Agricultural Bank Shaanxi Branch: Make financial services during the National Day

In order to provide customers with meticulous financial services to customers during the National Day, the Agricultural Bank of China Shaanxi Branch planned, carefully deployed, enhanced service quality, safeguarding credit demand, through "online + off" combined service model, rich, convenient, safe, Efficient financial services, meet the people’s good financial needs during the National Day. The Agricultural Bank of China Shaanxi Branch will implement the "service heating project" as the driving force, coordinate the business arrangement of the outlet, reasonably distribute the outlets in the post, and increase the service window service window of the passenger traffic, guarantee the quality of the fundamental financial services, and reduce customer waiting time; strengthen Operation and maintenance of online channels, etc.

In order to ensure the "continuous file" of the credit business, the Agricultural Bank of China Shaanxi Branch will understand the company’s financing demand, play online loan products and related policy advantages, conduct pre-loan review and credit, to send "loans" to the company for financing needs, Ensure that Pu Hui Business Customer National Day Holiday Letter, through the credit service of "not fighting", to ensure that it does not affect the normal production and operation of the company. Continue to continue to do a good job in the collection of three rural white listing and farmers, and solve the shortage of funds before and after the National Day. In order to build an epidemic prevention and control of "safety line", the Agricultural Bank of China Shaanxi Branch focuses on the epidemic protection of outlets, etc. Do a good job in the store customer investigation, reminder, monitoring, registration, report, etc.

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