S: I want to say that my motherinlaw is terrible.

V191 can’t kill you!
Liao Rongguang looked at Sun Jing and had never seen her like this. It seems that this time she is really stepping on the bottom line.
In this case, it is good to draw a line with the Lei family.
This calm let Ms. Sun couldn’t help picking her eyebrows.
I said, what’s wrong with you today, old man? How can you be so calm? You’re not angry at all. It’s not like your temper.
spa会所Yo, he’s not angry, but it’s not out. It can be seen how angry Liao Rongguang shook his head.
Now I think it’s the prenatal education of our precious golden grandson. This parenting says that the environment is beautiful and the growth and development of children can be good. Do you think we can do it if we are so stubborn?
Say this from the tea table to take out a theory of fetal early education rose and Dongcheng almost looked at each other with a smile, and the corners of their mouths were slightly raised. This master is too eager to learn.
What early education and late teaching of these things are all cheating money by leaving the club? It’s specially designed to fool you. Now the child can’t receive the outside things until he is pregnant. What do you know now?
Ah, Sun Jing said that Liao Rongguang suddenly changed his face.
She had a bad mother. If it weren’t for the fear of affecting prenatal education, I would have scolded her ancestors for what they had done for ten generations. I haven’t suspected that it wasn’t my Liao Jia baby. She is a gross egg. 15461.162616166666
Sun Jing and a young couple watched Liao Rongguang have a cow. This change before and after is comparable to Sichuan’s sudden change of face. The magic froze. Rose froze for a while, and her motherinlaw was terrible enough. I didn’t expect this fatherinlaw to be even more terrible.
Dad, don’t be angry. It’s all over. You just told my mother not to be angry. Why are you angry again?
Liao Rongguang’s frown can pinch flies to death.
Then I just endured it. When I participated in the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea in the old days, they didn’t know what to do. It’s natural to take advantage of my master’s achievements and treat others as people. I told you that I wouldn’t go to that child’s black heart and rotten lungs. I wouldn’t buy two 10,000ring whips to celebrate and calculate that I was kind.
Rose, when you listen to mom, this master is cruel, and people have nothing to do but send firecrackers to this place for weddings and funerals. Otherwise, isn’t this looking for a fight?
I can’t talk nonsense about that immoral thing.
Sun Jing took a white look at Liao Rongguang and thought what he said was too unreliable
She doesn’t think she is wicked. We are still afraid. I think it’s fine. It’s like treating everyone as a soft persimmon. How dare you give up that old face and say it? What can she do if her daughter says that she wants to destroy the world before she dies? It’s just that she doesn’t grow up and break up with Lei’s family and make friends with people with such anxious IQ, which lowers her level. 12s5
Why don’t I talk to her later? It was quite simple in those days. A little girl worked as an intern in a military hospital with me. At that time, she was kind. Who wanted to be like this?
Sure enough, the past is to look back and miss, and people will naturally change, but some people will gradually get better, while others will gradually lose their innocence at that time
Come on, mom and dad, don’t take it seriously, either. Do as I see it, but we can’t beat their house in vain this time.
This is Dongcheng saying that Rose quickly stared at him. It’s really not too big. It’s like watching the fun and not abandoning the big thing. Why?
If you are right, I will buy two whips to go to a href” arge”bnk Junior Geological Division
Rose thinks that the first three crows have flown over this master, and he hasn’t forgotten this quarrel yet.
After this, Rose felt the warmth of her family and felt that she had accumulated a lot of blessings for her generation. It is obvious that she was more fortunate to meet such a family and solve the problem of motherinlaw and daughterinlaw. Obviously, she was planning to go to the hospital to show the appraisal to Lei Guo. What should she do to make her motherinlaw face more elegant and let Lei’s family know what it means to be generous. This face is not her own, but she is holding up Liao Jia.
split line
Glory said that Li Sun came out of the appraisal center with a smile on both faces.
What are you laughing at?
Rose looked dongcheng think he smiled strangely.
I want to wait for Rego to see what this report will say.
What can she say? I guess I don’t believe it
Her personality is estimated to say that I lied to you and cursed you for being cheated by me, believe it or not.
Ah, so cruel. Dongcheng raised his hand and touched it.
No, at best, I just can’t believe that some people are so good at doing it.
Rose vendor
Hey, young man, you still don’t know how terrible a woman will be once she is vicious, or I’ll bet you to cook a meal.
Young master, I think he has never seen such poison. Then see it.
When I came to the corridor, I saw Mrs. Lei waiting there. The posture was like welcoming a distinguished guest. Although she looked at the poor and ignorant, she felt that she was still a poor person and there must be something hateful.
Mrs. ray
Anyway, Liao Jia’s daughterinlaw has to take it out and say hello politely
Thank you for coming.
Thank you, Rose. I really feel that I can’t afford it. It’s not worthwhile to crush myself in case.
At least you have been with my mother for so many years. I just want to thank my mother if you don’t thank me.
Shut up, my mother. My mother, Mrs. Lei, has a kind of envy in her heart that she is a motherinlaw and a daughterinlaw. Look at herself.
Well, that’s good.
Some embarrassed smile and then open the door for two people. Rego looked at them and followed them in. His face was like an iceberg in ten thousand.
What are you two doing here to see if I’m dead?
As soon as Mrs. Lei heard the word death, she didn’t want to.
What are you talking nonsense about?
Nonsense, otherwise, what are they doing here? The weasel didn’t pay a New Year call to the chicken. I wanted to see how miserable I am now.
Hey, that’s right. Rose smiled, but she thought so in her heart. It can’t be shown on the surface. Anyway, it’s her turn to retaliate now. Even opening her mouth is different. Mrs. Lei has been replaced by aunt a href” arge”bnk .
Aunt, it seems that Rego doesn’t welcome us very much. I think we should come another day.
Put a color fruit basket in the locker for Dongcheng, and two people are bound to leave, which makes Mrs. Lei anxious.
Don’t go, don’t go, Rego. She’s in the hospital. She’s in a bad mood. Don’t worry. Rego’s family came to see you with kindness. How can you do that?
Well, well, well, well, well, she can’t see what kind of kindness they have.
Mom, I don’t want to see them.
Mom will be angry if you are so rude again.
Mrs. Lei’s face sank. Lei Guo pursed her lips and tilted her head to get out of sight.