said, "Ah Yuan is in trouble after that."
I "…"
Li Yuyan is worse than Teng Jun. She and Ye Xiangyuan have already torn their faces, but they can still gather together again and again.
Ye Xiangyuan’s expression is not summer-planting.
Sister-in-law silently gave Xiaojin food, but she didn’t hear it.
Ye Li coughed, "You can live here as your home after the rain and smoke."
Li Yuyan thanked Jiao Jiao.
品茶论坛I frowned.
Know that Li Yuyan likes Ye Xiangyuan, know that Ye Xiangyuan doesn’t deal with the Li family, and Ye Li has to agree that Li Yuyan will live in?
Although it is likely that Teng Jun is blowing the pillow breeze, won’t Ye Li judge?
Li Yu smoke this meal is very quiet didn’t come up with a moth.
I always think that she planned something when she pointed a gun at my heart and looked at her now as a good girl.
This makes me more alert.
Ye Li called Ye Xiangyuan to the room after dinner.
Sister-in-law told me to go back to my room together and deliberately left Li Yuyan alone in the living room.
I didn’t expect Li Yu smoke to follow.
When Sister-in-law entered the bedroom, she quickly blocked the door and asked, "Sister-in-law, can I talk to you?"
After that, he gave me a deliberate look, which meant to let me walk away in a friendly way.
Of course I can’t leave. I’m afraid she’ll shoot my sister-in-law again
Sister-in-law said coldly, "I have nothing to say with you."
Li Yuyan was choked with cold eyes, but she quickly regained her smile. "I’m here to apologize …"
Sister-in-law swept her sarcastically. "Do you Li people think you are the smartest in the world and treat others as fools?"
Li Yu smoke mouth smile a little bit.
Sister-in-law sneered, "How did my husband die? Ask your father. Even if you didn’t give me a shot, we would be sworn enemies."
Li Yu smoke estimation is not clear about a generation of grievances smell speech Zheng big eyes.
Sister-in-law sneered, "Go away, don’t shake it in front of my eyes. I’ll just shoot someone like you. After all, I was mentally ill."
Li Yu smoke stupefied looking at her suddenly sobbed to cry.
I was wondering why she suddenly cried and saw Ye Xiangyuan appear at the door.
Before I could react, Li Yuyan sobbed and ran to him and asked jiao, "Is it true what Aunt Ayuan said?"
Ye Xiangyuan took a step back and avoided her hand.
Then he bypassed her and walked up to me, grabbed my shoulder and said, "Let’s go and let Sister-in-law have a good rest."
I am busy saying good night to my sister-in-law and going out with him.
Li Yuyan tearfully chased "Ah Yuan …"