“Chaos God and Demon of the Three Realms,Three disciples,Senior sister and brother of Tianqiongzong,all fake,nonexistent!”

“flood、Thor、Jia Yi and other brothers,is fake。Lord of the Dragon、The founder of the giant axe and other senior teachers,Also fake。The world beast,Also fake!”
“wife,Children,Also all fake,Does not exist at all!”
“But words,There is no extraordinary power,It’s just you reaching the limit of a mortal,With intention and hope,Turn it into a dream。”
“fake,Those are all dreams,Time to wake up!”
An illusory force tempts Li Ming。
Once he can’t hold it,Will be forcibly expelled from this heart hall。
In a way,The blood in the pool of blood is too threatening to him。
“It’s time to wake up!”
In the pool of blood,Li Ming, whose illusory body became more illusory, opened his eyes。
The body is firm again。
“wake up,But not a dream!”
“Maybe they are all fake,I did see these little things,Knowing that these worlds are indeed deep in my memory。”
“but,I grew up in Panlong World under the care of my parents,Practice under the cultivation of master,Relationship with Leah,The friendship with your brothers and comrades is not fake。Step into God’s Domain,Rush to the high plane,Clash with the strong gods,It’s not fake to create blood together。”
“Devour the starry universe,I kill monsters on earth,It is true to fight for a way to survive for the earth。Trained by Virtual Universe Company,Becoming the master of the universe is the formation。Kill many races in the universe,For the continuation of the human race is not fake。”
“I was born as a candle dragon,Reincarnated as a Taoist Li Mingming,Practice all the way to life and death,Not false!”
“Even if it is true,What you want,Is true!”


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