Out of the car directly stopped a face of a taxi and immediately headed for the residential area where Yang Xun lived.
We stopped at Cheyangxun Community, and we were just about to go in when we saw Yuan You coming back with food.
Yuan You was surprised that we appeared. He said, "Lei Hao Yan Jiaxin, why are you here?" He looked at Xiaoyu from our body and asked, "Is this the light rain?"
I replied to Yuan You, "Yes, Yang Xun’s family?"
"Let’s go home, I’ll take you there." Say that finish, Yuan You will lead the way and take us into the community.
Chapter 52 Give them a home
Open the door, Yuan You walks in, opens the shoe cabinet, takes out the slippers, and then shouts to the inside, "Xiao Xun Lei Hao and Yan Jiaxin are coming."
Say that finish Yuan You turned to look at us and said, "Come in."
We changed our shoes and went in. Just after we changed them, we heard Yang Xun’s voice, "Cousin Lei Haoge, why are you here?"
"Xiao Yu shouted aunt" Yan Jiaxin came in with Xiao Yu.
Yang Xun’s face changed from surprise to surprise. She picked up Xiaoyu and smiled. "I told you why you are here. You brought your children to see me. Xiaoyu, how old are you this year?"
"Aunt, I am 4 years old this year." Xiaoyu stretched out her finger and made a 4-move.
Yuan You went to Yang Xun and said to her, "I’m going to cook."
With that, he went in with a bag. Yang Xun took us to the sofa and sat down. Their room is not very big, so it is enough for two people.
Yang Xun and Xiao Yu said a few words and then focused on us and asked, "Cousin Lei Haoge, how long did you two start to choose to accept each other?"
I just wanted to say something, and Yang Xun immediately replied, "It must be recently."
Yan Jiaxin and I smiled. At this time, Yuan You took the fruit from the kitchen and put it on the table. "Just bought it today and try it quickly."
Xiaoyu picked up a peach and bit it "Uncle, this peach is so sweet"
Being called an uncle by Xiaoyu Yuan You seems to be in full bloom. He bent down and asked Xiaoyu, "What do you want to eat? Uncle guarantees you that you like it."
桑拿会所Xiaoyu thought, "I want to eat sweet and sour tenderloin."
Yuan You patted his chest and said, "No problem, wait for my uncle to do it for you now."
With that, Yuan You stood up and walked in with a big smile on his face. Yang Xun smiled and said, "Look at him."
Yan Jiaxin suddenly said to Yang Xun, "How long are you going to have children?"
Yang Xun one leng and then made a move to Yan Jiaxin. Yan Jiaxin moved his body in the past and Yang Xun attached Yan Jiaxin’s ear to whisper.
Yan Jiaxin’s expression was first frightened and then secretly pleased. She took Yang Xun’s hand and congratulated him. "Congratulations, girl."
"Shh" Yang Xun made a small move at us.
Xiaoyu pointed to Yang Xun’s belly with a peach in one hand and said, "Aunt, do you have a baby?"
"No" Yang Xun waved a hand at Xiao Yu.
"But I just heard you and mom say that you have a baby for one month."
Yang Xun was embarrassed by Xiao Yu’s words, and the horse replied to her, "Xiao Yu’s aunt is having a baby, but you have to promise her not to say anything about this."
Xiao Yu nodded at Yang Xun and asked, "Aunt, is that baby a boy or a girl?"
"Whether it is a boy or a girl, it will be Xiaoyu’s younger brother and sister. Can Xiaoyu’s sister take good care of them at that time?"
"Xiaoyu knows that I will take good care of them."
Yang Xun touched Xiao Yu’s head. "Xiao Yu is really good." Then she kissed Xiao Yu’s forehead.
After dinner, Yang Xun accompanied our city and began to wander around. I don’t remember how long it has been since I was able to walk around the road without any troubles like this.
Because of the light rain, uncle Yuan You was excited all night. He put the light rain on his neck and then took her road, laughing and shouting.