Pursue Xiaoping Trail: Deng Xiaoping guides the Yulu’s side area to carry out reduction and interest rate reduction

The picture shows the Old Sites of the Lutong, the Old Site in March 1945. The CCP "Seven" was held, Deng Xiaoping did not rush to Yan’an, but entered the center of Luyu, in the center of Fuyang, and staying is 3 months.

At that time, Deng Xiaoping is serving as the Secretary of the North Bureau and the 129 Teacher’s Government, and hosted the work of the front part of the eight-way army, and he is heavy. He is going to the Yulu Border? On October 15, the interview team came to the Shuangmiao Village, Shuangmiao Township, Qingfeng County, Fuyang City, Henan Province.

"Comrade Xiaoping is to carry out the rental and interest rate reduction." In the Shancheng Village, the Ludu House of Revolutionary Land, I saw the long counter lock, he said that Xiaoping comrades came to Yulu according to the ground Original committee.

At that time, the people of Luyu were nearly 20 million, more than the Taihang, the number of midwes, which was the largest according to the enemy, but it has not yet been implemented in most parts of the rent, and the various policies have not been fully formulated. The masses are also not consolidated.

On January 23, 1945, the Central Committee issued a telegram for "instructions on strengthening the work of the Ludu according to the ground" in the CPC Central Committee, requiring the Northern Bureau to enter the Ludu according to the ground, and from Taihang, Taiyue touched a group of sub-reductions If you have the experience of renting, the work is good, the work style of the people go to Yulu, and the masses will start the thorough reduction and interest rate reduction, and we will seek further consolidation according to the ground.

The reservoir analysis, when it was in the key stage of the anti-Japanese war soon to transfer the strategic counterattack, at this time, Comrade Deng Xiaoping left the military struggle in the front, did not participate in the party’s "seven", and leading the North Bureau to Yuli personally guided The dismissal of the dismissal is working in depth, and its significance is unusual.

In mid-March 1945, Xiaoping Comrade Xiaoping’s Office of the North Bureau entered the center of Yulu, according to the center of Ludu, in the area. "A comrades of Xiaopian, Xiaoping, focusing on, studying to solve the problem of how to launch the masses in different regions, should pay attention to unity of the Chinese farmers and protect the interests of the Chinese farmers." Trick restricted lock said that in order to master the A material, Xiaoping comrade determined three groups of cadres in the northern parties, and in-depth investigation and research on the rural areas of the three counties in Puyang, Xiangxian and New District, respectively. Under the leadership of the library, we came to the old room in Shancheng Village. At that time, Comrade Xiaoping lived in the North Hospital of the landlord Chen Xuejia. The South Hospital lived in the hiring of the hiring. "Ku Shoulin said a wide range of people in the local area: During the evening, Deng Xiaoping walked out of the door, and the employee Suyushan Get home. When I heard Zilingshan earned less than 30 yuan, the mother had to ask for a dollar, Deng Xiaoping thought, enthusiastically encouraged Su Ming Mountain to say: "Not enough, you have to ask for money, struggle with the landlord.

You have to organize it, the whole district, the county’s long-term work is united, do not increase labor, they have no way.

As long as everyone united, launching the struggle of salary, will certainly win. "Deng Xiaoping’s words made Zilings Mountain suddenly opened the struggle, and he made the head of the head to guide a few poor buddies. Deng Xiaoping promised. The next day, in Deng Xiaoping’s living room, more than a dozen The village’s mortgage farmers, they talk about their respective lives and reduce interest rate reductions.

Deng Xiaoping finally said that the situation you said is very important, let me know something that I can’t see on some files. You are employees and farmers, the relying on the revolution, and now life is very bitter.

We have implemented capital struggle, engage in rent, improve your life. In the future, we have to reform in the future, so that everyone has geosciences, having food, this is going on our unity struggle.

After the discussion, according to Deng Xiaoping’s speech, organized a commemorative meeting from all over the border area, establish a single organization, propose the slogan "to improve life", which strongly promoted the development of rent-raising and capitalization and capital interest. The commemorative conference held in the east of the Shancun Village, more than 4,000 cadres around more than a dozen villages participated. The employee representative of Zilingshan, the peasant representative Chen Qingxing and the women’s representative Yan Cuilian have made a complete success, and Deng Xiaoping is very happy.

After two and a half months of investigation research, Deng Xiaoping has a comprehensive understanding of the democratic people’s livelihood in the region, and believes that the conditions for convening the people’s work meetings in the district have matured.

On June 6, 1945, the people’s work conference held by the Northern Bureau was held in Shancheng Village.

Comrade Deng Xiaoping made a full evaluation of the side democratic people’s livelihood campaign, pointing out that this movement was carried out under the leadership of the central center, and got a lot of achievements. At the same time as affirming achievements, Deng Xiaoping also pointed out the weaknesses and problems in sports, such as hurting the Chinese farmers, overwrite the landlord and rich farmers. Deng Xiaoping requested the entire district to launch a public interest rate policy in the whole district. After the Work Conference of the Border Area, in accordance with the spirit of the Northern Bureau and Deng Xiaoping’s speech, there will be further deeply carry out democratic people’s livelihood.

Locks said that under the guidance of Deng Xiaoping, the majority of farmers in the border areas invested in the unprecedented revolutionary enthusiasm into the work of participating in the army, foreground and development production, so that the border construction industry is booming, and the anti-Japanese base is unprecedented. The power of the enemy struggle is greatly enhanced.

On June 10, 1945, the party’s "seven" closed day, the General Assembly has produced a new central committee. Deng Xiaoping did not participate in the meeting, still selected as a central committee.

On the night, Deng Xiaoping received the telegram from Chairman Mao, requested Comrade Xiaoping to Yan’an to participate in the Party’s Seventh Plenary Session.

After receiving the telegram, Deng Xiaoping immediately arranged and explained to the North Bureau, Yulu Branch, the leadership of the military region, and demanded that the Northern Bureau has continued to resign the rental and interest rate reduction and democratic people’s livelihood in the directive border of the city. Political mission delivered.

Soon, Deng Xiaoping bid farewell to the leaders of the party and government army in single turn to the village, and rushed to Yan’an to participate in the Seventh Plenary Session of the Party. Source: Guang’an Online.


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