Li Tianzhen was the first to see this imprisonment technique,It is the masterpiece of that ancient and beast,This is a turtle python that has lived for hundreds of thousands of years,True God Realm,Has been unknown amidst the several mutinies and civil strife in the Huoyan Temple,How can I think that the means would be so harsh and sharp,Can’t help taking a deep look at each other,And the tortoise python just smiled at Li Tianqi,No words。

“meet again,Mr. Kampot seems to be alone?”
“Ha ha,so what?I didn’t expect you to hide,So many experts help,You and the so-called‘Lord of Seven Flames’What is the relationship?”
“Since I’m already in prison,Should have a minimum consciousness,You talk too much,take away!”Li Tianzhen waved his hand,The fire phoenix pulled off a feather from the back of its neck and threw it towards Kampot,The feathers rose up against the storm and turned into a huge colorful pocket,Shattered Kampot in it。
The colored pockets have the effect of isolating divine consciousness and mental power fluctuations,Fire Phoenix thought very thoughtful,Capturing Kampot alive is likely to cause unknown trouble,No matter how cautious。
suddenly,A war puppet quickly picked up a bow and set arrows,Aiming at the dark night sky,A hum of bowstrings,A light golden flowing fire exploded in mid-air like lightning,And the other war puppet drew out his short gun on his back,Leaning forward,To throw the short gun like a shotgun。
Chapter Eighty Hundred and Fortieth Unexpected headache
“Let it go。”Li Tianzhen stretched out his hand and pressed the arm of the war puppet,Looking up at the dark sky,There seem to be traces of light and shadow in the place where it exploded just now,In the farther part of the ruins, a black shadow that is hard to detect with the naked eye quickly moved away.,That is a high-altitude drone,There are two,Just got killed by a war puppet。
“New master,I don’t know if that thing is an enemy or a friend,Should be a dead thing,But very good at flying。”Fire Phoenix is eager to try,I really want to intercept that escaped drone,It cannot search for the soul and spirit of this object,There is a strong curiosity。
“Not hostile,Finished。”Li Tianzhi said lightly。
His attitude is firm,And the mood is not right,The fire phoenix and the tortoise python were silent for a moment and stopped insisting,Turning into light and shadow and flying into Li Tianzhi’s eyebrows,Qi Yun is even less wordy,Guide Sheng Guangda to go back,Although the movement is slightly stiff,But extremely fast。
Li Tianzhu behind,Command three war puppets to search carefully within a radius,No other abnormalities were found,This will speed up the return to the base。


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