I promised Zhutian that I would go back to the island before letting me go.

The helicopter drove all the way back to a private apron on the big island, and the plane and Karen went back to the Xavi Hotel together because they were worried and didn’t talk.
I’ll call Fang Miaomiao when I get back to my room. She promised me to find someone to test dna for me. I wonder if she has arranged it.
At this time, the country is not afraid to disturb her during the daytime. She told me that she had asked a friend to turn around and found an expert in this field.
Section 29
When I got the address, I stopped a taxi and went to Hawaii. It was too late to take the liberty of asking for help at this time, but I was too impatient to care so much.
The car came to a private residence in the suburbs and opened the door. It was a young man with long hair, white skin, high nose and sunken eyes. It was a typical European.
The young man’s long hair curled freely over his shoulders and looked at me with sleepy eyes. It seemed that he had expected my purpose and extended his hand to me.
Fang Miaomiao gave me a photo in my mobile phone and confirmed that he was the one I was looking for. I didn’t talk nonsense and just took out the paper bag from my wallet and handed it to him.
The young man took it, opened it, looked at it, nodded to me and said, "I’ll get the result every day." Then he went into the house by himself, without talking nonsense to me or inviting me into the house.
Well, maybe scientists have more personality in all kinds!
I touch my nose and go back to the hotel to wash up and lie in bed, looking forward to the result of the day.
Thinking about tossing and turning, I fell asleep at dawn and woke up at 11 o’clock at noon.
Get up, wash up, dress up briefly, eat lunch and rush to the suburbs. Do you know the result or not?
No4: Fortunately, I still love you. Chapter 90 Should I make a plan to pursue my husband?
I didn’t expect to knock on the door when I arrived at the youth, so the youth proudly handed me a report and slammed the door again.
Looking at the striking similarity of a4 paper in my hand of 999%, I feel my heart will stop.
Walking in a trance, sitting on a stone bench by the street park, I don’t know how to feel happy, confused, excited and sad
But more is glad to cry with joy!
He’s alive! He’s right where I can reach! He is also far away! How can we bring our hearts together again?
In the afternoon, the mottling in the cracks in the shade of the sun sprinkled on my face and dazzled my eyes!
A lengthened Lincoln pulled up and the roadside door opened. A man in a black tailored high-end suit was tall, with a straight back and flying into his temples. His eyebrows were as deep as a pool, and his eyes were as sharp as an owl’s eagle. His nose was high and his thin lips were tightly sipping.
The man got out of the car and got out of the car with a pink princess dress. The little girl came out and ran to the park bench as soon as she landed.
"Mommy, what are you doing?"
Seeing the little girl running towards me, I hurriedly put a4 paper into my bag.
Reached out and held my baby daughter in my arms, brushed her ear hair and said to her, "Mommy wants something. Why are you back?" Didn’t Mommy promise to come to you? "
"Mommy, I missed you. I didn’t go back after seeing you for so long. I was worried that you would ask Dad to bring me to you." Bamboo hugged me and said coquetry.
I patted her on the back and comforted her, "Mommy was just about to find you, and you came …"
Looking up, I saw a man leaning against the car with a cigarette between his fingers, occasionally taking a puff of smoke and spewing warm sunshine on his body like a layer of golden light and shadow! Like a dream!
This man is really perfect! Attractive as a god! He is the man I have been thinking about for years, that is, my daughter Wei Mozhu’s father Wei Qingkui.
Good thing he’s alive!
Do you remember us? I’ll make him remember us again!
Maybe my eyes are too burning. The man looks up at me. Maybe my expression shows his face. The man’s eyebrows are tight and his eyes are changing. "MengMeng, I have sent you to take good care of her …"
"Is Daddy leaving?" Smell speech bamboo broke free from my arms and looked nervously at the tall figure in front of me.
I gathered my mind and said nothing. The man crouched down and leaned over to him. The man said gently, "Daddy has to go back and deal with some business. You have a good time with your mommy, huh?"
Bamboo nodded cleverly and said, "Good daddy, but daddy, when can I see you again?"
The man hugged the bamboo and was very fond of it. "If MengMeng is obedient, if you get there early, Daddy will accompany you to have breakfast."
Bamboo smell speech happily stretched out his little hand and thumb to the man’s face and smiled out of the dimple. "Yeah, daddy pulls a hook …"
The man gave me a puzzled look with a frown and turned to the bamboo and held out his little finger "Hook!" "
"It’s a deal to pull the hook and seal it!"
"Good deal!"
Looking at the man leaving the bamboo nest by car and returning to my arms, he looked at me curiously and said, "Mommy, are you worried?"
Hold the bamboo to the thigh and sit with a smile on my lips. "Mommy figured it out, baby, don’t you like michel platini very much? Mommy turns him into your real daddy, okay? "
Bamboo clapped his hands and said, "Yeah, yeah! Has mommy finally decided to chase daddy? "
I nodded. "Well, Mommy decided to take the initiative to chase him to be my baby daughter’s daddy …" Let him be your daddy again!
The couple said a few intimate words, and a white Aston Martin drove out of the road. A driver trotted up to us and said, "Miss Mo?"
See I nodded and he continued, "the boss told Miss Mo and Miss MengMeng where to go to play? I am responsible for picking up and dropping off Miss Mo. Where do you want to go now? "
"Who is your boss?" Although I already have a guess in my heart, I still ask for an exit.
"It is Mr. Wei"
Get the driver’s affirmation. Bamboo applauds, "I knew daddy was the best …"
It’s already noon, and it’s not easy to arrange where we want to go again. Just let the driver take us to the cinema to see a movie.
spa会所I beat about the bush and asked the driver for information about Wei Qingkui. The driver didn’t say much when he knew it. His boss was the chairman of Washington Yisheng Langton Group and CEO Yisheng Langton was involved in many industries, such as investing in real estate, hotels and industries.
I didn’t expect him to build such a huge business empire in a foreign country in less than three years. His ability is getting stronger and stronger!
The driver also said that it was rare for Wei to show up with a date, and Karen was often followed by him. There was also gossip that they were different!
I heard what he meant by unusual, not because he thought they were gay.
Section 299
But I know that Wei Qingqing is really a man. When I heard the news from the driver, I was secretly pleased that he had not been close to women for so many years. Is there me?
When the cinema saw the new children’s movie, it was time for dinner. I found a cat-themed restaurant near Bamboo and ordered a special children’s set meal and an adult set meal.