Shaoxing Qixian once dug in the West Jin Dynasty

  "This round rolling thing, it looks like ceramics, will not be antiques?" Recently, Wang Wang found a "suspicious" item in Qi Xian Street, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City. Curious, he excuses him and found that it is a pottery. After careful cleaning, the pottery can expose its own face.

The tank is small, the surface is smooth, and the color is bright.

"Everyone is coming, is this an antique?" Wang excitedly shouted with the workers.

  As soon as I heard an antique, everyone quickly wrapped up, and they were amazed.

Wang wants to be exclusive, and other employees will think about a cup.

The person in charge of the construction site is not right, and immediately reported the police.

  After the police station of the Qixian police station of the Keqiao District Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene, quickly controlled the scene and invited cultural relics to conduct cultural relics identification and on-site investigation. "This is what I found, it is mine, you can’t take it away.

"Everything is placed, and the police want to bring the pottery to the place, but they have been refused by Wang. The police patiently persuaded all the cultural relics that were invested in China underground, inner water and in the sea in China, in my country. It belongs to the country, but Wang always can’t hear. Under the helpless, the police had to bring it back together. At the police station, after educating, Wang finally agreed to give the cultural relics to the country.

  According to identification, the pottery is the cultural relics in the West Jin Dynasty, history has a long history, and has high archaeological value. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.


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