Seeing the sudden silence, long summer Yu Enze gradually reduced the speed and stopped at the roadside with a parking space. He looked at long summer. "long summer, I know you are sad because of Shen Bailu, but none of us want things to come to this. After all, each of us tried our best, didn’t we?

What you have to do now is to spend the last time of your life with Shen Bailu. Do your best to help her do whatever she wants you to do, and don’t let her leave with regrets. "
"I know, but I’m still sad. I can’t bear to part with the Millennium. She is still so young." long summer’s eyes are wet and red, and she went on.
Yu Enze put long summer in his arms and comforted her. "long summer is stronger. Don’t you forget Shen Bailu’s wish? You have to help her do one more thing, so you must not be discouraged and be strong."
"Yes," Yu Enze’s words instantly awakened long summer, who quickly wiped her face with tears and forced her to smile. "I can’t patronize the sad tears. I must cheer up. There is still a very important thing waiting for me to help her finish the theory. For example, I must help her realize her last wish."
The next day, long summer flew to W City and came to Liu Yuefan’s home.
When Liu Yuefan opened the door and saw that long summer was coming, Qing Jun’s face suddenly appeared with a happy color "long summer, why are you here? Come into the house quickly."
"Liu Yuefan, are you really so rude to Shen Bailu?" long summer didn’t sit down and looked at Liu Yuefan with blame.
The smile on his face gradually dissipated. Liu Yuefan went to the window with some panic. He didn’t dare to look at long summer. "long summer, I don’t know what you said."
Long summer angrily rushed to the opposite of Liu Yuefan. She locked his eyes. "Liu Yuefan, are you still pretending? I can’t believe you don’t watch the news every day and don’t know anything about the Millennium. Are you so indifferent?"
"I broke up with her a long time ago. We don’t have it anymore." Liu Yuefan replied indifferently.
"But after all, you were in love with the Millennium. If you are still a man and still have some tenderness, you should go and see her."
Long summer became excited as she spoke. She gripped Liu Yuefan’s arm and shook him constantly. "Do you know that the person she wants to see most now is you? She still loves you deeply. Do you really have the heart to let her leave with regret? Do you have the heart?"
Liu Yuefan’s heart ached. Why Shen Bailu is still obsessed with him? He once left her cruelly. He doesn’t deserve to be so deeply loved by her. Forcing himself to be cruel and not visit Shen Bailu is to completely break her mind. Even if she hates him, he doesn’t want her to continue to love him.
"I don’t deserve the Millennium. It’s really not worth it." Liu Yuefan suddenly became hoarse and his eyes were hot and sour
"Liu Yuefan, you listen to me." long summer lifted Liu Yuefan and asked him to look into her eyes. "Now it’s not a question of whether you are worth it. Now the most important thing is to make the Millennium happy and let her have no regrets.
If you still know that Liu Yuefan, please take out your sincere white dew and accompany her in the last time like a man and take good care of her. "
Chapter 44 Is she really thinking too much?
Shen Bailu’s condition is getting worse and worse, and she is as thin as a log. Even talking is becoming more and more difficult. Now Shen Bailu has managed to go out in the sun again, and she can lie in a hospital bed every day and rely on various infusions to barely maintain her dying life.
Long summer Bai Shen Bai Lou will hold on until now but has been waiting for that person to come to her.
Now Liu Yuefan still hasn’t appeared.
There is cold rain floating in the gray sky outside the window, as if Shen Bailu was lonely and lonely at the moment.
"long summer, I don’t think I can see Yuefan. I can’t hold on any longer." The weak Shen Bailu sound is as light as anger. long summer had to lie on her lips to hear her clearly.
Long summer endured heartache and tears, and her hands couldn’t help trembling. She carefully stroked Shen Bailu’s thin face. "The Bailu Liu Yuefan will definitely come and believe that I will insist on it again. He will definitely come."
"long summer, don’t encourage me any more." Shen Bailu looked at long summer and smiled with relief. "Thank you for all I’ve done, but I’ve tried my best. I can’t wait for Yuefan to come."
"Daughter insists on believing that long summer Liu Yuefan will definitely come." Aside, Shen Zhiyuan repressed the pain in her heart and encouraged Shen Bailu not to give up her last wish.
Shen Bailu struggled to raise her hand to hold Shen Zhiyuan’s hand. Shen Zhiyuan quickly held her daughter’s palm and then leaned over and put her ear on her lips to listen to what her daughter said to him.
"Dad, I’m really glad that you can fly to new york to see me. At the last moment of my life, I can have my father to accompany me. The only regret is that I haven’t come to accompany you to honor you. I’m sorry, Dad."
"My good daughter, stop talking. Dad has never blamed you for being a father and not letting you enjoy fatherly love. Dad is wrong." Shen Zhiyuan has choked up.
品茶论坛  title=The scene in front of her also made long summer feel sad. Tears came like a flood. She held her mouth tightly and tried to restrain herself from crying out of control.
Shen Bailu still smiled and comforted his father and long summer with a strong smile. "Everyone agreed not to cry, but to smile and watch me leave without crying."
At this moment, the door of the ward suddenly opened a bright light, and suddenly the heavy but rapid footsteps came in. With the long-lost and familiar voice, it gradually approached "I am the Millennium."
