Fresh? I patted his thick shoulders. What’s the matter?

Hey, I know all about it. He blinked. Eldest brother also put his sisterinlaw maid last night …
I think Xiao Dai has never said with a frown, Who told you?
Ma Dai gave a look of this is an obvious thing.
Who else could it be? I swept away to the periphery, and sure enough, Zhao Cheng had run away.
I sighed and shook my head. This is a tolerable thing. Who made your eldest brother born magnificent and determined?
Xiao Dai hey but smile.
桑拿网Jia Mu also got up from the ground and asked in surprise, What does that mean?
I am 12 or 13 years old, so I should have a preliminary understanding of this kind of thing, right?
I heard someone approaching nearby.
Then someone coughed Little Mu?
Elder sister … Wood face a change quickly fart Dian fart to meet elder sister.
Xiao Dai, who is younger than Jia Yu for more than a month, still needs to address her with a pure face. Xiao Daigen is not mature and stable than Jia Yu’s sister.
… feather younger sister early I almost called out with them.
Jia Yu smiled in the morning light. Xiao Mu, you can’t follow the super public school.
Jia Mu nodded honestly, My brother won’t.
Xiao Dai, have you been infected with any bad habits with him for a long time? She is still smiling
Ma Dai hurriedly cleared my mind that Sister Yu, I am just practicing my fists with my eldest brother. I will never participate in activities that are not suitable for young people.
Jia Yu nodded with satisfaction and turned to walk.
I raised an eyebrow, and this girl’s attitude really upset the client.
….. But what can I do?
Jia Xu’s eldest daughter, dare I touch her now?
The answer is obvious.
Elder sister seems to have a problem with you, eldest brother. Jia Mu whispered to me.
Ma Dai agreed that Yu Jiegen regards big brother as a thing!
Isn’t she quite happy to be a bridesmaid when I got married? I touched it. Is Aunt Ba here again? This reason is farfetched, even if my period comes … Why do you despise me so much?
It’s probably because my sister knows that the eldest brother can’t do it there, so she especially looks down on the eldest brother. Jia Mu analyzed it intelligently.
Xiao Dai quickly pulled him aside and the two kids muttered for a while.
I take back that sentence. Jia Mu looked respectful. I have always been very appreciative of my eldest brother.
I waved my hand to show that I didn’t care.
Then I picked up the flying star and glanced behind me.
Ma Dai quickly pulled up Jia Mu’s feet and slammed out of thirty feet away.
Step circle turns to zero stagnation.

I heaved a sigh and threw a heavy gun.
Bang a flips.
Ma Dai accompanied Jia Mu with a sword.
Of course, in terms of strength alone, Xiao Dai, who has been practicing martial arts since childhood, is far better than Jia Mu, who became a monk halfway. I guess Ma Dai can stab Jia Mu with three shots at present …
Jia Mu is armed with a pike or so to resist many flaws.
Small Adai slightly shaking weapons with a pick.
The other pike came out to sell
That’s it, I clap my hands.
Jia Mu wobbly almost a butt sitting on the ground by my hand.
Am I very poor? He looked a little gloomy.
why? I seldom see this small and so negative.
I’ve been practicing for almost two months, but I haven’t got any promotion. He became dejected and despondent.
I couldn’t help laughing.
Ma Dai laughed even more brazenly.
Jia Mu inexplicably looked up at us and said, Laugh, laugh!
Xiao Dai patted him on the shoulder and said, You want to kill me after practicing for two months? Did I study hard and practice hard in the past six or seven years and feed them to dogs? !”
Jia Mu blushed, Then how do I feel that I am still so bad?
I have an insight into the coach and instructor. When I was two months old, I paid special attention to getting you to do more physical exercise, mainly to make a final effort when you were twelve or thirteen years old. You know, once people reach my age, it is very difficult to get quality improvement through exercise.
His eyes are confused.
I sighed, That is to say, if you don’t study hard and practice hard in these two years, you will never make progress in the future.
Of course, I will practice hard. He quickly expressed his determination
You’ve been practicing very hard in the past two months, almost catching up with my eldest brother. I praised him shamelessly. Can’t you feel the changes in your body and bones?