"…" Song city heard YuJingYin footsteps could not help but pause.

She looked out indeed as expected YuTingChuan there.
At that time, I was utterly confused again.
The whole Song Dynasty clutched the fingers with an umbrella handle, and a little later, I heard Yu Tingchuan’s voice "The water in the lane has seeped away."
This is for Yujing.
His tone is calm.
Voice down YuTingChuan has walked to the gate first.
Song Qingcheng sent people to the corner of Tongzi Lane. Yutingchuan opened a black cayenne. It should be a car arranged by Hengyuan branch here. She didn’t look back until the cayenne was far away, then turned around and walked slowly back to the courtyard with an umbrella.
Meng Haomu has left.
Grandma washed the dishes and saw Song Qingcheng take an umbrella. Guess it was Yujing’s uncle who left.
The old lady didn’t ask her anything and just said, "I came to think about returning the apple tomorrow, but now I think I can keep it. Meng Hao’s mother invited us to her house for dinner on her late birthday. I have promised you to come back early after class."
Song Qingcheng recognized grandma’s meaning, which should be that Yu Tingchuan appeared to make grandma change her mind again.
This time, Song Qingcheng didn’t say anything about refusing.
The next day was not sunny, but it was still drizzling.
After the whole song dynasty got up, I didn’t know what the weather was like, but it was a little easier.
After breakfast, I took an umbrella and went out to work.
It’s not easy to go that way because of the continuous rain and the heavy rain yesterday. Now it’s even more muddy to prevent accidents. The traffic police have put a warning sign there.
Song Qingcheng looked at his booties visually, but he really couldn’t walk past, so he could turn back and go around by bus.
Before she reached the bus stop, a champagne car stopped next to her.
Hear the horn Song Qingcheng turned to look.
The co-pilot window drops. Xu Dong is holding the steering wheel in the car and looking at the whole Song Dynasty. He smiled. "Fortunately, I didn’t admit my mistake, otherwise it would be embarrassing. I’ll give you a ride."
"Going to class" Song Qingcheng asked him, "How can assistant Xu come out in rainy days?"
"I’m going to the branch."
Xu Dong said as he leaned over and opened the passenger door. "Come on, I’m not in a hurry to take you to work first."
Song Qingcheng didn’t reject the umbrella car.
When she reported out of work, Xu Dong leng leng and smiled, "That’s a coincidence. Manager Yu met a guest yesterday afternoon and asked about a coffee shop nearby."
Said the Xu Dong also said the name asked song city know not to know.
Song Qingcheng’s heartbeat is stagnant, and the coastal coffee shop is on the second floor opposite Xue Min’s shop.
That coffee shop is very affordable, not because those businessmen are willing to go to high-end places.
All afternoon, the whole Song Dynasty was thinking about Xu Dong talking-
"that’s where general manager Yu chose. I caught a glimpse of selena’s memo."
Even Xue Min saw that she was in a daze and just wanted to ask what was going on. A little brother in a cap came in with a bunch of red roses and looked around the store and asked, "Who is Miss Song?"
☆, Chapter 174 to my love court Sichuan gift.
Xue Min saw the big bunch of red roses slightly stunned and then elbowed Song Qingcheng. "Miss Song called you."
Song Qingcheng hasn’t passed yet. The little brother of the flower shop has come in. "Miss Song, please sign for it."
Xue Min immediately handed me a pen.
Looking at the delicate and charming red roses, Song Qingcheng was also instantly surprised. Maybe because she received flowers for the first time in more than 20 years, she signed a single letter and held a large bouquet of roses in her hand. The roses were wrapped in apricot hand-rubbed paper to make the whole bunch of flowers look elegant and solemn.
"This flower is still fresh with water drops."
桑拿按摩The flower shop brother put the bill back in his pocket and just heard Xue Min say with a smile, "This flower was delivered early and can be kept at home for a long time."
Song Qingcheng looked up and asked him, "Have you seen the flower buyer?"
"It was a gentleman," the florist recalled. "It looked very stylish. I chose flowers, paid for them, said a few words to the boss and left. I should have something to deal with. I didn’t see things clearly at that time."
Xue Min joked that "it seems to be a successful person in society."
Then she went to look at the bunch of roses and counted them. "What do you mean by just 56 roses?"
By this time, the florist brother had already left.
Song Qingcheng stared at those blooming roses with flowers in his hand, even Xue Min’s words were ignored.
"Do you want to find a bottle to insert the flowers?" Asked the salesman in the store
Her mood was aroused because of a bunch of flowers.
Most people in life may not receive a rose all their lives, not because they can’t afford it, but because they think this kind of flower can be seen and not too extravagant for ordinary working-class people.
Brother left the flower shop and suddenly turned back with a delicate card in his hand.
"Sorry, I just dropped my car."
Xue Min helped to take the card.
There are a few words in the card
Song Qingcheng has just guessed who sent the flowers. Seeing the signature in the right corner of the card, the speculation in my heart is confirmed, and the ideological trend is surging and I don’t know if I am at home.
"What did you write?" Xue Min leaned in.
Then read the card word "to my love-from Tingchuan …"
Xue Min was taken aback because he knew who Yu Tingchuan was and the word’ my love’ was so shocking and disgusting that he couldn’t help saying, "Did this flower come from Nancheng?"
Next to the salesman holding a mobile phone, he smiled, "Fifty-six roses I searched online means my love."
Song Qingcheng recognized that the card was written by Yutingchuan people.