Regret Liu Yuefan looked at Shen Bailu, who was lying in the hospital bed and dying. He knelt down and held her cold and skinny hand and put it on his tear-stained cheek. "I’m sorry for being late, Bailu."
Finally, I waited for someone I deeply loved. Shen Bailu smiled regretfully. "Don’t be sad. I can see you for the last time, and I will die with my eyes closed." I saw tears in her eyes, and she was sincere and pleading. "You can’t kiss me again."
Sobbing, Liu Yuefan slowly leaned over to Shen Bailu, who was full of expectation, and gradually approached his lips. He kept shaking hot tears and burning his sad and painful face over and over again. He closed his eyes and slowly kissed her pale and cold lips.
A drop of crystal tears slipped from the corner of my eye, and Shen Bailu fell asleep forever with a satisfied smile.
After attending Shen Bailu’s funeral, long summer returned to Y City, and her mood fell to the bottom because Shen Bailu left.
"long summer, if you want to open some," long summer Yu Enze was very worried when she saw that she was sitting on the sofa and looked blue at night.
"Sometimes I really doubt the authenticity of people’s lives." Because I have seen what happened to Shen Bailu with my own eyes, long summer was filled with emotion. "Someone, you saw A talking and laughing at you yesterday, but today A left you forever, just like Shen Bailu."
Long summer Naidi gave a wry smile. "People’s lives are so fragile that if there is no, there will be no"
Yeah, people’s lives are too fragile. If you say no, you won’t have it.
Yu Enze heart is not a pain.
Long summer’s words reminded him once again of his beloved mother and his aunt, who are all beautiful, elegant and excellent women. But one night, her mother was killed by a disease, and her aunt was brutally killed by a murderer. This sudden loss of intimacy has been rooted in her heart and will never dissipate. A gentle touch will still make him breathe with pain.
"Enze, I’m sorry. Did I remind you of something unhappy?" long summer saw that Yu Enze suddenly became silent and realized that what he had just said should have poked him where it hurts.
Yu Enze stared at long summer and asked her, "long summer, don’t you forget that you once spoke to me? You told me to believe that you are still alive, so A is alive, and we living people should live a good life."
Long summer bowed his head and stopped talking.
People are like this, they often have a lot of reasons when persuading others, but when they encounter similar situations, they are stuck in the middle and stagnate.
Yu Enze put long summer in his arms. "I know you are very reluctant to part with Shen Bailu. After all, you had such a pleasant and tacit time. You regard her as your best friend.
Things have happened, and we can accept the established facts calmly, blindly sinking into the pain, unable to extricate ourselves from the past, hurting ourselves and those who are still worried. Your life must continue without bravely raising your head and striding forward. "
"Enzeshi, I’m not drowning in the pain of Shen Bailu’s departure. I am." long summer hugged Yu Enze, and she wanted to continue talking, but suddenly she was speechless.
"It is to become afraid of losing, right?" Yu Enze Bai long summer’s real heart.
Once faced with the death of his mother and aunt, he never felt at a loss. The fear of losing a strong fear threatened his broken heart all the time. Fortunately, long summer and Ouyang later accompanied him to encourage him to gradually get out of the shadows. Now long summer is as troubled as he used to be because of his friend Shen Bailu’s death.
"When Shen Bailu left, I saw that my life was vulnerable, and I began to become timid." long summer got up and looked at Yu Enze. Her eyes were slightly wet. "I am afraid that I will gradually lose important people around me. I am afraid that I am not so strong to face so many where will you go. I am afraid that I will not be able to bear the pain of losing my dear ones."
In the soft halo, Yu Enze lovingly stroked long summer’s beautiful face. He gave her a firm look back. "long summer, don’t be afraid that people will always experience all kinds of things in their lives. It is precisely because of these nine times out of ten that we grow up rapidly. You must remember that people will always be stronger than they think."
"Really?" long summer asked Yu Enze uncertainly.
"True" Yu Enze answered long summer with certainty
The mood has become cheerful. Many long summer snuggled into Yu Enze’s arms. "Enze, can I ask you a question?"
"What’s the problem"
"Here" long summer’s reddish cheek sticks to Yu Enze’s broad chest. Her slender finger points to Yu Enze’s heart position. "Will it be very tired?"
"What do you say?" Yu Enze held long summer’s hand in a gentle tone.
Long summer touched Yu Enze’s heart. "Because it bears too many worries, you have yourself, I have Ouyang and those. We all don’t know that all the worries are loaded with this small and strong heart, which is better than you alone."
Yu Enze long summer dropped a deep kiss on his forehead, followed by his gentle lifting. Xia Bafeng’s eyes were full of spoil. "Before I met you, my heart was dissatisfied. After I met you, my heart was full of those joys and sorrows caused by you, which just filled this once lonely heart. I didn’t feel tired, but I felt very satisfied."
Long summer hugged Yu Enze. How she wished, she could always freeze it. There was no quarrel and no disturbance. Two people grew old peacefully and warmly. She wanted to rub him into her soul and let him go with her, so she would never be afraid of losing him again.
She always feels a sense of threat oppressing her.
Is it because of Qin Ran’s call that day?
"Su Lixia, you, you drive me away and you win, right?"
"I tell you that Su Lixia Yu Enze is me."
"You can’t take him away from me. I’ll never let go."
Long summer’s ear suddenly sounded Qin Ran’s shrill and provocative voice, and her arrogant gesture seemed to shake before long summer’s eyes at the moment.