“Zhou Li!Since you know me so well,Then you should know that I am a person with a bottom line。My Xia Jian is really not what you think,As for the questions you just mentioned,I really haven’t thought about it。Maybe they are waiting for me,But I can’t give them anything”

“A fool can tell at a glance。Guan Tingna follow you?My father has more money than you。Wang Lin too,Returning from overseas,Bring a few hundred million to Xia Jianlai,You think I don’t know these things Zhou Li?”
Zhou Li’s mood slowly calmed down。Maybe she already believed what Xia Jian said just now。
The house is quiet,Both of them are sitting quietly like this。
“Let’s talk about it!”Xia Jian finally broke the tranquility。
First2616chapter Intercepted halfway
Zhou Li glanced at Xia Jian affectionately and said:“It seems you haven’t understood what I mean until now,I might as well just say。Lilong Group is bound to win this bidding,So don’t waste your energy。If something hurts your Hongjian Group,You just blame me”
“Thanks for your frankness,I know that your Lilong Group is wealthy,And also have an overseas background,But don’t forget,None of the companies participating in the bidding is weak”
I thought about it on the way Xia Jian came,He has to be patient,Take a good look at the situation of Lilong Group,This knows oneself and the enemy,Never end。
Zhou Li stood up,Hands on shoulders,She went to the glass window,Looking at the snowflakes still dancing outside the window, said:“I know,Li Tieyuan, the richest man in Bucheon,Lei Shi Group,North Granville United,The second is you。But something to hurt you,In these companies,I am afraid that only Lei’s Group can balance us。Jinding is not enough,Like Beiwei and your Hongjian United Company,That’s far away”
“Zhou Zong!I believe what you say,But i don’t understand where we lost?”
Xia Jian smiled slightly,Asked very humbly。
Zhou Li smiled and said:“The bid is almost open,I have nothing to hide。You lose because you have no money,The other is the overseas back。You talk,If such a large project does not have strong funds,,Who dares to entrust this project to you”
“Mr. Zhou is very reasonable,I don’t know how much investment Lilong Group has prepared for this project.?”


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