The EU launches new sanctions White border refugee crisis to upgrade

  Brussels, November 16 (International Observation) EU launched a new sanctions White Border Refugee Crisis and upgraded Xinhua News Agency, Lin Hao Li Zhi, the Minister of Foreign Minister, Member States, held a meeting, focusing on the refugee problem of border border with Belarus, and various countries The representative agreed to implement new sanctions against white.

White President Luchenko said on the same day that it is committed to repatriation of refugees who stay in the country and Poland border, but if the European Union applies a new round of sanctions to Belarus, the white party will be counter-harvest.

  Analysts pointed out that Western countries have previously implemented multi-wheel sanctions in Belarus, and new sanctions may lead to intensifying white and Western tensions, and further upgrading refugee crises.

  Brewing more sanctions in the EU Diplomacy and Security Policy, Balelli said on the 15th that new sanctions in Belarus will be targeted for some individuals and entities, and specific measures will be announced in the next few days.

European media reports that sanctions may include airlines, travel agencies, etc., transport refugees.

At the same time, the United States also said that it will be more sanctions with the EU to carry out white implementation.

  The refugee crisis in Belarus and neighboring countries has appeared in August this year.

A large number of refugees from the Middle East are to enter Western Europe, Germany, and they will take the Belarus into the neighboring countries such as Poland and Lithuania. As the border refugees are increasing, the local situation has become increasingly nervous. The EU accused Bai Russia to transport refugees to the EU border and forced them to illegally enter the EU. But Belarus denied this, and said it was Western sanctions leading to its weak control of refugee tide. European and American Western countries have so far have implemented multi-wheel sanctions in Belarus.

Among them, the EU has been fraudulently existed by the Presidential Presidential in August last year, and four rounds of sanctions were implemented, involving 166 individuals and 15 entities, and the content of sanctions is mainly to travel ban and asset freezing.

After the Aviation Aviation incident this year, the EU banned all white Russian flights flying over the European Union and entered the EU airport and implemented targeted economic sanctions. Difficult to achieve the goal, although the EU tried to apply to Belarus by sanction, the Political Expert of the EU Security Institute, Gurara Port, said that it is incorrect that the implementation of sanctions can change the idea of ??the target country. Although Baizo has encountered multi-wheel sanctions, according to Baitong Society, the white domestic product has increased by 3% from January to August this year, and the foreign trade surplus exceeds $ 2 billion.

For the European Union’s possible new sanctions, Lukashenko has threatened on the 11th. If the EU expands sanctions, the white party will cut off natural gas transportation from Russia to Europe.

  At the same time, "EU Reporter" News Web Site Reporter Luis Og believes that Western sanctions will not only have a great impact on Belarusian people, but also further introduce Belarus to Russia. In fact, Belarus has recently strengthened the contact with Russia, and Lukashenko took the refugee crisis on the 9th to the Russian President Putin.

In the near future, there are some military actions. The two strategic bombers in Russia and the White Air Force have implemented patrol missions on white-collar air, and the two armies also conducted a fight mission in the white territory. In addition, Poland and some Western countries also assigned Russia when dealing with this refugee crisis, and listed their and Belarus as the planner behind the crisis.

Russian response pointed out that the root cause of the refugee crisis lies in that Western countries have destroyed the country country of refugees, not in Russia.

Analysts pointed out that the West is simultaneously subjected to Russia, will only promote the two countries to go close to each other.

  The internal contradictions have highlighted in this refugee crisis, although Poland and Lithuania in front line will be used as backfields, they are also highlighted with the European Union. The two countries hoped to restrict immigrants into the country through the construction of "isolation wall", but the European Union was for long-term refusal to provide funding for repairing walls for a long time.

  In addition, Poland also opposes the Treatment of EU intervenes to border refugees. The Polish government has announced its emergency in the border areas of Belarus.

According to European media reports, the wavefront repeatedly refused Germany’s border protection assistance proposals, and did not allow media reporters even headquartered from the European Border Authority of Warsaw to the border areas, ignoring the European Human Rights Court to provide support requirements. . According to the European Union, Member States should work closely with the European Border Authority to jointly implement refugee repatriation related decisions.

But the European Commission is responsible for the members of the internal affairs in Wawa Johan Song until the Poland border areas.

The EU has called on Member States to ensure that people who have retained in border are necessary to take care of care and assistance.

  Currently, in order to solve the diplomacy of the refugee crisis is being launched. German Detention Government Prime Minister Merkel took the phone with Putin and Luka Shenko, and French President Markon also came to Putin on the 15th, and the Foreign Minister of Belarus Marki was 14th with the EU Diplomacy and Security Policy. On behalf of Balelli.

Russia has expressed its wish to mediate this refugee crisis, and the white side also expressed hopes to resolve the crisis as soon as possible.

  But analysts believe that the latest decisions of the EU’s additional sanctions have made both parties more tensions, and the EU is difficult to impose effective impact on white neighboring countries to alleviate the situation, whether these diplomatic efforts can make achievements in the short term. It is difficult to say. (Editor: Liu Jiezhen, Yang Mu) Sharing let more people see.


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