I didn’t move my eyes and still stuck to the door.

Actually, Gu Changyu has long since disappeared, and I am very nervous. Although I pretend to be nothing, I have already set off waves in my heart.
I think he’s coming to talk to me.
Then should I preemptively tell him that I intend to refuse his proposal?
Ye Xiangyuan there didn’t ring.
I stole a glance, and he left his seat and went to the French window before I knew it.
The afterglow of the setting sun shone on his tall figure through the leaves and windows, and it seemed that there was a layer of light flashing all over him.
I was stunned.
He turned to look at me silently.
I resigned myself to walk over there.
I didn’t see the scene outside the floor-to-ceiling window until I got closer. From the inside, I could see the whole scenery in the backyard, and the guard pavilion at the backyard gate.
But the same situation in the room may also be exposed …
I can’t help but wonder, "You should be able to see inside from outside …"
Will this upset you?
Section 5
Ye Xiang Yuan Dao "can’t be bulletproof without glass"
I know that Ye Jia’s protection must be as strong as a city wall, so it is the same reason to go out with bodyguards with him. After all, Ann is the most important thing.
But there are many restrictions in this way.
As an outsider, he looks at flowers and flowers and is full of danger everywhere …
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly looked at me and whispered, "Are you scared?"
I didn’t speak.
He smiled. "Do you want to tell me now that you have thought about it for so many days or decided to give up with me?"
I hesitated to nod. "You can find someone else …"
He looked at me fixedly.
I said, "The first time I met Xiaoyan, she was a fool. She held your hand and talked and laughed with you …"
Ye Xiangyuan smiled and shook his head. "You know it’s a detour … I do have someone I like, but it’s definitely not Xiaoyan and I won’t find her as a shield … I can’t tell you who I like for the time being … but it’s impossible for me and her. You don’t have to worry."
I didn’t expect him to be so frank. I even started, and he just said it and froze.
He added, "On that day … after the accident didn’t happen, we’ll be a fake couple and not interfere with each other."
I wry smile.
How is it possible to pretend nothing happened?
He was my first man …
What’s more, he’s so outstanding in his war determination. If I can resist his charm …
That’s why I’m afraid and hesitant.
I was silent and he added, "If you like, I will be nice to you in the future and we will get along slowly."
I suddenly opened my eyes.
He leaned over and stared at me with a low voice and bewitched, "Is it good for you alone?"
I almost drowned in his gentle eyes.
This man is so cunning that he seems to give me a choice of facts, all of which are based on my marriage with him.
I protested with a wry smile, "I haven’t promised yet."
He hooked up the corners of his mouth. "You let you go for so many days to give you a chance to regret?"
I can’t help mumbling "What a bully …"
桑拿网  title=He chuckled, "Well, you have to get used to it."
I "…"
He gently lifted me, "Xiaoyan, have you heard those words? Even if she colluded with my uncle, she couldn’t touch confidential things … but my uncle and I did have some grievances …"
Chapter 55 This is the agreement
I waited quietly for him to say.
Ye Xiangyuan turned the conversation and said with a smile, "Don’t be afraid that I will send someone to protect you from the waves."
I pout.
Didn’t Xiaoyan almost kill me?
He said he would stall Xiaoyan, but she kept coming after me.
So this is one of the reasons why I don’t want to get involved with him.
Although he is dazzling and powerful enough, it is too dangerous to be his wife.
I deliberately said, "This is just the beginning. I have suffered so much. How can I trust you?"
He smiled, "There will be more trouble later."
I didn’t stop glaring at him, and he really dared to scare me.
His smile was even deeper. "I will arrange for my uncles and aunts to live abroad. Anyway, they are always abroad. They like to go to Africa and do good deeds, and I will support them."
It turned out that he had already planned, and it was really foresight.
I didn’t speak.
He looked down at me. "I need you. I hope you can deal with those troubles with me."
I looked him in the eye silently.