“police officer,You are good,But I will not say it.。”

Prisoner dead duck mouth hard,But it is still a tea on the table.。
at this time,A long leg hits,Tea cup in the hands of prisoners。
Door Weixing Star pull down sunglasses,Intuitive telling him,Have a good show.。
“Wu police officer,We are a criminal,Not a kindergarten teacher,You ask him so,Can you ask?”
The official blonde opening,It’s not a local person.。
The fact is also true,The female police officer from Scotland,Kelly Morris,And Wu Luozhen is very general。
“how,I can’t ask.,Do you ask??”
“Ask if you don’t ask, you can’t say it.,But your way is useless,Just try me.。”
Finish,Morrisla handcuffs,Look at her momentum,It must be to go to the small black house alone.。
Pity,Actually didn’t play!
Zhou Xingxing shakes his head,Eye people can see,Two ladies water cavity,Did not tear on the spot,Dreaming, he is deeply regrettied。
“Zhou Xingxing police officer,When do you want to stand outside the door??”
“Hahaha,Chief is a good fire.,Is it just an angry??”
Zhou Xingxing hippie smiles into the office,I used to be classmates,It is a chief,He is dark and nothing,A few days of discussion,He can also sit in the office。
“Do not,I see you is angry.。”
“This is said,Multi-hurt!”
Zhou Xingxing pushed the sunglasses on the rhinar,Gossip:“Who is the woman just?,Fierce look。”
“Her name is Kelly Morris,Scottish special forces inspector,Island”
See Zhou Xingxing listened to the head,Wu Luo’s timely,Swift:“And you don’t have a half-cow relationship!Say,Dream of people in the evening,Today, come to me again.,For what?”
“how,I can’t come to find the old classmate.?”
“hehe,Zhou police officer broke the case,It’s going to be high soon.,I dare to climb with you.,What is wrong?,Nothing, I am going to be busy.。”
Wu Luo, don’t eat this set,Let Zhou Xingxing have something to say,Fart。
“Ugh,It’s really a human heart.,It’s hard to help you today.。”
Zhou Xingxing heard his head,A good person is not good.。
“help me,just you?”
“old classmate,If I have not guess wrong,You must be single now。”
With Zhou Xingxing words,Office atmosphere,Wu Luozhen’s murderous hidden,If Zhou Xingxing is not explained today,I want to stand out of this door.。
“calm,I am here to introduce you to boyfriend.。”
Zhou Xingxing wiped the cold sweat on the head,I know that I have said something wrong.,Hello from the top of the top of the top of Liao Wenjie,A little shot in front of Wu Luo。
“how,Is it very pleasant??”


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