Our organization has always been working with money. Since we have received your money, we will definitely give you an account of this matter. This time, we were careless. I didn’t expect the other party to be so powerful. Even the fifth person failed before he died. We are responsible for it ourselves. Since this time we failed, we will definitely send someone to take his life again. This will not bother you.

For this mysterious man, his organization is more important than life and death.
If we can’t solve this problem now, I’m afraid we will lose a large number of customers in the future. Now we can’t even solve a Chu Yun here.
Then no one will really believe in the organization in the future. Is it necessary to organize yourself at that time?
With this in mind, people in this organization naturally don’t want to be like that, and Liang Yuntian is even more angry when he hears each other say that.
For Liang Yuntian himself, he doesn’t know much about this organization, but he also knows that their nature is very hateful to the killer’s practice of taking money and not doing things.
I feel that their asking price is really too high, not to mention that such a thing has happened now, but every time I ask for money, the other person’s face also makes Liang Yuntian very unhappy.
桑拿网And now the situation is a good opportunity for Liang Yuntian. Now he naturally won’t talk to each other in a good tone.
In this case, Liang Yuntian also speaks to the other end again.
No matter what you think, I think what you do is really not authentic. After all, isn’t my money money? You won’t help me solve the problem after taking so much from me. So is the title of your organization. I don’t know why anyone will brag about your organization all the time. It seems that even a Chu Yun can’t be solved. It’s really unnecessary for your organization to continue to squander my money here. Although I’m not a big shot, not everyone can bully me.
Liang Yuntian here in the heart is also very hate to feel each other as if the root didn’t take yourself seriously.
Although Liang Yuntian himself is white, he didn’t do anything wrong because the other party didn’t help him solve the problem at this time.
But it is because of this that Liang Yuntian hates each other in his heart. If the other party is serious, it will not cause such consequences if it is solved early.
And the mysterious man heard that Liang Yuntian said that in his heart, he was also very unhappy about Liang Yuntian. They have lost two generals one after another because of Chu Yun. Now they hear that Liang Yuntian is still saying somewhat sarcastic words here, and naturally they won’t say anything too good to him, and their faces are also uncomfortable.
It seems that you really don’t know what our organization is, and I also advise you to be good and don’t annoy me here, so that you don’t know how to die when the time comes.
To put it mildly, we have already done this thing because our strength is not as good as Chu Yun’s, but it is not because of you that we have tasted it;
Chapter 137 Make up
If you have a detailed understanding of Chu Yun’s strength, it won’t happen naturally. Now that you are our old customer, we won’t be entangled in this matter. You also shut up for me. We will handle this matter ourselves.
The other end also didn’t continue to say anything. Liang Yuntian realized that the other party was a killer organization. Did he really let the other party have a murder in his heart by saying that?
At this time, Liang Yuntian broke out in a cold sweat. He had never thought about this before. His previous tone was not very friendly to the other party. If the other party was really annoyed by himself, then Root would not care about the forces behind him or how rich he was and would try his best to assassinate himself.
Now Liang Yuntian is a little afraid of the other party to do so, but after thinking about it, he also didn’t hear this from the other party’s tone, which was a sigh of relief.
For Liang Yuntian himself, such a thing is really very angry in his heart. After all, he has been spending money to ask the people in this organization to get rid of Chu Yun
But now I tell myself that they haven’t finished it, which is also uncomfortable.
Now Liang Yuntian finally knows the other party’s onestep plan and knows that this organization will also give himself an account. Liang Yuntian seems that things in this organization are no longer as confident as before.
After the mysterious man and Liang Yuntian spoke, they also directly told the news to the highlevel organizations in their own organizations. Now the organizations have also decided to save their own face and dignity. In the future, they will consider sending more people to get rid of Chu Yun, so that they can stand on this road.
Now this organization is also white. The previous failure was due to the fact that some of those people were not strong enough. In this case, it was decided to call up the idle personnel department in the organization and then arrange them to assassinate the target as planned.
If you don’t do this, I’m afraid there is no way for the organization to get mixed up in the future. After all, how can you win the respect of others if you don’t even have a face?
Chu Yun couldn’t have imagined that a plot was slowly unfolding around him.
For this organization, Chu Yun can’t be killed this time, so this organization will also save face by law. In the future, there is no way for them to reopen. No one can save Chu Yun from death this time.
These circumstances Liang Yuntian root is not clear for Liang Yuntian himself. He had previously made a fire at the organization and felt a little scared in his heart.
After all, the other person is a killer, but he hasn’t lived enough.
It was found that the other party didn’t coerce himself or operate on himself, which made him breathe a sigh of relief. Liang Yuntian now doesn’t know what the other party’s followup plan is, and there may be some surprises.
No one knows what will happen in the future, nor does Liang Yuntian himself. Now he is also very anxious in his own home. The situation is really very uncomfortable for Liang Yuntian, and successive failures will make Chu Yun more vigilant.
But who would have thought that those killers would fail twice, and even less that Chu Yun’s strength would be so strong?
The situation is really bad for Liang Yuntian. First, he wants to get rid of Chu Yun, and second, he hopes to live longer.